Please add nofollow Tags To all Blogger Label Links!

UPDATE:  After the Google panda effect only  useless links like comment links should be tagged as nofollow. Links pointing to your post pages should be kept dofollow like labels and archives
UPDATE 2: Blogger labels are now by default set to noindex inside the robots.txt file so therefore you do not need to follow the above tutorial now.

Google Panda effect is the name most of you might heard. It is a strict Google new algorithm that looks for content farms and link farms and completely stops indexing the publisher. If your blog contains too many irrelevant content or duplicate content or your post quantity is less than 300 words and you have too many tags/category labels on your blog that makes no sense then you can be the next target of Google panda update. Your traffic will drop significantly. If you are receiving 2-3K visitors per day, you will end up with just 400-500 visitors. It really shocked me personally when I surveyed official and un-official blogger templates and amazingly found that all category tags or label tags are dofollow. It is really sad on blogger part but I found the same problem on WordPress blogs as well. Even the tags in wordPress are dofollow but since now many expert SEOs have advised to nofollow the label tags therefore we must not delay any further else the consequences could be huge.

To get an idea of nofollow tags then read these detailed tutorial also:

Nofollow all blogger labels links or Category tags

We will nofollow the labels that appear below your post titles and also the labels appearing in your TAG Cloud.
Lets start correcting things:
  1. Go To Blogger > Design > Edit HTML
  2. Backup your template
  3. Check the "Expand widget templates" box
  4. Search for this,
<a expr:href='data:label.url' rel='tag'>
     5.   Replace it with this,
<a expr:href='data:label.url' rel='tag,nofollow'>
You have now successfully protected your links in the post labels from panda effect. Now lets correct the Label Cloud Links also.
UPDATE: This part is optional because this widget is located on the sidebar and not directly in your post body where actual crawling takes place. So even if you skip it there is no issue.
      6.    Search for this,
<a expr:dir='data:blog.languageDirection' expr:href='data:label.url'><></a>

      7.  Replace it with this code,
<a expr:dir='data:blog.languageDirection' expr:href='data:label.url' rel='nofollow'><></a>
      8.   Save and you are all set!

How to know if you have done all steps correctly?

Simply highlight a label link or cloud link on your blog and then right click and choose "view selection source". You will find you label links having the rel="nofollow" tag attach to it like this,
post label link
and for label cloud it will look like this,
label cloud
I hope your blogs may grow even more and may stay protected from tech errors. We added the nofollow tags to all MBT label links also and we will be updating you more on this. Please let me know if you needed any further assistance. Peace out! :)

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  1. i could not find the second code
    the cloud one

  2. @ Mohm, If all the tags are dofollow, then why don't we just make the lables relevant and to a maximum of 5. Why would blogger and wordpress ensure the tags are dofollow? What will be the overall consequences of making them nofollow? Also, please do answer my query on your article 'Add your Profile Pic or Avatar next to Post Titles in Blogger'. Well, keep up the good work with your incredible free tutorials.

  3. @Admin
    Please add a label cloud first

    Actually tags are no more indexed by robots because anything that is termed as rel='tag' is ignored. Tags are now taken as keyword stuffing by search engines which is illegal. This is one reason why major blogs like mashable, techcrunch have nofollowed their tags.
    The good consequences of nofollowing your tags are that your PR juice will be used wisely on other internal links rather been wasted on tags that takes robots on dynamic pages which are never ranked. Further your site rankings will be saved of any Google penalty.
    It involves no bad consequences for sure. :)

  4. Successfully done and I agree with your opninion!

  5. done in almost all my blogs, in one I couldn't find any of the codes!!

    it's de

    should I be worried?

  6. What are all the labels on the nofollow it would be better on the index by google, and what are the rules used by the "google panda" Please let me know more details about the nofollow tag and details.

  7. I did it, but please clear me that i have got 2 times the same code ( Cloud ), do i have to change the both codes ?

  8. salam muhammad, do you know how to add nofollow label on classic template?

