Why Your Blog Makes No Money? Part 3

why blog makes no money?One of the question that almost everyone starts asking after working hard for days and nights by writing tons of articles online. Why should your blog make money? Why should advertisers sponsor it? What have you got in your content that will provide potential return to advertisers? Why should someone buy an ad spot on your blog? Are you receiving good page views? What is handsome traffic in numbers for you? Do you have readership power? How many people actually re-share your content? How active are your daily readers, do they shop online? Which country brings you a lot of traffic? Forget about PageRank, whats your Alexa? A lot of questions that can be asked from people who just stepped into blogging and all these questions have logical answers. I have observed new enthusiastic people rapidly turning their attention to this beautiful art of writing and earning online. Yes without any doubts, blogs do make money and they drive hell lot of traffic but if that is the case then why aren't everyone becoming a millionaire? The secret lies in a sensible traffic formula and understanding search engine optimization strategies, the sooner you know it, the better it gets.


Note: These series in no way highlight me as a Pro Blogger. I prefer the title of a peanut blogger and would remain and live so always.

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Internet Users Turning Into Content

People everywhere around the world has realized the importance of education. Literacy rate is growing at an alarming rate producing brilliant authors every single second. Every good writer wants to turn his writing skills into cash. Some try their luck as freelancers whilst others in search of their own unique identity choose blogging as a long term goal. Netcraft, which is an Internet monitoring company, reported in 2007 that there were 106,875,138 Web sites with domain names and content on them in 2007, compared to just 18,000 Web sites in August 1995. Billions of webpages are published every day within 24 hours, making the competition online tougher every second. Can you expect to survive as a new content publisher amongst already existing giants? 

Yes you can! Internet traffic is like a hungry whale eating everything coming in its way. The only difference is that are you providing a smooth path for search engines to come and value what you publish? I guess I have asked enough questions, its time to solve some mysteries and bust some widely popular myths online.

Three Fundamental Tips To Succeed As Blogger

(1) Patience and Dedication

The first lesson that I learnt in my school economic classes was that the success of a good businessman lies in investing power. Those who step into business today and expect profit in material form tomorrow, are the first to badly end their endeavors. Hopelessness and frustration accompany you when you expect a lot. Why should you receive tons of traffic daily when you have not invested at all? Pro bloggers that you hear of daily were lucky champs who started blogging 10 years ago. Every single blogging ICON today has written around thousands of quality articles online and these articles were a smart investment that today generates them revenue in hundreds of dollars via Ad impressions.

You don't need to write 1000 of articles to reach a stable stage and work hard too much, what you need to do is answer the call of internet. Stick to your topic and don't deviate. Work hard for continuous six months and your targets should be the following:

  1. Write at least one post per day. My personal recommendation would be 2-3 posts per day. Hire authors just like me if you cant do it alone.
  2. Write on social media to boost your traffic. Always write on latest updates related to social media networking sites and keep social media as a for granted part of your blog no matter what your niche may be.
  3. Keep track of updates related to your niche and provide readers with something new. Act like a journalist, hear it first and share it first.
  4. Keep post length to a minimum of 500 words and post title limit to 65-70 characters
  5. Post at a fixed time and don't just push the publish button anytime you want. Alexa Rank improves only when you fix your posting time. Keep note of every minute. Keep an interval of 7-13 minutes between your posts. Keep timing odd always.
  6. For improving PageRank do not waste time by commenting on every forum and blog, do Guest posting. There are several high PR blogs that accept guest posts. Search for the list of High PageRank blogs that accept guest posts.
  7. Keep Adsense away for six months! Adsense is useless when your traffic is less than 500 unique visitors/day. Add it only once you cross the stage#1 of blogging.
  8. Add  social networking buttons on your blog, Add likebox, twiiter follow button and Google Plus sharing widgets on your blog. Keep your sidebar as clean as possible and wait and watch.
  9. The only motivation for you should be improved Alexa Rank daily. If your Alexa is not improving then you need to change your posting time. Post at midnights if you live in Asia. You must achieve 20-10K Alexa Rank Within this six months investing period. Remember you are investing in terms of patience and dedication.
  10. Apply SEO PACK to your blog, no matter you use Wordpress or blogger.


