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Blogging is becoming increasingly common these days, and every day, hundreds of new blogs are surfacing. It there's one thing that's for sure about blogging, it is that it's here to stay. All of these blogs have only one purpose: to get to the top of the food chain. And guest blogging is one of the most effective marketing strategy that can help them in getting there. It helps bloggers connect, and share content. Guest blogging can either refer to people writing for other blogs, or bloggers inviting other people to write for their blogs. For people interested in Guest Blogging, MyBlogGuest is a pretty nice community, where you can meet up with other bloggers and share your awesome content!

Index Status: Advanced Index Reporting Feature for Webmaster Tools

Google Index Status feature

Google is the largest search engine in the world today. And since it is the industry leader, it is only natural for it to set the standards. All bloggers and webmasters have only one concern in their minds regarding their sites when it comes to Google: whether Google is indexing their site or not? That is understandable, since most of their website traffic comes from Google. So to get un-indexed by Google is like having your legs chopped off - your blog won't be going anywhere, anytime soon. Well, to put some of the concerns regarding indexing at bay, Google has introduced a new Index Status feature in the Google Webmaster Tools. This feature will let webmasters know how many pages of theirs' have been indexed, crawled, and more!

Facebook Printable Posters Now Available For Download

Printable Facebook Posters
Facebook is a very powerful social media, not just for networking, but also for marketing. For the success of any business, its presence on social media, especially on Facebook is a must. |This is because according to an estimate, around 75% of the customers (for any product or service) use online streams such as social media to learn more about that particular product before going for it. And since Facebook is the largest social media with more than 900 million users, you can see how much a company would be missing out on if it didn't have a Facebook page. Facebook isn't just for online businesses either. Much like Google Places, local businesses can also utilize Facebook for promotion and to bring in customers. And for such local businesses, there's a good news! Facebook Printable Posters are now available for them to download and use for their business' promotion!

Facebook Introduces New Marketing Features For Brand Pages

new facebook marketing features
Facebook Pages are a great way to promote a brand, and pull traffic to a website. They offer many marketing features, such as targeting a specific audience, learning about insights and analytics, promoting your content, and more. Well now, Facebook has announced in a blog post, that it has introduced some new features to further assist marketers to better promote their content and draw more traffic. These new features include scheduling posts, unpublished page posts, and updated page admin permissions for third-party apps. These new features come as Facebook continues its stream of changes after a survey, that rated Facebook disappointingly low in terms of customer satisfaction.

Create A Branded Username For Google Plus URL

Create your own Google Plus brand username
Google Plus is a very popular social media, and is especially useful for bloggers and webmasters, who not only have to catch traffic from the social media itself, but also adopt it so easily use and integrate with other Google services, such as Blogger, Google AdSense, Google Webmaster Tools, and so on. Google Plus is great in many respects. But it has one very obvious flaw, something which even newcomers to the network notice as well. Google Plus does not have personalized usernames in profile URLs. For example, for profiles or pages, you can't have a URL like, as you can on Facebook and Twitter. What you have instead is etc. There is a workaround for this, and you can create a brand username for your Google Plus Page or Profile URL!

Google Plus Overtakes Facebook In Customer Satisfaction

Facebook might now be facing a grim reality after a latest survey by the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI), which revealed that Facebook users are not satisfied with the happenings at the social network lately. More worrisome for Facebook is the fact that while its customer satisfaction is plummeting downwards, its rival network, Google Plus, is catching up fast! Not only that, other social networks like Twitter and LinkedIn have overtaken it as well with respect to customer satisfaction. To make matters worse, Facebook hasn't made much of a mark ever since its IPO and its first quarterly earnings as a public company. So what does this mean? Has Google Plus finally found the opening it has been looking for, or has Facebook yet to see the worst?

Watch Live Tarawih Prayer Stream From Makkah In This Ramadan Kareem

Live Tarawih Prayers From Makkah

In this holy and blessed month of Ramadan, Google presents a gift to more than a billion Muslims all around the world by launching a YouTube channel where you can watch and listen to live Tarawih prayers, and see special programs related to Ramadan Kareem. The prayers and other programs are broadcasted live through YouTube, with good audio and video streaming quality. This is indeed a great gift to those who haven't been there, or want to listen to the Imam-e-Kaba recite the Holy Quran during Tarawih Prayers. The Channel was made live on 20th June. During the time when there are no on-going prayers, the channel shows other streams from Masjid-al-Haram and The Kaaba.

