7 effective Tips To Keep You Focused While Blogging

7 tips to keep you focused in blogging
Blogging, when chosen as a profession, requires you to stay focused at all times in order to ensure steady earnings. However, today when one can surely not stop himself from socializing, writing a post for your blog without getting been distracted is impossible. The fact still persists that when you claim to your readers that your blog offers content free of flaws, you need to make sure that you meet up the promises and declarations you have made. The posts you write for your blog need only two things, one- you must know the basic ethics of blogging to attract traffic, and second, your Concentration!

Being a blogger myself, it is easy to relate with my readers on this topic. There are thousands of things to distract while you are working on your post; however only one thing that keeps you motivating is the charm of money being generated from your work.
Therefore, here are 7 simple tips to keep you focused and make your blogging career more productive!

1) Turn Your Phone Silent and maintain distance!

This is not something new for you, right? Turning your cell phones to silent mode is an ethical thing to do and the first instruction given in any conference, seminar or meeting that you attend elsewhere. There is no need to tell you how your cell phone distracts you from everything you are doing, but your blog is a serious business as you earn with it. Keeping your phone on silent mode is extremely necessary when you are engaged in writing your articles because the unwanted beeps of your messages and the unexpected calls can always make you forget the points that you just had in your mind.
Making it silent doesn’t work only. Not at least for me! Even if the beeps are off, the frustrating vibrations of texts also play an equal role in distracting you. It’s a productive practice to keep your cell phone some distance away from you with a silent mode. However checking it after, let us say, an hour to know about urgent updates is a genuine thing and can be accepted.

2) Boycott Social Networks

I have been a victim here too. In my last post, I did mention that I do switch to my Facebook very often while I feel irritated with continuous hours of typing. I am working myself to get rid of it and would suggest the same to you, while you are writing for your blog. The reason behind this is obvious, there is no point of checking your Facebook Notifications or Your Twitter updates when your post is incomplete. The power of social media is inevitable, take the example of Facebook, it diverts your mind in no time, creating a spell for you where its highly difficult to come out of it soon. You can always comment on your pictures later, but you cannot publish your post after the time that is decided as your blog’s policy. Therefore boycott your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ accounts and use them constructively AFTER publishing your post to promote your articles!

3) No Chats- You are Busy, Remember?

Although I never do this, I have seen my colleagues in office that throughout the time their machine is on, their IM messengers are always running at backend. Keeping yourself connected to your loved ones is definitely a good thing, but life is all about managing time. There is n sense of getting being poked by your friend who is sitting at home, looking for people to keep him entertained, when you still have a lot of tasks and deadlines to meet. Isn’t it frustrating enough when a nudge sent by your friend, brings an earthquake on your screen, hindering your typing and bringing the chat box at front? Certainly it is! You see, it’s your mistake that you have given people a chance to distract you from your work, and in the end, no one suffers, but you only!
Keep yourself signed out while you are working.

4) Say No to Email Notifications!

Keeping a check of your emails is extremely important in your blogging profession. Many bloggers find it difficult to stay away from their email clients and notifications, keeping a check on every single move of their career. Fair enough! But the point here is still the same; your minds get diverted badly to other things when the screen in front of you changes. The tabs of your browsers are different worlds for you. Switching in between them takes you to different worlds too, making you forget what you were previously up to.
If checking your inbox is too important for you, then better do so maintaining a fixed interval.

5) Make a time table-FOLLOW IT!

It’s a pity that most of us either do not schedule our lives, if someone is smart enough to understand its importance and makes a time plan, he doesn’t follow it. Make it your habit to plan your day at its start. No matter whether you are a school going fellow are a business man, you need to decide things for your day. It’s only possible to manage your time if you know your engagements of that day. When it comes to your blogging time table, you know that your publishing time is your deadline and the post has to be done at least an hour before it. It’s always recommended by professional bloggers to make a schedule to keep the things in control.

6) Take Help to keep yourself Turned ON

Distracting from tasks, feeling down and bored from continuous working and having severe headaches is something natural. It happens with all of us. Now, when everything around you is mobilizing, you can take your laptops along with you everywhere you go, whether it’s your college, university, office, etc. to ensure you give your best, accurately! The day I turned into an author, I started taking 2-3 cups of tea while writing the articles. This helps a lot in keeping things smooth. Being a human, you need tranquilizers to keep your mind refresh and let you produce your work with full efficiency.

7) Make Yourself understand- get Motivated

No one can do a better job than you here when it comes to motivating yourself for your work. You decided yourself to choose blogging as your career. Now that it starts working for you, you need an internal force to keep you stick to your decisions. All the above stated tips will become easy to follow if you work on this one only. Tell yourself about how important your blog is for you. Cherish your business as it is one of your best decisions. I am sure a blog is the only passion, a blogger have, then why not to respect it? Once you understand how important your focus on your blog is, you will see, there would hardly be anything distracting you.
Here comes an end, one thing if you’d have noticed, all the above stated things that become a source of distraction are given the authority to do so, by you only. Start loving your blog, you will see, your blog will reciprocate in same way by bringing you a huge readership and a great inflow of revenue!
All the best

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