COPmo: Best Responsive Blogger Template [HQ]

COPmo is the first multi purpose responsive BlogSpot template that offers unlimited color schemes, RTL layouts, SEO support and tons of widgets.

COPmo responsive blogger template

After 5 years of waiting we have finally decided to release our premium blogger templates, plugins and widgets. Internet is flooded today with blogger templates but what is missing is a clean code, SEO friendly layout and a robust XHTML structure that could meet search engines' ranking criteria. To fill these missing gems, STCnetwork's team of professional developers and SEO consultants have stepped ahead to take blogger to the next level. Presenting our first multipurpose template for blogspot blogging platform, entitled as "COPmo"

Introducing COPmo

COPmo stands for "Customized, Optimized and Monetized by default".

It is the simplest definition for a fully functional, code extendable and dynamic theme that is both user friendly and SEO friendly. COPmo is the first advanced magazine responsive BlogSpot template that offers unlimited color schemes, responsive fluid layouts, easy customization options, SEO support, and tons of widgets & plugins. It is exclusively built for non-techy users, one-click install, simple drag and drop!

COPmo template is best suited for categories such as:

  • Lifestyle,
  • Fashion,
  • News,
  • Technology,
  • Clothing,
  • Movie,
  • eBooks,
  • Games,
  • Diary,
  • Music

Lets see all its features in a unique illustrative way.

COPmo Features

COPmo is made by default SEO friendly to meet best SEO practices to develop a robust structure that provides a smooth experience to search robots and social media networks. All Important SEO plugins are built-in and extra care is taken to make the core content easy to crawl and index. It meets all important search engine ranking criteria and makes sure you rank well in Google SERPs. Same SEO that is applied to MBT blog has been implemented to COPmo.

COPmo magazine responsive blogger template

Tons of premium plugins have already been added inside the layout to make your blogging hobby even more worthwhile. From helping you build Email lists to formatting your posts in a professional way, almost every widget and web element has been included.

COPmo also supports multiple comment plugins be that Facebook, Disqus, Google+ or Blogger default commenting system.

COPmo Features

COPmo is a multilingual template which has separate themes for Left-To-Right languages and also for Right-To-Left languages such as Arabic, Hebrew, Urdu, Thaana etc. All international languages are supported, may it be LTR or RTL.

Even the sharing buttons have been changed to the RTL language. The Blogger and Facebook comment systems can also be changed in your local RTL language.

facebook in local language

Multilingual Blogger Template

Download COPmo
Created March 5, 2016
Last Update December 06, 2018
Download Size 3.86MB
High Resolution Yes
Widget Ready Yes
Technology Used XHTML, AJAX, CSS3, HTML5, jQuery, JavaScript
Compatible Browsers IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge
Software Version Google Blogger 1.0
Files Included XML, HTML, CSS, JS, PNG, JPEG
Template Types XML Blogger Template, Static HTML ThemeNEW 
Columns 2
Text Direction LTR, RTL
Category Technology, Diary, Lifestyle, Fashion, Clothing, News, Movie, eBooks, Games, Music
Documentation Well Documented (126 Pages)
Layout Mobile Responsive

Whether your visitors are iPad lovers or smartphone addicts, COPmo is extremely fluid and flexible in design and adapts just perfectly to all device screen sizes be it a Laptop, Desktop PC, Tablet or a Smartphone.

COPmo is unlike a normal responsive template, it is ultra modern in design which you can experience if you test its responsive behavior in different devices. It is extremely fast loading and loads instantly on mobile devices thanks to the use of Mobile conditional tags unlike display-none which is not a recommended approach. Several breakpoints are used to make sure your design does not crash at all, thus providing an awesome UI experience.

Mobile Responsive Blogger Template -COPmo

You can display your posts by label/category in different layout boxes. You can choose to display a horizontal list of recent posts on homepage or vertical list. You can display posts inside a carousel, slider or even inside gallery grid. You can display them with thumbnails or without thumbnails. Full options are supported. Every layout box is given a name for simplicity.