Surprise! Releasing Our Business Cards...

Mohammad's business card

Yup! just a new step. We are releasing today the official business cards of STC NETWORK and declaring blogging as a lifetime profession. STC network now has two employees and successfully operating two blogs under its slogan. The number of co-authors and developers working for us would increase after Ramadan Kareem. We are now managing and working for several blogs and E-commerce websites as part of our premium services and developing both Blogger, PSD, HTML and Wordpress themes. We have added PHP development projects to our list just this year and we would also be offering SMO services very soon. MBT would continue publishing free plugins and tutorials as always and would serve blogosphere with the same zeal.


Wishing You All A Happy Ramadan Kareem 2012!

Ramadan kareem 2012
The Holy Month of Ramadan is upon us. So let us make use of this opportunity to wish all our readers a very happy Ramadan Kareem, filled with peace, love and serenity, on behalf of the entire STC network (brother Mohammad, Nida and myself :)).  This is a month filled with peace, and forgiveness. Muslims practice fasting in this holy month whereby they refrain from their desires such as eating and drinking all day long throughout the month, the purpose being to not only please God, but also to share the sufferings to the poor and the needy. Fasting is an important part of many religions, and not just Islam. Hence, we extend our greetings to ALL our readers, no matter what religion they follow. It is, after all, all about peace and love. We are very lucky, and proud to announce that this is our third Ramadan (three successful years of MBT) with you all!

How can Multiple users Manage a Single Adsense Account?

share Google AdSense account with others!
Google AdSense is the leading and most popular ad service that bloggers make use of. It can be used with any Blogger or self-hosted blog or website, and is indeed a major source of income for most bloggers. Previously, Google AdSense could only be accessed by one account, which cause problems for blogs that are run by more than one person, because revenue-sharing is a critical issue. To achieve that end, Google has just released multiple accounts integration with Google AdSense. Now, you can share your AdSense account with your friends, family, or business partners. You can use access levels to control who gets what sort of authority in your AdSense account. In this post, we'll talk about how you can send invites, and give multiple access levels to people.

How to Automatically Share Blog Updates on Google Plus?

Sharing blogger posts on google+
Social Media promotion is every blogger's need. If a blog is an engine, then social media acts like a lubricant, without which a blog would stall. This is why bloggers need to share their awesome content so that people around the world can know about it. To that effect, Google is trying to help out bloggers by ruffling quite some feathers. Recently, Google released the Google Takeout service that lets you merge two Google Plus accounts together. Now, you can connect your Google Plus account with Blogger to easily share your posts and also gain recognition for your work on social media. A share box will automatically appear when you publish a post, with which you can instantly share your content with the world! We'll look at how we can do this in this post.

Why You Are Lucky That You Started Blogging In 2012?

why start blogging early
No, we aren't going to talk about doomsday predictions here, nothing of the sort. But we are gonna talk about how you can start a new life in the world of blogging (ironic huh?). Blogging is becoming more and more common these days. There's a blog about virtually everything. And not without reason. Blogging is a great way to express and share your thoughts with the world. Most use a blog to earn money. In fact, a blog is one of the best ways you can earn money online. And businesses use blogs to promote their products and services, and grow a customer/audience base. A blog is a major tool for promoting a brand. Hence, there are lots of benefits of blogging, especially in this era. If you don't already have a blog, now would be the best time to start!

How To Merge & Manage Two Google Plus accounts Together?

merge two Google+ accounts together
When Google Plus originally started out more than an year ago, it was somewhat exclusive to Gmail accounts. most people signed up using their Gmail accounts, which might not have been their primary accounts. So they ended up with their Google+ operating on one Google account, and other services on another. In such a scenario, managing multiple Google+ accounts can be a headache, especially since you need to log out of one to use the other (unless you're comfortable with changing your browser). An any case, you might end up having two Google+ profiles, with similar friends, or more followers on the account you do not want. Well now, there's a solution for you. You can merge your Google+ accounts together into one, so you can easily manage your circles, posts, photos, and more!


Find out whether a Link is Safe without Clicking on It

Check safety of links before clicking on them
Cyber attacks are on the rise these days. And most of them come through links and web pages that a user opens. While anti-virus software can protect you up to a certain extent, there is no software in this world that can protect you from everything, no matter how good or how expensive it is. Scams and hacks evolve with technology, and most of the time, they remain a few step ahead of security companies. Usually, it starts with an innocent-looking link found on a website or passed on to someone by another person either intentionally or otherwise. These links can provide the entry way for malware and cyber criminals to access your personal information or hack your computer for other malicious purposes. So most of the time, it falls on the users to protect themselves. Well, you can scan these suspicious links before you click on them. Here's how.