(2) Learn and Keep exploring Skills

There is a difference between a normal essay writer, journalist and a blogger. The aim of blogger should not be to write well polished posts with high-fi vocab instead he should write well optimized posts using SEO techniques. Avoid use of strong English with idioms, complex phrases, clichés, metaphors and instead adopt a simple and easy to understand style. Simple English is what that attracts both visitors and search engine robot hits. Learn baics of search engine optimization related to the platform you are using. Don't apply every SEO tip that you learn online. You must follow people who share tutorials related to the platform you are using.

If you are a blogger user or wordpress user than the following tutorials are what you need:


(3) Avoid the unavoidable

You need to understand the value of your time online. Every hour is precious in life and time turns productive only when you filter the obstacles. Do this to keep ideas flooding in your mind and in order to protect yourself from distraction

  1. Delete your Facebook Account permanently and do not use any social media network as personal profile. Use them for blog promotion only. Today the first website I visit is my blog and lots of posts are waiting in queue to be published while back in the start of 2011, the first website I used to visit was Facebook and I would always find myself with no unique ideas in mind because I had become an addict who was always looking into personal lives of other people with no objective for his own life. The day I left Facebook, I discovered what true life is and how dreams could be turned into reality.
  2. Avoid listening to the tips shared by story tellers. Story tellers are people who are well established online and they always force you in accepting them as role models. These stereotype people online often pretend to be role models and give you a believe to trust them with everything they share. There tips to be honest often lack practicality. The reason behind their success is that they are well educated actors with accidental achievements in life.  If you really want to push ahead then avoid the shortcuts that they provide. Whether they may be pro bloggers or Internet Marketers, they only aim at building their email lists in order to keep rolling their marketing strategies that keep fooling people the way they did you. Please read this article to open your eyes:

    3.   Do not Display your subscriber or fan followers count unless you get at least 100 subscribers or 100 followers from any social media network you use. Low followers count often discourage new visitors from subscribing and thus readership to grow.

    4.   Act like a professional and give an impression like you are not the only one running the blog. Avoid the word "I" and prefer using "We"

    5.    Check your analytics report only once a week and not every day. Human mind is very sensitive. sometimes a drop in traffic often disturb a lot. Therefore in order to keep your mind fresh and away from distraction, you may check your website stats only once a week to see the result of your one week hard work. Daily checkup of stats will often distract your mind and can disappoint you too.

    6.    Do not waste time commenting on blogs and forums unless you need help. In order to receive rich backlinks the best you can is to Write at most one quality guest post once or twice a month at a a well established blog that may accept guest posts. You don't need to be someone big in order to qualify for guest posting. As long as your guest post offers some value to Admin readers it will never be rejected. In order to qualify for guest post the best strategy is to keep its length as high as possible. Generally guest posts that share top20 tips, tech gadgets or tools are always accepted. Therefore write one good guest post daily to ensure build up backlinks at an early stage. Remember this applies to Bloggers of Stage#1 only. Stage#2 bloggers may focus on their blog.


In short in order to make potential revenue out of your blog, you must keep posting daily. For a maximum boost in traffic and revenue writing two quality posts per day play wonders for Stage#1 bloggers. Stage#2  bloggers are also bound to post at least once a day. When writing a new post think at least for 5 minutes to give your post a better optimized title and keep opening paragraph rich with keywords. Apply social media plugins to blog, answer readers regularly and write on latest updates. Nothing works like magic than sharing updates on social media and technology. I will be completing this series very soon. I just hope this ongoing help may prove beneficial to most of you. I am sharing my personal experiences and formulas here, sharing everything I learnt sop far. I hope this small effort from this little blog may educate newbie bloggers in a more correct way, guiding them to true webmaster strategies. Peace and blessings pals! :)

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  1. I agree with the "we" thing it really works. And i know this is kind of of topic but using social networks or playing games some time helps to refresh your mind. Lesser the stress better the content and writing

  2. Hey Mohammad i really need your help. I just sold my website on Flippa and i need to transfer my domain to buyer but i don't know how.

