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Bitcoin Is Neither Currency Nor Money – Chapter[2.1] R[5-10]

Reason[5]: Bitcoin has No Intrinsic Value Fiat so-called currencies such as USD and Bitcoins have ZERO Intrinsic value, which means that...
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When Do Domains Drop?

Domain names are valid for a specific duration. In most cases, this duration is one year from the time the owner registers the domain. If you fail to renew your domain after its expiry, the registrar renders it expired or dropped.
A dropped domain is a domain name that isn’t renewed in time. Domain names expire because owners abandon them, lack renewal funds, or forget about their existence. But when do domains drop? Read on to find the answers.

How to Make Your Website Profitable?

increase website revenue

Whatever type of website that you decide to operate, making it profitable is easier said than done. While hordes of companies are keen to sell you any kind of service on a subscription basis, few are willing to confirm how it will improve your bottom line. 

By the same token, many new site owner-operators are unclear once they’ve launched their site, how exactly it will become profitable? Some simply launch and hope it will take care of itself whereas others at least have some basic, but yet unproven theories. 

Unlike a brick and mortar business, a website can provide some useful passive income. To get you started, here is how we’d suggest trying to make your website profitable. 


Tips for First Time Home Buyers

Tips for First Time Home Buyers

Making your first real estate purchase is daunting. It is even scarier when one is looking to buy a new home. Buyers have plenty of questions that cross their minds; how much can i afford, how to buy a home, what to look for when buying a house and many more. Not only are there many arenas to cover, but it is also an emotionally draining endeavor for a first-time homebuyer - confused between wants and needs. 

How Can Blogging Support Your Core Business?

How Can Blogging Support Your Core Business
When it comes to blogging professionally, many people focus on ways in which blogs can be independent sources of income. Blogs are sources of passive income or framed as a side-hustle. What this approach to blogging overlooks, however, is how valuable blogging can be as a supplement to a core business. Rather than as a source of income, blogging can be primarily promotional and a source of added value for different businesses.