Google PageRank Updated Again in August 2011

google-pagerankGoogle is taking things really seriously this year. On June 27th, Google first updated the PageRank and then the PageRank given to all websites was revised and rechecked. During this immediate revision MBT’s PR dropped from 4 to 3 and it was indeed a bad news for me and just today while looking at my site stats I observed that Alhamdulillah this little blog was gifted back the PageRank 4. This means that PR was updated twice within one month. Many SEO experts are confused themselves with these sudden PR changes and I personally don’t know as if this is happening for the first time or it happens often. Never heard of such PR revisions before. Google Updates PR four times every year which means once after every three months.

This new update indicated that PR scheduling is undergoing serious changes and it is a clear indication for web masters to be careful with the number of their inbound and outbound links. I will be writing a detailed post today on how to balance the number of external and internal links and also when and how should you link external sites.

Why did I lost my PR?

Since we all learn from our mistakes therefore my previous PR loss taught me a lot of lessons. I was often changing my meta tags especially the Main Blog Title and meta description. Further I was linking external websites such as social networks blindly without tagging them as nofollow out of laziness. All these factors brought me to a drop in PR.

I then re-edited my meta tags and re-tagged my external links by making good use of nofollow tags. I edited around 300 links just yesterday and many before that. I don’t know which part play well for me but I will share those steps in detail on my next post with all of you.

As far as I know sites that have been given a PR increase are often looked upon more carefully by Google as compared to sites with low PR. As soon as you cross the PR 3 limit, Google indexing of your site and analysis of your site is given more importance. Since relevant search results is what Google aims at therefore PR is distributed very carefully to blogs to ensure that quality and fresh content is promoted more and more.

I just hope you may have received an equal pleasant surprise as I did today. Do let me know about any such experiences you may have experienced today and do share your valuable views with us.

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  1. Congratulations buddy, RHA also managed to get PR4

  2. Tnx for information about the google PR updating again :))

    My blog is PR 3...LOL...

  3. Mohammad i was not aware that PR is updated.

    After reding this post I checked my PR.

    Oh My God I dont beleve it It jumped from PR 0 to PR 3

    Now please share your tips to maintain this.

    And one more thing I have lots of links on my pages and i havent added any no follow tags, pls guide that for which links we have to add no follow and for which we not have to add no follow.

    And pros and cons of no follow and do follow tags!

    Thanks again and waiting for that post...

    Jitendra Rawal

  4. hey brother ,
    You know after Your this post I tried my website ( ) PR and the result was 1/10 what does it mean ???

    2.Mohammad can you pls suggest me as how many key words can we use in the meta tag there any limitations of words ? and tell me the word limit for the site description also..

    3.Mohd. I have placed the meta tags in my site below the head part but then how i can put them in all my website pages ???

    Love and blessings
    ur sister

  5. ya allah !! i'm also confused for my blog http;// my PR was 2/10 but it was 1/10 whats wrong wid google ttly gt upst!! :( :(

    Please give me a copy od MONOP Blogger Template !! i'm already a subscriber

    Muhammed Gazzaly

  6. thats good , last time during panda update my site loss the pr form 4 to zero , was very shocked , but i with in a couple of week i get 3 and now its at pr 4.

  7. @Rafay
    congratx to you too pal. :>

    @i_k and @hoang
    Congratz to both of you friends.

    This is because 18 sites are linking to your site. Congtaz bro! :>
    I have written the post. You can read it here ->

    No worries buddy. Read my latest post and work on those areas. You will get it back. :)

    This means that your blog has started attracting google robots more now. some people are linking and recommending your blog. Your PageRank is 1.0 now. Congratx. :d

    I have mentioned everything about metas on this post:
    Meta Details

    When you place meta description below head tag then it is automatically added to all your pages on your blog. Hope this was clear. :>


    Don't worry buddy. PR is often fluctuating. Read my latest post and work on your weak areas. You will get it back inshAllah.
    Read this

    I will send you the template today.

    Indeed an achievement. Congratx pal. :>


    Congrax buddy.

    You will get it back buddy. Read the latest post.

    Congrax brother. :)


  8. Today, again I saw updates on my new blog with hardly 20-22 post and it is now PR1 blog..Hurray...Do you have any updates on this?

  9. this my fear. I have a pagerank one on blogger and I'm afraid to transfer a domain name. I will now get my domain name so I can get back my pagerank.hehehe.. thanks!