Is your Blog slowing down due to MyBlogLog Termination?

mybloglog-terminatedI was facing blog load time issues this week so I started looking at codes that were causing the problem. After a lot of trial and error I finally found the code responsible for slowing down the site load time. It was the code snippet provided by Mybloglog. I was confused as why it was behaving like this because being a yahoo service Mybloglog server’s should be fast in response as it is a social networking platform for bloggers provided by Yahoo. But then I read on Wikipedia that On February 24, 2011 Yahoo announced that the MyBlogLog service would be terminated on May 24, 2011. The code snippet was not causing problems till the end of July but it caused me great troubles in August. Since MyBloglog is no more so there is no use of keeping its code on your templates. Delete the code so that your blog may load at better speed.


Remove MyBlogLog Code From Your Templates

  1. Inside your templates search for
  2. You will find it enclosed in a similar code like this one,

<script src='' type='text/javascript'/>

   3.    Remove this entire code and save your template.

   4.    You are done!

Your blog will now load at a much better speed because now the browser doesn’t need to load or look for mybloglog code. Keep your blogs healthy and stay healthy. Peace out!. :>

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  1. After a long time I am commenting here......
    Thanks for this info bro.......

    I want an awesome flash intro maker for my blog bro, which can surely fulfill my need.........

  2. Yeah even I got same problem. My blog was loading fine for me but when I got some friends to review my blog then they told my blog was loading too slow and I realized that MyBlogLog's script was playing it at all. Then I removed that script.

  3. @Shahdab

    Flash and Javascript are two things I honestly hate buddy. They add no value to your site except beauty. Search engines love text and stuff that can be crawled. I will advise that you give more importance to your content and less to design side.

    Thank you for you this comment and all feedback always. :)

    I would agree buddy. It is really annoying when you don't understand what's causing the problem. Thanks goodness you solved the problem yourself. :>

  4. I like your blog, but it still takes 26.4 seconds to load. There is just tons of things to load on your page.

  5. Couldn't find my BlogLog code, but in the process I found a post that talked about social networking code. When I removed the Facebook button in my footer....lightning speeds were back!

  6. Thank you for this direct-solve post. I've found this line of code at my blog template and don't remember why it was there! It's a great cool advice!