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From Barter To Bits – History Of Money – CHAPTER[1.2]

Lets first discuss how money evolved through this meaningful timeline infographics on origins of money.

From Barter To Bits – History Of Money infographics

If I ask you how old is human history, you will never be able to give an exact date and time because the span of recorded human history is roughly 5,000 years i.e. 30th Century BC.

Humans living during Old Stone Age were mostly hunters and nomads with no system of writing or accounting (ledger recording). Their sole purpose of life was survival through hunting, gathering food, fishing or scavenge wild animals.


No Crypto Company Can Operate Without Complying With N.S.A – CHAPTER[1.12]

Without those leaked global surveillance disclosures of 2013 by a former CIA employee, N.S.A contractor and now a Russian resident, Edward Snowden, the world would have never known or believed, that the very corporate companies that they trust, are providing private information of its customers through back doors, willingly to CIA, FBI and N.S.A.

No cryptocurrency can operate without complying with NSA

Most importantly bitcoin community would have simply ignored what I had shared so far and what I am about to reveal in this chapter.


Bitcoin, RFID, Blockchain and the Cashless Society Agenda – CHAPTER[1.11]

If your were to ask: What can NSA and the banking Elite achieve with Bitcoin?

Simple Answer Global Control

More than 2.5 billion adults do not have a bank account or use formal financial services. To bank the un-bank is one of the primary goals of cryptocurrencies.

Electronic currency such as Bitcoin, will snatch away the right of even seeing or touching your true wealth. Thus moving the mankind towards a complete cashless society (They have already achieved it in Sweden) for global domination and far greater control through microchips embedded in your mobile phones followed by biocompatible microchip implants such as NFC RFID chip under your skin.

The biggest constraint in the path of NSA to track human activity is wireless money or cash. With a cashless society run by cryptocurrencies, NSA will literally get the “eye of the god that it has always sought to achieve.

With cashless society run by cryptocurrencies, NSA will get the "Eye of the god"

CASHLESS = NSA Can Trace Your Source

CASH = NSA Can't Trace Your Source

GOLD = FED Can’t Corrupt It + NSA Can’t Trace It

(Any monetary system backed by Gold)

Today all fiat currencies are in a race to zero – competing with one another on who can print more money faster. Since the elite and their think-tanks have already realized that they can no more fool the world with Quantitative easing, they have already laid down the framework for a new monetary system that is modern, electronic and based on cryptography. A System that will discredit the real money i.e. Gold with a bogus electronic imposter such as Bitcoin.

By providing a ‘modern’ currency as a tool, NSA can collect sensitive information from around the globe and just like for Facebook/Google, users will voluntarily provide this information themselves. Thus helping spy agencies to bypass local government cyber laws without detection.

It’s the exact same strategy like putting the listening device in the electronic chips at the manufacturing level, thus saving NSA the trouble of wiretapping or electronic eavesdropping that can fail or be blocked. It’s impossible to stop a smartphone from listening to you today, unless you physically rewire the device.

Bitcoin is the same strategy on a financial level. By using Bitcoin you’re giving up your private financial information voluntarily. All your bitcoin transactions are on the blockchain's public ledger that can easily be traced. Bitcoin exchanges & wallet services are already under the surveillance of this American intelligence agency.

What? Aren't Bitcoin transactions anonymous and untraceable? Yes that's exactly true but solely for you not THEM, thanks to several backdoors that are always unknown to the end user. NSA’s Dual_EC_DRBG and collision attacks in earlier SHA-1 algorithm are the biggest examples.

Those people who don't get this point resembles a kid who hides his toys in the garage and assumes that his dad will never find them.

The Biggest Problem With Blockchain Technology

Note that Bitcoin is not a blockchain. Bitcoin is an electronic currency protocol (software) that uses blockchain technology to store all its transaction records in this distributed immutable ledger.

Blockchain in layman terms is an electronic ledger or database that records every Bitcoin transaction. Blockchain is where your bitcoin balance is stored.
There is no doubt that blockchain technology is a new innovation that has unimaginable use-cases in future. But the blockchain technology has one serious security problem caused due to limited memory power of humans to remember long random numbers.

A human brain can hardly remember 10 characters long random password then how can it possibly remember 64 characters long random alpha-numeric number such as this SHA256 hash value for our hashtag: #BitcoinIsScam


Since a blockchain is secured by cryptographic algorithms, the passwords or private keys used to access Bitcoin balance stored in the blockchain are 256-bit in size or in other words 64 characters long hexadecimal passwords.

Memorizing these random alpha-numeric strings is extremely difficult and that is why bitcoin users use wallets to store their private key and public key. Saving these lengthy passwords in a wallet is the biggest security problem faced by every blockchain user.

The private key is the soul of any Bitcoin funds similar to your ATM pin code or card validation code (cvc). If you forget or loose the private key, all your bitcoin fortune is lost forever!

