Facebook Webcam settings For Quality Video & Audio Calling

Facebook video settingsFacebook video calling is a great functionality added to FB and it is still under development. Zukerberg joined hands with Skype network to avail its users with not just a chat option anymore but real face-to-face video chat. I already mentioned in a post how to set up a video chat in Facebook and today we will be focusing more on how to improve the video and audio quality. If you are a user of Skype then you will find the tips extremely easy.

Install a Webcam

Facebook webcam settingsFirst you need a quality webcam which is a must. Choose a webcam that may make video calls in Hi-Definition i.e.  1280 x 720 pixel resolution at up to 30 frames per second. Put up some money and get a high resolution camera. It would cost less than $50. I would recommend that you buy one from Skype itself. See the varieties by clicking here. A good webcam will have a built-in microphone so you wont need to wear a bulky headphone to talk.

After you have purchased a camera simply do this:

  1. Run the webcam software CD before plugging the webcam into USB cord..
  2. Plug in webcam when prompted.
  3. Now follow the easy instructions provided by software
  4. Right click on webcam icon in system tray.
  5. Click on "Check for updates".
  6. Download and install updates.
  7. Reboot computer.
  8. You are done!

Your webcam is now installed and you can now take pictures with it and make videos on your computer but first we will need to download and install Skype video calling application for things to work. Now jump to next step

Facebook Settings For Best HD Display and Audio Quality

The video settings are the same as that for Skype. We will adjust our webcam to give best results in Skype. If it gives quality result on a Skype video call so will it on Facebook because both platforms use the same software.

  1. Install Skype. If you already have it then skip this step.
  2. In the upper right of the Skype window, click on Tools > Options > Video Settings. Click "Enable Skype video" and "Start my video automatically when I call". Use the dropdown box to select your specific webcam model.
  3. Click "Save".

Now to make a Skype video call do this:

  1. Click on a contact.
  2. Turn on your speakers. 
  3. Click on green button to initiate a call. Both ends will hear a ringing.
  4. Accept the call and start the conversation
  5. During the call ask your friend if your video is clear and voice sounds clear. If you he says yes then Bingo and if he said that the results are not so good then adjust your webcam audio volume and brightness control option. Play around the webcam options like contrast, zoom, brightness until and unless you hear a YES from your buddy.
  6. Finally you are now all ready to make a clear, quality video call on Facebook.

You have successfully purchased and installed a camera and you also adjusted the best HD video settings. Now you must log into your Facebook account and confidently make a video call by following the easy steps mentioned on this tutorial:

I just hope this little help proves useful for most of you and you may enjoy the new FB fun. Stay safe and take care. Peace! :>

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  1. I would like to know, is there a setting option in the Facebook Video Chat that you can view without connecting to other users? I want to see my camera window to see if the settings have changed from setting it with the webcam software. I just wamt to see if it effected it in anyway. In my webcam setting, If I have low light compensation enabled, the frame rate goes down to 4-5 frames per second. If I disable it, it goes smooth with little latancy. I need to fix this in Facebook Video Chat.

    1. unfortunately currently no such feature is available at facebook video service. There is a work around though. Test your camera by making a test call on skype. If it works on skype, it will work just the same at facebook because the technology used is almost the same