Eid Mubarak To Everyone! Year 2011

Eid ul fitrFinally the holy month of Ramadan ended and after 29 days of fasting the Muslims all over the world are now celebrating Eid-ul-Fitr. Eid is an Arabic word meaning "festivity," while Fiṭr means "breaking (the fast) so this EID marks the end of the month of fasting which is Ramadan. This year had been tough for me and my family but the good news of Eid do always take away all the worries within us. It's a day when we meet our closest ones, receive guests, server them with the best of our hospitality and we hug one another giving greetings of love and brotherhood. In my country we often call this Eid the "Chotti Eid". Because children are often the luckiest in these Holidays because they get gifts in the form of cash. Children are given small sums of money by adult relatives or friends(eidi). Some lucky champs do even collect a whole sum amount up to $100.  :p


Add Floating Facebook Share & +1 Button Next To Posts in Blogger

floating sharing widgetEver wondered to create a Mashable type floating sharing widget for your blogger blogs? There you have it today! We released a sliding, scrolling widget last month which contained major social media sharing buttons but some of you complained that the widget do not work properly with the new blogger templates so to keep things more flexible, we are releasing yet another version of a floating widget which contains the best social buttons like Facebook Share/like, Twitter and Google +1 button. All in one. I have not used any scripts this time and this widget works purely on CSS and HTML and is fully compatible with all major browsers. You can see this sticky widget to left of my blog post. I have made sure to keep the installation process as easy as possible so be confident to try this one out to better increase your social engagement and thereby your page views.

1000+ Google Plus Icons Free Download

+1 buttonIf there is anything I love a lot then it is designing Icons. What I had decided to do this time the guys at webdesignshock did it before me and way way better than I expected. The icon set today contains a bundle of Google+ icons featuring this new social network in its extravagant pose. This free icon set contains different color variations and sizes. The freebie includes both vector (PNG) and pixel perfect Photoshop source files (PSD). The set contains both colored and gray versions to help you use them in your web designing projects. The package also contains original Illustrator and PNG files for Google +1 Buttons, all of them at the highest quality level

4+ Image Slider Widgets For Blogger

slideshow widgetsThis year we created many image slideshows and image galleries. This widgets can be used for displaying popular posts or your featured posts. It gives great professional touch to your simple blogger blogs. They can easily be installed using a one step process without the need of any extra ordinary tech skills. These sliders users updated versions of jquery and JavaScript to produce brilliant image sliding effects. You can easily navigate between next and previous images or pictures. Pure CSS and HTML is used to give is a strong structure so that the galleries may work fine on all browsers. Following are the Image slideshows for blogger blogs released by MBT so far,


Nofollow Blog Comments: Save Blogger From Panda Effect & Spam

nofollow-commentsAs I earlier mentioned that Panda update by Google is a new strict policy which looks for content farmers. Content farmers are people flooding the internet with useless content or republished content. Most of their blog posts are either duplicate copies or infringed material. This year Google penalized many such sites along with some reputed blogs like labnol.org. The reasons most of them shared were to keep a consisting post frequency, keep quality in mind while writing and you must nofollow category links and you should also find and delete 404 error pages. So today again we will be adding nofollow to comment count links and the comments posted by visitors.


Please add nofollow Tags To all Blogger Label Links!

UPDATE:  After the Google panda effect only  useless links like comment links should be tagged as nofollow. Links pointing to your post pages should be kept dofollow like labels and archives
UPDATE 2: Blogger labels are now by default set to noindex inside the robots.txt file so therefore you do not need to follow the above tutorial now.

Google Panda effect is the name most of you might heard. It is a strict Google new algorithm that looks for content farms and link farms and completely stops indexing the publisher. If your blog contains too many irrelevant content or duplicate content or your post quantity is less than 300 words and you have too many tags/category labels on your blog that makes no sense then you can be the next target of Google panda update. Your traffic will drop significantly. If you are receiving 2-3K visitors per day, you will end up with just 400-500 visitors. It really shocked me personally when I surveyed official and un-official blogger templates and amazingly found that all category tags or label tags are dofollow. It is really sad on blogger part but I found the same problem on WordPress blogs as well. Even the tags in wordPress are dofollow but since now many expert SEOs have advised to nofollow the label tags therefore we must not delay any further else the consequences could be huge.

