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Blogging is becoming increasingly common these days, and every day, hundreds of new blogs are surfacing. It there's one thing that's for sure about blogging, it is that it's here to stay. All of these blogs have only one purpose: to get to the top of the food chain. And guest blogging is one of the most effective marketing strategy that can help them in getting there. It helps bloggers connect, and share content. Guest blogging can either refer to people writing for other blogs, or bloggers inviting other people to write for their blogs. For people interested in Guest Blogging, MyBlogGuest is a pretty nice community, where you can meet up with other bloggers and share your awesome content!

Why Guest Blog?

Just like submitting articles to article directories, guest blogging can immensely impact your blog in a good way.
  • First of all, you get a free backlink from your author info when your post is published on another blog. Backlinks are crucial for any blog's good rankings
  • It increases your traffic, since the people reading your post on that other blog might follow you through your link
  • It builds up your credibility. Having published posts on many blogs will improve your credibility, which you can use to submit some more guest posts, or apply for a writing job etc
  • It reduces your workload if you allow guest posting on your blog. You'll only need to review a post and publish it, rather than writing one from scratch
There are other many reasons why you should guest post. Read our post on Guest Blogging to learn more about the pros of guest blogging

What is MyBlogGuest?

MyBlogGuest is a guest blogging community run by Ann Smarty, a talented SEO expert. This community aims at providing guest bloggers a unified platform where they can exchange content, connect with each other, get help, promote their articles, and build their engagement, everything absolutely for free! here's a quick demo of this great service.

The best thing about MyBlogGuest is, it is a relatively small, but focused community of dedicated bloggers. It isn't like those insanely large blogger forums where there are tonnes of spammers lurking around. It's a nice little community where you can be sure of getting some responses and help.

How does it work?

MyBlogGuest has two major forum sections; Looking for a blog and Looking for guest authors. Their functions are pretty straightforward. In the Looking for blogs section, you will see blogs that accept guest posting arranged in neat categories and lists. You can look for blogs by genre, or look them up. You can contact the blogs you select as per their guidelines for guest writing. In the Looking for guest authors section, you can search for guest authors willing to guest post on your blog. You can them accept them on your blog.

Besides these basic forums sections, you also have sections for Guest Blogging Contests, Social Help, and General Chat. You can add threads to these sections, and start interacting with other people!

Another great feature is the Article Gallery, where you can look for great articles. You can preview these articles, and if you like them, you can accept them for your blog. Alternatively, you can also submit your own articles there. There is no limit to how much articles you take, or submit.

MyBlogGuest also provides social profiles integration, such as Facebook and Twitter, so you can share with your friends on the major social networks as well.

In essence then, MyBlogGuest is the place to go when looking for guest authors or blogs to write on. Sign up for it now, and start interacting and guest blogging! All the best :)

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