7 Reasons why Never Migrate Blogger To Wordpress

never migrate to wordpressIts 2012, 13 years have passed when pyra labs (acquired by Google in 2003) first launched Blogger and 9 years have passed when Matt Mullenweg  first developed Wordpress as a blogging software in May 27, 2003.  There is still too much confusion and myths about these two great blogging tools and all credit goes to some well polished Bloggers themselves who would never try to speak justly. Just like our TV talk shows where two parties debate with one another and their sole aim always remains to prove the other one wrong, same is true about Blogger vs. Wordpress comparison in blogosphere.  New comers or beginners who just came to know what a blog is and how to make a living out of it, are badly confused to pick the right platform out of the available two. People who fail to optimize and monetize their Google blogs often migrate to wordpress and they do so because they are blinded with a false belief that blogger being free is neglected by sponsors and Wordpress being self hosted is warmly welcomed and generates both traffic and revenue due to an extremely helpful community and easily configured open source PHP platform.
We would talk with great responsibility today and as active users of both these platforms, we are producing this article to help thousands make the right decision by understanding the differences between the two.
If you are new and don't exactly know what a bog is then please read:

Who should use Wordpress?

Wordpress has two setups. A free one which in other words is just a demo of the wordpress software. People rarely use that (i.e. wordpress.com) because you don't have rights to edit the stylesheet, hence no customization possible. But the self-hosted wordpress (i.e. wordpress.org) enables you with complete command and control to configure things. Nearly 30% of all blogs on Technorati's Top 100 Blogs uses Wordpress as a CMS with only 6% using BlogSpot. The reason why so many internet marketing firms are favoring Wordpress is mainly due to its open source platform that requires no premium license unlike ASP.net and PHP has no limits when it comes to development. You can create a highly interactive Web 2.0 site or CMS using it.
Wordpress frameworks both free and premium are coded using PHP as the platform language.  Wordpress for this very reason is Programmers' first choice. If you have resources and the potential to spend bucks to hire a developer who could configure and maintain your site, then wordpress is your best option without any doubts. But if you are not a professional in online business and have limited funds, then switching to this platform will cause you both money and pain. This is where individual bloggers fail to understand the maintenance requirements and trap themselves with the headache of tons of MYSQL errors and broken codes.
Wordpress is a good choice for Business professionals and corporate firms, who need a easily managed Content Management System and have enough resources to carefully look after it. From a programmers' perspective I would truly favor wordpress but as a user or as a professional blogger alone, I wouldn't raise up my thumb.
Remember professional bloggers can use both blogger or wordpress. Both offers exact same options and enough resources to blog actively. We are using Blogger to host all  files on this blog for free but we are using self-hosted Wordpress for our second blog on smart Earning Methods. When it comes about extra storage we use Hostgator. We are more happy with blogger than we are with wordpress for reasons I mentioned above and would further elaborate below.

Who Should use Blogger?

Blogger blogs are free hosted journals that is operated by Google. It's the pioneer of blogging industry and has the highest undisclosed number of blogs to date. Millions of people use it for both personal and commercial purpose. The blog that you are reading at this moment is hosted at Blogger with no hosting payments at all. However we pay Hostgator only for the domain costs and extra storage space.
Since blogger blogs are coded in XHTML and highly secured therefore programmers have limited access to many functions and variables. This is one reason why big firms and professionals who want a easily configured platform don't find BlogSpot interesting. But wait, does that mean you should not favor it too?
Following are some limitations on content storage and bandwidth per user account in Blogger:
  • Blog description = 500 characters. HTML mark up not supported.
  • Number of blogs = 100 blogs per account.
  • Number of labels = 5,000 unique labels per blog, 20 unique labels per post
  • Number of pictures = Up to 1 GB of free storage. Stored at Picasa.
  • Number of posts = Unlimited.
  • Static Pages = Unlimited Stand Alone Pages!
  • Team members (those who can write to a blog) = 100 per blog.
  • Size of pages = Individual pages (the main page of a blog or archive pages) are limited to 1 MB
  • Size of pictures = Pictures are scaled to 1600px
After seeing the above limitations I think even some small business owners would rethink their decision and would switch back to Blogger. Blogger is best for individuals and people who may love to blog for Money or just fun. It will improve your web designing skills because there is a lot to learn here and can apply all HTML4, JavaScript, jQuery and CSS3 creative hacks to your blog but with Free WordPress you are limited to plugins alone, no scope for learning in WP. Blogger is flexible, easy to use and highly secured and indeed any Blogger's first choice.