For videos, most of our clients asked for a method through which they could display thumbnails for all video network sites not necessarily YouTube. Keeping that in mind we integrated a custom method which will help you easily display thumbnails of your choice for any video iframe you want.

Layout Boxes For Blogspot template - COPmo

COPmo can easily be customized with a click of a button thanks to the built-in functionality of Blogger Template Designer which works just perfect with this template. You can change fonts and colors through simple checkboxes and drag/drop system. You can add any background you like to your template using template designer.

Furthermore you can also add overlay and patterns to your background to control its darkness or brightness, an option that is rarely seen in blogspot templates i.e. Multi Layered Background. Observe the background difference in demo of COPmo1,2,3.  Everything is automated!

Blogger template with Unlimited Color Schemes

Keeping search engine penalties in mind, all efforts are made to make sure your entire structure offers a smooth crawling experience to search robots and meet all major SE ranking metrics. You can now focus on your content and let COPmo handle the SEO part!

SEO friendly Blogspot template

Ever wondered that a blogger template could have a well written guide document of over 160 pages? This shows our dedication towards work and sincerity towards our clients. The document itself is a complete offline website in itself.

The document is written in an interactive way with easy explanation, navigation and engaging guides.  All four important parts of installation, customization, optimization and monetization are covered in detail. You can read it anytime, anywhere!

Blogger Template Documentation

COPmo is coded only for serious bloggers who have a passion to make a lucrative income online and establish their online empire. It's a complete toolkit for people who wish to take their blogging hobby to the next level.

If you liked COPmo, please do not forget to share it with your friends using the social sharing buttons to your left.

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Download COPmo

You can pick one or multiple services based on your needs. Click "ADD TO CART" button and then proceed to checkout using the "CHECKOUT" button. We accept payments via PayPal only. Local and international clients will be provided with Bank Account Details upon request. Payments are made via SendOwl's secured and trusted gateway system.


Buying the Template is mandatory. Installation and SEO services are optional. Installation and SEO services does not include the template file. Template file must be first purchased and downloaded. After downloading the template file, extract the compressed contents using WinRAR or WinZIP software.

SERVICES PRICE shopping cart
Blogger XML File + Template File
+ Lifetime Free Consultancy 
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+ Exclusive Forum Access
+ Template Updates
+ Non-commercial License
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+ Customization Support
+ 24/7 Customer Service
+ Whatsapp Instant Help
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SEO services + SEO


+ Template debugging,
+ Dynamic Sitemaps Submission
+ Robots.txt & Meta Tags
+ SEO Plugins Installation
+ AdSense Optimization
+ Fixing Structured Data Errors
+ Settings for URL Parameters
+ Schema Tags Integration
(FB OpenGraph,Twitter Cards,G+ tags)
+ Rich Snippets (star ratings*)
+ Jumbo Share Plugins
+ Sharing buttons Optimization
+ Rectifying your SEO Mistakes
+ Access to 13 Content Writing Secrets
$150.00 ADD TO CART

We are a Registered Brand

We are not a fly-by-night group of tech enthusiasts but a registered company holding National Income Tax Number (4166783-2). For further details please visit

STCnetwork Team

STCnetwork products such as templates are not cloned, stolen designs or a $20 scrap. All our products are professionally developed, manually crafted and well maintained by a dedicated team of SEO consultants and programmers.

Creative Commons License

All our products are licensed under "Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License". COPmo must not be used for commercial purpose. We do not allow anyone to resell or redistribute our products without permission.

STCnetwork Team


24/7 Customer Service

24/7 customer service We offer lifetime consultancy and online help. Our Clients get free technical help via Whatsapp/Skype/Email/Forum. After purchasing any of our services, we will keep in touch with you for as long as you need us. No extra charges are taken.

If you have any query related to the post above, please feel free to post your comments below. Wishing you all a safe, healthy and successful blogging career!

If you don't want to get yourself into Serious Technical Trouble while editing your Blog Template then just sit back and relax and let us do the Job for you at a fairly reasonable cost. Submit your order details by Clicking Here »


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  1. Amazing @mustafa brother and hopeful in future you will be delivery more awesome products Best of luck

    Sorry for my English if i made any mistake

    1. Thank you umer for the kind feedback and for finding the template exciting. We have some more templates in queue for covering different niche categories.

