Surprise! Releasing Our Business Cards...

Mohammad's business card

Yup! just a new step. We are releasing today the official business cards of STC NETWORK and declaring blogging as a lifetime profession. STC network now has two employees and successfully operating two blogs under its slogan. The number of co-authors and developers working for us would increase after Ramadan Kareem. We are now managing and working for several blogs and E-commerce websites as part of our premium services and developing both Blogger, PSD, HTML and Wordpress themes. We have added PHP development projects to our list just this year and we would also be offering SMO services very soon. MBT would continue publishing free plugins and tutorials as always and would serve blogosphere with the same zeal.

Buddies I never thought this small home hobby would turn out to be the business I dreamt off. Never even imagined few years back that my little living room where I sit and help thousands of people online daily would turn out to be the little Office I had to take care all my life. Can't thank enough the Supreme Cherisher Allah (SW) and especially all of you for the consistent love, respect and priceless feedback. The credit behind all that we achieved so far goes to you because you all remained a great learning institute some way or the other. I will remain thankful to you till time ends. :)

About the cards

The cards are printed at both sides and matt laminated, approximately the size of a debit card. Its designed by keeping MBT's parent design in mind, utilizing the same blue and black color combination. The idea behind its composition and design took me around a month because its often difficult to choose a flavor for yourself than for others. The front of the card contains details about the network administration, co-authors and some contact details whilst the back contains a quote I often use i.e. "I blog for living"

Note: The cell number given in the cards has been chopped off for privacy reasons.


business card blogger front


MBT blog slogan


Cards for our co-authors:

All the hard work that these two fellows have been doing in my absence or presence is worth more than what I did for them. To show an appreciation around 500 cards are color printed for both Qasim and Nida in order to help them better promote themselves in online industry.

Qasim zaib

Nida Zaidi

How important are business cards for a Blogger?

Blogging is still a growing phenomena amongst people you meet in day to day life. Even those who are running blogs as hobby belittle its significance and look at it as a earning resource from advertisements. Earning through blogging is beyond advertisements. Blogging in short is the showcase of all your portfolio that attracts direct sponsors and customers. Advertisements cost for only 30% of all our monthly income whilst services and affiliate sales count for 70%.  It is often difficult  to explain to people you meet in daily life on how you earn a living out of a blog. Verbally dictating your domain address is yet another headache. It looks weird when people ask you "Sorry I forgot your blog address, what was it?" "How can I contact you?" "Do you have a visiting card?" "What's a blog?" "What do you do for living?" Thus instead of standing and answering all these questions verbally, handing your tiny business card saves both time and honor. Its indeed a great marketing strategy to advertise yourself at home amongst targeted customers around you. I really felt the need for an identity and therefore these cards become a necessity.

Business cards amongst bloggers is not very common because such web owners are mostly known online and they keep themselves visible within the parameters of their webpage screen resolution, but we took this step just to promote the trend of business cards amongst small business owners especially blog publishers.

If you have resources and you think your blog has reached a stage where it could attract local clients and market your local identity then I would strongly recommend that your order the prints outs right today.

Your views

If there is anything that gives me more pleasure then it's your honest feedback filled with love and respect and frankly gesture. I love reading all your comments and it hurts when I am not able to reply on time. This is my third year with you all. Shared almost everything with you, whether it may be a family tragedy, yearly achievements or a new business launch, I love sharing it with you all.  Thank you for motivating me to do better each day and each second.  Would love your suggestions on how can we improve this little community together and would appreciate your kind comments on this latest news. Take good care of yourselves always. Peace and blessings buddies. :)

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  1. what a great news bro. you are missing here for some days but comes with a great idea .i always enjoy your post and your buisness steps and stratigies...good luck bro keep it up. vai:

  2. Great step sir.
    Keep up the good work.

    Ahmed Safwan

  3. I hope to have one soon.

    I would be proud of it :)

  4. Thank You So Much Mustafa for a worth cherishing gift :)
    God Bless!

  5. Woooops!!! Wow Sir Those Cards are Awesome!! Now I am Feeling Jealous I cannot Get them.. But Surly Brother Its an honer to be such a Great guy with whole new Company. Thanks For being such a great booster always motivates me!!!. Thanks Man!. Peace

    Syed Faizan Ali

  6. Congratulations on achieving this milestone mustafa.I am pretty impressed with your hard work.may Allah bless you with greater achievements in the days to come.