  9. Hello Mohammad

    I have some different codes instead the one you have mentioned. After adding nofollow to those codes I get some error of not closed properly or something and can't find what's the issue.

    I have sent you my template. Please do the needful.

  10. salam, mustafa bhai, i hope ap ache ho ge.
    well 3 questions. .

    1: what if i haven't even installed label cloud widget ? i just put labels and i've even hide them to show up below post, in that case, still i should use nofollow tags?

    2: suppose if i applied nofollow tag. then google is not following my labels right ?, then how could my blog came up in google searches?
    i mean if i've added label "i love mbt" having nofollow tag, then if some one search for "i love mbt" on google, my blog won't appear on search.. isn't it like losing your coming terrific by urself?

    and last question plz. that i represent (kindly visit and check coding..once plz) , that i can't find any <a expr:href='data:label.url' rel='tag'> code.. why ? i've already labels cloud installed and i can see ur second code tht is related to label cloud links.

  11. Thanks for this important reminder. God Bless :)

  12. sir the first tag i changed it but the second is not.


  13. thats good sir , i like seo stuff , i was wondering why google bot restrict all mey labels and some post , upto 140 posts of mine were blocked by google bot!

  14. I found and replaced the first one but I can't find the second :(

  15. Thanks Mustafa
    one more great lesson and protection for my blog.

  16. I have made some of my labels to nofollow state. But the rests are not (breadcrumbs nav). And yes, I found the effect, I lost half of my daily visitors since a few days ago. I have just now made all my labels nofollow. So, I do agree Mohammed. :D

  17. I am using the default ethereal blogger theme but cant find both of the above mentioned codes.

  18. NOTE: All of you who can not find the second part of the code kindly first add the Label widget which is provided by blogger. Choose Cloud display from the options given in the widget. After you add it then you can search for the second code inside your templates.

    UPDATE: The second part is optional because this widget is located on the sidebar and not directly in your post body where actual crawling takes place. So even if you skip it there is no issue

    Please click the "expand widgets template" for finding the codes.

    Your other blog is in Portuguese. You will have to look for a similar code inside your template. Play around with and you will find it. First add a Label Widget.

    @Global health
    Please read about them here => When should you nofollow links?
    About panda effect I have already mentioned and you can Google for more. Hope this helps.

    Yes bro repeat the same process twice. But why have you added them twice?

    @Muhd Firdaus
    In classic templates you don't have the labels feature and its only available in beta blogger which means the new blogger. So you are safe. :)

    How are you buddy? Where were you? :>>

    Inside you template find this: rel='tag' and replace it with this rel='tag,nofollow'

    For the second part first add a label widget.

    W.salam buddy I am fine. Thank you :)

    1. As I mentioned this part is optional so you can skip it.
    2. Robots do not give importance to tags and often restrict them. You can find many label links restricted by your robot.txt file inside your webmasters account. Your rankings depend on your post body content, post titles and blog title and keywords. Tags are just for user easy navigation purpose.

    3. search for this rel='tag' and replace it with rel='tag,nofollow'

    Please click the "expand widgets template" first

    Hope this helps pal.

    Yes thats write this is what I mentioned to sahil too. Tags are never crawled by robots as they are dynamic pages with changing content pattern. used only for user navigation purpose and not for search engines.

    Please read the update. :)

    Always welcomed friend. :>

    You are always welcomed brother. The sooner the better. :)

    Please click the "expand widgets template" Find rel='tag' and replace it with rel="tag, nofollow"

  19. Thnxxx a lot bro for keep us Update...Very Nice Going...Keep Going and Keep Sharing :)

  20. Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai-Dude Can You Tell Me,We Can Remove Label Cloud After Changed?Coz I dont Need Of Label Cloud In My Blog."

  21. Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai
    One More Thing I need To Ask, Help Me If Its Possible, Well My Another Blog Cum Website:D
    Ristricted By Robots.I hv checked they changed my txt to
    User-agent: Mediapartners-Google

    User-agent: *
    Disallow: /search

    After This My Blog Search Results Disapper From Google, Coz Of this Robot Ristricted, Can You Tell Me Is There Anyway To Get back Allo Again?

