Add attribution links to Text Copied From your blog

track copy-paste contentMany corporate and news blogs today are using a simple script that automatically includes credit links to the original site when someone copy content from your Website and pastes it into an email, blog post or Facebook for instance. To track how many times someone copied and pasted your content, there is a Free service called Tynt that helps publishers from both Google Blogger and Wordpress to add this JavaScript to their blogs and  get insights into what content is copied the most. A read More link along with creative commons attribution license, Facebook and twitter profile links are automatically added at the bottom of the text copied from your blog.

Most often people share your content via Email or social media networks, this script will add a link back to the original article and you can surely expect to see a boost in your inorganic traffic. People will click the attached back links and will be brought straight to your blog post and social fan pages. Its like hitting two birds with one stone! :)

see who copy your posts

Copy any text from our lab and paste it on word pad or Facebook or any WYSIWYG editor. Note: The script will work only if you copy a minimum of 8 words.

Live Demo

Who should use Tynt?

If you are running a tutorial blog and share a lot of codes then you should better not try using Tynt else you will troubleshoot your readers with plenty of errors (due to a link added to the code). Other than tutorial blogs, almost everyone can use it.

Install Tynt on your blogs

The installation steps are extremely easy. Follow these:

  1. Sign up at tynt 
  2. Submit your Email and in the Domain field submit your blog address with adding http:// and the back slash (/) at the end of URL. Your link should look as follows:



     3.  Accept the privacy agreement and hit Submit

     4. Now you will be provided with a code. Do not copy it and first Click the customize Script button just below that code

customize script

  5. Then click the customize attribution button on next page

  6. You can now customize what text to display and what to hide. If you wish you can only display the read more link and disable  Attribution and social profile links by keeping their fields empty.

Submit your twitter and Facebook usernames if you would like to show them below copied text.

You can also decide whether to display the article URL or Page Title or both. Set URL to canonical. Set placement to "below the copied text" for better chances of being ignored by the copier.

See the screenshot below for settings:

tynt settings

     7.   Click Save and then press Done

      8.  Copy the code and go to your Blog (blogger or Wordpress). Inside your template search for the closing head tag


Paste the tynt script just above this tag.

Tip: Blogger users may go to Template > Edit HTML > Proceed and then search the tag.

Tip: Wordpress users will find the head tag by going to Appearance > Editor > header.php

       10.  Save your template and you are all done!


Visit your blog and copy a snippet of any text you like and then paste it anywhere (except notepad) to see the attribution links working just fine.

Track Reader Engagement

By going to your Homepage at tynt account, you will see 4 options to track the text being copied.

  1. SEO:
  2. Keywords: This is where you will see which keywords are copied the most
  3. Content
  4. Social

You play around with these options to take maximum benefit out of this free tool. You will receive email stats which look similar to that we received for our lab.


tynt stats

Need help?

If you are facing any trouble installing the script, just let me know by posting your question in the comment box below. I just hope you find this functionality useful and worth trying. I am sure this will increase your pageviews and overall traffic. Take good care of yourselves. Peace and blessings pals. :)

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  1. Where are you from long time mohammed?

    Thanks for this astonishing post.

    Ahmed Safwan

  2. Hi Mohammad I know it's off topic but need your urgent help, I applied for adsense 2 months ago after that I received a mail from them regarding the partial review in which they stated they will review my site and contact me in 4-5 business day. But still I havn’t got any mail from them. Can you tell me what to do?

    Thanks in advance

  3. Great post Bro ...
    I want to try it in my blog


    Post your question at google adsense forum

  4. Thanks For post ,great Post. We are using tynt from last two three years and results are surprising .All most 60000 times copies are made from our Blog every month ?

  5. @TJ
    it means they will not aproove try ur luck through youtube

  6. I think that if someone copies the content to his/her blog or facebook,he/she could easily remove our url from the content.Can this really happen.

  7. good post.. mohammed bro please post a article on yours blog monthly income.this will motivate all of us.

