July 12, 2011

Facebook Video Calling: How To Set Up & Start a Video Call?

UPDATE: Please also read Facebook Video settings for best quality color display by setting up webcam

Facebook video callingFacebook has finally started filling up the missing blanks on their social network as an answer to Google Plus Project. Together with Skype, Facebook has launched its first ever Video Calling option on there website. Facebook Users can now not only chat but they can now see their loved ones smile, wink and say lol face to face! So far there are no latency issues and video calling loads faster and works without pauses or any other pros. You don't need to install any software or application to make this function work. Below you will find some useful Facebook video calling tips.
Update: We just published an alternative method that works perfectly. Check this: Chat with Facebook friends via Skype

How do I set up video calling?

To start a video call with a friend you will first need to complete a quick, one-time setup:
  1. To call a friend, click the video icon at the top of your chat window.
  2. Simply click the “Set Up” button and follow the easy instructions for how to set up video calling on your favorite browser.
  3. Once installed successfully the video call will start automatically or you can ring back your friend by clicking the video call button at the top right corner of your friends profile

How do I start a video call with a friend?

After the one-time set up you are now ready to make your first call:
set up video call
  1. Visit your friend’s profile and click the “Call” button in the top right corner. You can also click the video icon at the top of the chat window.
  2. When your friend answers, be patient and wait for sometime till both your web cams are inter connected.
  3. If your friend is unavailable or offline, you can leave a video message. That's indeed more like Yahoo's Voice service.
For all these steps to correctly work you must make sure that both your webcam and microphone are connected to the right slots and are in a running condition. You can still use video calling even if you don't have a webcam. You will be able to talk to and see your friend but your friend will be able to hear your voice only.

UPDATE: Though Facebook video calling is still a work under progress but you may find these tips useful in future. I will keep you updated with all the latest new few features.

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  1. i have no call option in my facebook i searched everywhere!

  2. i didnt find call option in my account

  3. I have mentioned in the post that for the time being FACEBOOK video calling is undergoing some problems and it will take sometime for it to work properly again. You can read about this update on facebook.com/videocalling

  4. i have no call option in my facebook i searched everywhere!

  5. i have no video calling option on my acct. where can i download the app? tnx

  6. The Video call option has been removed because it is still under development and it will be made available to all very soon so please keep checking back for our latest updates on this new Facebook app.

  7. the setup file doesnt ask for any setup as it were. it just runs and then its done. when i click on the video call button it asks me to go though setup again and download the setup file - what the??

  8. i have no call option in my facebook i searched everywhere!

  9. thanks very informative


  10. Can l make a video call with my phone? Thanks :)

  11. Can l make a video call with my phone? Thanks :)

  12. Thanks for sharing this in here Mohammad. When I tried this for the first time I wasn't able to connect to my immediately because he hasn't downloaded or updated his FB video calling option yet. And so it take us for a while to get connected but it was worth the wait.

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  20. I used facebook video call because its so easy to use then all my friends are using facebook just put in the chatbox then you can start video call


  21. oh! Facebook also provide video call? I dint knew about this.

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