Top 50 Tips To Increase Blog Traffic Tremendously

Tips To Increase Blog Traffic Inorganically
The success of a Blog totally depends on the traffic following it. It’s important to identify the significance of building a considerable traffic and then maintaining it because it is your blog’s traffic that decides the future of your blogging career. I have been observing newbie Bloggers Trend closely since the day I started my blogging career. The reason why most of the bloggers find their blogs going nowhere is that they serve 40% of their time in searching from where to get the contents, 20% on manipulating it,20% graphics and layout, etc. and only 20% on bringing traffic and increasing viewership. However you need to know that no matter how masterpiece articles you produce, if there is no traffic to read it, you have simply wasted your time in writing it!

Therefore, in order to enhance your earnings with your blog, you need to follow the examples that professional bloggers have left for you. We experimented whatever we learnt throughout as a blogger on our sister blog,, and the result is in front of you.
Here are 50 best Tips to Drive huge traffic to your blog.

1. Outline your Objectives

Just like any other business to start, you must figure out what your actual target is. You need to understand yourself whom to target to. Once you know who can be your potential readers and from where to get them from, you can then apply the remaining tips to increase your blog traffic-and your earning!

2. Offer Quality posts

No other good example can make the point clearer here, to keep your living room attractive; you need attractive furniture too, isn’t it? Now, the quality of your content reflects your entire blog, further attracting readers to stay connected.

3. Comment on blogs and come in limelight

comment on different blogs
You must accept the fact that when you are planning to make money online, then you must interact with readers on different blogs having same niche. As having expertise in your niche, you can always leave your suggestions on other blogs, this highly attracts readers of that blog to learn more about you.

4. Optimize your Blog for search engines

Although majority of the newbie Bloggers find this one as the toughest part of the story, it’s the most important one, to be accurate enough. Try learning more about how to make your posts SEO friendly.

5. Use Forums

Have your heard of “out of sight – out of mind policy”?, if not then better start considering it. as a blogger, you need to achieve some popularity- enough to drag people to your blog to know more from you. Join forums and take part actively. Don not forget to add your blog signatures (link) in the end of your comments

6. Say Yes to Guest posting

guest posting
Guest posting is an effective way to get back links for your blog. while you offer guest posts on blogs, having huge traffic, you are actually introducing your existence, asking them to come and visit your blog-thus follow you!

7. Using trackbacks:

You can always take the help of trackbacks that are widely available on internet, one of them being copyblogger. Its do wonders in increasing your blog traffic

8. play with List Series

About 70% of the total net users are not bloggers. You need to keep self inviting posts to attract readers and the best results are achieved with list series, where you provide quality information in terms of lists like, Top series, Best series, etc. Readers hardly find long, dry piece of information without having any sense of attraction in the content

9. “top 10” posts

Show versatility and produce top 10 Series, readers look for them

10. “Top 50” posts

Too much material to make it as a top 50? Go ahead; it would bring more readers, generating more traffic.

11. Best 100

Large Numbers increase your credibility. If you are sure to share a lot of interesting information, it’s better to split the post in two or three parts, like 100 ways to earn money-part1 and similarly for other parts.

12. Share your secrets- earn more secrets

Talk about the strategy that works best for you. People are in search of working formulas and there are possibilities they get what they are looking for on your blog.

13. Write Link bait posts

“Link bait” basically is the type of work others will want to link to.

14. Create a mailing list

Use email marketing for promotion of your blog traffic.

15. Try to Get a hold of Media

Publicity of your blog via media can generate huge traffic for your blog.

16. Technorati

Submit your blog to technorati,

17. Write tutorials – become authentic

Writing tutorials for a tutorial site is again a great idea. You can tutor people in your domain and can increase your own blog traffic by leaving a link there.

18. secret bloggers club

Help other so that they help you. Bloggers here retweet their posts and share traffic.

19. Ping Your Blog

ping your blog after writing your posts, e.g. pingomatic.

