What are Google +Snippets and Inline annotations?

+snippets and inline annotationsFinally Google+ released the most awaited feature and that was sharing site content with your circles. Now whenever your +1 a page you will be provided with a share on Google+ option, by choosing which you can post on your profile a thumbnail image, description and link to that website. It works similar to Facebook like button now. This new option is named +snippets. Google released this new feature just few hours ago and they have also released Google+ inline Inline annotations which are simple display of your friend's profile images next to the +1 button. Lets know more about these two new features.

What are +Snippets?

Now whenever you share content from the +1 button, you’ll notice that the button automatically includes a link, an image and a description in the sharebox. Take an example below. If you +1 the button at the top-right-corner of this page you will notice an option that says "Share on Google+" clicking this option will create the following display:

Note: At present only registered members can see new features like +Snippets. First submit your ID at our Google+ Platform Preview and then come back and +1 the button on our blog to see the effect.


Just like how Facebook does, you can now see an image, Page title link and description. Its indeed a great new functionality for web owners and bloggers who want to increase their website traffic. It will indeed increase site pageviews and thus revenue.

What are Inline Annotations

This feature help increase visitors engagement after users see a friend’s recommendation right on your page. The visitor will see profile pics of his friends next to your +1 button. The visitor will indeed now pay more attention to your site and will spend more time reading your blog posts which will surely decrease your bounce rate and bring a significant PageViews boost.


What do you think?

This two new added brilliant features is again a response to Facebook like button and like box plugins. I am sure we have a lot more to see. I am really enjoying the way Google is developing their social network bomb. Kindly share your views on this latest development. 

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