How To Check Weather Conditions in Google Maps?

weather-infowindowGoogle Maps or Google Earth now displays global weather conditions by displaying current temperatures and conditions around the globe. Just 4 days ago Google announced that Weather feature has been added to Google maps to let you plan your picnics and business travel trips easily. This feature is fully supported by that displays real-time weather conditions like rain, humidity and wind speed along with four day weather report.

How To See Weather Conditions of Your city?

Simply go to Google Maps Weather and type in your city name and location. Then click the cloud icon to open a weather report for that city. See the weather conditions of Karachi where I live:

google maps weather

Now if you look towards your right you will see Google Earth and Google Maps option. To view the weather in Google earth simply click the Google earth option and then you will be asked to install the Earth 3D plugin. It takes seconds to install it and then you can see a 3D view of your town and city.

Towards the right you will also see the Photos  option. Click it and a drop down menu will open with several options. You can even view imagery taken from around the globe by choosing the webcam option.

webcame and weather options

Finally Google tools are always fun to play with. You can play around this latest new feature to locate your friends and know more about their atmosphere conditions. Now of course you don't need to see infront of TV and wait for BBC or CNN weather news broadcast. Have Fun Googling! :)

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