20. Take help of blogging communities

There are communities that are administered by professional bloggers like MMO Social Network and BlogEngage.


Blog carnivals is a good platform to get traffic from. A Must join site.

22. Create videos

Create videos related to your niche and promote your blog with them.

23. Your site- Your Identity

Just as Mr.Mustafa did, professional bloggers recommend to Include your blog URL as signature in your email.

24. Use Social Media

Use social media to promote your blog like advertising your blog with Facebook Ads. It does wonders.

25. Offer Contests

Starting contests on your blog bring more real targeted subscribers.

26. Advertise with Google Adwords

Advertise your blog using Google Adwords.

27. feed directories

Submit your blogs to these feed directories

28. Free Press release

Free press release websites are in search of press releases. Write it for your blog and submit to them

29. Use Newspaper

Ready for some investment? Advertise your blog on your local newspaper

30. Stay updated

Visit big blogs like techcrunch and mashable to keep a check on the latest happenings so that you can share them quickly with your readers too.

31. Do Video Posting

Entertain your readers by sharing video posts as reading big articles sometimes become too boring.

32. Interview ProBloggers

Give importance to professional bloggers by interviewing them. this will bring their followers on your blog too

33. Use Pictures

Images you use are equally important as the words of your post. choose them wisely.

34. Use Google News

Get your blog listed in Google news.

35. Target Celebrities

Your readers have an other side of the personality too. They always take ken interest in the news your share about celebrities. do focus on that as well.

36. Television

Publicizing your blog on local television is the best way to attract maximum customers. This method is very fruitful if one has the best resources.

37. Radio

With the rejuvenation of the radio channels, marketers now tend to advertise their blog on these channels by making live calls, sending text messages regarding your blog or through different deals with the radio organization.

38. Twitter

Twitter welcomes all kinds of bloggers to market their blog as tweets using #hashtags.

39. Online yellow pages.

The Online yellow pages can be also used to make your blogs available to your readers.

40. Like, tweet, Google+, etc.

One best way to attract traffic for your blog is by adding the social sharing buttons of like and share. Through this, hundreds of people will come to read your blog when you share your posts.

41.Blog Directories

Blog Directories assist in directing huge amount of traffic to newly turned bloggers and hence it adds to the publicizing of your blog.

42. Website directories

By sharing your articles to website directories you can get traffic.

43. Use Article Directories

People also get to know about your blog when you submit your posts to Article Directories.

44. Write on controversial topics

Diplomatic statements and controversial topics always help in achieving traffic for your writings. Writing on famous controversies like Steve Jobs, Facebook Timeline, etc can be very effective for your blog’s marketing.

45. Attack Google or any big company:

Once you hit your target of getting enough traffic to be talked about after one big hit article, all you got to do is keep moving with that flow as big platforms like Google is bound to cover for your blog already!
If you want to upgrade your blog rankings, then getting yourself enlisted in DMOZ, a google-affiliated directory that improve your blog rankings in various search engines and you can earn huge traffic.

46. Tags – the most important:

Having a tag is extremely crucial for attracting traffic. When you develop tags that are in hand with the tags used by the best search engines, you are bound to get traffic for your blog.

47. yahoo answers:

Being a proactive and a reactive blogger is very important. If you prove to your readers that you are a reliable blogger, your traffic will cease to go elsewhere and you will enjoy blog-loyal traffic permanently.

48. Use Stumbleupon

Remember to posts your articles to Stumbleupon.

49. Blogger Feedbacks on Questions

Compile the various queries that are frequently asked from different bloggers and write them up in one post. That particular post would serve as an added bonus for your readers.

50. Consistency

Earning with a blog on regular basis requires you to work hard consistently too. Its not a matter of a day or a week, in fact, you need to work harder and harder each day to build a strong readership, so much so that your readers start relying on you as an authentic source.
That was all for now, really hope that these tips would do magic for you as they did for Us.

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