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Bitcoin Is The Second Greatest Scam In The History Of Mankind – CHAPTER[1]

90% people investing in Bitcoin either don't understand the difference between 'Money vs. Currency' or they are driven by '...
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I Lost My Mother...

Mother: A word that can’t be described even if you transform all the wood in the world into a pen and the oceans into ink.  You will still go out of words while listing down the characteristics and qualities of this unique angel on earth.

On 8th September, 2018, during 4:30 PM in late afternoon, I heard my wife screaming:

Mustafa rush up, Ammi is not responding!

That was the time when I was talking to a friend on phone and was asking him to pray for my mother as she was in great pain.

When I approached this beautiful angel, all I could see was a lady sleeping peacefully facing Qibla with her eyes closed.

Hearing my cry and the cry of everyone in that room, my father and elder brother rushed towards us and they were too taken by surprise.  What followed next is something you can all imagine...

I lost my mother



Bitcoin Is The Most Insecure Currency Ever Created In History – Chapter[2.8] R[21-22]

Bitcoin Is The Most Insecure Currency Ever Created In History

Reason[21]: If You Loose Bitcoin Private Key, You Are Doomed!

Unlike your bank account, where you can contact a customer service agent for any emergency help or support, in bitcoin world, there exits nothing called “3rd party support”. The entire system is more like a DIY type system where you can survive only if you follow the rules as said else you can loose your entire fortune in seconds with no hope of recovery.


50+ Reasons To Prove 'Bitcoin Is Scam and Fraud' – Chapter[2] R[1-4]

'Bitcoin Is Scam and Fraud

A research can be described as anything backed by facts and figures and which connects scattered dots to draw a full picture. It does not necessarily be a plain classical blank and white PDF file with only charts and tables.

With these series of articles, I have tried my level best to uncover the cashless agenda behind this complex P2P distributed ledger technology as easy to understand as possible for the layman.


Bitcoin Victims End Up Signing Petitions For Help – Chapter[2.24] R[49-50]

bitcoin victims end up signing petitions

Reason[49]: Bitcoin Is Not Regulated

Although bitcoin users consider absence of a centralized governing authority as an advantage of bitcoin but yet it is a curse. When there is no authority to look after the matters and be held accountable if anything goes wrong, then only one law prevails in that case: The Jungle Law. Anything can happen, yet no one will be held answerable.