  22. Now My Blog is Not Worth To Post Anything :\ .. Only Getting Visitors From Yahoo And Bing Or Servers!

  23. Damn quick. Thx for one line of precious seo.

  24. I can't find it to add the nofollow : (

  25. screw it, I am tired of looking and relooking line by line, there is nothing there that matches the description of your first line of html (I did find the match to the cloud code though)

  26. The best way is to press “ctrl + F” and put the above code in the search box and look for the results.

    Click here: How To Add rel="nofollow" Tag to Category Link Or Label Link In Blogger - BDTECHIE

  27. @Jenn just hit ctrl and then f and a find box will pop up and past the code you are looking to remove inside of the box and it should highlight and then remove the old code with the new.

  28. There's no need for this.

    Following is the default Robot.txt file of blogger blogs.


    User-agent: Mediapartners-Google

    User-agent: *
    Disallow: /search
    Allow: /


    And since label urls are --

    These urls are already blocked by Robot.txt


  29. @Darshan Chande - I agree that it is best to leave as it is according to the robots.txt - plus the person writing this blog is not doing all that he is advising here. His labels do not have nofollow on them (maybe they did at the time he posted, but I did not see it in code and w/ browser extensions).

  30. no need to add no follow to tag labels.Google is doing it in blogspot blog in blog's robots.txt file. All search labels are not crawled

  31. Thank You So Much For This.Very Helpfull

  32. We do not find any such code for label cloud as shown in your post.
    At best something similar available in template of is <html expr:dir='data:blog.languageDirection' xmlns=''
    Can you help me out. Regards

  33. Brother ,i cant find the first code.
    And also i have a doubt that my blog is about engineering seminar reports, and ma post also are off seminar reports, and at the bottom of each post am giving a reference list please see an example ,
    is it do-follow or no-follow ?, what can i do if it?
    please give me an answer, i don't know anything about the seo or htmls, my blogger customization is based on your tutorials so please help me brother, may allah blessing you.....

  34. dude thanks very much i added all this stuff on my blog

  35. THanks a lot. bundles of thanks i was searching for this. i searched my site in google like this way "" my site appeared. then i clicked include omitted results, i saw search/label results. i feared i might be charged of dublicate content. now i find yours and i think my problem is solved. thanks a lot. i have one question please help me. visit my site that is see i have categories menu, and on the side bar i have images that will link to my posts. should i change them too to no follow? and what about the internal links? should i change them to no follow too? and categories menu don't direct to the label page. they direct to my post. please advice me what should i doo . . i shall be very very thankful

  36. Your label links, below post title, are still dofollow.

  37. I want to thank you,for this informations but i couldn't find in order to remplace it by no follow.This is my blog so what is the solution?

  38. I want to do this, but I added labels with a label widget.

    I see that these labels now could be interpreted as keyword stuffing. Would I be better off re-coding all of my label tags in HTML and manually adding the no-follow tag?



  39. Assalam O Alaikum ...

    I haven't add any label widget till yet and in the future there almost no chances that i add Labels widget to my blog . I am using your template " Cute Box " . and i coudn't find the above code.Do i need to be scared ?

    this is my blog

  40. Did it! But after... I noticed that my robots.txt contains:

    Disallow: /search

    Which would automatically tell the crawlers not to follow results from the labels since their URLs contain "search" like http://...



  41. Successfully done... thanks....

  42. I dont find the first code :
    a expr:href='data:label.url' rel='tag'
    What i can do ?
    (html code can not be accepted in comments for this reason i didnt write the first code 100% corect)

  43. Having trouble btw nice article sir :)

  44. Hello, very good article.
    I'm just thinking about "nofollow" code, does can affect the "commentluv"?

    by the way this is my blog >

  45. Thanks so much, that works perfectly.
    I am going to click on an add to thank you.

  46. Will it have any affect on SEO ? Linking internal pages is good i guess?

  47. Thanks a ton for your advice. My blog was earlier suffering from too many outbound DoFollow tagged links.But, now after the panda updates it has become imperative to use "No DoFollow" tag to the links which are not of higher quality authority sites.