Wallet is where Bitcoin private key (32 bytes) and public key (33-65 bytes) is stored. You use this ECDSA key pair to access your bitcoin balance on the public blockchain. The public key is used to receive bitcoin funds while the private key is used to sign (prove ownership) transactions in order to spend those bitcoin funds

A wallet can be a software (e.g: Coinbase, Electrum, Bitpay), hardware (e.g: Trezor or Ledger Nano S) or even a paper (also called cold storage). For more technical details on this topic refer Chapter#2.

Unfortunately none of these wallet options is secure.

Software wallets are easily hacked, hardware wallets get crashed or misplaced and paper wallets can easily be lost, misplaced or even stolen via a mobile camera!

To see how bitcoin users have lost as high as $1 Billion dollars due to exchange hacks, please see the full list of cryptocurrency hacks on Chapter#2.

So What Is The Ultimate Solution To Safely Store Bitcoin Keys?

This reminds me of the same tactic of deception used by the elites i.e:

Problem (long strings)Reaction (difficult to memorize or store)Solution (RFID)

We will come back to how Bitcoin key pair is stored inside a RFID chip and how Bitcoin influencers are encouraging users to implant RFID wallet under their skin but first lets discuss what exactly is RFID chip and why it is the biggest threat to an individual’s most precious asset i.e: Privacy.

What is RFID Tag and how many Private Keys can it store?

RFID stands for Radio-frequency identification. This system uses electronic tags, or labels attached to the objects. These tags help to automatically identify and track objects using electromagnetic fields. In layman terms, RFID tags are the automatic version of manual barcodes that you see on food items.

RFID tag is in short a small, programmable barcode historically used to track pets or products. Unlike a barcode, RFID tag does not need to be within the direct line of sight of the tag reader, so it is either embedded or implanted in the tracked object.

A RFID chip aka NFC (near-field communication) chip can be re-written a 100,000 times and costs less than a dollar. These tags may either be read-only or read-write. They can be made as small as you want, make it ant-size or dust-size (0.05 mm × 0.05 mm).

Passive RFID tags requires no battery, instead, it receives power and data from a nearby RFID reader’s interrogating radio waves. Active RFID tags uses a battery and can operate at a distance of hundreds of meters from the reader.

RFID tags contain three major parts:

  1. An integrated circuit (IC) that stores and processes information,
  2. A power source either using a battery or from emitted signals of the reader,
  3. An antenna for receiving and transmitting the signal.

RFID tags are used for tracking and identifying any imaginable thing, from clothes to medicine, electronics, food, supply-chain, motor vehicles, books, door locks, and airplanes, tracking humans, animals or goods.

  • First RFID experiment on objects: RFID was first used by the Royal Air Force in WWII during 1939-1945 to differentiate between friendly and enemy aircraft.
  • First RFID experiment on humans:: The first human publically reported to get an RFID chip implanted in his arm was a British professor of cybernetics Kevin Warwick, in 1998.
Note that 1998 is the exact same year when Nick Szabo (Nakamoto Satoshi) had a P2P digital currency design ready for a cashless society under the name “Bitgold” (aka digital gold), that was later re-branded by Nick Szabo as “Bitcoin” in 2008 using the pseudonym “Satoshi Nakamoto”.

Surprisingly 1998 is also the same date when Wei Dai proposed his B-money concept which inspired Nick Szabo so much that he started working on Bitgold that later became Bitcoin. Wei Dai’s b-money is mentioned in the Bitcoin whitepaper. Refer Chapter#1.7 for all details.

It could be just a mere coincidence or synchronized efforts of one organized group working for the cashless agenda since the birth of internet and integrated circuits.

RFID chips are implanted easily inside a human body using a surgical process. The chip is injected between the thumb and index finger of a human.

The RFID tag is considered to be “safely shielded inside a tiny glass capsule (2x12mm in size), slightly bigger than a grain of rice.

RFID microchip implants in humans is advertised to be biocompatible without causing any harm to human health although there are several cases of microchip–induced tumors (cancer) in animals caused by RFID implants.....

RFID chip compared to a grain of rice

RFID chip compared to a grain of rice

RFID chip implants by Bitcoin users is done frequently these days for two reasons:

  1. Use RFID chip as a cold storage for Bitcoin private keys
  2. Or use it as a hot wallet for making bitcoin transactions
Bitcoin RFID chip can store up to 888 bytes of data at present that equals 888 keyboard characters. Since a Bitcoin private key is 32 bytes in size, a Bitcoin RFID wallet can thus store up to 27 private keys in total.

The chip can store data for a decade, thus a rewrite will be required every 10 years to avoid data loss.

RFID Surgical Implants Increased Rapidly after Bitcoin

RFID human implants and Bitcoin development has a lot to share in common. The first RFID tag was implanted under a human skin in 1988 when bitcoin was under development and b-money concept was already public.

Just one year before Nick Szabo’s “Bitgold” announcement, the Food and Drug Administration in the United States approved the surgical implant of RFID chips in humans in 2004. Please note that the work on bitgold started in 1998, way before the announcement by Nick in 2005.

The secret power (can name it in my book only for censorship reasons) behind promotion of RFID chips is so strong that they even advertise its use on main-stream media in front of kids, teenagers and the adults. Watch Dr Oz promoting RFID live on American Television by calling it:

Meet the RFID microchip – a new technological breakthrough that’s changing the way information and identification is stored and shared.”

