10 Amazing Facts about Google+ Statistics

google-plus-red-360Google+ is growing fast and since Google has still not revealed the real statistics therefore interesting information is continuously coming from major sites that track traffic. According to Experian Hitwise Googe+ has started building up great traffic and is quickly increasing in numbers. The exact number of Google+ users is still not known but according to many third party analytics the current number of active registered Google Plus users is no less than 20-30 Million. Lets now read some interesting new stats for Google Plus from Hitwise and some other sources.


  1. Around 13% U.S. Adults have signed up for Google+ and the number can hit 22% in a year. This will let Google+ become the number two social media network beating twitter and linkedIn.
  2. From July 16 onwards, Google+ has become the 42nd most-visited social networking site in U.S. and the 638th most-visited site on the world wide web
  3. Google+ has grown by 821% from the week ending on July 2, the first week Google+ was made available to its users.
  4. Around 56% of Google+’s traffic come from Google services itself. 34% come from Google.com, 37% from other search engines and 21% from Email services which includes Gmail
  5. Google+ is visited mostly by adults of age between 25-34. They account for 38.37% of all visits
  6. Los Angeles, New York City and San Francisco are the most dominant locations driving traffic to Google+ than any other place globally
  7. 55% traffic comes from USA and 18% from India
  8. 71% are Males and 21% Female Users
  9. 29% Google+ users are engineers by profession, 17% developers and 14% Designers.
  10. There are currently 25-30 Million Active Registered Google+ Users.

These were some stats that I could gather so far and all these facts are estimated figures and are not officially endorsed by Google Inc. itself.

What do you think?

Do you think Google+ will be able to capture a major portion of Facebook’s market. Development is still under progress and it is expected that Google will soon launch Games and other options for users and developers. How far do you think this new social network can go?

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