5 Myths about Blogger

Following are some baseless statements that are often used by many online and this encourages small business owners to migrate to wordpress hoping that things would get better.
1. Your Blogger blog is not actually owned by you:
It is true that all your blog posts and pages are stored at Google servers but you have the option to backup all your files and images from the settings menu. You are free to migrate and leave blogger anytime you wish. You are not a captive here and deserve full Copyrights of your content. Your content stays highly secured at Google servers unlike a private-web host who can give you an unexpected dead call anytime possible.  It is a good habit to backup your Blog at least twice a week no matter what platform you use.
2. Your  blog can be deleted anytime:
Yes sure why not. If you are running porn, sharing racist content, distributing disturbing or explicit content and violating copyright laws then anyone would deserve a penalty. AdSense deletes the highest number of accounts then any other ad network, this doesn't mean, publishers should stop using it. As long as you are following any company's Terms of services then you are safe and protected. Further as I mentioned above you must keep a backup of all your data no matter you use Wordpress, Facebook or blogger. You are never the true owner of your data if its not backed up.
3. Blogger blogs are not liked by Sponsors:
We are using Blogger on this blog and we are running out of space to ad further ad spots. Our sponsors wait in queue. We receive both paid product reviews, campaign promotion offers and dozens of services per month alhamdulillAllah. If sponsors actually didn't like blogger then may be whatever you see on this blog is a lie. Advertisers don't really care whether you are using a free service or paid as long as you provide quality traffic in return to their product, own a loyal readership and good social rankings. All that a sponsor requires is your strong online existence. That simple. 
4. Blogger blogs have poor SEO features
This is the most biased kind of statement one could pass against BlogSpot blogs. How can a platform be poorly optimized when it is owned by Google itself? Since blogger blogs are not equipped with programmed plugins that does all the headache on your behalf, you will have to do some minor tweaks to optimize your template. The web is full of blogger tutorials so the community is always generous at helping others. Just recently Blogger team introduced Custom permalinks, 302 redirects, 404 error pages, custom robots.txt and  header tags and much more.
Development is always going on here and so far Blogger has introduced enough features to turn any blog into a traffic driving engine. Our blogger blog is ranking better on SERPs compared to our wordpress one. We even receive free traffic from the giant blogger directory itself. Google robots index and crawl the blog pages well and easily. Since the RSS feed is auto created and is hosted at Feedburner therefore it is well crawled by Search spiders. Traffic depends on your SEO skills and never on platform.
5.   Blogger blogs look unprofessional:
Same can be said about Wordpress themes. The choice and customization of the template depends on the blog owner. Anyone would look ugly with a dull and grey dress or suit. There are thousands of well designed and optimized templates that you can download and install for free. Most users being non-techy often find it difficult to customize their templates but now the web is full of high quality designs that will surely turn your free blog into a pro one.
7 Reasons Why Never Migrate
Before I may rush at the points please note that we don't hate wordpress or have a more biased approach towards it. I personally love it and enjoy creating new plugins and tools using WP as the CMS. The truth is that if I look at it as a programmer I love it more and more but as a non-techy end user (just like most of you), Wordpress is no less than a headache. I am listing below some 7 reasons that explain why newcomers should better use Blogger and never make the mistake of switching it if they are not ready to face the sever side(MySQL) problems.
1. Wordpress blogs are more vulnerable to attacks:
An open source platform always has its pros and cons. Website hacking is a common terminology now. PHP based websites which are self-hosted and managed by an individual always leave loop holes for MYSQL injection and other terrible sever attacks.
A recent example of a Wordpress blog being hacked is of India's top Tech Blogger Amit agarwal. This is how he explains:
On July 1st, the hacker stepped on the gas(server) and deleted every single file /website that was hosted on my web server. I do not know how this happened and I may have lost some of my previous work but there’s a good side to the story – this fellow was kind enough to spare my databases and hence the main site is at least up and running now
image He was lucky the attacker did not delete or dropped his database tables, if in case he would have then this would have been the worst hacking example in blogosphere. He keeps great care of his backups and files but as you can see the images no more appear on his blog because the image files are either deleted from the Media library or miss-located. Now even if Amith try's to re-upload the images he would have to insert each image again into every post that he wrote so far (his post counts in thousands).
This explains why Blogger developers do not allow users to access the sever database and they have willingly limited access to several important functions (that tells how data can be retrieved and parsed)  just to keep your data safe.
Wordpress blogs can easily be crashed via DDoS attack or DIGG.
2. Extremely difficult to customize:
Wordpress has more freedom for a web developer but a compact space for web designer. Since people learn HTML and CSS more easily compared to any programming script like PHP, XML and ASP, therefore introducing new div sections into the template or creating custom drop down menus or widget sections or even adding plugins on any specific location inside the post-body is indeed a tough job for a non-programmer.
Unlike Wordpress that has hundred of files that act as controllers, Blogger gives access to the entire structure of the blog through an HTML editor which clearly displays basic HTML tags like Head and body and hides server side scripting thus making the job of template editing easy even for a non-programmer.
A single delimiter mistake or comma mistake in wordpress can crash several files and could cause great trouble.
3.  Buggy and out-dated plugins:
There is no proper debugging done of all plugins submitted to wordpress Plugin directory. Most of the plugins do not support the latest versions of the WP and often lacks design flexibility. Most Plugin's stylesheet often conflicts and overrides your main stylesheet which distorts the blog template display. I recently got myself into great trouble when I uninstalled the Google XML sitemap generator and the try re-installing it. It took me hours deleting the left behind files and then debugging the irritating Error messages displaying on my screen.
4. Support Forum with no support:
Pray that you may never encounter to look for help in Wordpress support forum. Most members there are often not developers and the solutions that they suggest often prove less of help. Indeed the community is very active in replying but you will still find several unanswered questions which are over two years old. If you are a non-programmer then no matter who tries to help, you will find every suggestion more like solving a mathematical puzzle.
5. Costly Troubleshooting:
If you could not find a solution online or could not figure out or debug an error then you would surely need a developer's help. It again costs money and as a developer myself, we do charge a lot. ;)
6. Framework Updates Hurt:
Most bloggers often use premium frameworks to take their blogs to the next level. The famous being thesis and Genesis. We are using StudioPress Focus Child Theme on our new blog which uses the famous Genesis Framework as the running engine. Whenever a new version of Wordpress arrives, the framework must be updated too. Doing this breaks several features of existing customizations on template and plugins. As a result you often have to start from scratch. We often have to repeat several tweaks every time a new Genesis update arrives, because the framework structure if customized would get replaced with the updated one, thus causing a mess for end user.
7. Plethora of useless Plugins:
Plugins! You will find tons of same plugins with different names. Most of them are either out-dated, dead, or not compatible with your theme style. The best plugins which look professional are often premium and costs a lot. A simple pop-up subscription box or Jquery slider would cost you as high as $70, which is even greater than the cost of one year hosting at Hostgator.
We would agree that there are dozens of useful plugins too but if you are looking for an eye-catching and magnificent plugin that you just discovered at a blog while browsing, then you would often find yourself annoyed when the plugin is tagged as Premium!
You would need a plugin to make the slightest of a tweak or to add a simple 1 line or 4 lines of code. Wordpress blogs are surrounded with tons of plugins that often increase the load time.  If you can afford then premium plugins are worth trying.