Click here to watch the video

Dr Oz promoting RFID live on American Television

In 2009 when bitcoin software was released for the first time, the same year a British scientist called Mark Gasson surgically implanted a RFID glass capsule into his left hand.

British scientist Dr. Mark Gasson getting a surgical implant in his left hand with an RFID microchip (March 16, 2009)

British scientist Dr. Mark Gasson getting a surgical implant in his left hand with an RFID microchip (March 16, 2009)

He did this to demonstrate how an RFID tag can be infected using a computer virus. In other words it was a public awareness stunt to make RFID implants more secure to any hacking attempts.

Any guesses for this man in long moustache standing next to Gavin Andresen in the photo below?

Martijn Wismeijer standing next to Gavin Andresen

Note that Gavin Andresen is the lead developer of Bitcoin software appointed by Satoshi Nakamoto (Nick Szabo) and also the founder of Bitcoin Foundation. Refer Chapter#1.9 to see all important members of the secret Bitcoin team.

This guy in long brown moustache is a rich Dutch entrepreneur called Martijn Wismeijer, also known as 'Mr Bitcoin'. He hit news headlines in 2014 after he injected two RFID chips into the back of his hands during a biohacking event to store his bitcoin private keys.

He used one hand as a cold storage for his bitcoin keys while the second hand as a hot wallet for purchases. The chip can store 888 bytes of data.

This action by Martijn Wismeijer was promoted so much in crypto news sites (of course by the elites) as if it was the best thing every Bitcoin user must do in order to protect their bitcoin wealth and make bitcoin a part of their bodies.

Following is an extract of his interview to press:

"[There's] no charging required, no toxic batteries inside. The chip can be written to about 100,000 times before it needs replacement so in theory it should last a lifetime,"

"As long as you can export your private key, you can write that into your hands,"

"I have real-world uses for it today, my phones and tablets are all compatible (Android only, sorry iOS users) and have been for the past two years,"

"I personally feel that by supporting these biohacking developments we can learn what works and what doesn't."

Martijn Wismeijer interview to CoinDesk

Wismeijer also confessed that he is not alone with such a weird implant but that there are around 3,000 people with a RFID implant in their hands and the number keeps growing.

Upon diving deep into who is actually sponsoring or creating these NFC compliant RFID chips, I stumbled upon Dangerous Things which is a company located in Seattle USA and which sells a complete pre-loaded injection kit for DIY RFID implants called xNT NFC Tag for just $99.

Dangerous Things is the same company that implanted RFID chips in many bitcoin users including Martijn Wismeijer.

Following is the logo and slogan of the company which speaks for itself. Rockefeller’s favorite symbols i.e. the circle and the triangle. I have also quoted Nicholas Rockefeller famous leaked secret to Aaron Russo when he told Aaron in 2000 on what have Rockefeller dynasty planned up for future:

“All money will be in RFID Chips and there will be No Cash

Bitcoin RFID Chip implants - hot Wallets

Following are some more (mind programming) videos by bitcoin influencers with RFID chip implants.

World first bio-payment with BTC (2015)

Chip Implants - The New Credit Cards (2016)

NFC Chip Implant Bitcoin Payments in Paralelni Polis [Again a triangle..] (2016)

Convergence of all such technologies is surprising as you will discover ahead.

Future Plans for RFID chips and Blockchain Technology

Throughout my research on Bitcoin I saw astonishing number of synchronized events that can’t happen naturally without the backup support of a global, extremely skilled and resourceful organization. The organization has immense influence over intelligence agencies, banking elites and all major world governments working under its umbrella.

This secret organization looks so motivated and dedicated towards its ultimate goal, that it leaves no finger prints behind while achieving a goal just like they did during the great American depression of 1930s, during WW2, 2008 Arab spring, 9/11, war on Afghanistan and Iraq and the unrest in Middle east.

This organization is extremely advanced when it comes to science and technology. The gadgets and tools they use today, the world sees it 20 years later.

Note: You can request a copy of my book once I announce it for uncensored details. There is a limit to what I can share or express online.

The two biggest victim cards that this organization often use to mind program masses are:

  1. Fighting terrorism
  2. Fighting diseases

When they wish to bomb an entire nation, they will simply play the terrorism card and turn that nation to ashes. Global domination tactic.

When they wish to infect an entire future generation with mind programming viruses (mankind has never heard or seen before), they will play the health card to vaccinate every child through force and power. Parents who oppose it, faces consequences at the hands of law enforcing agencies. Global enslavement tactic.

Poor or developing countries where these vaccines are given, don’t have a single laboratory, advanced enough to find the actual chemical composition for themselves. They just follow as guided.

Feed a lion like a mice, it will act like a mice.

Human mind is an advanced version of a microcontroller. You can feed any information into it that you want. In computers its done through a code, in humans its done through food and media.

Some people may strike me for sounding more like those conspiracy theorists but as a computer system engineer and as a father to a 2 years old baby girl, I was as astonished as you are when I saw government officials forcing me and my relatives on gun point to allow polio vaccination to our kids in Karachi, Pakistan.