Announcements Widget For Blogger Blogs

Update: We just released two updated and automatic headline news widgets:

1. Breaking News Ticker Widget For Blogger
2. Headlines News Widget With Tool-tips!

announcement widgetAgain yet another MBT release of a useful blogger widget with scrolling headline links. The moment you hover the cursor on the links the scrolling stops and pauses and you can then read the headlines. These headlines can be a blog update notice, announcement or links to your featured posts. You can use it in million of ways. I found the script on dynamic drive and edited the code with some more colours and images to make it completely compatible with blogger blogs. It is several steps ahead of marquee effect because this widget uses some JavaScript to bring the dynamic effect. Again it is a one-step installation process. Please see the demo first,

Create Image Gallery For Blogger With Control Options

blogger image galleryI never thought we could have a light, fast loading, cute and yet extremely controllable Image Gallery or slideshow with play and pause options. Using Jquery, JavaScript and my beloved CSS and HTML and thanks to dynamic drive we were able to create a blogger compatible widget that will display your featured posts, photos, pictures etc. in a beautiful way. Again I tried my level best to make it a one step installation. So you just need to copy and paste the code inside a blogger widget to let things work. Kindly view the demo on this blog towards the bottom right sidebar.


What are Google +Snippets and Inline annotations?

+snippets and inline annotationsFinally Google+ released the most awaited feature and that was sharing site content with your circles. Now whenever your +1 a page you will be provided with a share on Google+ option, by choosing which you can post on your profile a thumbnail image, description and link to that website. It works similar to Facebook like button now. This new option is named +snippets. Google released this new feature just few hours ago and they have also released Google+ inline Inline annotations which are simple display of your friend's profile images next to the +1 button. Lets know more about these two new features.


Easy DNS Settings For Blogger Domains

UPDATE: Please read a Far easy one step process by clicking this link -> Blogger Domain Settings Simplfied

DNS setttingsAfter purchasing a domain from a hosting service you need to make some DNS settings in order to associate your new custom domain with your blogger blog. If you have bought the domain from blogger then you don't need to read this post but you have bought the domain from a different hosting company then keep reading.

Don't have a Credit Card? How To Buy a Blogger Domain?

credit cardsProbably most of you are students or housewives. The problems that we all often face while entering into online business is how to get paid? How to receive a payment when you don't have a bank account or you don't hold an online account like PayPal? Now lets discuss a possible way through which you could buy something online like for instance if you wish to buy a domain from blogger then how do you do that.


Facebook Webcam settings For Quality Video & Audio Calling

Facebook video settingsFacebook video calling is a great functionality added to FB and it is still under development. Zukerberg joined hands with Skype network to avail its users with not just a chat option anymore but real face-to-face video chat. I already mentioned in a post how to set up a video chat in Facebook and today we will be focusing more on how to improve the video and audio quality. If you are a user of Skype then you will find the tips extremely easy.


Pakistani Politicians in the Eyes of Google

pakistani politicians by googleGoogle gives relevant search suggestions as you type a query. While searching for the biographies of some politicians living in Pakistan I suddenly came across some very interesting recommended search results. I almost got the same results at Google.com and Google.com.pk. Unfortunately, following are the most elected and followed politicians of Pakistan. I am sharing this post as a tech loving person and I am surely not related to any political party or promoting any political agenda.

PS: Please use the Facebook Like button above or Google+ button to spread it. 


5 Best Ways to Make Money Online With Google+

MAKE-MONEY-WITH-GOOGLE+ PLUSInternet is the biggest market in todays world. Business offline is slowly turning into an online one and finding space in world wide web. With the invent of new services such as the new social networking site Google Plus, not only does the service provider benefits but even people like me and you can expect to earn a happy living online through it. Below I will be listing five possible ways of making money online through the newly born social networking bomb " The Google+"


How To Check Weather Conditions in Google Maps?

weather-infowindowGoogle Maps or Google Earth now displays global weather conditions by displaying current temperatures and conditions around the globe. Just 4 days ago Google announced that Weather feature has been added to Google maps to let you plan your picnics and business travel trips easily. This feature is fully supported by weather.com that displays real-time weather conditions like rain, humidity and wind speed along with four day weather report.


10+ Reasons Why you should buy a Custom Domain For Blogger

why buy  blogger domain?We all take the first step in initiating some work or business but as we move on we often make many mistakes unwillingly. Most bloggers start their blogging careers by signing up for a free blog hosting Content management system like Blogger.com but most of them don't realize the disadvantages of using a subdomain.
When you start blogging with free sub domains. All people that know you get familiar with your blog through that subdomain. As time goes on your rankings increase and you attract a handsome traffic then you realize that you are not receiving sponsorship and neither are you earning. But when you finally decide to purchase a custom domain you get confused with several questions in mind. You start thinking whether or not you will loose your rankings, PageRank , Alexa etc. So to answer all these questions carefully read the following reasons that tell you why should you buy a custom domain as soon as possible.