    PS: the card is really awesome ;)

    Stay blessed

  7. omg omg! Congratulation Musftafa bro seriously no words for it and keep on the great work, MashAllah may you achieve all your goals InshAllah Ameen SumAmeen!
    and Ramzan Mubarik! <3

  8. That is a great step bro, Congratulation :)

  9. Thank you Mustafa bro for such a great gift :)))))

  10. appealing, very nice design. I am looking for one too for

  11. STC Network is a big big BOOM! This is it! Am really happy knowing this, the cards are simple and looking great! Perfect job! You are my inspirations guys!!!

  12. I won't be hypocrite but I would say that the design needs a lot of improvement especially in the use of colors, elements and typography. Remember, business card represents you, it reflects your personality, your brand or service.

  13. First of all a huge congrats to STC and Mohammad and I wish you grow along with helping us to grow :)

    A totally unexpected step. Its a real surprise and I am also feeling bit jealous just like Faizan above but I am much more happy than being jealous and one day I will too have my own empire :)

    I agree with Manuel Garcia, the card needs improvement in colors, I just hope you didn't printed them. The base color should not be black for any business or visiting card.

    Now I have some questions:

    1. I am feeling very bad to ask this stupid question but what is the full-form of STC :p I tried a lot to find out yesterday but no luck.

    2. Will you hire new employees locally or you will also give an opportunity to online authors and developers without having to come to the office.

    3. Have you taken an office or still operating from your great own living room.

    Well, enough, its getting more like an interview.. lol.. :p
    Btw my new blog is live and I have also mailed you. Writing a bit less but trying to for high quality.

  14. Great Job MashAllah. But why is the name STC network?

  15. Wish i had one of those cards!! Good Work!

  16. Ig i got chance i would be very delighted to get that card..

  17. Great to see these awesome cards, keep the spirit up.

  18. @Prateek sharma

    Thank you prateek. :)

    Then get ready to share your ideas with us. ;)

    @Nida @Qasim
    You both already thanked be more than enough. You deserve this pals. ;)

    @Syed Faizan Ali
    Well then start working even more harder and make me jealous this year because that would give me even more satisfaction and happiness to see you rising high and high. :)


    God bless you too furqan. I am glad you liked the cards, means a lot. :)

    @meesum raza
    I wish all the kind wishes back to you buddy. I am looking forward to see young guys like you generating unique and fresh content to gift us all with something worth to read and share. God bless you always. :)

    @Atikur Rahman @Dr Adil Ramzan
    JazaKAllah buddy. :)

    @Sajjad Ahmad

    Thank you dadda. I am sure your card would be even more appealing. Thanks for the feedback. Means a lot ;)

    @Prime Aque
    Thank you prime. I am sure you will be far ahead of us in coming years. Keep the spirits high and keep publishing. Thank you always. :>

    @Manuel Garcia
    I was sure Manuel that a designer like you would surely talk of the typography. ;p Yes that's right that the colours used are dark and thick but so far this matched the blog theme and we received some good feedback from friends around me so I thought that social feedback counts above business standards, that's why I went with this theme. :)

    and so are you pal. Thank you :)


    Well that was a kind feedback. :p Building up your empire will be an equal happiness for me sam. I wish this day comes soon.

    Read my reply to Manuel on the color choice :)

    1. STC stands for "Soon To Come", it was a poem I wrote based on day of judgment back in grade 8th during old school days and since then it become a benchmark for everything I did.

    2. The next co-authors and developers are all from India.

    3. Do you think I can have a better office than this? :p

    Your new blog looks great. Wide layout and clearly formatted. I liked the new written style. I will email you giving some suggestions for your opening paragraphs and a little about internal linking and keyword placement. Rest everything looks as great as it should be. :)

    Well that is the name I have been using since years pal.

