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How To Boost Blog Traffic Through Instagram

How To Boost Blog Traffic Through Instagram

Many people use Instagram (IG) every day to upload their videos or pictures on this media-sharing app. And after which, they can share these with their followers. After all, Instagram is considered the most checked social media platform. 
But the thing is, only a few realize that Instagram can actually be a powerful tool in promoting businesses and boosting blog traffic. Considering that there are over billions of Instagram users, this could be the best place to reach your audience or target market, and redirect them to your blog.   

Pressure Washers: A Perfect Cleaning Quickly and Easy

Pressure Washers: A Perfect Cleaning Quickly and Easy

A very useful thing in the household is a high-pressure washer, which we will talk about today. But such the best pressure washer UK requires some knowledge of the operation. And before you buy the best pressure washer, you need to fully understand how this device works.

20 Best Examples Of Crypto Blogs

The world of cryptocurrency is ever-expanding, so much so that it has become one of the most popular niches in the world. Although there are many crypto blogs online that you can read, we want to highlight the best of the best to give you a better way to navigate the world of high-quality crypto content. 


Contractor Life: 3 Simple Steps for Growing Your Contracting Business 

But how do you move into a position to do this? And what strategies should you be using to grow your business?

In the modern business world, no matter what industry you’re working in, long-term success is directly related to the actions you take regarding broadening your reach and making your business the one everyone knows and trusts in your community. And thankfully, there are a few ways that you can reach this level of recognition. 

Growing your business requires employing marketing and management strategy along with possessing verifiable proof that you’re a legitimate contractor. And this goes far beyond the typical word-of-mouth that many contractors rely on. 

If you’re ready to grow your contracting business in 2022, the following will offer a few helpful ideas for you to consider.

Get a Contractor’s License 

If you want to be taken seriously and be able to work on the big paying jobs, getting licensed as a contractor in your state is essential. And this is because most states require that a contractor be licensed in order to work on specific jobs, or on jobs that are valued over a specified dollar amount.

For example, in Tennessee, a contractor’s license is required to work on jobs valued at 25,000 dollars or more. Additionally, for plumbers and electricians, you have to have a valid contractor’s license to work on any job. As such, getting a license not only opens more doors for business, it also gives you verifiable proof that you’re a professional in your field.

Additionally, as a contractor, you likely have a healthy amount of competition. And if you hope to bid on jobs, not having a license will limit the types of jobs that you’ll be able to work on and you’ll have to sit and watch as your competition advances, leaving you behind. 

Network with Other Contractors

You might intuitively think that any other contractor in your community should be your sworn enemy. However, contractors with the same skills, and those of differing disciplines, often work together on large projects. And networking with others in your industry can actually benefit you tremendously.

For example, other contractors you may consider working with are as follows: 

  • Plumbers
  • Electricians 
  • Framers
  • Bricklayers & Masons
  • Foundation specialists 
  • Landscaping professionals 
  • Roofers
  • Sheetrock specialists 

As you can see, there are many professionals working alongside contractors of the same or different disciplines. And all of these professionals often need to work together to get a job. As such, networking with others within your industry is likely to get your name known around town, and to open many doors to other jobs that you may not have been considered for. 


Additionally, it’s always a good idea to establish sound rapport with others within your trade. This is how partnerships are made. And if you plan on expanding your business to reach neighboring communities, you may need the support (or help) of others within your trade. 

Marketing Your Business

Perhaps the best way to grow your business is through marketing efforts. But as a contractor, you’re likely spending the majority of your time working on jobs, or seeking out new contracts. However, if you don’t take the time to market yourself, your competition will more than likely leave you behind.

In today’s world, most marketing efforts exist in the digital realm. And unless you have experience with digital marketing, this can be a difficult space to navigate. But there are a few tested strategies that you can implement on your own.

First, you need to have a web presence. Ideally, this means having a business website, but you should also have activity on social profiles as well. Correspondingly, linking your website with your social profiles also helps when crafting a digital marketing plan.

You may be able to build your own website and set up social profiles, but for the best results, it’s best to outsource marketing help when you find yourself in foreign territory. Though you may be able to frame a house, or fix anything, dealing with the intricacies of the marketing world can be overwhelming for anyone lacking experience. 

Making it in the contracting world takes time, skill, and dedication. And if you hope to own a lucrative business of your own and become a household name within your community, taking the steps to grow your business will be essential for meeting these goals.