      Your english is great! =)

  2. its simply awesome... kinda complete package for (specially newbie) any blogger.. I will definitely try it soon inshaALLAH and will recommend to my other friends too..
    Congrats on your first official product .. hope to see more from you and team..
    hope to meet you soon :)
    Good Luck Bro..!

    1. Thank you brother Ateeb for this awesome feedback. We surely have more templates in queue to meet everyone's requirements. All we aim is to make blogging simpler for people so that they could focus more on building content and less on headache of design and SEO. =)

  3. Nice job Guys, aesthetically it's really great...
    But a little sophisticated for me.

    I like simple light templates and this one seems to have a high page load speed.
    Where is Jumbo share box?
    I was expecting something closer to the MBT template and i find copmo a little expensive.
    Otherwise good job!

    1. Its a MAG buddy which you can convert to a Classic layout by reaidng the documentation. Since we have to show all features on the demo landing pages, therefore we have no choice but to show all widgets which adds up a lot of images on homepage that surely takes time to load a bit. Clients does surely not need to add so many widgets on homepage and thus they can control the load time.

      We have tested it with Google PageSpeed insights and the post pages loads lightening fast and has a quality speed grade too.

      We have some more templates in queue where we will focus on other niches such as "Personal Blog", "Portfolio blogs" and so on to meet everyone's requirements.

      COPmo can be completely converted to MBT template if you don't add layout boxes on homepage. That simple! As I said the 126 pages documentation is worth a read =)

    2. Jumbo share plugin was launched when we had already developed this template so we have included it in our SEO + SMO package. Any client applying for it will get it installed by default =)

  4. Nice template. Have waited here for over 2 years since i started blogging just hoping for a perfect template. And this one is yes a great template. Just wish it was free. I really love this template.

    1. Hi John thank you for waiting for such a long period of time! That means a lot! =) We have an affiliate program on its way through which you can make both money ($25 per sale) plus get a free copy of COPmo for 3 sales.

      Stay tuned, a lot of pleasant surprises on its way! =D

  5. After such a long time, An Amazing Template from MBT. Thanks for sharing.

    1. You are most welcomed Saeed. A lot of more templates and an affiliate program on its way. Stay tuned! =)

  6. Great work Muhammad Mustafa bro. Thakns

  7. Nice template!!

    But the price?? We can get more quality templates from many stores just for $20 or 30.

    Please reduce the price as this template can't be too pricy :)

    I know you put hard-work for creating this great template, but if you want it to be the next viral template of blogspot blogs - try to reduce the price.

    Thanks in advance :)

    1. I really respect your concerns on price, please read the post above we have mentioned it quite clearly that we are a dedicated team of professional developers and not a fly-by-night tech enthusiasts.

      Our templates are not clones of Wordpress themes or a fancy theme with poor SEO. Almost every template available at themeforest or elsewhere lacks badly in SEO.

      Our clients pay us over $200 in SEO after buying themes from themeforest. I literally spend 12 hours debugging the themeforest themes and making them search friendly.

      Not everything that looks good, performs good. SEO should be the number one criteria while picking a template, second comes the customer service.

      We can go up with the price buddy but not even a penny less than the current price because we are pretty confident with our work and dedication of our 24/7 service Alhamdulillah.

      There is a big difference between quality of $20 templates and $69. Quality decides price.

      We are focusing more on quality clients and less on quantity of clients. If we have more (surplus) clients, we will surely run out of time.

      We will introduce an affiliate program this week which users can join to make upto $25 per sale and also get a free copy of COPmo after 3 sales. This way almost everyone will be able to afford it.

      Your feedback and concerns means a lot and I thank you for that.

  8. Great work bro.. Sure check this into my website...

  9. That would be kind of you. Thank you. I will share an affiliate program this week which you can join too for up to $25 commission per sale. :)

  10. Good News:
    Two Copies of COPmo purchased so far Alhamdulillah along with installation and SEO packages!

    Thank you everyone for the prompt response. =)

  11. Hi, Mohammad Brother!

    Glad to see your first premium template. It's really the best template I've ever seen on any blog/website or template publishing sites like themeforest. Really, unbeatable!

