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Bitcoin Is Neither Currency Nor Money – Chapter[2.1] R[5-10]

Reason[5]: Bitcoin has No Intrinsic Value Fiat so-called currencies such as USD and Bitcoins have ZERO Intrinsic value, which means that...
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How to Write a Blog About Home Improvement: 6 Easy Steps

How to Write a Blog About Home Improvement: 6 Easy Steps
The concept of blogging is not new to marketers or writers. In fact, the first blog is believed to have been written by a Swarthmore College student back in 1994. In the 25 years since then, businesses have learned the value of taking to the internet to share thoughts and develop trust with their customers. By definition, a blog is intended to generate awareness about either you, the writer or the brand for which are writing about. Blogs, when well written, do a tremendous job of establishing authority and building trust.


Power Grids Facing Risks Of Cyber Attacks

power grids cyber attacks
One of the most common things in a sci-fi movie, to date, has been the depiction of uncontrolled power outrages that can spread through a nation in no time. Nonetheless, today, the thin line between that fiction and this reality has been blurred and what earlier only seemed to be a concoction has recently been turned into a frightening reality.

Safe File Sharing : Everything That You Want To Know

With the advent of information technology, it has become much easier to share files via centralized systems with other users at any corner of the world. Instead of traditional physical sharing, all the files and documents these days are transferred between individuals and businesses via digital methods. With this change in the scenario, the present generation has a completely different mindset about data and its safety requirements.

How safe are the Cryptocurrency transactions?

One of the major progress that can be traced today is that of cryptocurrencies under which falls the popular Bitcoin. A lot of organizations including financial giants like banks, colleges, social networks, and even the government are now gradually shifting to cryptocurrencies. One of the major reasons for this choice can be the innumerable advantages attached to the cryptocurrencies that do not come along with the traditional currencies and payment methods.