How to Create a short Google+ Profile URL?

GOOGLE+ Username URLWhen Facebook usernames were introduced branding was at its peak and almost everyone tried it to brand their social profiles. Now you can even create a fully custom username for your Google+ profile using an unofficial service provided by This API will create a permanent username link for your Google Plus profile that will redirect your friends to your account when they click on the link. The steps are extremely simple. Follow me:


Make a short Username URL for Google+

  1. Go To
  2. Submit your username/nickname. In my case I chose mybloggertricks.
  3. Submit your G+ ID which you can get as follows,

You can get your G+ ID by clicking profile and then copy the number from your address bar.

Google+ profile url

Google plus ID

      4.   Now simply hit the add button and copy the link which will look similar to this,


In my case it is:


      5.   That's it. Now youre link is permanently added to data base and you can use the URL shortner anywhere you wish. Enjoy! :)

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