  48. hello but in my website i cant find...<a expr:href='data:label.url' rel='tag'>...and i find

    <a expr:dir='data:blog.languageDirection' expr:href='data:label.url'><></a> this one 37 times please help me my siteis

  49. Hello. I love your blog. I have only being in it for a couple of days and have learned so much! My question is, how can I make facebook, google, etc. to be nofollow? Can you do a post going through the process of it--I'm a little confused.

    Also, are TOC important? In your tutorial you show how to make one but how can we make those links nofollow if it is a widget?

    Thank you so much.

  50. @Yoly
    Hello Yoly,
    Welcome to MBT. Hope you are enjoying your time here.

    If you want to make Facebook, Google, etc links to be nofollow then you have to manually do it by adding a rel="nofollow" tag. Here is an example of how to do this:

    Your Original Link
    <a href="htpp://">FACEBOOK</a>

    After rel="nofollow" tag it becomes
    <a rel="nofollow" href="htpp://">FACEBOOK</a>

    About the TOC, I guess you are talking about Table of Contents. Well you should not add nofollow to them because they are internal links. Check this post:
    Never Tag Internal Links with “rel=nofollow”

  51. hello! Mohammad !! why arn't your tags under nofollow attribute?

    I searched in your blog source files. But found those nofollow tags are not present.

    PLEASE MUST Answer! and don,t remove my comment . let others know too .

    thank you

  52. Salaam Mohammed bro,

    i use many external links in my posts, so Plz tell me that will this make them Nofollow ?

  53. hi i'm using following tags <a expr:href='data:label.url + &quot;?max-results=6&quot;' rel='tag'> for labels how to fix them

  54. Thanks so much for posting this! I found your article on Google after having issues reported in a sitemap I created for my blog. Thanks to you all the my problems are solved. Thank you!

  55. Thanks so much.. I corrected my blog just now. :)

  56. @Mohammad Dear brother I have Mash 2 blogger Template on my blog When I try to Apply these gadghts to my blog then these gadgths are not working on Mash2 blogger template,

    here is my blog link :

    Plz help me waiting for your kind reply

  57. Es Salamun Alejkum Mohammad
    I made this change without expanding widgets,because otherwise i got a problem with my desirable template.Will this protect links from panda effect or not work without expanding widgets ??? Please help me :)

  58. Hello... Mohammad Bhai ()I found this TAG Two times in my MBT church theme ... when i went to replace it my "read more" And "no comment"
    went displaced how can i solve this problem. please help me BHAi...

  59. i just know this information. i willtry nofollow for my blog

  60. But why have not you applied nofollow on your labels?

  61. Thanks for this tutorial.
    For all types of blogging tips

  62. Bro i applied this on my blog but in two days i lost traffic from 10k to 6k please can you tell me why? Thanks

  63. it is good article thank you for sharing this article.

  64. How i can change in new blogger html where i can't see Expand Widget Template. Please help me.

  65. @mohd, can you please tell us why are your labels dofollow btw>??

  66. Thanks. I didn't know that dofollow links for labels are negative for seo.

  67. I guess we need to add a space between "tag," and "nofollow", as I found SEOquake is not detecting the labels as "nofollow" unless we add the space. Before adding space -----> rel='tag,nofollow' ----- After adding space -----> rel='tag, nofollow' . Bro please correct me if I am wrong.

  68. Don't seem true. If yes, blogger would correct this for their blogspot bloggers. No update or tutorials from Blogger regarding this. And the writer here does not explain why his blog is still do follow.

  69. please correct your code 'tag nofollow'

  70. Thanks a lot ! Searching for this from many days ... Live long :)

  71. Update: Blogger labels are now by default set to noindex inside the robots.txt file so therefore you do not need to follow the above tutorial now.