1. Reputation in Blogosphere

Blogs with .com domain are naturally respected more than blogs with sub domains such as .Blogspot.com. Link exchange with niche blogs or expanding your blogging circle is only possible when you join the .com club
Its feels really great when you share your Blog URL with your friends and family as opposed to the embarrassing lengthy BlogSpot domain :p

2. Most Advertising services do not accept subdomains

Services like buysellads do not accept subdomains which means that you are loosing 50% of revenue potential.

3. Fans & Subscribers Increase with Custom domains

People will follow you only when they know you offer something they don't have. But when they realize that you using a .blogspot.com domain, they will take a not-so-good impression of your content and would not bother following someone who is himself a free Resource user. Most people take .com or .org domains as commercial websites ran by teams or group of people and often subscribe them and follow them via Twitter, Facebook or Google friend connect. The reason is simple your domain is enough evidence that you are taking your work serious by spending some money on the service that you use and you are not just another free monger.

4. People Will Share and Bookmark Your blog posts

After giving a first good impression, people then happily share your post with friends and family. They will confidently bookmark it and visit it often to gain more knowledge because they know the work comes from an authority. This is one reason why subdomains do not play well on social networks whilst blogs with custom domains get fair amount of traffic from networks such as Stumbleupon, Digg, Facebook and Twitter.

5. PageRank increase slowly With Subdomains

Using a blogspot domain means that the chances of getting more backlinks is minimum for you. I personally don't link subdomains because often these blogs are created on temporary basis and once they are deleted the link on our blog becomes a dead/broken link which can effect our blog ranking. Therefore web owners prefer not to link them and even if they link such blogs, you will always find a nofollow tag attached to it.

6. You just need to buy a domain and not the Hosting

When you purchase a domain for your blogger blog, you then don't need to do anything else. Just sit back and relax. Fortunately Blogger hosts all your blog posts for free at its server contrary to what Wordpress does. That's one of the biggest reasons why people like me prefer blogger over Wordpress.

7. Rankings will Speedup

As more and more people notice your blog and bookmark and share it, your ranking on SERPs which is search engine results page will increase. the more Diggs, Stumbles and Likes you receive the better you go higher but all these social favour is possible only when you own your branded domain and not a free one which discourages readership and content sharing.

8. PageRank will stabilize On next PR update

Most people having PageRank greater than 2 often don't go for domain change because they fear that they will loose their PageRank. No doubt its true but you loose it only at temporary basis. Once Google robots locate all your redirected links, your rankings will be granted back to you on next PageRank update. My PR dropped to zero from 2 when I changed my domain but just after three months on next PR update cycle I got back the rank I owned.

9. You can Grow your business

Once your blog attracts traffic and readership, you can then offer guest posting, product reviews, sale banners, and earn day and night. Sponsors will advertise at platforms where they find quality traffic. Subdomain holders are always underestimated even if they have a plausible traffic strength.

10. It Costs Less Than $10 To Buy a domain!

We spend so much on our stomach buy fast food stuff, spending around $50-$100 weekly. Can't we spare just $7-8 per year for an online business? I would not exaggerate this point any further.

What are you thinking now?

I have explained as much as I could with my limited scope of knowledge trying to prove the advantages of buying a custom domain as soon as possible. I wish that you may start a happy business online and may become a valuable input to the online media. You just need some hard work at initial stage and then work online will be no less than a fun. Happy blogging buddies. :))
You must be thinking how to buy a domain? This question will be answered on my next post. Kindly stay tuned.

Facebook Games: Drive a Car anywhere On Google Maps

Facebook mini mapsFacebook Gaming app Mini maps uses a Google Maps format to let you drive a car anywhere in the world. You can have fun racing a car on any road or motorway in the world. The app uses flash technology to create a virtual car on Google Maps to improve your navigation skills for a selected area. Using simple arrow keys you can push on the accelerator to get your car going. The game lets you choose your destination point and also supports night vision mode if the area you selected is too dark. The game graphics are plausible if the location you selected is a developed country like USA or UK but if you choose a developing country like Somalia then satellite imagery for it is really poor. The zoom range would be minimum and roads will look fade.


