25 Smart Things to Do When You Are Jobless

25 things to do when you are unemplyedIf you are looking for jobs and still facing failure in getting a decent one, then there are all possibilities that you might get frustrated some day. Being unemployed, is seriously a worst feeling, giving you illusions about how useless you are. However, it depends totally on you that how you utilize this time to either enhance your capabilities or to get into severe depression. If you are a freelancer by profession, you must be facing such situations in your contract intervals. I recently lost one of my contracts and thought of sharing the tips that I have been implementing I my life to keep it going smooth to ensure a positive change with everything coming its way.
Here are 50 tips to keep you engaged in productive things while still looking for a job.

1. Fix up Yourself

The thought of being unemployed is a disaster for sure. The first thing you need to do is to tell yourself that this is temporary and this time is a blessing for you to recover your personality that has been affected by continuous working. Start taking nutritious meals and sleep as much as you can to maintain your health and stay fresh. It will really help you by reducing your stress.

2. Pay Attention on Your Looks

give time to your personality buildingOk, now what you need to understand here is the difference in point number 1 and 2. Fixing yourself, giving a shape to your dull, stressed personality is what you need to do immediately as soon as you find yourself going in depression.
Now that you are satisfied with your health and feel all ready to start up with the next step, you need to concentrate on your personality. Don’t forget, that your first impression is the last impression. Take an appointment with a dermatologist and focus on how you can place a good impression on your potential boss in first place.

3. Explore Yourself

It is true that sometimes people spend their entire lives but never get to know what they wanted from themselves. Now that you are free these days, do what many people never did, that is, to understand your own personality. Search about your likes, your dislikes, your actions and reactions, in fact become your judge.

4. Honestly Answer Your Own Questions

question markThere are things that we do not want others to know about us, that’s a natural thing. You know yourself the best; therefore, ask questions to yourself about things you can’t discuss with others. Be honest in answering them and analyze where do you stand and what should be done to overcome things that are somehow responsible for your failures.

5. Get a Hold on a New Skill

Keep on learning something you don’t know is always a constructive practice. The students who do extra courses in their vacations become twice intelligent as their other classmates on the basis of their additional skill. Being jobless is nothing other than having vacations, isn’t it? Join some institute to enhance your capabilities by adding a new star in your qualifications. This increases the chance of getting a better job than your previous one.

6. Learn from Your Failures

What happens most of the time is that you think of all the bad memories that made you lose your job but you hardly think about the reasons that brought such a situation. It is a real drawback that we cannot tolerate the fact that we have something missing. However, people who learn from their mistakes are the ones who succeed. Take a paper and pencil and write your weak points and start working on rectifying things.

7. Attend Trainings

attend trainings and seminaraSeminars and trainings are a good way to bring a change in the overall persona, as well as improving skills. Search for all interesting seminars and get yourself registered in them. Utilize your time.

8. Build connections

No one is going to come on your doorstep and offer you a job obviously, what you need to do side by side in your free days is to build your own connections. Join linkedin, tell everyone you meet, about your requirements for a job. Your connections work like magic for you, if not today then tomorrow, for sure!

9. Enjoy with Family

When you enjoy the title of being employed, the first side of your life that you start to neglect is your family. While searching for the next job, try to become more family oriented and spend time with your loved ones. They play a significant role in keeping you out of depression of being a jobless.

10. Stay Happy

socializingSo what that you lose one job, that is not the end, or is it? Obviously not! Enjoy this time of your life, realize the fact that the new job will ask for more time, more power and more efforts, you would hardly be able to take out time to enjoy then. Stay happy as it makes things easier.

11.Come out of your Comfort Zone

I read this tips somewhere and it took me months to apply on myself. You see, it’s never an ideal case. Not all the bosses are great, not all the colleagues are friendly, but in order to meet up your livings and raise your standards, you must bring some flexibility in your personality. This will help you in every aspect of your life.

12. Turn your Bad Habits into Good Ones

Point 11 is just as example of bringing a positive change in you. Nobody is perfect, but its always feasible to convert your VISIBLE bad habits in to good ones at first place, because your personality somehow reflect your habits and the more Good you would reflect, the more are chances to survive in this tough world of today.

13. Take Advice

Up till now all the tips require only your efforts, but taking an advice from a man of wisdom is highly recommended. Ask your mentor about what should be the next step in your career. How can you tackle things now; and discuss in detail about the issues that bothers you within.

14. Upgrade your Resume

update your resumeSince you have learnt new things in your free days, you need to re frame your CV now to let your potential bosses know that you are a talent that never stops. Add the additional courses and seminars you attended.

15. Do an Internship

Doing an internship is one of the best utilization of time when you are jobless. Internships always place a good impression on your boss when added in your resume. Moreover, you get to learn a lot of new things too.

16. Own a Business Card

Create a business card for yourself and hand it over to people you meet, to make new connections.

17. Stay updated about your Domain

The world is a subject to change with every single minute passing by. When you are actually out of your field, you often miss a lot of latest happenings of your niche, which takes you behind than your competitors.

18. Refresh Your Goals

Do you know where you really desire to be in five years? The answer might not be what you idea it would be five years in the past, particularly in light of your unemployment. Get a hard look at your life and figure out what you really want from your career and your personal relationships.

19. Become disciplined

try to bring evident changes in your personality. Discipline is the key to success; work really hard on adopting it.

20. Take Help from Books

Books are your best companion if you do not have to give an exam after reading them.:) on a serious note, if you are jobless and staying back at home, then don’t sit idle. Start reading books of your taste. The reading habit keeps you occupied and moreover improves your reading, speaking and writing abilities.

21. Join Clubs or Gym

Keep yourself busy, engage yourself in a nearby gym or join a club where your friends go to pass some good time with them.

22. Keep Practicing your skills

practicingIf you are programmer like me, for example, your programming would suffer greatly if you stay out of touch to your niche. You need to keep this point clear in your mind that you are having vacations from going to office physically but your mind has to perform its duty to keep utilizing what you have learnt throughout your academic life

23. Socialize

It’s really sad that jobless people often start a social boycott which is an added feature in ruining their professional lives completely. If you are doing the same, you need to change this isolation of yours as soon as possible. Socialize with friends, use social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc., to grow your network and thus opportunities.

24. Become an Entrepreneur

entrepreneurshipDo you really think you need to search jobs, visiting offices, applying for posts that are not matching your standards still when you can be your own boss? With today’s online learning opportunities, you can always switch your career and becomes an entrepreneur and can earn more than what you would have got from your job. Start a blog, learn from professional bloggers, search more about online money making businesses and choose one that suits you the most. Nobody is going to help you till you are not ready to help yourself.

25. keep your spirits high

keep your hopes high and motivate yourself for the above stated tips. Start believing that whatever has happened, it happened due to a reason and it was better for you. Learn from past and move on. Sticking with it will not give you anything. There are thousands of opportunities waiting for you, all you have to do is to pick the right one for you!
All the Best,

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