Your views?

I must clear my stand here that this post was aimed only to share true and authentic details about both these two great platforms. We did not aimed at favoring one and devaluing the other. Wordpress is best for users with some programming and web hosting idea and blogger is best for people who want to keep things simple and can't afford a private web host and neither could tolerate server side troubles. They both are the best blogging software so far, they both can be monetized and optimized and they both have almost all necessary features and functionalities that a blogger requires. If you are looking to make a living out of your blog then you can now clearly make a decision which way to go.
I must tell you that the post only explains the reasons why one should not migrate to Wordopress, just trying to alert the BlogSpot users of the challenges they would have to face. We did not meant to degrade any platform. What matters here is making a smart decision by keeping your resources and skills in front of you. Every tool is useful as long as you know how to use it.
Please share your valuable views on this topic and tell us how far do you agree or disagree. If you have recently migrated to wordpress then please share your experience so that we could learn more from you and educate the community better. Wish you all a happy blogging experience. Peace and blessings pals! :)

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    You've told the pros of blogger(no cons) and cons of wordpress(no pros) which really disappoints me because i'm a blogger and wordpress user for more that 2 years and they both satisfied me well.
    Digital Inspiration blog(which you showed above) is a blogger to wordpress migrated blog, he did so because he want more control and flexibility over his blog. Not only DI but most of the famous blogs like Gigaom.com, techcrunch.com, ghacks.com, makeuseof.com, howtogeek.com etc.., are wordpress selfhosted.
    Finally what i'm saying is that pls don't only show the cons of wordpress.