25 Smart Things to Do When You Are Jobless

25 things to do when you are unemplyedIf you are looking for jobs and still facing failure in getting a decent one, then there are all possibilities that you might get frustrated some day. Being unemployed, is seriously a worst feeling, giving you illusions about how useless you are. However, it depends totally on you that how you utilize this time to either enhance your capabilities or to get into severe depression. If you are a freelancer by profession, you must be facing such situations in your contract intervals. I recently lost one of my contracts and thought of sharing the tips that I have been implementing I my life to keep it going smooth to ensure a positive change with everything coming its way.

Add attribution links to Text Copied From your blog

track copy-paste contentMany corporate and news blogs today are using a simple script that automatically includes credit links to the original site when someone copy content from your Website and pastes it into an email, blog post or Facebook for instance. To track how many times someone copied and pasted your content, there is a Free service called Tynt that helps publishers from both Google Blogger and Wordpress to add this JavaScript to their blogs and  get insights into what content is copied the most. A read More link along with creative commons attribution license, Facebook and twitter profile links are automatically added at the bottom of the text copied from your blog.


7 effective Tips To Keep You Focused While Blogging

7 tips to keep you focused in blogging
Blogging, when chosen as a profession, requires you to stay focused at all times in order to ensure steady earnings. However, today when one can surely not stop himself from socializing, writing a post for your blog without getting been distracted is impossible. The fact still persists that when you claim to your readers that your blog offers content free of flaws, you need to make sure that you meet up the promises and declarations you have made. The posts you write for your blog need only two things, one- you must know the basic ethics of blogging to attract traffic, and second, your Concentration!

Being a blogger myself, it is easy to relate with my readers on this topic. There are thousands of things to distract while you are working on your post; however only one thing that keeps you motivating is the charm of money being generated from your work.

Importance of Reputation Management for Your Blog and Online Business shares with us the importance of protecting your online image and brand. I am sure most of you who are facing online privacy problems will find this guide extremely useful.  

Protect your internet reputationThanks to the power of search results, the internet is an interactive space and your blog or website is a part of it. Businesses and blogs that are just starting out have to consider all sorts of different content strategies to ensure their success. Search results are an important factor in your site’s popularity and the successes you will see with it. Search results are awarded to websites for a number of different measurements. One of those is “off-site content” and it accounts for a major portion of your site’s reputation.

10 Things I Do when I am Fed Up with Blogging!

10 things I Do when I am Fed Up with BloggingThe idea of building a blog, working on it day and night and then hoping to make money with it, is itself an awesome feeling initially. There is one thing common in all the bloggers that I met in my blogging career, and that is, their never ending love for their blog. Your blog is not only a webpage but it becomes your most lovable asset if it is productive enough to make your life a better one. However, As a blogger myself, I know that there are times when you really fed up with things you love normally and look forward to things that are a part of the lives of free people. Becoming an author always appealed me, But still, writing continuously for around 6 hours daily for MBT and SEM daily, sometimes brings an end to my other shades of life.
However, when you are earning with something you really love, there is no room to feel down as doing so, negatively affects your work drastically. In order to keep the life going on, here is an effective list of things I Do to refresh my efficiency and keep life normalized.

15 Useful Tips To Write Killer Headlines [Post Titles]

15 Useful Tips To Write Killer Headlines [Post Titles]
It has been said that a book is judged by its cover and the proverb completely fits when it comes to choosing a heading for a post in blogging. I researched on this topic myself when I started off as a blogger, as from the very first day in this niche; I had been facing a lot of trouble in deciding how to choose effective Headings for my posts. It was soon that I realized that no matter how great content you produce, you still need to learn the art of writing headlines for it. Headlines play a real important role in bringing readers to your blog by selecting your blog out of many others that the search engines display.

Here are 15 Must follow tips to make your headings fruitful for your blog and make your blog a hit.