    At first, I was thinking that the template is too heavy but your replies in this post cleared all my issues. By the way, it seems that you were making this template since 2014...true?

    And, what you said is correct. These days, templates lack a robust HTML structure and SEO. I hope this template would help hundreds of people (and even thousand, I wish) in making an online living.

    The prices, I think are correct.The hard work, your team has done in making this template is undoubtedly, great. I think the template worth more than this, really, great work!

    Best of luck for your template,
    Shivansh Verma

    1. Thank you Shivansh!

      Your feedback is extremely important and really motivates us to do even better.

      You are right I am always busy working secretly in my workspace, playing with new gadgets and tools and often keep the best for a better time. I started with COPmo back in Dec 2014 but then got married and the work was postponed. I completed it just in 2016 and it is all ready for kick-starting a blog to make a lucrative income online! :)

      Speed of a blog depends on its user, the more load you put on a landing page, the heavier it gets. But COPmo has been designed to load smoothly in even mobile 3G services. Showing fewer layout boxes on front does surely help more for a lightening fast speed.

      Thank you for acknowldgeing the efforts, most of our clients value quality over price and this is one reaosn why we succeeded with 3 sales within 3 days! =)

      I have released the affiliate program which anyone can join.

      Thanks again Shivansh!

  12. Better if you also give it for free. I can not afford so much. And if you have any way to get it fee please please let me know.

    1. Brother Ashfaq, you can join our affiliate program to make over $2000 a month and also get a free copy of COPmo by bringing 3 sales.

      This system has been especially designed for people who wish to make a living online and who can not afford our services. This is an easy and yet smart work around. Do try it out and become our happy affiliate partner! :)

  13. Brother loved it! <3 Simply one of the best Blogger templates available out there with out a doubt!

    Really amazed to see that you priced it low. Knowing the work done behind it to make it SEO friendly alone makes it over 100$ template easily!

    Thank you brother for publishing that with us. Tons of prayers for it's success and for the success of every brother and sister who would go ahead and buy the template InshaAllah.

    It's time that everyone opens up their eyes and differentiates between templates who offer the fluff from the outside, though are totally corrupted in terms of SEO.

    Then we all wonder, why our blogs aren't really performing well.

    Best of luck brother! We're with the launch! <3 :)

    1. Hassam you never forget sharing your love and respect and always share your honest feedback. Realy inspired with this humble habit of yours buddy :).

      You are right hassam, we have been optimizing blogger templates for over 6 years now and the biggest concern of every client is the poor template SEO. Templates at themeforest and elsewhere are often coded by people having good knowledge of web design but they lack badly when it comes to SEO skills. Blogger and WordPRess depend heavily on its robust structure. If a template looks fancy in design and loads good also but if the code structure is missing good SEO practices, then the chances of such a template to compete in Google SERPS becomes quite difficult.

      We are honestly tired fixing such templates and therefore decided to start releasing quality templates made by our dedicated team of developers where SEO is exclusively given preference and not just the looks.

      Thank you for acknowledging the efforts put into making COPmo possible.

  14. Hi Mohammed,

    This template is awesome and I am verymuch interested to use this in my website But price revision need to be considered / SEO+SMO service to be considered.

    1. Hi CS V,

      Thank you for purchasing the Installation Package. Your order is confirmed buddy. :)

      I have also send you an email, kindly check that and get back to me.

      About The SEO Package
      Our normal charges for WP SEO is $400 and Blogger is $300. Since this template is coded by us so it is already optimized by default but not your content which has not yet been optimized by us nor have we checked your off-page optimization and SMO. So as a result of this we have reduced the payment to $150 which involves full audit of your content and all off-page technical details. From fixing your webmasters bugs till your Dashboard settings. Everything is covered along with an exclusive excess to the Forum member area.