Our mistake was just one: As parents, we just inquired about the exact chemical composition of the vaccine but the armed officials had nothing to present expect force.

When I was a teenager, I was so distracted by music, movies, fashion and celebrity lifestyle all around me that I never bothered investigating anything but as I grow mature and became a father, I started connecting the dots to see the full picture.

Believe it or not, right now while I am writing this section of my research on BitcoinIsScam, I am sitting in general ward of Medicare Hospital Karachi, next to my mother’s bed. My mother is a CLD and diabetic patient and she is suffering through a lot of mental and physical pain.

To confirm my doubts and further bring proof to these observations, just 5 minutes ago, I asked a group of 5 doctors and nurses about the chemical composition of polio vaccine but I found them dumb found. When I asked if there exits any laboratory in the city or entire country that could figure out the chemical ingredients of this vaccine, the answer to this question was again in negative.

Then I asked where exactly are these vaccines created, they all answered: United States of America.

I leave the rest to you.

How are these two Cards related to Blockchain and RFID?

The elites want to identify and track every living human being via blockchain technology before 2020 and via RFID chips before 2030 respectively.

ID2020 and the Editable Blockchain

ID2020 was launched in 2014 as a so-called nonprofit organization that claims to improve lives by giving every individual a digital identity. As expected It is funded by the same elite dynasty of The Rockefeller Foundation (yes you heard it right), and technology provided by Accenture.

On its website, ID2020 first offers its usual cheese cake by playing the health card and criminal card and the Rockefeller's favorite card i.e. Woman card. According to ID2020 a digital identity is important because:

Individuals are required to show identification to access healthcare and education, vote, and access other social assistance programs.

Governments without an accurate system of identification struggle to provide well-coordinated social services, .... And without clear registries, the risk of leakages and corruption are high.

Women with an official identity are empowered to play a greater role in household decisions and maintain financial independence. Furthermore, identification can be an important defense against child marriage, exploitation and trafficking.


I wish what they mentioned in their website was their actual goal and ambition behind digital IDs because this world is not as idealistic as it is shown. If ID2020 and other organizations talking about peace and human development such as UNO, World bank and IMF were so sincere than there would have been no wars where innocent women are raped, no 20 million refugees looking for shelter, no hunger in Africa and no fireworks in daylight in Syria.

After giving the cheese-cake, ID2020 came straight to the point on how it will achieve its goal. I have bracketed and highlighted some details to give you an idea of what they actually mean:

A unique convergence [referring pre-planned synchronized efforts that I discussed earlier] of trends provides an unprecedented opportunity to make a coordinated, concerted push towards the goal of universal digital identity.

Growing Political Willpower: In September 2015, all United Nations member states adopted the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals: 17 interrelated goals and 169 associated targets to promote social, economic and environmentally sustainable development. In Target 16.9 all countries made a global commitment to “provide legal[digital] identity for all, including birth registration” by 2030. This global commitment sets an ambitious timeline and there is an urgent need to harmonize existing approaches, bring in diverse voices, and accelerate action.

Emerging Technologies: New technologies, including blockchain[editable blockchain], when used in conjunction with long-proven technologies, such as biometrics [RFID chips], now make it possible for all people to have access to a safe, verifiable [using Private keys], and persistent form of technology.


Note that by biometrics, ID2020 refers to RFID chip implants only, not Iris scanning or fingerprints because they are too slow, expensive and offers no automatic tracking or identification.

The blockchain technology used by Accenture for serving ID2020 agenda will be an editable one contrary to immutable blockchain where a record once uploaded can not be changed or deleted by anyone thus guaranteeing 100% transparency.

Accenture has published its report too with title “Editing the Uneditable Blockchain”.

Editable blockchain in layman terms means, the control-switch of your digital identity will remain in Uncle Sam’s hands with no transparency. You will act as he wants else you will be switched-off (pulled off the blockchain a.k.a off-chain) of the cashless system and socially boycotted from access to food, health or education.

David Treat, who is Accenture’s global head of blockchain says blockchain will be made editable using a “surgical fix”, referring to Bitcoin creator Nick Szabo’s smart contracts which can be used to program the blockchain features as you want. He says immutable blockchain is not practical because:

“If I put some enormously sensitive piece of my medical information by mistake into your health wallet, there’s no reversing transaction, no regulatory, cultural or social construct that would say that’s OK and it can stay there, which it would in a traditional on-chain structure.”

“[The data] would have to be removed or shut the system down. We’ve designed it with the ability to do that, but it has a very narrow use case.”

David Treat

I hope you get the entire point of who offers a lollipop and who snatches it back.

Decentralized cryptocurrencies and immutable blockchain was a cheese-cake while centralized (state controlled) cryptocurrencies and editable blockchain is the ultimate objective of these elites.

It always comes down to the same tactic of deception: problem > reaction > solution.

