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11 Common SEO Mistakes made by Bloggers & Content Writers

Did you ever notice why some webpages rank higher in search results while some not, despite the same efforts? There are three popular reason...
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Easily Create a Custom App With FileMaker Without Coding!

FileMaker is a multi-platform relational database application developed by the FileMaker Inc. It is a computer software company - a subsidiary of Apple Inc. This application assimilates the database engine with the graphical user interface and provides high-security structures and has a drag and drop option which allows the user to make alterations to the database.

create custom app without coding with filemaker

This relational database application helps in developing, supporting and marketing an application. FileMaker is quite famous for being user-friendly and its capability of serving the dynamic web pages without the use of any external applications. It comes for both Mac OS and Microsoft Windows operating systems with the main focus on providing the businesses and home-users with the best and high-quality experience.


Fix 11 Common WordPress Errors Without Paying a Penny In 2018!

Wordpress errors could become a headache or a nightmare for a webmaster who may not be well versed with handling PHP errors or MySQL database errors. Thankfully WordPress community has matured so much since 2003 that today there is an answer for almost every problem faced by a WordPress user.

Fix Common WordPress Errors Without Paying a Penny

WordPress is used by more than 29.9% of the top 10 million websites as of February 2018. It is the most popular content management system with a market share of 60.2% while Google blogger has a market share of just 2% (We play a part in that share too!).

Our site (MBT) is hosted on blogger and we have not yet migrated to Wordpress for several reasons. Security, WP errors and hosting expenses are amongst the biggest reasons why we have not yet moved.

How to Optimize and Use PDFs as Online Content?

As you probably know, PDFs are a very popular document format – mostly due to the fact that they can be viewed on any platform while preserving the document layout and formatting. Because of this universal compatibility they are often used for distributing or printing documents.

optimize PDF documents as online content

The one area where PDFs have traditionally not been very popular is as online content on websites. Although most web browsers can view PDF documents, the misconception that search engines could not index PDF files meant that many people avoided them for quite some time.


Show IP Address & Geolocation Of Website Visitors Via JavaScript

Privacy and freedom are two things no one can compromise for anything. From anonymous web browsing using VPN or proxy servers to anonymous electronic transactions via cryptocurrencies, online freedom is the biggest quest of internet users today.

show IP address using javascript

Achieving complete anonymity online is difficult but not impossible thanks to developers working hard to introduce new tools and apps every other day. I am sure you all know how to hide your IP address using a VPN server, Tor browser or any proxy server but what may seem more appealing to you would be understanding how can you find out your website visitor’s IP addresses and geolocation using plain client-side JavaScript and HTTP API.