      We have already sold out 2 orders and your Installation order is the third. You will certainly find the price worth it once enrolling in.

    2. Thank you for the quick response on whatsapp. I have send you the download copy to COPmo. Template installation will start within 24 hours. Thank you for your service order Chandrasekar.

  15. Big brother, its really a nice job here. We hoping for more products

    1. Thank you for the kind comment buddy. We have a long list of templates both free and premium, coming along the way. We will try our best to serve you guys as much as possible.

  16. Hi Mr. Mustafa
    I would like to know which package would be best for my Blogger site...
    I am running daily latest news minimum 07 post per day....
    I am coming from Non Technical Background...
    Please revert...

    1. Hi Rahul
      I am just done setting up COPmo template for CS V on My Tech Info.

      As you can seen COPmo can be modified to almost any niche theme that you may like and it looks best with Technology blogs for sure.

      CS V purchase two packages 1. The Template and 2. The Installation package. As a result we setup everything for him within 24 hours while he was busy enjoying his daily routine work. The installation package really helps you with all the technical headache because our team will replace your current theme with COPmo, manage the SEO settings and keep a backup of your old theme for you.

      Instead of reading the 126 pages documentation, the installation package will really save you time and also offer you with technical support.

      The installation package also offers you customization support. You can ask us for color change and font changes or any layout changes.

      I would prefer that you must order at least the Template and Installation packages. You can apply for SEO package too if you can afford. Writing 7 posts per day or even a hundred can only help you if your SEO skills are good enough and you know how to optimize your content to attract robot's attention and rank well in Google SERPs. SEO is all about understanding how search robots read your content and what you must do to help them index and crawl your content in best possible way.

      Let me know if you have any further queries.

    2. @Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai
      Thanks for the quick response..
      I had gone through with the My tech blog, it looks amazing..
      The think I notices it taking bit time to load the website..
      While testing on PageSpeed Insights it gives the count of 25 / 100 (Mobile) and 27 / 100 (Desktop), it doesnt't look fine and might be your team is still working on same for best fit.

      My other query is about the package..
      If I would like to purchase only Template and +SEO/SMO services, what would be the cost..

      If grabbing all the 03 service will your team prefer with some discount to me...

    3. Hi Rahul

      For PageSpeed always test the official COPmo demo only because that is the standard layout to be tested. COPmo landing page with so many images still count to 55 and the post page gives a score of 75 which is a standard one for blogs.

      For CSV you are right his score is 22 for homepage alone due to the fact that he mistakenly choose Large Size option while adding images in his post editor. As a result of which all his intro images URLs have a parameter ?imgmax=800 which increases the size of image by 10 times and makes them 800 X 800 pixels in size which of course is quite a big size. I have informed CS V to remove this parameter from all his images on intro images to which he agreed. This is one reason why we recommend clients to buy our installation services and SEO services together so that we could properly guide them on how to manage their blogs.

      For the discount so far we have made 3 sales with all the options mentioned above within a week. Since Eid festival will come after a month, we can surely share a discount of 20% on SEO alone at that time but at present we are focusing on quality sales with quality service.

      So you can buy the template + Installation now and apply for SEO after a month when the discount coupons are shared.

      To be honest our team will be quite busy at that time (Eid Festival) with so many sales, for your convenience this is the best time to make up your mind. The quicker you apply, the better the results because I can provide quality service when not overloaded.

    4. Thanks for the reply...
      Surely soon I will move forward with Template and SEO Package soon...
      GOD Bless all your team, may you guys get all success in your life...

    5. Rahul that is really kind of you. Thank you for all your wishes and prayers. It means a lot!

      I am always here for any help needed. =)

  17. Dear Mohammed,

    With regards to the COPmo template I dont want to comment any thing since once they gone to your demo page they must understand your effort, quality of work and uniqueness when comapared to others. Also it attracts everyone eyes whoever lands on the demo page.

    But I must say your service because this is my first experience had with you. After Purchasing your template as commited you have done your work withih the timeline. The foremost thing is that whenever at any time 24/7 I requested or raised any queries, immly you are on the way to support and reply me. The support which are you providing is great. Normally people once they purchased their product they will reply for few queries and furtther they will go off. But your commitment and support provided to me is great even at mid night.