How To Report a Copyright Violation To YouTube?

Report copyright violation on youtubeYouTube has an easy option of reporting violation of its Community Guidelines and that option is clicking the "Flag" button below the video. After you report the video with your selected reason, YouTube staff will review it. If the video is found to be in violation of YouTube's Community Guidelines which includes pornography, harassment, graphic violence or harmful or dangerous acts then the video will be removed from the site. But what if someone has stolen your video and taken away all your credits by uploading the video with their company name. Most often this happens with music videos and movie trailers.  There is a longer procedure which you can apply to get the video deleted. Follow up.


Add +1 and Delicious Sharing Count Buttons To Blogger Posts

What could be more exciting then to have all major social networking buttons all together. social media widgetInternet is turning more and more social and social media networks help a lot in circulating content and in bringing handsome traffic. Google+ is the talk everywhere now and old bookmarking services like StumbleUpon and Delicious still remains important tools for ranking higher in search listings. I have combined the count buttons for +1, stumbleupon, twitter, Facebook, delicious and with a addthis button which includes 360 other social sharing options. In short the widget today offers all that a blog needs. Lets add it to blogger!


How to Create a short Google+ Profile URL?

GOOGLE+ Username URLWhen Facebook usernames were introduced branding was at its peak and almost everyone tried it to brand their social profiles. Now you can even create a fully custom username for your Google+ profile using an unofficial service provided by gplus.to/username. This API will create a permanent username link for your Google Plus profile that will redirect your friends to your account when they click on the link. The steps are extremely simple. Follow me:


Facebook is Blocking Google+ Invites: The Social Media War Begins

FacebookVSGoogleJust Tuesday Google spokesperson Randall Safara posted a video on Google+ that showed that Facebook is limiting the spread of Google+ invites on their news Feed. He created a video to show the evidence. Amazingly all status updates showed up fine except the Google Plus Invite link which did not showed up on his friends news feed. Even in May, a controversy erupted where a PR firm exposed Facebook involved in publishing anti-Google stories in the press. Randall's video will give you a clear picture of the growing Facebook's jealousy and fear over G+. See it for yourselves:

How To Report Copyright Violation To AdSense?

adsense-copyright-violationOnline plagiarism and republication of unauthorized content is at peaks now as more and more users are becoming web owners and thereby generating more and more content. Most people try the shortcuts and steal others efforts and take away all the credits and benefits by using the idea that you invented or presented. Most people are generating thousands of dollars by infringing the copyrights of people like you and me. AdSense has clearly mentioned that Ads should be displayed only on sites that generate unique content and brings something new to the visitors. If you know someone who is publishing duplicate  content, data, products or any resource from any other website or blog, then you have the complete write to file a DMCA complaint against the abuser


Disable The New Facebook Chat Sidebar & Recover Old FB Chat

disable facebook chat sidebarSometimes changes in the layout of Facebook often gets a thumbs down by the users. Just like how much people hated the new Facebook layout with photo streams above, similarly do people found the new social chat window appearing on the right sidebar as equal irritation. In order to disable this chat sidebar that shows photo thumbnails of friends available for chat and recover the older chat view then lets play with some workarounds.

How To Report Copyright Violation To Blogger?

fight-copyright-violation on BloggerI am writing this post after personally experiencing that it really works. Here I will also share an example as a proof of a blogger blog whose content was deleted after we reported it to Google DMCA and also Plagiarism Detector which is a plagiarism detection system. I will share his link because I feel its time to keep things transparent. Those who don't cooperate by respecting copyrights and enjoy online plagiarism doesn't deserve to be respected online in blogosphere at least. In this tutorial you will learn a simple free method of submitting a copyright violation complain or policy violation complain to Blogger.

How To Create RSS Feeds For Google+?

google-plus -feedsSince the day Google Plus stepped into online social media, developers are trying every possible app to further enhance the G+ experience.  At present no developers help page exists at Google Plus as it is still in its testing mode but some people do always find a way to bring something innovative. Plus Feed is a free open source app tool that creates an Atom feed of your Google Plus Posts that you share publically.  You can use any application to subscribe to the updates. You can use your browser bookmarks or Google reader or My Yahoo!. Many options. Lets learn how to create a Feed to your posts that may update your friends, visitors and fans whenever you share something on Google+.

