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The world being going viral with the social media craze, its Facebook that has taken up the limelight all over again! Although Facebook has been enjoying its strong lead among all the Social Networks, there has always been something way too irritating about the site which most of us have had ignored till now. What happens most of the time when you try opening a link on your Facebook to use some application? All you have to do is to see your page redirecting to several locations where you are asked to accept the links that actually are for letting them access your information. Apart from security issues and frustrating, unwanted redirecting of pages, you soon find the entire process too time consuming, forcing you to simply quit the desire of using that application and find something else. Even if anyone of you has got a high patience level and continues with the process till the end, what he achieves for his endurance is automatic, irrelevant posting on his Timeline. If you have had been a victim of such situations, here is a good news for you!

What is Facebook Open Graph Redirect?

Facebook Open Graph Redirect a is Google Chrome plugin created by Developer Joe Levy flew . It allows users to read content shared by applications that enable social sharing — including Yahoo, The Washington Post, MSNBC, SocialCam etc – without installing the apps themselves, meaning that you will not be prompted to share the content you are viewing.

The functionality of this plug-in is significant enough to owe an entire post. This Plug-in allows Facebook Users to read the content that is shared by their friends through Facebook enabled applications without going through the usual hassle of redirecting to several links.
facebook open redirect
The Plug-in works completely fine with many Facebook Applications, for example the applications that are linked with Yahoo, Washington post and many others. It is important to quote the success story of this plug-in that only within a week of its launch, there are more than 3000 users using it. Following the same ideology, developers have created a similar plug-in for Firefox browser as well.

Why a Plug-in Needed?

The result of a closely studied report shows that with every day-increasing Facebook Security controversies, the Facebook Users have had been showing disbelieve, suspecting Facebook for its Policies. It is obvious that such extensions and plug-ins working against Facebook Policies are highly disapproved by the Facebook Team. However, there is nothing the company can do about it. In Fact, the growing popularity of the Plug-in has left an alarming affect on the Facebook time which is now searching ways to regain its losing Consumer Trust.

What Makes Open Graph Redirect Special?

While Facebook Open graph Redirect is the center of discussion here, it’s necessary to mention about Facebook Disconnect which allows the users to stop Third Party traffic on Facebook. This functionality is quite similar as that of Facebook Open Graph Redirect but what make Open Graph Redirect superior are the two functions that it provides. Firstly, the users can access the content within an application without actually downloading the application itself, saving time, memory and obviously strength. Accessing content here means that users can view content without coming across the self installing applications that leave posts on your timeline automatically at first place. Secondly, the Plug-in offers more security to the users having complete control on what to be posted on his Timeline, further bypassing the redirect links that asks for accessing their basic information.
Get your Open Graph Plug-in now and ensure a safe Social Networking.

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