    Finally I belives that I am on the right place to continue and improve my blog with you and your dedicated team.

    1. Thank you Chandrasekar for the kind feedback and for those valuable words. This surely means a lot to us and helps us do even better.

      You are now a part of our family and we will make sure to keep providing you with the same service for as long as you need us. Our consultancy is free for lifetime and it is surely my pleasure to answer all your queries and assist you with your online endeavors.

      God bless you always and thank you for choosing STCnetwork's services. =)

  18. hello
    what would the cost if i like to purchase all 3 package,

    1. $69 If you just wish to buy package 1 and $318 if you wish to buy all 3 packages

  19. I want to feature this template on my blog. So any affiliate link?
    Please mail me :


    1. It costs $69 only which is 150% cheaper compared to direct orders that we take from clients. Unlike themeforest, we provide 24/7 customer support via whatsapp and are too confident of the theme's quality and SEO.

  21. Can I Use this Template For my multiple sites and

    1. Yes you can use it on a multiple sites owned by you. The license is for multiple sites and not a single site as long as COPmo template is not distributed to a third party by you.

  22. AoA Mustafa bhai =)
    Mustafa bhai really awesome and best blogger template I've ever seen in my life (y) Good Work bhai ;)
    Bhai right now I'm kangla =D but Insha Allah one day I'm going to buy this super dooper template =)
    thanks =)
    Lots of love and hug for you bhai and
    Lots of Love and kisses for Princess Ifza :* ☺

  23. Common Mustapha no free version. Add free version

  24. Hi Team
    First wishes you a EID Mubarak.
    I wish to buy this template only, before moving on I would like to clear some points.
    1. The background image in template carries iPod is removable or not ?
    2. Purchasing template only will boost up our Google SERPs, or we need to buy go with SEO services.
    3. Can I use this template on my multiple sites.
    4. If facing any issue, will your team will help.
    5. In future we will get template updates.

    All the above question regarding for Template only ($69).
    Thanks... :)

    1. Hi Alok,

      Thank you for purchasing the template. I have answered your queries in a email and I will answer them here again for helping others:

      1. Yes sure you can customize that.

      2. SEO services will give you extra power though the template alone can do the job.

      3. Of course!

      4. Why not! We offer 24/7 support.

      5. Yes through email.

  25. Awesome template but it is so expensive

    1. Because it is a complete package for serious bloggers with an aim for kick starting their online business

  26. @muhammad i would like to know that, is there any way to add "Jameel Noori Nastaleeq" font in your arabic theme, if there is possibility i would like to buy it. thanks

    1. you can add almost any free font inside it. No problem at all!

  27. Is there any Wordpress template here, sir?

    1. We offer Wordpress Services for Genesis framework. Contact support by clicking here

  28. He Bro can you help me to and give me this template for free please .and where are you from? look to my website not good i now );

    1. Can you give us your car or mobile phone or any asset that you own for free despite knowing the fact that you spend hours to get them?

  29. I've joined affiliate program but where is my affiliate link by which i can redirect someone to the product?
    Help me to find my affiliate link.
    Thank you.

    1. The description link is your affiliate link.

      Kindly follow the instructions on this page: STCnetwork Affiliate Program

      [img src="" width="90%"/]

  30. 2 more copies sold. Thank you for your trust in us.

  31. which one use urs template plz share those url

  32. Just another Client who have finally setup her blog. Thank you for purchasing.


  33. This looks very good, I like your blog Mohammad. I visit your blog many times

  34. Mustafa sir I want use this template for my collage site. And I need some help from you. Can you plz give me response in whatsapp. my no :8876416606.
    I will be thankful to you.

    1. Hi Abhijit,

      Thank you for your feedback. We provide whatsapp support for clients only due to load of work.

      You can contact me at for any queries you may have.

  35. Aoa

    I am interested to buy full package of $ 150 for my blog/site but before that i need to have few clarities.

    Please advise where can i get these answered.