How to use Google Scribe in Blogger?

google-scribeBlogger recently announced the integration of word/phrase suggestions on Blogger in draft. Google scribe is a tiny programmed tool that suggests important words and phrases as you type. Most often we go out of words and we look for good phrases to decorate the paragraph. Now thanks to this new tool, you can prepare scholarly written paragraphs with words that will flow with your rhythm. This features is only available on Draft.blogger.com and not availed on blogger.com. Lets learn how it works,


How To Write a Warning Letter To a Copyright Violator?

letter to violaterThis post is a part of the series on Online plagiarism and republication of unauthorized content. In this tutorial you will learn polite ways of dealing copyright infringement. Suppose you found a web owner who willingly or unwillingly copies your content and published it without your permission, or you found him sharing your content without a backlink (credit link). Now how should you approach him and what should you say? Here are some ways of writing Polite death warrants to the abusers.


MBT’s Crackdown On Copyright Violators Begins

REPORT copyright-violationJust yesterday I submitted several URLs for violating our terms of service and for infringing our articles. Almost every post published at this blog is republished as duplicate on several other blogs and forums. Unfortunately most of these violators include our subscribers. Despite mentioning clearly that efforts should be respected by giving attribution to MBT blog whenever the content from this blog is shared somewhere else but instead most people violate our copyrights by sharing the templates, icons and widgets with their own names thereby taking all credits to themselves.


Show Author Profile Picture Next To Google Search Results

photo thumbnail in search results

Google webmaster team has introduced an easy way of displaying your Google+ profile picture next to the links of your website or blog or any content that you generate. You might have seen profile pictures or image thumbnails of Google developers appearing on search results page. Previously only reserved users had this option but now thanks to the generosity of Google+ social network, even you can display your profile picture next to all your articles or webpages that you own. This will be a proof that you are the sole author and owner of that site or blog. The author information will be shared globally on Google results and your visitors can see your image and author information link next to your article. This is a great way to attract visitors and increase website traffic. Lets learn how to do it!

Update: A Complete and Working tutorial Has Been Published here »» CLICK HERE!

Add your Profile Pic or Avatar next to Post Titles in Blogger

profile-pic-next to post-titlesAdding a Profile image next to your blog post titles gives a more personal touch to your site. It indicates that a real human is working behind the site and the site doesn’t generate auto content with no attention to readers. You have seen web entrepreneurs using their profiles pictures on their blog next to each one of their posts. An example includes shoemoney. So lets add this beautiful add-on to your blogger blogs and make things even more neater. Kindly see a demo first:


How To Save and View Facebook Chat History?

save facebook-chat-historyI came across an excellent Firefox add-on that saves your online Facebook conversation and also allows you to share your chatted text with friends and family. Sometimes you wish to save important chat memories on your desktop computer and wish to read them when you want to revive old memories. Sometimes you want to keep the chat history as an evidence for business deals and claims. It is always useful to save and record whatever is discussed and said between two beings in a digital record folder.


Google Plus Won Over Facebook Video Calling Option!

facebook video calling not workingIn ancient times it was said that the bigger your territory the harder it is to control and manage it. It is easy to start a new business but very difficult to maintain it. Google+ came like a big news in social media world and has quickly started gaining exposure due to its excellent privacy features like Circles and best social interaction features like Chat, Audio Chat and Google+ Video Calling. some people said that if Facebook trys it can introduce the same features in Facebook and will completely win over this new bird but with an embarrassing failure of introducing a video calling option, Facebook is now in great critics pressure from all corners.


Is your Blog slowing down due to MyBlogLog Termination?

mybloglog-terminatedI was facing blog load time issues this week so I started looking at codes that were causing the problem. After a lot of trial and error I finally found the code responsible for slowing down the site load time. It was the code snippet provided by Mybloglog. I was confused as why it was behaving like this because being a yahoo service Mybloglog server’s should be fast in response as it is a social networking platform for bloggers provided by Yahoo. But then I read on Wikipedia that On February 24, 2011 Yahoo announced that the MyBlogLog service would be terminated on May 24, 2011. The code snippet was not causing problems till the end of July but it caused me great troubles in August. Since MyBloglog is no more so there is no use of keeping its code on your templates. Delete the code so that your blog may load at better speed.


10 Amazing Facts about Google+ Statistics

google-plus-red-360Google+ is growing fast and since Google has still not revealed the real statistics therefore interesting information is continuously coming from major sites that track traffic. According to Experian Hitwise Googe+ has started building up great traffic and is quickly increasing in numbers. The exact number of Google+ users is still not known but according to many third party analytics the current number of active registered Google Plus users is no less than 20-30 Million. Lets now read some interesting new stats for Google Plus from Hitwise and some other sources.


