How To Write a Warning Letter To a Copyright Violator?

letter to violaterThis post is a part of the series on Online plagiarism and republication of unauthorized content. In this tutorial you will learn polite ways of dealing copyright infringement. Suppose you found a web owner who willingly or unwillingly copies your content and published it without your permission, or you found him sharing your content without a backlink (credit link). Now how should you approach him and what should you say? Here are some ways of writing Polite death warrants to the abusers.

Letter To Violator With Duplicate Content

If your entire original content is copied and published on another blog that does not belong to you without your permission then you must contact the web admin in this way:

PS: In each case replace Mohammad with your name and MBT BLOG with your site name.

"Respected Admin,

We have found your article i.e. as a complete violation of our copyrights. The article is a duplicate copy of the original post published on MBT @ Republication of such content is a serious loss to our SERP ranking and reputation. We thereby request you to remove the post completely within 48 hours.

Failure to comply will result in a complete deletion of your article. Your URL will be reported to both AdSense and GOOGLE DMCA. We therefore earnestly believe that you understand the consequences and expect sincere cooperation from your side.   

Original Content URL:

Duplicate Content URL:


Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai

Founder and Author : "


Letter To Violator With No Credit Link

If someone shares your resources like in my case these resources are tutorials, widget codes, Icons, Buttons and templates etc. and that person does not acknowledge your efforts by giving attaching an attribution link on his post that may link to your homepage or resource page then you have complete right to demand your right. Sometimes people do link back but add a nofollow tag to your link so that search robots may not index that link and increase your search ranking. This is again a serious loss to you because nofollow link is equivalent to no link.

This is how you should write a polite notification to the violator:

"Respected Admin,

We have found that you have shared our tutorial with your audience without our permission. Our resource has been attributed with a nofollow tag. This is a complete violation of our Copyrights. We thereby request you to attach a proper credit backlink to the original post or remove the post completely within 48 hours.

Failure to comply will result in a complete deletion of your article. Your URL will be reported to both AdSense and GOOGLE DMCA. We therefore expect sincere cooperation from your side in this case.   

Original Content URL:

Violated Content URL:


Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai

Founder and Author : "


What if they don’t Pay Attention?

The answer is simple then you will report the issue to Google DMCA. The post will be removed within 12-24 hours if your claim is correct. To find out what DMCA is and how can your report a policy violation through it then stay tuned as my next post will cover the free effective methods of teaching these guys a lesson. I will share  some of the stories that I encountered and proves on how we solved it. To be informed whenever the next post is published then make sure you subscribe by clicking here.

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  1. Awesome, this post was really super liked by me, and also I am waiting for the next post in which we will treat those copyright violators, Thanks........

  2. i hav been searching for this for a very long time thanks man

  3. Salam, Mohammad...
    How if violator duplicated only 50% of our content, but it gave a real total chaos to what we've intended? I mean, they hijacked the topic with deliberate distortion of the meaning. Is DMNC will remove them too?

    For your info,
    This is my original post:

    this is the uncivilized thief:

    Those above is in Indonesian, but you can read which part of my content hijacked here:

    (I was just published a post to kick them on my blog only)
    To me, it is very serious because my blog's content based on religious resources. You know, it will be a slandery to the religion.
    Thanks for Your attention, Bro.. Save and Peace be upon You.

  4. Nice info to newbie thanks mohammad mustafa your post is very informative to every blogger .

  5. Thanks Mustafa
    this is a very big relief for those, who really work hard and spent lots of time to create good content to improve their blogging.

  6. You are always welcomed shadab, madhan, Anil and kisoni. :)


    Read this post "Report Violation To Blogger"and fill up the form as guided. Also paste the paragraph copied from you in the Description box. You will get the content removed if you were able to convince Blogger. I hope it will help a lot in solving your problem.

  7. @Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai
    Ah, thank You very much for this guidance, Bro.. I'll do it. Thanks again and God Bless You. ^^

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    I don't know how to thank you for the article above you have written it has helped alot, and I feel very relieved for those, since i have been searching. Thank you and keep it up.

    Best Regards

    Sue Win TIn

  10. Brother one blogger continuously copying my posts. Is there any solution? I submitted complaint many times. :(

  11. if only some lines match then what ???