How To Report Copyright Violation To AdSense?

adsense-copyright-violationOnline plagiarism and republication of unauthorized content is at peaks now as more and more users are becoming web owners and thereby generating more and more content. Most people try the shortcuts and steal others efforts and take away all the credits and benefits by using the idea that you invented or presented. Most people are generating thousands of dollars by infringing the copyrights of people like you and me. AdSense has clearly mentioned that Ads should be displayed only on sites that generate unique content and brings something new to the visitors. If you know someone who is publishing duplicate  content, data, products or any resource from any other website or blog, then you have the complete write to file a DMCA complaint against the abuser

If you run a blog and you think someone else is generating a lot of traffic (i.e Revenue) by stealing ideas and content from you site then you must first warn the web admin politely and if he didn't pay heed then go and try the bold way. Today I will share how can you submit your complain to AdSense and let the Copyright violator's AdSense account get banned using a free and practical way. Follow up:

Correct Way To Submit  Google AdSense DMCA complaint form

Go To AdSense DMCA Page

Fill up the easy form taking two things in mind:

  1. Keep your description short of no more than two to three lines describing what has been violated
  2. Give direct URLs of the original content and the infringed material URL

Then finally hit the submit button and you are all done. Within two days you must receive a reply else resubmit your application after a week. I have always received a reply from Google within 48 hours and I am sure they will provide you the best service possible.

PS: Please do not submit too many forms and only submit that copyright violation which is causing you great trouble.

How To Submit a Letter To Adsense by Post Mail?

If your case is really serious and you think that proper attention is required. Then for a bigger business gain I think its worth to spend some money and reach the authorities the direct way. Attach all your prove letters and make up a proper documentation. Post mail your complain to Adsense DMCA using the following address:

Google Inc.
Attn: Google Legal Support, AdSense DMCA Complaints
1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
Mountain View, CA 94043

OR Fax to the written communication to:

(650) 618-8507, Attn: Google AdSense Support, DMCA


If you wish to file a complaint to Blogger then read this post:

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