    1. W.salam brother Khalid,

      You are most welcomed to post your queries here in the comment section or You can contact us at for any queries you may have.

    2. Please not that $150 is only for the SEO package which does not include the template file.

      Full package costs $69 + $99 + $150. Most of our customers who are techy go for $69 + $150

  36. Thanks Mustafa bhai, email sent.

  37. I bought package 1 and 2 and what i want to say

    Excellent product
    Super excellent services

    Thanks Mustafa brother and team for making my site amazing. You people did wonderful job even more than my expectations. I strongly recommend this product to all and especially due to the services which are great. You are very supportive and understand the customers requirement quickly.

    God Bless you.

    1. Thank you brother Khalid for buying the packages and for finding our customer service worth a try. This feedback is all that matters to us. Thank you again for your valuable comment.

      I wish you all the best with your dashing looking new blog: ThinkLikeGiant :)

  38. Aweesome blogger template Mustafa bhai it is suitable all niche thanks for sharing :)

  39. what about updates? whether free?
    i'm sorry for my bad english

    1. the updates are that we have soled several new packages for COPmo and our development team is busy helping the customers. COPmo is a premium template and is not free

  40. Sold another template! Thank you everyone for finding COPmo so useful

  41. Great @mustafa i love the theme am going to install in my new blog thanks for the paost

  42. Thank you Iqbal for showing your interest and sending us an email. I have attached the local bank account details that you can utilize. Please correspond via email for further details.

  43. Thank you for purchasing the full package Iqbal. It will be a pleasure helping you.

    Welcome to STCnetwork family :)

  44. Your blog is all setup!


  45. I purchased this theme and I've been working on customizing it for possible use on my site. I just wondered why out of the box there are two H1 tags on blog post pages instead of just one. There's one for the blog title and one for the post title.

    1. Hi Michael

      Thank you for the kind purchase. We have recently updated the COPmo file with some SEO fixes including the header tags.

      Please download the fresh copy or follow this quick fix:

      1. Inside your template find this:

      <h1 class='title'>
      <i class='fa fa-bolt headerfa'/>
      <b:include name='title'/>

      2. Replace it with this:

      <b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;index&quot;'>
      <h1 class='title'>
      <i class='fa fa-bolt headerfa'/>
      <b:include name='title'/>
      <h2 class='title'>
      <i class='fa fa-bolt headerfa'/>
      <b:include name='title'/>

      3. Find this

      #header h1{color:$headertitlecolor;font:$headertitle;text-decoration:none;margin:0px;outline:none;padding:5px 0 0}#header h1 a, #header h1 a:visited{color:$headertitlecolor}#header h1 a:hover{color:$headertitlecolorhover;text-decoration:none}

      4. Replace with this:

      #header h1, #header h2{color:$headertitlecolor;font:$headertitle;text-decoration:none;margin:0px;outline:none;padding:5px 0 0}#header h1 a, #header h2 a, #header h1 a:visited, #header h2 a:visited{color:$headertitlecolor}#header h1 a:hover, #header h2 a:hover{color:$headertitlecolorhover;text-decoration:none}

      After the change, the header will show h1 only on homepage and search pages but will show H2 on blog posts and static pages.

      Hope this helps :)

    2. OK. I downloaded the new template and installed it. As far as title tags go, the H1 tag for the blog title and blog posts has been fixed. Although the outline in the validator shows a "body element with no heading". Not sure if that error can be eliminated.

      I'm also not sure that the other tags have been addressed properly.

      Maybe I'm incorrect but my widgets are H2's while my subheadings in my blog posts are H3 and and the read comment policy is H4 which I'm not sure that needs a header tag. Seems like my widgets should be H4 and the comment policy shouldn't have any H tag at all.

      Even the contact form which is hidden in the template so it can be used on a contact page has an H2 tag on blog post pages which seems odd.

      Also on the homepage, the "latest stories" is an H2 and on all pages the date is an H4.