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    Actually i ever wanted to work on WP. But due to no source of income i didn't go for it. But now as i could buy hosting so i bought it. Actually I have created a blog on Blogger on Poetry It's: Urdu Poetry a few months ago. I optimized it and now after few months i'm getting a small but a living traffic.

    I bought web hosting from Bluehost a few weeks ago (as my dream was on working on WP) But what happened that i couldn't handle it. It is become a big headache of mine. I don't know how to handle it. As i'm not a programmer, i just have a few knowledge about HTML and CSS. I just leave it now and i think i have lost my money on purchasing the web hosting.

    Now after seeing your blog which is hosted on Blogger, and after reading this article, i have decided not to working on WP untill i become a good programmer.

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  22. Apologies for being late in the party, just got free. :)

    One of our objective with this post was to examine who carefully people read blog posts today. The post could have been written in series but we wrote them all in one piece to see if people really read between the lines.

    It feels great to see many of you enjoying both platforms. I would now reply some specific comments one at a time.


    My personal suggestion can never be one because they both can't be compared. I suggest Wodpress if you can afford and have basic skills of PHP. I would suggest Blogger if you don't have resources but want to enjoy blogging with all free features and equipments needed to take your journal to the next level.

    @ahmed safwan
    Absolutely agree with you and the post above acknowledges all the brilliant experiences that you are having at the moment. you are using a premium framework plus a premium SEO tool, which are enough to show that you must be enjoying Wordpress a lot because you can spend some bucks to keep the system work for you.

    Visited your blog and the theme looks great :)

    @Mgbeokwelu Chijindu
    I respect your enthusiasm but I would appreciate if just read the post once :)

    @Varinder Pal Singh
    For you my friend, I would say you would enjoy any platform because you actually enjoy what you do and you know both the platforms well. Great to hear WordPress is working fine for you now. :>


    Agreed to all you said in the end about blog migrations. DI is a premium adsense publisher with almost all premium plugins to keep the system alive. Unlike him, most bloggers are not well aware that it takes money to develop the wordpress blog and promote it through ad networks and search engines. A simple shift wont make things better if you can't take initiatives to market your blog.
    However I would like to clarify that my strong sided approach towards blogger in this post was to make it very clear for such students, not to get inspired blindly by successful WordPress users and instead they should value Blogger as the right software for them at this stage. They can surely migrate if needed in future.

    There was surely no pros and cons except reasons on why new comers should not migrate without understanding the challenges ahead. Hope this helps buddy :)

    @ Malathy Badri
    I wish you all the best with this decision and expect to see you live and active very soon in blogosphere. :)

    That was one reason which motivated me further to post it down. :)

    As we mentioned SEO or traffic to your blog does not depend on the platform you use. It is based on your strategies and structure (edited by you).

    The sudden jump in your PR could be because your backlinks increased and some well PR blogs started pointing you. May be your guested posted a lot during this period or shared quality content that others liked. So the credit goes to your hard work during this period not the platform. One of our guest author got PR 3.0 from Pr.0 in just one month, only by guesting posting at MBT. Read his story. Enough evidence to understand that both systems work well in terms of SEO as long as you can drive them well.

  23. @Masroor Aijaz
    WordPress blogs getting hack is common and most often this happens because people do forget to bullet-proof their security. I am glad you are using blogger now just to keep your data safe. :>

    Pleased to hear that pal. More power! :)

    You will have to explain why, that's one way to share views better so that we all learn form on another. :)

    @Raheem Khan
    I would strongly suggest you brother to kindly read the post just once before posting views. I would request everyone to kindly always read the articles completely before posting comments. Because only then it makes sense to comment. I will surely reply your comment if you confirm that you have read the post because you will find all answers to your questions in the article buddy. :>

    @Zeshan Ahmed

    I must thank you for sharing your valuable thoughts. Such comments help even others and we count it as a part of contribution to the article above. Your experience helped understanding this issue even more. Grateful to you :)

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    I am thankful :)

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    You can get a domain name for a blogger blog too and for extra storage you can surely try a webhost like we did recently. Read: Why we hosted blogs on hosgtator?

    @Mohammed Rameez
    Even those 100 reasons are less because WP has its own respectable place. I would appreciate if you read the post. The above post is not a comparison but directing who should use what.