To give you an idea of how public is brainwashed by showing only the positive side of so-called trusted digital identity with blockchain and biometric, watch the video below by Accenture and observe something that only people reading this research will get it:

Did you observe something weird in this video? There are two things worth mentioning:

  1. The biggest sponsor of this entire ID2020 agenda is not mentioned in this mind programming video. i.e. The Rockefeller foundation. Weird isn’t it?
    Probably they knew the backlash that could come from activists on Youtube and people who know this centuries old richest dynasty and their evil agendas towards humanity.
  2. Another weird thing was the slow waving of the hand against the sun rays when the narrator says: “What if your identity was always in your hands, an identity you can trust”
    From what I understood from this symbolic clip, the sun rays were depiction of radio waves emitted from RFID reader and the waving of the hand was depiction of the hand waving required for correctly reading an RFID chip, implanted under the skin.

At present the UN is experimenting with Iris scanning to gradually prepare refugees and society towards digital identity and cashless transactions but in future they will ultimately move towards RFID chip implants because people with no hands have no fingerprints and those with no eyes (the blind) can’t get an identity with iris scanning.

Watch the video below to see it for yourself how the World Food Program is using iris-scanning combined with blockchain technology to allow Syrian refugees in Jordan to purchase food without coupons, cards or cash. The biggest experiment of the cashless society agenda on over 100,000 Syrian refugees.

No doubt helping humanity is a great thing but Imagine those Syrian refugees who fail to comply with UN policies, how easy would it be to identify them and get them off-chain?

Chipping people is impossible unless the society is first gradually convinced to a cashless medium of exchange to pay for food, health and education as you have seen in the case of Syrian refugees.

The execution of digital identities via Iris scanning and ultimately with RFID chips will come next as people will be ready to accept it by will.

Bitcoin and its army of 1800 cryptocurrencies is doing their job quiet well in gradually motivating people to become habitual to cashless transactions using digital identification.

What is Wrong About Digital Identity, Doesn’t It Sound Cool?

With digital identities on an editable blockchain and RFID chip implants (or even Iris scanning), you will literally be no different than a chained slave with a swinging sword on your head. You will either comply to the rules set by the cashless system or starve to death.

With an RFID chip under your skin your privacy is over and you are no more a free human being.

With further improvement in RFID system such as long-distance detection of the chips by tag readers, greater memory sizes and power source, you can easily be located physically by coordinates, speed, and direction of movement, just imagine the misuse of such power by a government to enslave its civilians or torture its opponents.

In the book SpyChips: How Major Corporations and Government Plan to Track Your Every Move, the author emphasizes on the fact that how FRID tags embedded inside consumer products only can invade your privacy:

"imagine a world of no privacy. Where your every purchase is monitored and recorded in a database and your every belonging is numbered. Where someone many states away or perhaps in another country [referring NSA]has a record[blockchain] of everything you have ever bought. What's more, they [RFID tags] can be tracked and monitored remotely".

The convergence of cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, and RFID chips will inexorably lead to the end of the cash and privacy.

Digital Identities on blockchain and RFID chip implants - cashless society

Massive unfair taxes, inflation, negative interest rates, unjust rules, immoral public freedom, anti-religion laws, different laws for poor & rich and fiat monetary system worse than paper currencies will be imposed by force, with an individual having no right to even object or participate in public protests.

You will do as guided else you will be kicked out of the system (i.e. off-chained or socially boycotted).

Assigning digital identity to humans is the complete transfer of an individual’s God gifted freedom, liberty and privacy to the tyranny of the elite, the final suppression of all means of escape.


Banks Don't Hate Bitcoin Because They Funded It – CHAPTER[1.10]

Banks don't hate bitcoin because they funded Bitcoin development

We all know that power in this world reside in the hands of the wealthiest of the society and by that I mean the banking elite who are the biggest tricksters on earth.

Bitcoin is marketed using the deceptive tactic that bitcoin means death to centralized banking system or death to the Rothschild and Rockefeller family. Really?

Imagine that you (Banks) know that your enemy (Bitcoin) is coming towards your home (FED) with a burning torch in his hand to set it on fire, yet you are welcoming (Silently marketing bitcoin) him with open arms. Either you are insane or you already know that, the one holding the torch is in fact on your payroll to just fool the world.

When a monster is bitten on its legs and it does not even reacts, know that the monster was bitten as per its will.

Imagine a currency which is a threat to Bankers is openly promoted on corporate TV channels like Bloomberg by the very same bankers who own it?

Throughout history the banking elite succeeded because they changed the very definition of money and convinced the laymen in believing that economic activity depends “more on psychology than physical attributes”.

This bogus ideology is the biggest tool the elites have used to brainwash the society and have helped them to lay the foundation to a corrupt monetary system.

The elites are using the exact same logic this time to legalize the use of fiat cryptocurrencies this time. Precious metals were replaced by fiat tangible paper currency and this time it will be replaced by fiat intangible electronic currency.

Both of which have zero intrinsic value, are inflationary in nature, are easily corrupted and manipulated because they are backed by nothing but lies.

Want to know how they brainwash public to gradually shift the monetary system to a cashless society? Keep reading!