35 Guru Tips To Make Your Blog Popular!

35 Guru Tips To Make Your Blog Popular!It is true that the decisions you take in a business initially, decide the future of the entire set up. Talking about blogging specifically, there are certain tips that you must know, understanding their significance in boosting your blog’s popularity. It is obvious that once you plan to be a blogger, you look forward to a huge traffic following you along with a considerably great revenue been generated. However, what makes your blog a hit is your attitude towards adopting the basic requirements of this domain. The Tips might differ person to person, but after researching for days and days about what were the magic ingredients that professional bloggers added in their blogs that are earning in Billions today, Here is a list of 35 Must follow tips that you need to add in your blogging career.

7 Reasons why Never Migrate Blogger To Wordpress

never migrate to wordpressIts 2012, 13 years have passed when pyra labs (acquired by Google in 2003) first launched Blogger and 9 years have passed when Matt Mullenweg  first developed Wordpress as a blogging software in May 27, 2003.  There is still too much confusion and myths about these two great blogging tools and all credit goes to some well polished Bloggers themselves who would never try to speak justly. Just like our TV talk shows where two parties debate with one another and their sole aim always remains to prove the other one wrong, same is true about Blogger vs. Wordpress comparison in blogosphere.  New comers or beginners who just came to know what a blog is and how to make a living out of it, are badly confused to pick the right platform out of the available two. People who fail to optimize and monetize their Google blogs often migrate to wordpress and they do so because they are blinded with a false belief that blogger being free is neglected by sponsors and Wordpress being self hosted is warmly welcomed and generates both traffic and revenue due to an extremely helpful community and easily configured open source PHP platform.

iGoogle Will Stop Working From November 2013 Onwards

igoogle to end  in november 2013Google-Perhaps the biggest name in the internet world that has always been a subject of controversy, has now again bombarded the iGoogle Followers with the news of its end. There are possibilities that most of you might not know or use iGoogle and therefore, its end will not going to affect you anyway; there are still its old followers who are finding this action unnecessary. According to the latest reveal on Google Blog, iGoogle will no longer be available from November, 2013 onwards as Google is keen to analyze that it is no more a source to increase its productivity in any sense.

Customize LinkWithin Stylesheet - Add Some colors!

linkwithin stylesheetJust recently while redesigning a client's website, we figured that Linkwithin can completely be customized by overriding its default stylesheet. We used Google Chrome to identify the classes and IDs. This let us change the background colors of the thumbnail images, change the title text color and margining, add cool hover effects and most importantly remove the linkwithin credit link and logo link that appears towards the bottom-right corner of the plugin.  We have created a sample style with dark theme and we would like to share the stylesheet, using which you can add your creative new looks to it and blend it perfectly with your blog looks and feel. Both BlogSpot and wordpress users would find this tutorial useful because all you would need to do is to copy and paste a simple CSS code. Lets get to work!

Install Facebook Open Graph Redirect: Use Apps without installing them

chrome extension as facebook open redirect
The world being going viral with the social media craze, its Facebook that has taken up the limelight all over again! Although Facebook has been enjoying its strong lead among all the Social Networks, there has always been something way too irritating about the site which most of us have had ignored till now. What happens most of the time when you try opening a link on your Facebook to use some application? All you have to do is to see your page redirecting to several locations where you are asked to accept the links that actually are for letting them access your information. Apart from security issues and frustrating, unwanted redirecting of pages, you soon find the entire process too time consuming, forcing you to simply quit the desire of using that application and find something else. Even if anyone of you has got a high patience level and continues with the process till the end, what he achieves for his endurance is automatic, irrelevant posting on his Timeline. If you have had been a victim of such situations, here is a good news for you!


How to Block annoying AdSense Ads using Publisher Toolbar?

block annoying ads with google publisher toolbar
Time is the most important investment for Bloggers when it comes to making money online. Believing on this ideology, it was again Google who launched an AdSense Publisher Toolbar in the month of January this year, which was especially designed to provide you a simple and quick way to monitor your AdSense account performance from your pages. This AdSense publisher toolbar has been recently renamed to Google Publisher Toolbar. If you had have already installed this Google Chrome Extension, you must be knowing what am I talking about. For Readers who have come across to this magnificent added piece to Google Chrome for the first time, They Must first know what its all about!


Should you join DFP small business to display AdSense ads?

DFP small businessSince March 2008 when Google acquired DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) for  US $3.1 billion, AdSense publishers have become more inquisitive on how this system works and whether it can help them maximize their AdSense revenue and bypass the Ad display restriction and limits like showing more than three AdSense content units per page. We received many emails regarding this ad management service. After a thorough research and contacting a Google agent directly, we are publishing this article to clear several misconceptions revolving around this topic. Both Blogger and Wordpress users who have implemented multiple Ad units per page via DFP on their blogs are advised to read this guide carefully.


