5 Best Ways to Make Money Online With Google+

MAKE-MONEY-WITH-GOOGLE+ PLUSInternet is the biggest market in todays world. Business offline is slowly turning into an online one and finding space in world wide web. With the invent of new services such as the new social networking site Google Plus, not only does the service provider benefits but even people like me and you can expect to earn a happy living online through it. Below I will be listing five possible ways of making money online through the newly born social networking bomb " The Google+"

Note: All these tips are not ordinary beating around the bush. If you have great business skills then you will find out your way online through this post InshAllah.

1) Develop a Google+ application

The most benefited and lucky people are the web developers in this case. If you have good programming skills then you must try hard to develop an app for G+ users that may benefit them in some regard. This app can be a game, Mozilla or Chrome Add-on, or even a self hosted API. Just visit the Mozilla and Chrome add-ons and extensions page and you will see how much downloads are made per day for those apps. Further you can submit your app to Android Market and Apple iOS store. The more downloads/hits your app receive the more backlinks, traffic and exposure your site will get. Always create a website for your app and then submit it at stores. Once your app becomes an entertaining and useful necessity for people then they will even donate you and companies will try to purchase the product from you. Remember how angry birds guys made their way.

2) Blog about Google+

My fundamental blogging principle is when a news is hot in the market then talk hot about it. You get traffic only if you understand the global demand of the people. Write updated content. When Christmas is near, write about Christmas when Ramadan is going on write about Muslim products and when Google+ is the talk of the year then talk about Google+. More blog traffic means more page views and consequently more blog revenue through the Ad impressions and clicks.

3) Create a Google+ Club

If you are a keen and loving social person then you can use your friend circles to earn some bucks. Try to increase number of your Google+ followers as much as you can and once you have surpassed the 500-1000 limit then you can sale out +1'd recommendations to web owners. Rankings widely depend on social networks and web owners can spend enough money to buy tweets, Facebook likes and Google+ recommendations to rank their content higher.

PS: You can find people selling 100 +1'ds at $200! Google it for yourselves.

4) Hire Developers & Advertise Your Google Plus Product

If you cant create or develop an app then hire a local programmer and invest some bucks on him so that he could create a user-friendly app for you. Not all people have a business sense or business mind and there are a lot of young teenagers who still have a lot of potential but lack business skills so you can hire them to work for you. People invest a one time money up to $500 and the next day when the product attracts traffic they earn in $200 per day. Just realize that you must not always run after profit and do not always try to fight with yourself that why can't you do something. If you can't do something then buy one who can do it and sale the talent!

After your App is ready, spend some bucks on Google Adwords or buysellads to attract some visitors especially bloggers to your product site. Exposure is important!

5) Create a Dedicated G+ Blog

Blogs work best when they are based on specific categories. A blog that speaks about everything like mine often suffer a lot (=p) If your new blog is solely based on Google+ customization tricks and apps and tools, then believe it or not, you can earn around $400-$800 per month with that blog if within a year it succeeded in receiving at least 5000 visitors per day.

Follow my post frequency tip and see the traffic boost effect within two months.

What do you think now?

Trust me it is not a day dreaming. Whatever I am sharing above is what I always wanted but due to university and responsibilities at home and current blog load I often can not. I am sure if you cant follow Tip#1,3 or Tip#4 then you can try out your luck at Tip#2 and Tip#5. I wish you may turn out to be successful web owners and web marketers and whatever you read may help you in reaching the stage you always dreamt of. Nothing is impractical when you think practical. Good Luck! :)

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  1. Hi Mohammad, my first thought when I read the title was that G+ will soon be saturated to the point that no one is making money from it and, honestly, it will be full of useless content.

    After reading tip one, I started thinking about all of the Facebook apps and and all of the Twitter sites. There are thousands of people making money from these social giants so it stands to reason Google+ will be the next opportunity. Thanks for the post, I enjoyed it.

  2. @TRISI
    Giant investers like Google itself start a business only after they have calculated the pros and cons. I personally thought the same for G+ but with growing number of Google+ apps online I started realizing what Google has planned for future. We still have to see a lot of new surprises from this new giant. :>

    My pleasure pal. :>

  3. I like These Tips Tooo Cool Dude Thanks For Sharing With us These Tips

  4. @Variner
    My pleasure paji! :>

    You are welcomed pal. :)

  5. Nice Mohammed. I never thought about earning money from Google+ before. The tips give me some ideas. Thanks.

    Oh yeah, Happy fasting and Happy Idul Fitri 1432 H!

  6. thanx a lot. Its really informative.

  7. its awesome i really these tricks man!!!