Former director of the US Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) Sheila Bair who according to Forbes ranking is the world’s second most powerful woman after German chancellor Angela Merkelhas, has now been given the task of mind programming the public towards cryptocurrencies.

Sheila Bair is now a member of blockchain startup Paxos’ board of directors.

FDIC Sheila Bair in support of Bitcoin

She openly supported Bitcoin and emphasized that it should not be banned and instead it should be legalized after regulating it. She used the same bogus logics of deception to declare bitcoin as a currency despite clearly knowing its fiat nature.

In an interview with Barrons, Sheila Bair said:

“I don’t think we should ban it [Bitcoin] – the green bills in your pocket don’t have an intrinsic value, either. The value is based on what others think is its value. That’s true of any currency.”

“Let the market figure out what it’s worth. That is what it is doing now.”

Her last line should have been “That’s true of any fiat [bogus] currency” but no she didn’t because this is not what she is hired for. She just gave a green signal to yet another fiat currency and welcomed it to further poison the monetary system.

You will be surprised that Bank of England is already working on a cryptocurrency called “RScoin”.

RSCoin - Royal Scots Coin

Bank of England is the second most oldest bank of the world established in 1694 and is the model on which most modern central banks have been based.

Bank of England is largely responsible for reshaping financial policies globally. They are in short the founders of the corrupt fiat monetary system that we are living in.

On 21st February, 2016, the Bank of England announced that it had partnered with researchers at University College London to create RSCoin, a cryptocurrency designed for central bankers.

RScoin is coded and created by two students from University College London called George Danezis and Sarah Meiklejohn.

The students have even released a whitepaper entitled as “Centrally Banked Cryptocurrencies” where they offered a protocol based on the same blockchain technology offered by Nick Szabo (Satoshi) but which is far superior to that of Bitcoin solving problems of scalability and computational cost.

The abstracts reads like this:

“..We introduce RSCoin, a cryptocurrency framework in which central banks maintain complete control over the monetary supply, but rely on a distributed set of authorities, or mintettes, to prevent double-spending. While monetary policy is centralized, RSCoin still provides strong transparency and auditability guarantees.

We demonstrate, both theoretically and experimentally, the benefits of a modest degree of centralization, such as the elimination of wasteful hashing and a scalable system for avoiding doublespending attacks.”

Bitcoin users, Congratulations for acting as good test dummies!
If it were not you guys, the elites (Bitcoin creators) would have never realized the flaws with Bitcoin and would not be able to fix it in coming optimized versions. Continue singing anthems of freedom while they continue studying your reactions.

What does the letter “R” and “S” stands for in RScoin?

No where in the whitepaper have the developers explained why did they gave this coin this name. Based on my wild guesses the letters “R” and “S” in RSCoin could stand for Royal Scots Coin or Royal Scottish Coin.

According to wikipedia:

The Royal Scots (The Royal Regiment), once known as the Royal Regiment of Foot, was the oldest and most senior infantry regiment of the line of the British Army, having been raised in 1633 during the reign of Charles I of Scotland.

The legendary Unicorn of Scotland is often seen onto a range of collectable coins such as the Royal Mint. The mythical Unicorn of Scotland can be seen all round Britain in places from pub signs to passports and city badges to sport.

I am sure the RSCoin stands for Royal Scots Coin or Royal Scottish Coin, a symbol of power, wealth and global control for the British ruling elite.

FEDcoin - Cryptocurrency by Federal Reserve Bank

The story does not end with RSCoin, the second biggest cryptocurrency which is under development and will soon be released is the U.S. Government’s Fedcoin.

Fedcoin is a cryptocurrency funded by the U.S. government and managed by the Federal Reserve Bank, where the complete history of all transactions will be visible only to the Fed authorities via the centralized blockchain.

Its a centralized digital currency powered by a private blockchain, owned and controlled by the Federal Reserve.

The Fedcoin idea was presented by David Andolfatto (yes on a Blogger blog!), Vice President, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, at the International Workshop on P2P Financial Systems 2015.

Andolfatto’s blog post confirmed the agenda of a cashless society further when he mentioned that cash does not leave a paper trail but digital currency like Fedcoin and Bitcoin does leave a trail:

“Imagine that the Fed, as the core developer, makes available an open-source Bitcoin-like protocol (suitably modified) called Fedcoin. The key point is this: the Fed is in the unique position to credibly fix the exchange rate between Fedcoin and the USD.

What about consumers and businesses? They will have all the benefits of Bitcoin – low cost, P2P transactions to anyone in the world with the appropriate wallet software and access to the internet.

In short, Fedcoin is essentially just like digital cash. Except in one important respect. Physical cash is still a superior technology for those who demand anonymity. Cash does not leave a paper trail, but Fedcoin (and Bitcoin) do leave digital trails.”