  8. Muhammad :) Always sharing awesome and helping stuff, thanks alot for everything dude! :)
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  9. @ahmed
    Brother actually services and parallel projects makes it difficult for me to post as I used to do. I am trying my best to bring something useful whenever I get time. Thanks for your appreciation always.

    You will have to wait buddy, because Adsense approaches publishers whenever you convince them with your content. If you are publishing fresh content, careful about your SEO and blog design then the good news wont be that far. I waited for weeks before Adsense accepted my appeal back in the year 2008 :)

    However you can re apply because re-applying is not something that is restricted. The burden on Google is a lot so you should keep trying.


    Always welcomed Antonio :)

    wow that is pretty long period. You must be having a great list of stats on your dashboard? :)

    Well I would say no brother, he is not rejected. Adsense approval period can take a day or even a year. So keep hopes high :)

    @Utkarsh Singh
    Of course he can but normally people copy and paste stuff so quickly in Emails especially they simply don't notice the link that appears at bottom.
    If there is anyone who would remove it, it would probably be a webmaster, because non-techy internet users do not normally bother if a back link is attached or not :)

    @Pk sharma
    Many have asked this question but there is a reason why I never do so. Despite running two blogs, being a premium adsense publisher, fully sponsored websites, two active employees and a growing list of campaigns, customers and growing number of services, we can draw some really good reader attention by sharing our monthly revenue but we will explain in a post very soon why we do not respect this and why we take it against blogging ethics to showcase earning. I hope a post would be comprehensive enough to explain why we don't.

    Thanks for your feedback pal and we will always keep you motivated by teaching you how you can learn and apply all that we do and how can you achieve far more than we have at the moment. That will remain our aim always. :)

  10. How are you not using this is there any disadvantages ???
    Technology World

  11. @nptechs

    As I said if you are running tutorials then you should not use it In our case we share a lot of codes, therefore if we use it then readers will get errors if they try to paste the code on their templates. Hope this clarifies. There is absolutely no harm in using it. :)

  12. assalamualikum ahmed bhai, i have used your method of 6 ways to customize headlines, and i have used a headline with bottom border , but the line attach itself to my words. it is looking so kichbich. i want some space between my lettors and bottom border

  13. Mohammad , bro how to add footer like on Ur blog?

  14. In case we get a lot of backlinks suddenly will it not be considered as spam by google? Could lead to bannign from search results. What say Mohammed bro? I tried it for 2 days but was worried about this thing and hence removed it instantly.

  15. @syed
    W.salam brother. Kindly add this element to the CSS code.


    it will add a space :)


    Read this : Three Column Footer :>

    Of course not dude. back links are always a healthy incoming juice no matter who points you. As long as you are updating the blog and producing content on regular basis, you are on safe side for everything. :)

  16. Thank you very much ahmed bhai. now i have solved this problem. thank you very much may god bless you.

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  19. hello mustafa bhai my blog is removed by google from google search what can i do to search again

  20. hello mustafa bhai my blog is removed by google from google search what can i do to search again

  21. hello mustafa bhai my blog is removed by google from google search what can i do to search again

  22. A very appreciable post...
    Glad to visit your blog..

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  26. very nice article mohammad. I have question for you on this? what if person remove the link. i mean if he paste the copied text then he can see it easily and he can remove it. then how can we get traffic on our blog. it might be stupid question as i am not that much html or other coding proffessional.

  27. Added tynt thanks muhammad paji searching for this uttitlity ,well searching for more in your blog let see what thing i will get :p

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  28. Tynt is awesome.. it helps in traffic increase with auto generated backlinks for our website. thanks Mohammad bro for your tip.

  29. assalam-u-alaikum Ahmed bhai
    please is topic se related meri ek help kardein mene esa koi b code apni template mein add nai kiya magar phr b jab koi mere blog se kuch copy krta he to uske agge readmore at likhe hua ata he please help me about this

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    Thank you

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