Guest Posting at MBT- A True Rocket Ride!

This is a success story published by our Guest Poster Hassam Ahmad Awan

ThankyouHey guys, this post is a bit different from the gadgets and stuff but I couldn't hold my self to praise MBT and Mohammad in particular. I started guest posting at MBT almost a month ago i believe, and this is what i got to shout out : "I am blessed with page rank 3!".
Hats of to Mohammad and his brotherly support that my blog, that offers Blogging Tips For Beginners has managed to show some standing in search engine eyes. As we all know that MBT is a page rank 4 blog that have a spectacular Alexa and is climbing up really fast mashAllah.

People who are interested to Write at MBT can contact Mohammad. I am sure that your blog would climb high too. As you would have noticed beneath every post, there is a little biography about the author of the article. Your blog link would sit right there. This helps your blog to get the page rank juice that MBT is enjoying. Also many people likes to read the authors own blog if the post is well written and served what the readers wanted.

PAgerank 2011

Make sure that you have some basic writing skills and does not make grammatical errors. And further with more and more writing, your language would get polished. The better your article would be the more readers would like to visit your own blog. But this doesn't mean at all that your blog would get to the highest point without any of you own effort at your own blog. You need to follow the basic SEO techniques at your own blog too. 
Plus as they say "Content is king" makes quite a sense. If people would visit your blog through  MBT, they would certainly be needing something to read, and you got to make sure that you grab that moment. In an all, I would definitely recommend writing at MBT. You may want to read How to Write and Submit a Guest Post, to get to know about Guest posting. 
To all of the young bloggers there, i would say- do work hard, manage your time well and you would certainly get the reward. And thanks to the MBT audience that liked my guest posts and gave great responses in the comments.
Thanks a Lot! :)


  Hassam Ahmad Awan

About the Guest Author:

Hassam is a young A Level Student who loves to learn and share tech related stuff. He has an ambition to become a Software Engineer. He is a passionate blog author and publishes regular tutorials to newbie bloggers at BLoggingeHow.

You can always keep in touch with him at @Facebook

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