    That sounds great dude and I am glad you are finding blogger a great resource. :)

    @Abdulwali Khan
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    so I told him about migrate it to wordpress, because wordpress brings more ease (for dummies).

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  33. @José Vega

    You are welcomed Jose. I am sure your dad will find the editing options very user friendly and I am sure he will enjoy blogging this way a lot. Well we will publish that article this week. so stay tuned. :)

    No doubt in it. But new bloggers or old, the functionality works for both. :)

    Backing up your template will only download the template structure but not posts or comments. For uploading comments and posts please go to Settings > Other > Import blog

    Apologies for the late reply. :)

    Yes thats perfectly alright. Blogger labels by default are dofollow and with no noindex attribute. We have added the labels in our menu too. :>

    Your share video based resources from third party sources. As long as you provide attribution to the original source, it is fine but normally such blogs often fell a prey to Adsense penalization. so kindly publish text but not graphics.

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    Blogger might have some problems early on because it's a late comer than Wordpress. Google is cathing up, and overtaking it.

    Have you noticed experienced bloggers hate Blogger, while newbie like me likes it. I have very few gripes about it. Mind you, it isn't problem free. We live in a real world.

    The future:
    Backed up by google. Who's bigger, Google or Wordpress? I sleep easier at night knowing this.

    Integrated seamless into google+ (because they're the same company), and whatever future products google going to add. You could bet on it.

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    I wish you would rethink your opinion about the deletion of blogs issue. We are in a time of upheaval, and any young idiot at Blogger who doesn't agree with another's politics may delete my content. Bad for freedom, which is of greater importance in the 21st century than at any time.
    Good article, and thanks.

  53. After seven great years on Blogger I feel I have no choice but to move to Wordpress if I want to add some PHP to create advertising space on my sidebar that can: give me click through counts, track views, rotate the ads with each page refresh, and allow me to automate the publish and takedown dates of the ads. Is there a way for me to implement these functions on Blogger? I'd rather stay with them than leave. Thanks for any help answering this question.

  54. Thank you for writing this. Umm.. Let's see:

    Reason 1: Doesn't make sense.

    Can you please tell me even after getting his wordpress blog hacked, why is "India's top Tech Blogger" back to using wordpress? I guess this is enough reason to switch/stay with wordpress, don't you think?

    For many of the custom wordpress (wordpress.org) hacks, the root cause is the server security and not the security of wordpress per se. If the user does not understand this, he shouldn't be using the wordpress.org version, instead use the wordpress.com hosted service which is stable and secure.

    Blogger blogs also get hacked. They aren't magically protected against authentication hacks.

    Reason 2: Seriously?!

    "..compact space for designers.."? Really?! Delimiter mistake? Any wrong tags can make a HTML blogger template also "crash". Wordpress.com let's users purchase a CSS upgrade. Going by the range of default themes you have you'll probably never have to purchase this.

    There's no need to even mention wordpress.org here as the user has complete control of the template and themes. And it isn't as gravely difficult to modify a wordpress theme as the author mentions. If you are able to edit a HTML template, you should be easily able to edit a wordpress theme as well.

    Reason 3: This is getting exasperating!

    Again, wordpress.com does not let you install plugins and manages everything by itself. So no need to worry.

    Wordpress.org takes time and effort to maintain. And by default, it is the user's responsibility to maintain any plugins that he installs. If it breaks, find a better plugin. Simple.

    Reason 4: Google is worst at customer support!

    So, Google gives you 24x7 email/phone support? Wordpress.com does give you email support. You can raise a ticket through your wordpress.com blog itself!

    Wordpress.org is a community software and you get only community support. Like I said, if you aren't proficient in working with web servers, do not opt for wordpress.org. Instead choose wordpress.com

    Reason 5: You are a developer!?

    Okay, I'm not going to say anything here.

    Reason 6: True.

    When you inject dependency by using external frameworks, you cannot blame wordpress for upgrading their software. Either stop using the framework, or nag the developers of the framework to release a new version quick.

    You don't have to worry about this too if you use wordpress.com

    Reason 7: Okay, I guess this has been added just to make the number to 7.