    I bought the domain from blogger and it is hosted on google but i have no idea how do i transfer the domian please help me thanks

    1. u wrote about timing for better alexa rank but u know my blog. i cant select any time for it. sometimes i had to write a Breaking news either it is 12pm or 12 am.
      i have seen that when my traffic increases Alexa improves and when traffic goes down alexa also goes down.

      Sarkari Naukri

  3. nice post

    u wrote about timing for better alexa rank but u know my blog. i cant select any time for it. sometimes i had to write a Breaking news either it is 12pm or 12 am.
    i have seen that when my traffic increases Alexa improves and when traffic goes down alexa also goes down.
    any suggestions for me for timings ? i m in Kuwait. 2 hours back from Pak

  4. Great Sir just Full fills my dreams to be a good blogger thanks once again and sir what happen to my guest post i send you email but dont reply

  5. Awesome Mohamad.
    I run a Sarkari Naukri blog, www.sarkarinaukridirect.com
    I get around 1000 unique page views. I am already taking care of most of the above thing you said above. Jobs are one of the hottest topics, reason being I get good amount of traffic.

    Still, your tips helps me in getting more traffic to even get better adsense results :)

    Thanks once again!

    Rehana Sulthan (Admin, SarkariNaukriDirect)

  6. Wow thanks Mohammad Mustafa ..
    I really enjoyed by reading this Pro Blogging SERIES :)

    Have a nice day
    مشاهدة افلام اونلاين

  7. Ok here is what I think.

    1.3: Sharing something very first is too difficult at least for me. I think you should clarify that "first" word which must have a different meaning. And sharing something new everyday is also getting difficult because today we have articles on almost everything from tying a shoelace to making a missile. Here "new" must be having a different meaning.

    3.1: I am not addicted to Facebook so I don't have to worry. Never really used FB much. Once in a month that too rarely. I am using G+ though where I share.

    3.2: I never really made that mistake. Although I subscribed some big guns to get good articles but instead my inbox was flooded with unwanted articles telling me to purchase this or that and blah blah blah!!!

    3.3: Same, never did that mistake on my main blog of books.

    3.4: I try to use "We" as much as possible but at times or in certain sentences I need to use "I" to fit the grammar.

    I agree with other points.

    Have you checked my reply bro...

    I am thinking something new and big but can't really understand I should tell you right now or after sometime when I am 200% sure and dedicated to do it.

  8. @Suprim Shrestha
    Its really easy just go to Setting>> permissions in blogger and enter the e-mail of your Buyer after he accept's it just grant the Admin Permission and delete your self. Now your buyer have the full control over the site
    Hope i helped u.

  9. Hi Mohammad,

    I have been receiving too many requests for guest posts from various people writing for their clients, I guess those SEO people.

    I wonder if I should accept them or not? Will it have a negative impact on my blog?
    I have accepted a few but I was not very happy with their content therefore I had to change a lot in their content almost like a re-work.

    What would be your advice for me?

  10. Thanks Mohammad Bro for sharing this useful post. I love your blog. :)

  11. Hi,
    i create a blog
    4months ago
    all page view:31000

    than today
    1500 page view

    sir plees help me

    how to make money?
    How add google reader?

    Plees help me...

  12. Nice tips. I understood the reality of not going to words of people who fool that they earn huge money. I know my capabilities and just develop my skills grow

  13. I'm a lucky blogger. This is the 4th month of my blogging and i'm here. I'm fortunate to read your post.


    Thanks for this amazing information! :)

  14. its good to here from someone who did not start blogging 10 years ago, someone with a blog that is now successful and is working hard everyday to be on top. I read alot of your post and thanks for sharing these tips, I have been following your steps and I will delete my personal facebook it is of no use.

    since following your advise and optimising my blogger blog, I now have a pr of 3 and my traffic is growing at a good rate and I am on course to compliting every step on stage one

  15. @mOHD Alamin

    Social media is a big debate buddy and I would respect your view but social media has changed its shape now. Stress can be released by several other methods like going gym which I personally do and it helps me a lot with my work. Another medium for entertainment could be watching movies or hearing peaceful music.