      I also some other issues as well and I'll go ahead and list what I've experienced here to see if you can help:

      1. The sharing buttons don't share, they only provide a way to follow you on social media from what I can tell.
      2. Everything looks decent in chrome but when I look at my test site in safari, the fontawesome's don't appear and the menu bar is slightly unformatted. Haven't looked at explorer.
      3. I can't remove the widget that says fun time, comments and archive even though I've removed the corresponding html boxes in the layout.

      I'm still working on my customizations and there are a couple of things I'd like to modify but am not sure how.

      1. I'd like to change the H3 font in my blog posts to see what it looks like. Same on widgets headers.
      2. I'm interested in changing the colors of the bullet points (from lime green) and the message boxes to more closely match my color scheme.
      3. A few other changes to desktop mode as I am get to them.

      I still have to make sure that it appears on mobile the way I want it to and then ad my ads so I'm not sure how that part will look yet.

      Once I do that, I was also going to check on the speed and structured data as well as a few other items to make sure I want to apply the theme to my actual site.

      I probably sound pretty picky, sorry about that!

      I'm happy to have you look at the site, just didn't want to post the site here in the comments.

    3. I am glad your header issued is solved. Now coming to your other questions.

      Please don't get confuse with the SEO value of heading tags. Know this rule of thumb.

      H1 - Should go to your main blog title or Post title
      H2 - Should Go to your sub headings

      Now ofcourse H2 must not go to sidebar headlines but in blogger this is automatically done and there is no reliable way to stop it except javascript which I dont recommend.

      Google bots only look at the hirarchy of healdines inside your posts and not the supplementary widgets on your sidebar. So it can easily pick your H1 and H2 and H3 and does not consider H4-H6 a lot.

      But you can still change H4 and other heading tags by editing the template. We provide this service in our customization package.

      1. The sharing widgets work just fine under blog posts. You are pointing at social button links in the header menu. That text can be replaced with "Follow"

      2. Don;t view the site in Safari using Widnows, use iMAC or Apple iPhone. The design looks just fine on all webkit browsers.

      Who uses IE in 2017?? IE is dead and not recommended by anyone. Less than 10% internet users use it today.

      3. For removing the second multi-tab widget, Please find this parent code and remove all the code inside it inclusive,

      <div class='MBT-tabviewsection'>

      4. For changing post title font, please find and edit the font family inside this class:

      .post h2 a, .post h2 a:visited, .post h1

      Let me know if you have more queries. :)

  46. Hi,
    I really enjoyed reading your articles and learn a lot from you. Thanks for guiding us and showing us to do complicated blogger settings in easy way.
    I like this template. I am in search of a blogger template which can load fast and give me score of more than 80 on mobile and desktop. I am ready to pay for all the set up.
    Can you please visit my blog and give me your advice.

    1. Hi Dr Paritosh Trivedi

      COPmo despite using so many images, has an amazing pagespeed of 75 for desktop. Please check here

      Let me be honest with you as far as Google Pagespeed insights are concerned. Please note that no layout or theme or template will give you a score of 80 if its a popular blog with third-party banner ads installed in it. A site speed is increased mostly by images displayed on it or 3rd part JS scripts.

      A general rule of thumb is that a good page is one that loads within 6 seconds (forget 4 seconds, its an extreme ideal case and applys best to WP sites driven by CDN networks and not using banner ads)

      We recently customized COPmo for one of our clients by removing the large background image and AJAX menu and his custom template gave a Google PageSpeed score of 80. See it yourself

      COPmo can be customized to almost anything. It's the best layout for any blogger hosted blog.

      If you would like to order a completely unique design. Please contact us via the services page or email me at

  47. hi mohammad

    i like your responsive drop down menü as you can see on my blog --> ( But there is a problem with all my linked sites on this blog. No one is displayed in the frame below the drop down menü..not even an error message is shown :(..still a white page.. I need help ! greetings Patrice

    1. Hi patrice

      you asked an off-topic question, please ask this question at our Public Forum

  48. Great Work Bro I really like this theme. But the layout is similar to the current template you are using on MBT. Maybe copmo is the modified version of MBT But it looks too coooooool..............

  49. Update:
    The payment method may not work sometimes. Please contact us via the contact form for placing an order