10 Things I Do when I am Fed Up with Blogging!

10 things I Do when I am Fed Up with BloggingThe idea of building a blog, working on it day and night and then hoping to make money with it, is itself an awesome feeling initially. There is one thing common in all the bloggers that I met in my blogging career, and that is, their never ending love for their blog. Your blog is not only a webpage but it becomes your most lovable asset if it is productive enough to make your life a better one. However, As a blogger myself, I know that there are times when you really fed up with things you love normally and look forward to things that are a part of the lives of free people. Becoming an author always appealed me, But still, writing continuously for around 6 hours daily for MBT and SEM daily, sometimes brings an end to my other shades of life.
However, when you are earning with something you really love, there is no room to feel down as doing so, negatively affects your work drastically. In order to keep the life going on, here is an effective list of things I Do to refresh my efficiency and keep life normalized.

1) Sleep Tight!

SleepING AT NIGHTWhat suffers the most and longest is your sleeping hours when you turn into a dedicated blogger. No matter how much you try to keep the routine managed, your blogs suck your time like anything. What bloggers do not understand is, making their sleeping hours suffer leaves an adverse effect on their health as well as the overall quality of the work.

What I do the moment I start feel nauseate is, I turn off my laptop immediately, keeping everything a side and sleep. Putting an Alarm to get up after two to three hours is a must do thing if the post for that night is not ready. Try doing this; you will see your post will take half an hour less than the actual time you would have taken to complete your post with a heavy head!

2) Watch Latest Movies

watch moviesTelling your friends and colleagues that we are bloggers by profession and hearing praises and appreciation from them always make us proud of ourselves. However, while sitting in a group of friends, who are discussing a recently released movie, makes you feel as an outsider if you do not know anything about it. See, you are a human and you need to take out time to have some sort of entertainment in life.

Writing two posts a day sometimes make my head swing like anything after publishing them. The level of fatigue is at times too much that doesn’t let one sleep too. In such cases, the best way to divert mind is to switch on the television or watch latest movies. I am personally too fond of watching movies also, therefore switching my mode from one hobby (blogging) to other (movies) do wonders for me.

3) Go to Gym

Your occupied schedules not only affect your mind, but your physical health also suffers. What becomes most distressful is your one posture that you make while typing, giving a hard time to your neck and shoulders!

swimming and gym to keep you fitThe day my Papers of last semester ended, the first thing I did was to join a gym for swimming and exercise. The best part of the entire story is, going to gym, immediately after a tiring day at university, prepares me to give 6 devoted hours to my blog by refreshing me for the rest of the day. Make it a part of your life to keep your blog and yourself-FIT!

4) Study as well

Although I am earning today for my writing skills, but I obviously aim to cash my engineering degree in future as well. Moreover, acquiring knowledge and giving it importance in your life will take you a head in everything you plan to do.

STUDYING IN FREE TIMEIt’s natural that planning to sit with book to study is itself a frustrating thing to do. But true that, it is a must do activity for students. Therefore, the moment I feel that my input to blogging is not 100%, I sometimes, replace my laptop with course books. Hate it or Love it, but whatever you do, you have to take along your studies.

5) Read Novels

READING NOVELSI have been sharing this fact of my life in many posts that I have written that one strong factor that has played an important role in finding an author in me is my reading habit. I Love to read novels. However, due to the busy life now, I hardly get time to maintain the pace I always had, but soon after the post publish; I pick up my novel and read few pages daily. This not only gives me peace within, but also updates the vocabulary which is always needed to be refreshed.

6) Say yes to Hangouts

You need to be social in order to survive in the society. When your parents can manage their offices and family gatherings at the same time, then why can’t we? Trust me; hanging out with friends for lunches is perhaps the most exciting thing in this age!

hangoutsKnowing that I have to write more than 2000 words in evening, I never refuse my friends for outings. The reason behind it is obviously the question that I ask to myself that what I am earning for then if I have no life to use the money for? Getting dressed well, Going out, meeting new people, giggling with friends, eating is something that pleases your within. You must try it out if your blogging is keeping you too occupied that things are turning in to frustration!

7) Facebooking

facebook loveThe reason I write for Facebook the most, is the unrevealed fact that I am really a Facebook Freak. Facebook is my most used supplement when it comes to being fed up from long posts and never ending blogging matters. Little bit use of Facebook keeps your mind active and prevents you from being lost somewhere else, day dreaming!

8) Family Time

family time must t surviveThis is a compulsory task for most of us although, still it does wonders when you are actually find yourself in great irritation due to the long tiring typing hours. Being a girl, I have to cook, help mom in house chores, etc. and the best opportunity to avail the time is when I m in no mood to do what I love-always. Sitting with my younger brother, sharing things with mom, discussing issues with dad is something way to energetic.

If you are making your family life suffer due to your profession (any), you need to re-think about your priorities!

9) Shopping

shopping_bagsIt’s a privilege to announce that-I am A Shopaholic! Nothing pleases me more than to have a good amount in wallet to spend all in shopping. Who doesn’t like to keep himself maintained? Especially when there is a constant fear of having dark circles below eyes as a result of sleepless nights and 8 hours laptop sittings? You are a lucky one out of many other fellows who is an entrepreneur, earning money for himself, therefore, never hesitate in taking out time for shopping to keep yourself maintained so that you become a blogging icon for your friends, who want to become like you-in-every way! Knowing that you can buy things from the money that your article will going to generate, your enthusiasm for your work doubles, isn’t it?

10) Play-the-music!

LISTEN MUSICSince centuries a universally recognized fact that I have seen working is music has a magic in it that helps to keep your energetic, as well as gives you an immense pleasure. Life is getting busier each day and I hardly get time to either play my piano, or to listen my song lists that I have loved throughout my life till date. Although not that often, but yes, when my writing abilities are taking their last breaths by the end of the day, I usually look for some good music to help me coming back to normal after an entire hectic day. Music has been playing its role in making me fall asleep in no time at nights, keeping me going on! If You love music too, never hold back yourself in times you are really in a bad mood, you will see wonders happening to you!

Life is all about trying-and-adjusting. Your business might be tough, your days might be hectic ones, but there is always something that can work out for you-depending how much willing are you to maintain life having all shades in it!

All the best,

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