Top 50 Tips To Increase Blog Traffic Tremendously

Tips To Increase Blog Traffic Inorganically
The success of a Blog totally depends on the traffic following it. It’s important to identify the significance of building a considerable traffic and then maintaining it because it is your blog’s traffic that decides the future of your blogging career. I have been observing newbie Bloggers Trend closely since the day I started my blogging career. The reason why most of the bloggers find their blogs going nowhere is that they serve 40% of their time in searching from where to get the contents, 20% on manipulating it,20% graphics and layout, etc. and only 20% on bringing traffic and increasing viewership. However you need to know that no matter how masterpiece articles you produce, if there is no traffic to read it, you have simply wasted your time in writing it!


Google PageSpeed Tools: How they increase Blog Speed?

google Page Speed toolsOn April 09, 2010, Google  incorporated site load speed into its ranking algorithm . Google made it mandatory for site owners and web authors to keep a close look at their site loading time because now search rankings will include site response time too in order to make searching more user friendly for internet users. Matt Cutts emphasized  that though a website speed will be paid great attention in all future ranking criteria but it will still weigh less compared to important factors like relevance, topicality, reputation etc.  Which means quality of blog content comes first, speed comes next. I recently came across the latest Google product called PageSpeed which is indeed a must-to-try for all bloggers. I will demonstrate in detail on how to make better use of it in order to decrease the load time of your blogs.


Customize Facebook Chat: Change Font size & add emoticons

Facebook Chatting in a new way

Since the day Facebook launched its Facebook Chat, many of us have been waiting for some improvements in the chat options but till now, Facebook provides no high level options to customize the chat. If you are a consistent Facebook user, you must be suffering at your end as well with the irritating Facebook Chat box that keeps on bugging you if you are online. This default chat box keeps on popping up. The worst part is the fact that you cannot move the box around, cannot minimize it for as long as you wish no options available to change size and fonts and most importantly, you cannot share emotions with the Facebook Chat. Many people, due to the mentioned reasons, hardly turn back to Facebook Chat as the primary Chatting platform and are force to look for other alternatives like Skype, Windows Live and Yahoo. its natural that maintaining several messengers at the same time can be too much irritating at times, where forgetting the password is a common practice.
In the month of April’12, Facebook introduced its Chat messenger, which is a disaster itself and the consumers hold mixed feelings for it. This messenger too, has no option to customize the font and the size as well as there is no reference of the contacts that are currently online.

Euro Cup 2012 Grand Finale: The Champions' Face-off!

Euro Cup 2012 Final: Spain vs Italy

After 23 days since the UEFA Euro Cup 2012 started, it has finally come to this! The stage is now set for the favorites and defending champions, Spain to make or break their soccer supremacy over surprise finalists, Italy in an epic gran finale. Should Spain win, it will become the first European team to clinch three major titles in a row (Euro Cup 2008, FIFA World Cup 2010, and now this). It might seem a tall task for Italy, but they sure have the tools to pull up an upset. So who is it gonna be? Let's take a closer look into this match.

Track Gmail Sent Emails As Soon As They Are Opened

track your mails
Uncertainties are those added ingredients of life which are really unwanted but are obviously true, isn’t it? Sometimes they might cause you to pay huge. Think about a scenario where an important E-mail sent by you to a client doesn’t get delivers to him. If you are a Freelancer, you can imagine what it can cost you if your mail doesn’t reaches to its destination due to any reason whatsoever. In Professional dealings, what really matters is-accuracy in terms of delivery time. To make it clearer, consider a situation where you are asked to deliver the task at 00:00 sharp.

25 Awesome Google Search Tips To Become a Better Searcher

Google Search Tips and Tricks
We all love Google. It is perhaps the greatest search engine ever. Lots of people use it everyday. And many others have set it not only as their default search engine, but also their browser homepage. And there's a good reason for that. Google isn't just s search engine, but a smart search engine. It doesn't just list everything present on the web. It does a lot more than that. If you are the kind of person who searches Google by trying different combinations of keywords until finally getting what you're looking for, then let me tell you this. You are performing search in a primitive style, and it isn't 2005 anymore. Google now provides a lot of extra features, using which you can become a "power" Googler. So here are some search tips and tricks that you'll find useful, and that will also save you some time and effort.