    Really? There are a lot of useless things on the internet. Learn to ignore them. In my experience with wordpress, there is an alternative to every paid plugin they have. For a paid plugin, you are paying for the plugin per se, but for the support/service that you get. (Okay, time to shut up. Courtesy of Reason 5)

    Okay, neither are your views true nor your understanding correct. Maybe you need to learn the difference between the wordpress ecosystem - the enterprise-hosted wordpress.com and the self-hosted wordpress.org. http://en.support.wordpress.com/com-vs-org/

    No offense, but your post was inaccurate at so many levels, it did gather a rather harsh response.

    I just hope people make an informed choice. Oh, and by the way, I have nothing against blogger. Many of my friends use it.

    1. Whatever the reasons , Blogger is better than Wordpress !
      We all use Google Search Engine more than using our brain ! And Blogger is an initiative of Google ! So ,No wories on Blogger ! Its the best !

      Rizwan @ Blogger Kid

  55. One thing I really hate with wordpress. You need a realiable hosting.

  56. @Blogger Master

    It's rather weird comparison:)
    Actuallt, blogger is suitable for personal blogs when you are not chasing for ranking or clients. WordPress at the same time offers you the possibility to increase your place in SE. It's more functional than blogger and you may turn your blog into the wesbite or even store using some peculiar plugins. With Wordpress it's easy to earn money running a blog, you may create more advanced content.

  57. Well, what can I say. YOu are right. Blogger is a great platform. But WordPress is a nice CMS too I can tell. To tell the truth, I like more WP, yes it is a bit more difficult to run a website on it because of the customisation, but still I feel more confident on WordPress than on Blogger. I had a blog on Blogger, so I can compar(by the way I used this plugin to migrate from blogger to WP: http://wordpress.org/plugins/cms2cms-blogger-to-wp-converter/). So, perhaps the reasons you have provided not to move to WordPress are not for everyone. Lots of people like this platform.

  58. Thank you for sharing. I have a dilemma I need help to fix. I'm migrating TO Blogger FROM wordpress and in the process my images all have my wordpress links.

    Please tell me there is an easy way to fix this image problem so that I can leave my self-hosted blog and enjoy Blogger. I am NOT computer savvy and need some hand holding to figure out how to do this. I did get all my posts to transfer (I don't have many of them live because of the image link issue).

    Thank you for any help you can offer1

  59. I completely agree with you, I recently migrated my blogger custom domain to wordpress.org, but within a few days I realized that it was a horrible mistake done.

    even after customizing everything I started getting the problem of 503 resource limit reached error which was frequently making my website unavailable, next was the spam comment problem and also the upgrading wordperss problem which warned that while upgrading there was a possibility of something going wrong....after seeing so many unnecessary headaches I simply reverted my blog back to blogger.....a peaceful, calmer, and much safer place than anywhere else.

  60. That's why My Blogger Tricks still on Blogger. I am a follower of you. So I also made my 4 blogs on Blogger. But i always dissatisfied for blogger limitations. If Blogger has any premium plans. I will choose that. By the way, thanks for your tips for blogger lovers.

  61. I envy about two things in Pakistan, 1. Malala and 2. Mohammad :) Excellent posts and landed here via Evans blog . Keep It Up

  62. Working with Wordpress before (mainly helping mom figure the hectic mess out) I would say I much prefer the platform of Blogger.

    Sure, lots of things you can potentially do with PHP, but not knowing anything, you kind of fall head first when problems happen. Took a few minutes just to find the template for the header going through the menus. At least with Blogger it is as easy as finding the template.

    Plugins on Wordpress are nice, but I have found that if you can think of something you want on Blogger, you can easily find a tutorial or helpful hints on how to do something. Knowing some HTML and CSS really comes in handy as well. I should learn more about jQuery...

  63. Mohammad, I do not completely agree with what you think. I believe Wordpress has to be the only option if you planning for long term and you want complete control over your website.

    For instance, take my experience as an example. I created a website on blogger which was about Urdu Poetry. It started getting good traffic and people started to copy my stuff like crazy. I had no control over it whatsoever. I had to do something before complete copies of my website were available elsewhere. One thing that came in to my mind was just to disable selecting text and copying. I searched about it and contacted several programmers but at that time there was no way to get it done.
    So i had to move to Wordpress. Since then, I am able to do whatever i think i should do with my website. This is just an example, there were so many concerns for me to not stick with blogger.

  64. I have recently started a blog on WordPress. But after reading your article, I am afraid of wordpress errors. Now, I am thinking to restart my blog on Blogger Platform. It contains only two posts. So, I will not be very bad idea if I restart my blog.
    Please give me the right advice. Waiting for your reply...