FEDcoin by David Andolfatto

Former FDIC director Sheila Bair on Capitol Hill in Washington June 26, 2013. REUTERS/Yuri Gripas

Former FDIC director Sheila Bair

The banking elite are in full action now to gradually convince masses about accepting cryptocurrency. What shocked me the most and proves this research transparent is the recent blog article on Yahoo Finance by Sheila Bair (Former FDIC chair that we discussed earlier) in full support of FEDcoin. Sheila says the Fed needs to get serious about its own digital currency and she openly explained how it can be achieved:

In start she acted like all banking elite as if she doesn’t even know who Satoshi Nakamoto (Nick Szabo) is by saying:

Lack of confidence in our banking systems motivated the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto to develop bitcoin. He (she, they?) [like if she doesn’t know Nick Szabo] originally intended it as a widely accepted method of payment that could function completely outside of the banking system.

Go back to chapter#1 and read when I predicted that bitcoin’s current problems of scalibility, volatility and energy consumption are intentionally planted by banking elite so that when the final version of the centralized bank-issued cryptocurrency is introduced, all these current problems of bitcoin will be used as an excuse to mind program people to switch to a more secure cryptocurrency model. Read it yourself what Sheila wrote:

Unfortunately for M. Nakamoto, bitcoin has failed miserably as a method of payment. Its extreme volatility has made it popular as a speculative investment and store of value, but who wants to pay for something in bitcoin when its value could double in a month, or accept it as payment if its value could just as precipitously drop?

Sheila Bair on Yahoo Finance

and then she came straight to her point:

“But what if the Fed or other central bank issued their own digital money? Though it sounds radical, the idea is gaining credibility among an increasing number of mainstream economists and central bankers themselves. Presumably, a central bank-issued digital currency (CBDC) would be as stable as traditional fiat currency, while reducing the risk of financial crises and improving monetary policy tools. “

“However, suppose consumers and businesses could convert their bank deposits into a digital currency that would be issued and backed by the Fed? Let’s call it FedCoin. They would no longer need to worry about bank instability. Since the Fed can print its own money [just imagine how is she manipulating people’s mind], by definition, it can always make good [has Fed ever done good to people?]on its financial obligations. What’s more, the costs and inefficiencies in the current payments system would be greatly reduced. Consumers would no longer need to maintain checking accounts, with their expensive maintenance and overdraft fees, to effectuate payments. At the same time, businesses accepting Fedcoin could avoid the interchange fees charged by banks and their card networks — fees that are particularly burdensome to small firms.”

Sheila Bair on Yahoo Finance

And finally she uses the same emotional card of poor and rich to hypnotize people with her horrible solution to current fiat monetary system by providing the public with yet another bogus solution to keep them enslaved for yet another half century.

“This is a nice deal for the banks, but hasn’t done a whole lot to help the rest of us. The past 10 years are proof positive that current monetary tools are woefully inadequate to stimulate broad-based economic growth. The super rich have gotten a lot richer, while the middle class has struggled.”

Sheila Bair on Yahoo Finance

I leave the rest to you. In a world of thousand dotted lies and trickery, only knowledge helps one to connect the dots and make sense out of it. These are the same


You have seen the plans of the world’s two biggest and most powerful banks for national cryptocurrencies and how they are using Bitcoin as a testing tool, and since both these banks come under the umbrella of the real banking gods (Rothschild and Rockefeller), I hope you might have a clear idea now about what to expect next.

By the time I was writing this article, the bankers who were merely acting to hate bitcoin have actually started embracing it!

According to the details provided, Rothschild Investment Corporation has acquired shares of Bitcoin Investment Trust (GBTC) for $210,000. Rothschild, the banking elite family has now become a bitcoin stakeholder - Reported by the Bitcoin official website itself. Funny isn't it?

Furthermore the Rockefeller family’s venture-capital arm Venrock (“Venture” plus “Rockefellers”) has recently announced its partnership officially with the cryptocurrency investor group, CoinFund, to fund and sponsor blockchain based startups and cryptocurrency businesses.

The Rockefeller dynasty is one of the richest families with an estimated net worth over $1 trillion USD. I hope its is now crystal clear who funded all this cryptocurrencies drama behind the curtains and now the same actors are coming in public after having successfully hypnotized the world once again.

Bitcoin is just their test dummy to study human behavior to electronic currencies. Their biggest aim is to get people addicted to the use of cryptocurrencies as much as possible.
Their ultimate goal is releasing central banks issued cryptocurrencies backed by nothing but the same lie that backed fiat paper currencies to this date.

Want to see a real-life proof? Carefully read the press statements of MasterCard top officials from 2016 to 2018 in favor of digitization through private blockchain technology.

MasterCard in favor of digitization through private blockchain technology

In 2016, during an interview with Indian news publication the Business Standard, Rob Reeg, MasterCard president for operations and technology, said:

It [Blockchain] is an interesting technology and we are working on it. I personally don’t care about Bitcoin, but I do care about blockchain technology.

In 2017, MasterCard president and CEO Ajay Banga has broadly dismissed all non-regulated cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin as ‘junk’.

In a media interview given to the Economic Times, Ajay said:

If the government creates digital currency, we will find a way to be in the game. We will provide rails for moving currency from customer to merchant. The government mandated digital currencies are interesting. Non-government mandated currency [Bitcoin] is junk.