    @Abdulsalam Khan
    There you young bro! long time dude. Thanks for your feedback :)

    @Ayush Agrawal @Martin Gajurel
    I wish to see your cards coming out soon buddy. All that matters to me is seeing you guys with a lucrative income online and I am sure you all will achieve it soon. Keep the struggle on. :)

    Just Awesome? :p

    appreciate that pal. thank you :)

  19. congrats,,, nice card

  20. I was seriously planning for a business card and the design is ready. Just came to see your blog and saw this. Have one word for you, "Awesome"

  21. @jagadeesh @vijay @vera

    thank you friends. :)

    Then you betta hurry and print yours soon. Keep one for me! ;)

    Since normally the dealings are virtual and sponsors are often from abroad therefore an office room outside the hours is not necessary at this point.

    If there is anything that would force me to look for an office outside then it would be the naughty two nieces at my house. :x

    I will surely check it sam. Apologies for delaying it a lot. :>

  22. @Mohammad
    No problem bro.. Check it when you are free :)

  23. The two nieces may be naughty but one of them whom I believe I saw in a video and felt in love with is very cute :)

  24. @mohammed

    I am here at any time. Just ask me for anything i will do it directly if i can.

    Man you are from the reasons why i am still blogging until now

  25. love this company! Nice bizcard too! U guys are so committed! This is truly a great move and i'm sure Mohammad and his team will influence more and people in this world of blogosphere with all their great works and friendly services! I love this sentence, "lifetime profession", Wow..... no wonder u people r so influential in this field!

  26. Yes brother this blog is not only a blog but a benchmark and leader of developing ideas about blogging. I have no words to say thanks about all your efforts and all your training tutorials free of cost for everyone.

    My all best wishes for you and you are in my prayers always.

  27. Cute! And congratulations! I hope the extra hands on deck will give you more time to answer the questions from your readers.

    Back in the day - ok 6 months ago - it seemed that every comment and question was answered. Since then, those of us having problems with your super-cool widgets have not been getting any help or answers.


  28. @Guppu Boss

    That is my favorite moto. :)

    You can contact me anytime through the contact page buddy.

    Well glad you liked the design and I wish to see yours soon. :)

    Our adsense account is thankfully never blocked. Read this: Lost Adsense account? Get it back

    with that in count makes a total 3 nieces. She lives in Us and visit us occasionally. :)

    Buddy I am creating a database for all interested authors. You will be able to post your skill portfolio along with your salary quote and create a separate account for you. Interested MBT advertisers will then contact you directly. The author list will be added to MBT server and can be accessed by all visitors. I am trying best to help you all in every aspect. :)


    Our inspiration lies in you pal. Without such consistent motivation this blog would have been just another dead zone. Thank you always :)

    @Muhammad Hussain
    Thank you for the generous wishes. God bless you too brother. You are always welcomed. :)

    Thank you laura. Well actually that is true. Six months back the blog was one but now its two,. advertisers and readers were limited but now things are different. Believe it or not it takes three hours to reply all comments and emails of readers daily and we are trying our best to respond to most important and latest comments because somehow studies and work are two things that require great deal of balance. I am a student too but I do humbly apologize that we could not reach all readers that effectively as we used to 6 months ago. Some volunteers do reply but we understand a personal attention is more required. University will end after 1.5 years and then you will find me at your service full time. :)

  29. This comment has been removed by the author.

  30. Wow bro......the cards are too dem.

    WIsh i too could be a partner of STC !!

  31. You guys are just doing great......wish you all the very best for your future endeavors. Keep the good work going.



  32. Great idea! Using two sides of business cards is awesome. Previously people have only paying attention on the design of the frontage of their business card. But a rising trend is to create two-sided cards that expand the usability and function of each card.

  33. you really are a good blogger.. hats off to you man....

  34. Hi Dude,
    this card seems gr8 and i like ur creativity..
    such a mind blowing ur ideas and doing.

    Congrates for this new invents for bloggers :)

  35. i want to member of stc network get the card

  36. You are really a good blogger.... Need to learn more from you. Thanks.