Connect Your Website Email Address To Gmail [Tutorial]

connect website email to gmailGmail has so far been the best emailing service in terms of security, service and advanced plugins and tools. I don't remember the last time I signed in Yahoo or Hotmail. If you have successfully set up an Email address for your website using Google Apps so you are now ready to  redirect all Emails sent at your domain address to your Gmail account. You can use the same method to connect your website email even if you don't use Google apps. You can now manage all your family, personal and business emails right from just one Gmail account. You can switch between email addresses and email using any address you want. Today no matter if readers, clients or advertisers contact us from this blog or our sister blog we receive all emails at one place, thus it saves great deal of time and helps me to respond to them more efficiently. Lets get to work now.


Google Apps Services 
Part4. Connect Your Website Email Address To Gmail

All settings From Gmail

Follow these easy steps:

  1. Log into your Gmail account
  2. Click on settings

gmail settings


        3.  Click on Accounts and Import tab

         4. Where it says "Send mail as:"    click the link that says:

add another email address

         5.   In the window that pops up, submit your website name in the Name entry, type your website email address inside Email address, uncheck the box that says Treat as an alias, in the Reply-to address you must submit your Gmail id so that emails sent to your domain id are received at your Gmail id.

connecting accounts to Gmail

          6.  Click Next step. You will now be asked whether you want to send emails through Gmail server or your website  SMTP server. Choose Gmail because what can be more faster than Google? :)  Select the option Send through Gmail (easier to set up)  and hit Next step

          7. Now click the verify button and then visit your Domain Email account to copy a confirmation code that Google sent.

If you have followed our previous tutorials then the web address for your Google Apps Email address would look like this:

Replace your_domain with your website address.

or like this if you have shorten the web address:

         8.  Copy the confirmation code (or click the link inside that email) and then go back to your main Gmail account and paste it inside the verification box and hit Verify.

Email verification

          9.  Congratulations you are all done! :)

Now click compose button to send an email and you will see that inside the "From" box you now have two email options. You can either choose to email from your Gmail id or your website id. As simple as that. 

You can also choose to select an Email id and use it as default. So that whenever you reply someone that email id appears by default in the From box. You can do that from Accounts and Import tab. click the "Make default" link next to any id you wish to use as default.

Choose different signature for each email

By default you can not set long signatures for Google Apps Domain Emails but since you have now connected them to Gmail you can set a creative signature for each of your emails that is appended at the end of all outgoing messages. Do this:

  1. Go to  settings
  2. Inside the General tab look for Signature:
  3. You will see an editor where you can design your signature for every email account you connected to Gmail.

set signature in gmail

Need help?

With this our series on Google Apps ends. If you have problems in any part of this series then please do let us know. Would love to hear your feedback. Take good care buddies. Peace and blessings! :)

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  1. I tried the previous tutorial and couldn't get it done, I will give this one a try and I hope to get it right this time around. Thanks for sharing this information, I am really grateful.

  2. This is one other useful post from you MOHAMMAD i'm really thankful for this website,

    And if you have time i want to ask you how to add "border" like this one on church template, bexause i want to add it to (MONOP)template.

    Here is the picture

    i'll be thankful if you helped me .

  3. Definitely a good tips. I have been doing this for a couple of years and its highly recommended. In addition, if you go to settings - labs and install "Signature tweaks", this will place your signature before the quoted text in a reply, and removes the "--" line that appears before signatures.

  4. @Jay

    For this you wll first need to buy a domain for just $10 per year and then you can sign up for a domain Email address. :)

    @Ani sastra

    Since Godaddy is a Google Domain registrar therefore it often contains shortcuts. This method would however let you manage emails right form your g mail account. :)

    @Oluwayomi Obadina
    you must try it, you will find it really easy once you get the idea. :)

    for doing this simple add the following style to the #wrap CSS ID in monop template.

    border:10px solid #BF0100;


    @traffic to website

    Well that is indeed a great tweak! Thanks for sharing it. :)

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  9. Thanks for posting this! I'm wondering whether it makes more sense to fwd my business email from google apps to my personal gmail, or to add it to my personal gmail as a pop3? I want to be able to check both in one location, although I heard the POP3 takes up to an hour to forward... Also, I'm wondering about the step where we list our gmail address as the "reply-to" email. If my domain is receiving email through gmail already with google apps, is that necessary? Thanks!


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  13. This does not work for me. I did it, but the incoming mail to my gmail did not come from my website email.

    I want it to receive a copy of an email through my gmail from any client sending me an email through my website email.

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