In 2018, in an interview with the Financial Times, MasterCard Asia-Pacific co-president Ari Sarker openly expressed their willingness to support national digital currencies that are issued and backed by central banks.

“If governments look to create national digital currency we’d be very happy to look at those in a more favorable way”

Did you get the idea now? This is how people are brainwashed gradually by the very same elite.

Bitcoin is nothing but a well planned experiment to make people addicted to electronic currencies so that when the curtains are pulled, they may face no serious agitation.

Rothschild and Rockefeller are the only two families that rule over 50% of banking industry. To prove they are not behind bitcoin, they often give rivalry statements just to increase the public faith more into their bitcoin paid puppets who talk ill of banks. This is a preplanned script played just before they could unveil their final plan..

CEO of JP Morgan, Jamie Dimon recently came forward and said:

Bitcoin cryptocurrency is a fraud. It's worse than tulip bulbs. It won't end well. Someone is going to get killed

He also said he would "fire in a second" any JP Morgan employee who is found trading Bitcoin for two basic reasons:

It's against our rules and they are stupid.

Ironically in media they do give such statements but in reality they are more hypocrites than you can think. The same JP Morgan Chase is a public member of Enterprise Ethereum Alliance. Ethereum is the second most popular cryptocurrency after Bitcoin and it also provides the technology to create new cryptocurrencies and blockchain applications.

If JP Morgan thinks bitcoin is fraud so its CEO must also confess that Ethereum is fraud too because the founder of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin was a programmer involved with Bitcoin and is the co-founder of Bitcoin Magazine. Vitalik was so impressed with Bitcoin, that he went on to create his own OS for cryptocurrencies called 'Ethereum' (though he was backed by Nick Szabo) which was initially crowd funded using Bitcoin. Funny isn't it?

UPDATE: As expected these bankers only act according to a script. The hypocrite banker of JP Morgan now actually supports bitcoin and even his daughter has bought two bitcoins recently.

His initial drama was only to let people believe that Bitcoin is actually a threat to banks so that more and more people could buy bitcoins. This is how banks play with people’s minds. They have always fooled humanity through the art of hypocrisy.

In other words Bitcoin and Ethereum work similar to how Rothschild and Rockefeller banks have been working to fool general public till this time.

Despite knowing how bitcoin has made criminal activities such as child abuse imagery, terrorism, money laundering, tax evasion and drug sale extremely easy on Darknet marketplaces, the intelligence agencies are refrained from talking ill of bitcoin.

In October 2013, the Silk Road marketplace, which used to sell illegal drugs online, was shut down by U.S. law enforcement.

Instead of requesting the Govt to start a campaign to ban bitcoin trading worldwide with the help of its allies, the FBI indirectly supported bitcoin with its statements of love for it.

Astonishingly FBI will keep all the seized bitcoins with them but will never give it back to the rightful owners. This is enough an evidence, how NSA and its sponsors (the Rothschild) are experimenting with Bitcoins to study human reaction.

"Bitcoins are not illegal in and of themselves and have known legitimate uses. However, bitcoins are also known to be used with cybercriminals for money-laundering purposes, given the ease with which they can be used to move money anonymously." Source

FBI Special Agent Christopher Tarbell.

To prove our point more with a solid proof, check out the love message of IMF Chief Christine Lagarde, given in favor of cryptocurrencies to central bankers.

She told bankers to start giving importance to the rising popularity of digital currencies instead of being Luddites. She said that this new digital currencies which are created and exchanged without involving banks or governments could in time be embraced by countries with unstable currencies.

"In many ways, virtual currencies might just give existing currencies and monetary policy a run for their money.

The best response by central bankers is to continue running effective monetary policy, while being open to fresh ideas and new demands, as economies evolve."

She said, digital currencies are unlikely to replace traditional ones, as they are

"too volatile, too risky, too energy intensive and because the underlying technologies are not yet scalable."

— IMF Chief, Christine Lagarde

In order to let people believe that bitcoin is not a product of these banking elites, they are playing the propaganda on both sides:

On Crypto-Community Side:
“Abuse banks and talk bad about fiat currencies and governments. Convince people to start treating bitcoin as a digital asset created by a Jesus like Messiah called Satoshi. Convince people that all this billion dollar investment in digital currencies and the ICOs, is being done by internet keyboard warriors with no support of Rothschild/NSA at all”.
On NSA and Banking side:
“Let them keep on issuing negative statements against central banks and national financial authorities. Let people believe cryptocurrencies can save them from this cruel financial system. Once more and more people have adopted it, we will unveil our true cashless-agenda through power, influence and crypto-gods that we have been breeding”.
Anyone who thinks all this cryptocurrency trade is powered by individuals like you and me with no hidden power, is too fond of watching Marvel Studios movies!

These banking elites have been ruling us for over a century because we are easily fooled emotionally and psychologically. Anyone who comes to us with a solution to our financial problems, we blindly trust them in hope of a better future. History repeats itself. Its just the same corporate scam of PROBLEM - REACTION - SOLUTION.

Thus, one can surely conclude:

BITCOIN = ( Created by NSA’s Nick Szabo ) + ( Funded by Banking Elite )