Never Tag Internal Links with “rel=nofollow” Says Google

UPDATE: After the Google panda effect only  useless links like comment links should be tagged as nofollow. Links pointing to your post pages should be kept dofollow like labels and archives

don't-nofollow-internal-linksYou waste an important use of your homepage PR when you don’t link your internal pages or when you link internal pages as nofollow. A PR flows like a river between all pages that you link to. The better the PR flow within your blog the better will your blog get indexed. Robots enjoy crawling content which is well organized in terms of linking. I have already discussed in detail on how to flow the PR juice to internal pages and just today I also published a post discussing the importance of nofollow tags. I shared in detail some steps that can help you better maintain your PR and make good use of it. It is really important that you understand the importance of in-page and off-page link building. The previous post discussed: when should you link sites with rel="nofollow" tag but great emphasis was made on the fact that all internal links should be kept do follow. 
Matt Cutts from Google “Webmaster help” has given a detailed video explanation on the use of rel="nofollow" tag and he has paid great stress on the fact that all links that point from one page on your blog to another whether they are hyperlinks or anchor tags must be kept dofollow.
Matt Cutts explaining Should Internal Links Use rel="nofollow"?

If you have any questions then feel free to post your query. You will also enjoy these SEO tips:

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  1. I have putted nofollow to all my external links or images.
    hey mohd_ please help me when i scan my blog with Yslow for speed optimization,everything was perfect but the only probelm is that i got F grade in Empty src or href link. They say that you have 1 js component with empty link found, this led to slow loading of my pages. i have sended you my template at you email id Please correct my problem and then send my template back to my email id by telling my fault also.


  2. @karan
    Bro never follow what those page speed check sites say. All those sites does never make sense. even if you test techrunch with it you will find many errors so just ignore them. further I am finding it really difficult to blog and reply all queries. Therefore manual template editing is not possible for me as I am running out of time honestly. I hope you understand.

  3. how about archiving blogger page?.. if i remove nofollow link.. it will make duplicate content..

    arghh! seo really hard to know.

  4. @Daus

    From what matt cutts said never add rel=nofollow for any page. since your archive pages are your sub pages so there is no concept of duplicate content. All your archive pages show only a summary of your posts linked to original post so it is completely safe.

    Yes SEO is difficult at times. :p

  5. My menu links are all indexed by google! and those links are in external links! m confused!

    my site:

  6. Inever use "nofollo" for internal links as well as for good quality outbound links(referring good pages is good for your site as well)

  7. Thanks for sharing this kind of post for awaring from the threats of taging internal links with the nofollow.

  8. thank you so much for the post. No follow and internal link tagging definitely not a good practice.

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  10. Thanks for sharing. Really so many still are unaware of this fact no follow only kills. Enjoy:

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  12. I made all links in my blog nofollow by mistake by putting a javascript. i wanted to make all external links nofollow but i forgot to edit the in the script and pasted it in my blog template. suddenly within 1-2 days my pageviews started falling down from 10k-15k to 5k or 6k a day. ow i've deleted that script from my blogger template and i wanted to know that if i need to make any other changes or not. will my blog, now will start performing the way it was 3 days before. please help me and suggest me if i need any other changes in my blog. :(

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