Nofollow Blog Comments: Save Blogger From Panda Effect & Spam

nofollow-commentsAs I earlier mentioned that Panda update by Google is a new strict policy which looks for content farmers. Content farmers are people flooding the internet with useless content or republished content. Most of their blog posts are either duplicate copies or infringed material. This year Google penalized many such sites along with some reputed blogs like The reasons most of them shared were to keep a consisting post frequency, keep quality in mind while writing and you must nofollow category links and you should also find and delete 404 error pages. So today again we will be adding nofollow to comment count links and the comments posted by visitors.


What is the nofollow tag?

It is a simple HTML tag called rel="nofollow" which tells the search robots that the link is a nofollow one which means that the robot should investigate about the link and should not worry about where the link is pointing. When you link other websites you are sharing your PageRank juice with them and when you outgoing links surpass your incoming links then your PageRank drops. So you must know when to link external websites as nofollow to save PR.

Why should you Nofollow Comment Links?

There are two simple reasons,

  1. To avoid spammers who just comment in order to steal your PageRank
  2. To avoid your blog from Panda Effect which can decrease your blog traffic by 50%-70% Because comment links are harmful to blog content as it distracts the spiders from your main keywords. As a result your post will rank lower.

Let nofollow the comment links everywhere

  1. Go To Blogger > Design > Edit HTML
  2. Backup your template
  3. Click "Expand Widget Templates" box
  4. Search for this,

<a class='comment-link'

Replace it with this,

<a class='comment-link' rel="nofollow"

     5.   Now search for ,

<a expr:href='data:comment.authorUrl'>

and replace it with this,

<a expr:href='data:comment.authorUrl' rel='nofollow'>

      6.    Now finally save your template and you are done!

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  1. What if you are using disqus comment system?

  2. Thanks Mohammad
    I think this is the firewall for our blogs. I have applied the great guidance.

  3. BLOGGER is GOOGLE PRODUCT, but... any bugs on blogger crash with Google algoritm.... hmmmmmmmmm :(

  4. hay admin plz post on this also "how to add nofollow on external link automatically"

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  6. @crazy and @wamiq
    thank you buddies. :)

    Firewall is an awesome name for this. Most welcomed kisoni. :)

    It indeed is if treated with care. Yes it takes time to fully optimize it but its great.

    This plugin is avaiable only in wordpress at the moment because it uses a more developed langauge which is php and blogger works on xml and I really hope if someone could develope the same plugin for blogger blogs.

  7. i have a problem with this template can anybody tell me if i did it right? this is my blog

    i didn't find the code you put up there but i find the relate tag code and it was the only one on the template so i just change that for the one you tell us can you tell me if i did it right? thanks

  8. Does it also mean that to conserve my PR juice,by making my external links 'nofollow', I should also make my image links to Picasa nofollow? As I make my internal links 'dofollow'. Is this correct?

  9. @Muhammad I asked a question brv :P that what if i am using disqus for my blog :P ?

  10. My blog blocked by google search engine.Bcoz Mine job site.I think its due to posting already posted jobs.Now what can i do?.

    If i google freshersplane my site not listed

    My blog address

  11. Wow What A Nice Article Thanks For Sharing With Us....:)

    Can You tell Me how my blog is indexed by google means as my blog name On Secret Hunt when I go to in search bar I type on secret hunt but why my blog is not visible in drop down search bar.
    Please tell me how I can do this.

  12. hey guy i am a little confuse i found 3 <a class='comment-link' on my code html so that mean i can change the 3 of them to nofolow? thanks

  13. I use Intense debate as commenting system, so should I need to do this ?

  14. Varinder: You can just type in Google search bar Site: Your blog name and click search and you should see the indexed posts in the google search engine. Regards Indian-Share-Tips.Com

  15. @ Analyst Thanx for the great tip

  16. Thank you I am applying this to SB just now! MBT rocks as always!

  17. slam dear..
    i am a confuse too i found 4 <a class='comment-link' on my code html so that mean i can change the 4 of them to nofolow? thanks

  18. I found 4 of those code. Do i have to replace all of those codes ?

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  20. Thank you very much! I was looking for such an article because I keep getting spammers ...