July 19, 2012


How to Automatically Share Blog Updates on Google Plus?

Sharing blogger posts on google+
Social Media promotion is every blogger's need. If a blog is an engine, then social media acts like a lubricant, without which a blog would stall. This is why bloggers need to share their awesome content so that people around the world can know about it. To that effect, Google is trying to help out bloggers by ruffling quite some feathers. Recently, Google released the Google Takeout service that lets you merge two Google Plus accounts together. Now, you can connect your Google Plus account with Blogger to easily share your posts and also gain recognition for your work on social media. A share box will automatically appear when you publish a post, with which you can instantly share your content with the world! We'll look at how we can do this in this post.
Please note: This service is for Blogger blog only. It isn't available for WordPress or TypePad or any other publishing platform blogs. Also, Google makes it pretty clear that this feature is not available for you if you have adult content on your blog. This is Google's way to keep its social channel clean, which is a good thing.

Connecting Blogger With Google Plus

This trick will work only if you have your Google+ and Blogger profiles under the same Google Account with a common name. If both your profiles are under one account, then you are in luck. Simply log in to your blogger account, and go to your blog dashboard.In the top-right region of your screen, you will see a cog icon.
connect to Google+
Clicking on the cog,  you will see an option to Connect to Google+. Click on that, and you will see a confirmation screen.

switch blogger profile to google plus

You are ready to make the switch. Just check the "I've read...." box and click switch.

If in the future, you want to disconnect the two accounts and revert to your Blogger profile, you can simply use the cog icon again, and there'll be an option to disconnect the two accounts.

Sharing posts

Once your posts are linked, you will see an option to share your posts right from your Blogger dashboard. This will also let you share your posts whenever you want, without having to deal with auto pop-ups.


Besides this, whenever you publish a post, you will see a pop-up box appear that has sharing options. It is pre-filled for your ease, and you can add a comment as you like. You can also choose which circles you want to share the post with. By default, the option will be set to Public.

If you don't like this sharing box, and if it's annoying you, you can simply disable it by going into Settings >> Posts and Comments.

googleplus settings for blogger

That's about it. You can take advantage from this feature to easily share your content without having to manually go to your published pages and then using the available sharing widgets. If you want automation, you can use an app such as HootSuite. If you have question regarding this post, feel free to ask :)

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  1. thanks for this post.

    Is there any method for wordpress

    1. Yes! there is.. Check the below video.


  2. I wish people would write more about this as you have done, Nice Post....Click Here For Latest Blogger Tricks And SEO Tips

  3. As always, your posts are extremely easy to understand and very helpful. I wish every blogger in the Internet reads your blog posts.
    Thank you very much Qasim.

  4. How can i share directly into google plus page???- Android Market Guru

    1. you can do.. Check the below video.


  5. Well... I thought a way came out to automatically post on Google+ via RSS but its not :(
    You still need to hit the share button.

    Desperately waiting for Google+ to roll out an update on this.

    1. you can do it now by RSS.. Check the below video.


  6. Old But Nice Post Mate !

  7. Information is welcome anytime to anyone. What you say is true for personal profile.
    I am interested if you know how can I share a blog article directly in page google plus a same blog.For exemple :Bani online din de toate,pentru toti blog page google plus, and my blog, Bani online din de toate pentru toti incepatorii .
    Thanks for information, watching with great interest your blog.

  8. Too bad it doesn't work for g+ "pages" (not personal profiles)!

    I have regretted both the facebook and g+ switch from a profile to a "page" - both services severely restrict my interaction with users and promotion.



    1. It Allows To Post In Pages Too! Just Go To Google+ Tab -> Click On Your Profile Picture Or Your Name And Select The Page You Want To.

      Now You can also auto publish any post to google+

      Just Follow The Tutorail Here.. you can do it now by RSS.. Check the below video.


  9. is there any way to auto update on G+ Fan page !!

  10. Thanks for the Tricks, It's an easy way to share our updates on Google+.

    Recently posted http://www.salmanfanclub.org/2012/07/ek-tha-tiger-exclusive-movie-pics.html

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  12. But in my Bogger dashboard page, under Blogger options thereis no 'Connect to Google+'. Instead 'Edit user setting' tab is there. WhAT TO DO?

  13. Instead of 'Connect to G+' tab, 'Edit User settings' is there. What to do?

  14. this was really helpful thank you :))

  15. i think its was totally automatic btw nice
    Trick to get free Twitter followers

  16. @ahmed safwan I have solution for wordpress users simple click here and follow the easy steps.

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  18. Replies
    1. Now You can also auto publish any post to google+

      Just Follow The Tutorail Here.. you can do it now by RSS.. Check the below video.


  19. Thanks mentor but is there no other way to do this stuff for blogger blogs ?

  20. Thanks for this tutorial, very helpful.. i'll try it ^^

    Coconias Blog

  21. nice tutorial
    how to publish on selected g+ page


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  23. Dear friend when I share my blog post on Google plus ,its only show post link not show blogger real post description instead it shows the titles of the posts which lies on my home page,what will be the problem? I generated my blog meta data from your meta data generator tool.

    Here is my blog address: http://www.livemazaa.com/

    Waiting your reply........

    Thanks in advance .

  24. I can share my blog on google its understand and thanks for this but I wanted to know that how I can share this on facebook and Twitter?

  25. I can share my blog on google its understand and thanks for this but I wanted to know that how I can share this on facebook and Twitter?

  26. Please do help me, I noticed that every time i share a post of my blog(blogspot)on my Google+ the description is not showing, but the Title of my post is there. I can only see the word "DESCRIPTION" on the space where my post description should be, there's nothing to click for editing, its just "remove description" please help me here, my other blogs on a different platform are working but this one thetonerexpert isn't working. thanks in advance

  27. I have enable "Prompt to share after posting" but it no long working :(

    My website has tested but no luck WordPress Themes and Blogger Templates

  28. Hi
    how r u all

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  29. I am posting on my blog and it updaes on facebook pge is good but how to make like that on google plus page not google stream or profile, I am talking about google plus page.. automatic updating post on google plus page like going on facebook page by using graffiti..

  30. This comment has been removed by the author.

  31. I thought this article is about automatic updates from blogger to google+ but its not. You still have to click on update...

  32. Thank you so much for giving this opportunity. I found this imformation very useful. Thankyou once again
    visit my blog
    ong bak

  33. Can we post to google PAGE?
    I need it for my site: http://www.ebook-addict.com/

  34. Bro how can i do this. Whenever i want to do this i got an error. below
    Whoops! If you're receiving this message, it's because we're still saving your new profile. Please wait a few seconds and then select "refresh" on your browser to complete your upgrade to Google+.

  35. Hello All! Now You Can Auto Publish To Google Plus Page From Any Website.. Just Follow The Below Tuorail


  36. This comment has been removed by the author.


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