How To Delete Circles In Google Plus?

delete circlesCircles are one of the best features of Google+ that gives you more control over your privacy. You can categorize your friends in different circles and share stuff with people you want. However sometimes you wish to block a person in a specific circle or you may wish to delete the circle completely without loosing the contacts. According to Google+ if you delete a circle then the people in that circles will get disconnected from your updates and will not be able to see your stream updates. However there is a work around which we will discuss here.


Create a Circle

To create a circle kindly read the simple steps on my earlier post which you can read by reading this tutorial:

Delete a circle

To delete a circle simply do this:

  1. Go to your Google Plus account and click on circles

     2.    Right click on any circle you wish to delete and choose Delete Circle   

Delete a circle

Note:- If you do this then you will loose all contacts in that circle though they will still me in your friends list. In order to avoid this choose people you don’t want in the circle and drag them out. A red –1 sign will animate indicating that the person is removed from your circle.

remove a person from circle

Use your mouse cursor and pull out that person from the circle. Do the same for all you don’t want in the circle and wish to remove them from that category. This is how you remove a person from a circle.You have now successfully removed a person from a circle.

Block a person

You can also block a person in a circle by right clicking the circle and choosing Edit Circle

A new window will open. Select a person and then choose more option from the top-right corner of the window as shown below.

block a person

Now select Block. That’s it. Now that person wont receive any updates you share with this circle. Hope this helps most of you. Have fun. :>

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