Never Tag Internal Links with “rel=nofollow” Says Google

UPDATE: After the Google panda effect only  useless links like comment links should be tagged as nofollow. Links pointing to your post pages should be kept dofollow like labels and archives

don't-nofollow-internal-linksYou waste an important use of your homepage PR when you don’t link your internal pages or when you link internal pages as nofollow. A PR flows like a river between all pages that you link to. The better the PR flow within your blog the better will your blog get indexed. Robots enjoy crawling content which is well organized in terms of linking. I have already discussed in detail on how to flow the PR juice to internal pages and just today I also published a post discussing the importance of nofollow tags. I shared in detail some steps that can help you better maintain your PR and make good use of it. It is really important that you understand the importance of in-page and off-page link building. The previous post discussed: when should you link sites with rel="nofollow" tag but great emphasis was made on the fact that all internal links should be kept do follow. 

When Should You Tag External Links as nofollow?

nofolllow and dofollow linksUnderstanding Google’s algorithm for PageRank is really essential in order to rank higher on search engine results. I have already explained that PageRank is not much important compared to Alexa Rank. But if you wish to compete well on SERPS then understanding its algo is very important. The entire infrastructure or foundation of Google is mainly based on backlinks. The more backlinks your site have the more its significance increases in the eyes of Google. It is very important to keep a balance between incoming links and outgoing links. Your incoming links are the backbone of your blogs success. Incoming links are links that come from other websites to your blog. When people like your content they will mention you on their site by giving a credit link or attribution link and the more backlinks you receive the more you grow in sense of authority and trust in internet.


Google PageRank Updated Again in August 2011

google-pagerankGoogle is taking things really seriously this year. On June 27th, Google first updated the PageRank and then the PageRank given to all websites was revised and rechecked. During this immediate revision MBT’s PR dropped from 4 to 3 and it was indeed a bad news for me and just today while looking at my site stats I observed that Alhamdulillah this little blog was gifted back the PageRank 4. This means that PR was updated twice within one month. Many SEO experts are confused themselves with these sudden PR changes and I personally don’t know as if this is happening for the first time or it happens often. Never heard of such PR revisions before. Google Updates PR four times every year which means once after every three months.


Add Auto Comment Count Below Post Titles in Blogger

auto-comment-countComment bubbles or comment links are often added to blogger templates to let readers now how popular a post is and what kind of hot discussion is going on. I am sure almost every template has this feature by default but with a incorrectly programmed code. If you observe carefully the comment count links under each of my post titles follow a order. When there are no comments posted the link says “Be the First to comment!” and when there is just one comment it says “1 comment so far” and when the comments are more than one then it says “x comments so far” . This makes things beautiful and professional. Most of the comment count links on blogger templates just show the same text irrespective of the number of comments posted. You must make sure you encourage readers to post their views by using different variations of bubble texts. Lets add this automatically working comment link just below post titles along with a comment bubble.


Read Google Plus Notifications on Your Desktop

Google+ NotificationsDanny has created a useful windows utility software named G+ Notifier. It fetches latest updates from your Google Plus network and displays notifications on your windows toolbar. It is extremely easy to install and use. Since there is no API for Google+ as yet therefore this application uses the Awesomium Web-Browser Framework. User will be prompted to login to Google+ on startup. The browser window is kept open but hidden on your toolbar and G+ Notifier will fetch data and display it to you on a real-time while you work on your computer. At present it is compatible with all latest versions of windows OS.  It is an open-source project so you can fully customize it and develop it further using the source code if you are good with algorithm.


How To Delete Circles In Google Plus?

delete circlesCircles are one of the best features of Google+ that gives you more control over your privacy. You can categorize your friends in different circles and share stuff with people you want. However sometimes you wish to block a person in a specific circle or you may wish to delete the circle completely without loosing the contacts. According to Google+ if you delete a circle then the people in that circles will get disconnected from your updates and will not be able to see your stream updates. However there is a work around which we will discuss here.


Ramadan Kareem 2011 Mubarak To All!

08-ramadan-kareem-wallpaperWishing all my beloved readers a happy month of Ramadan Kareem filled with joy, love and holiness. Ramadan is the month of fasting where we refrain from eating and drinking for the love of God. This month has immense significance in the life of every Muslim and this ninth month of the Islamic Calendar is the holiest of all months. Ramadan gifts us with 5 things which are,