    Blogger blogs are hosted at a server that does not belong to the user but Google itself. If the investor have purchased all your posts or at least your domain then you need to transfer the domain from blogger to the investors web hosting company. You just need to give the authorization key to the investor. Kindly google for "How to transfer blogger domain to a different registrar"

    You must read
    "How to transfer domain to hostgator?"

    Note: I will write a post on this topic within this week so you will find it helpful. Stay tuned!

    Alexa is not dependant on traffic haider. Its a widely spread misconception that alexa varies with traffic. My second blog improved by 1 million in alexa rank just in one month though its traffic is not much. I am writing a complete Ebook on Alexa's working algorithm and this formula of correct zone timing is perfectly practical and works.

    Your post will be published tomorrow pal. Was badly stuck with work. :>

    Most welcomed rehana and I would agree that jobs is a well established niche that drives good traffic. More power with your work. :)

    Glad to see buddy that you read every posts thoroughly. Thank you for that. :)
    Sharing headlines or breaking news related to your niche is honestly not difficult if you are specific to your blog topic. For example I share updates from blogger buzz blog, facebook and google blog a lot, just because they are related to MBT. Similarly you may subscribe to a maximum of 5 blogs that are related to your topic theme and may provide you with latest updates.

    I am sorry I have not checked your mail as yet. Was a lot busy this week. I will surely read it and give a quick reply. You said you want to share something big? What exactly? :)

    @MOHD ALamin

    This method is used to grant author or admin rights buddy. His question is related to domain transfer which is done from the domain hosting account. I will share a post on this soon. Thanks a lot for sharing your view on this alamin.

    Guest posts with automated content is often submitted by link builders. In order to receive quality guest posts you must stick to your loyal readers a lone. I always give chance to readers though we receive link selling offers for as high as $200 per post once a month but we know that means death to Pagerank. Use your blog wisely by allowing guest posting to regular readers only. Make sure the blog you link to has at least 20 posts on it. Do not link blogs with no content. Hope this helps buddy. :)

    We love readers like you. Thanks for the kind remarks. :)

    @John and @TJ
    Most welcomed pals. Pleasure to see you found it helpful. Do make sure to apply the tips. :)

  16. @mrtones

    As the post suggests "Pateince and dedication is the first requirement for long term profits from blogging. Keep your spirit high and apply your skills practically. You will surely receive positive results within 6 months. :>

    If your traffic has significantly dropped then check your analytics to see you are not effected by google panda. In order to receive the same traffic start writing posts with a minimum of 500 words and keep quality high. Delete posts and remove URLS from your webmaster account that offer no quality content.

    I respect that attitude brother and it will surely help you a lot along the way. :)

    All pleasure is ours brother to have you as a regular reader. Thank you for finding the tutorials helpful nadeem. :)

    All credits goes to your sincere efforts eugene. Blogging is fun only when you do it with interest and dedication. Your time and struggle is paying off because you enjoy what you do. Thank you for finding the guides and tutorials helpful. There is nothing which pleases me more than knowing that the post succeeded in serving its purpose by helping significantly at least one ofour readers. Thanks for your kind gesture buddy. :)

  17. @Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai

    The Big Thing is in your mail bro :)
    Check it out today itself if possible.

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  20. Good Points. Takes time and patience which most people lack.

    Everyone would love to make easy money from blogs but if it was that easy there would be no money left.........

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    I'd written a whole 3 paragraphs detailing how i found your blog and how helpful your articles are ;D
    I've deleted it and decided to simply say, This is the 7th time I'm on your blog by accident (lol) and i have to say i always pick something useful from you. Thank you very much.
    After reading this article I've finally fully decided to start an authoritative blog similar to but not quite like yours but influenced by yours.
    I'll be following your articles for the next 6 months and more Mohammad. Thanks for the great work. (haha, i still ended up writing alot! cheers dude! ;)

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    currently, I'm only using facebook for my blog, and for my friends, to have communication.

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  35. Dear what about this line "The day I left Facebook" You still have Facebook personal account :)