Importance of Reputation Management for Your Blog and Online Business shares with us the importance of protecting your online image and brand. I am sure most of you who are facing online privacy problems will find this guide extremely useful.  

Protect your internet reputationThanks to the power of search results, the internet is an interactive space and your blog or website is a part of it. Businesses and blogs that are just starting out have to consider all sorts of different content strategies to ensure their success. Search results are an important factor in your site’s popularity and the successes you will see with it. Search results are awarded to websites for a number of different measurements. One of those is “off-site content” and it accounts for a major portion of your site’s reputation.
Having positive off-site content pointing back to your website—like social media shares and citations in other blogs—will send your website to the top. Having negative off-site content can actually hurt your webpage, and even drop it in search results. Anyone can hop on the internet and post negative content about your business or your blog and you have to protect yourself from these attacks.

Internet Reputation Management Protects Your Website

Online reputation management is an important new practice that focuses on the quality of off-site content pointing back to your blog or business webpage. Managing your online reputation means that you are proactively keeping tabs on your search results, social media mentions, and how people share and repurpose your content across the internet. Sometimes, internet reputation managers find that their website is doing just fine, and that there is lots of positive content and supportive sentiment behind their brand.
Other times, reputation managers find the opposite: negative content is being directly associated with their website through other websites and services. Whether your business receives a bad review online, a social media user hits your blog with a public complaint, or someone is actively starting an online campaign to make you and your business look bad, negative content is reflected in search results. The impact of negative content can damage your website in a number of ways. Negative, reputation-damaging information can rank immediately above your own website, making your business or blog look even worse. It can also make Google’s algorithms reduce your overall page ranking.
Without internet reputation management, negative online content can be hard to recover from.

The Best Defense against Online Reputation Damage is Better Preparation

If you are entering a competitive space online, you should prepare your blog and your livelihood with a good protection plan against negative content online. Negativity can come from many unexpected places, but if you have a general plan of action and mitigation strategy to deal with it, the impact won’t be nearly as severe. Many established blogs and businesses understand the power and value of adequate internet reputation management, but only after realizing they needed it. is your privacy protected?Businesses and bloggers typically do not prepare themselves to monitor and fix damage to their reputation until a crisis happens. A major campaign can backfire, an upset visitor can cause problems among the greater internet community, and even outside occurrences like staff arrests and high-profile public incidents can have a negative impact on your website. Waiting until a problem arises can put your website at risk, so your best solution is to prepare yourself and your website for these incidents before they happen.

Protecting Your Website with Simple Reputation Management Techniques

You can take charge of your online reputation management with a few simple tricks.
First, if you have a physical business, claim it on social review websites. Fill out your business’s information on websites like, Google, Facebook, Twitter, and any other sites that feature social or community interaction. By claiming ownership online, you can fully control how people view your company in search results. Bloggers can also benefit from this by establishing social media profiles for themselves that help share blog posts and interact with your community.
Searching for your business or blog name online is another good way to see what people are saying about you. If someone online addresses your blog or you personally online, even if it isn’t directly to you, you can find it with a few simple searches. Searching for your brand name can show you how visitors see your blog, and can even open up new opportunities for outreach and growth. Searching for yourself can also reveal negative content that may potentially be turning people away from you.
Google’s new “Me on the Web” feature of Google Dashboard is an excellent tool for anyone that wants to track their online reputation quickly and easily.
These may sound like simple suggestions, but they are the foundation for a successfully monitored and managed internet reputation. Frequent monitoring can protect you from almost any negative content.

Internet Reputation Services Support Personal and Professional Success

There are many situations where negative content is simply out of your control. A post on a review site cannot be responded to or taken down, or an upset visitor cannot be appeased. Leaving these negative contents online can severely damage your good name in the long-term. Fortunately, there are online services that can provide your blog or business with excellent reputation management strategies that can repair any problematic content.
These companies understand how search engines work and how to contact webmasters and content producers to remove negative content from the internet. They use proven methods and techniques that can remove or displace negative content from the internet, and they can even replace it with positive content that reinforces your message.
Many successful corporations have practiced reputation management for years. Thanks to the internet, reputation management is much more valuable than ever before and it is also easier for individuals to practice for themselves. With these guidelines, you can start managing your online reputation today. If a crisis comes your way and you need serious help, internet reputation management experts are ready for you.
How far do you think your online content, no matter personal or business (blog or website) is safe and do you think your information is safe? Would love to hear your thoughts on this. Peace.

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