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April 20, 2014

How To Use Google Plus To Increase Website Traffic?

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How To Use Google Plus To Increase Website Traffic?
Many of you might have noticed a declining percentage of visitors sent from Facebook to your website everyday. This is because Facebook Pages are losing their reach, and can not account for as much of web traffic as they used to. Not surprisingly, Google+ seems to be catching on, and for Pages that utilize Google+ to maximum effect, the amount of traffic sent to their home website seems to be growing significantly.

November 15, 2013

Add GooglePlus Followers Badge to Blogger

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Google Plus Badges
Adding Google Plus widgets on your website helps you drive more visitors over to your Google Plus properties, and ultimately increasing your follower-ship for long-term effects. Google provides various tools and resources for creating and adding Google Plus widgets to your site. The Google Plus Badge is a common widget bloggers use on their sites. Google Plus has just updated their Badges, making them more flexible, feature-rich, and easy to implement. In this post, we'll talk about how to add a Google Plus followers badge to Blogger.

September 20, 2013

Is It True That Google Plus Activity Has No Search Ranking Benefit?

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Google Plus Effect On Search Rankings
“Does having a strong presence on Google+ affects your presence on Google as a whole? Or more precisely, does it have any direct impact on Google’s search rankings? “. This is one for the debates, as people often dispute it, essentially because the Google Plus share link is a dofollow link, which means it passes PageRank. But as Google's Matt Cutts told us time and time again, Google Plus activity might not actually give you any search ranking benefit, as suggested by one latest study by Eric Enge,  co-author of The Art of SEO and a speaker at SES SF 2013.

August 31, 2013

How To Post Blog Posts on Google Plus Automatically?

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Share Blog Updates on Google Plus

No matter what sort of business organization or company you are running, social media is one major channel for marketing your stuff and keeping the people informed about your updates and whereabouts. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn are the mainstream and yet the most powerful of these networks. However, running your company pages on these websites is not easy as it sounds. You have to take care of the timings and whatnot. Automating the procedure by scheduling the posts is however a great solution to this. Although there are several tools to do the job, the most efficient and diversified has to be the BufferApp because of its Google Plus support unlike many others out there.

April 23, 2013

Install GooglePlus Comments Widget on custom Blogger Templates

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Google Plus comments on Blogger
Blogger recently implemented Google Plus comments on their Blogger platform, and we know that many bloggers like you have gone ahead and implemented this new functionality to your blogger blogs. But a lot of our readers have been asking us how to add Google Plus comments, or Google Plus comments API  to Blogger custom templates? This feature turns on and off smoothly for default templates. But most bloggers don't use default templates. For them, we have compiled this short tutorial on how to implement Google Plus commenting system on custom Blogger Templates.

Some Disadvantages of enabling Google+ comments on Blogger‏

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The Google Plus comments integration with Blogger is turning quite some heads now, and a lot of bloggers have gone ahead and implemented it. This seems to be one of the biggest improvements in Blogger over the recent past. And at first glance, it looks pretty slick, with a clean and solid implementation. It makes things really easy, especially for bloggers who can track the conversation more easily. At the same time, readers can contribute right from Google Plus, without needing to open the blog. However, upon closer inspection, it seems that the new implementation isn't without its flaws.

December 25, 2012

Tips To Create a Successful Google+ Community

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google plus communitiesUnlike Facebook, Google plus has still a long way to go in terms of popularity and user profiles. Although Google has had been trying really hard to promote Google plus by affiliating it with all the other products that comes under the same brand, people often find this social network a dry one indeed. An interesting point here is the fact that Google plus offers more or less, a similar flavor to the users that they enjoy using Facebook, there is still something lacking when it comes to moderate the communities effectively. While the moderators seem confused about how to give a boost to their Google+ communities, Google seems to notice it and has now come up with some worth following solutions.

December 22, 2012

Now You can Mention People inside Blog Posts with Google Plus!

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mention people in BloggerRunning an online business through blogging can be really tough if you are not aware of how to manage your readers. What is generally seen is the fact that many bloggers often interact with their readers too friendly that their readers start taking their piece of knowledge for granted. There are no doubts about the value of the readers and a blogger should interact with his readers but again in a professional way.

Believing in the importance of smooth conversations in between the publishers and the readers, Google has now introduced a new way to link your devoted readers in your blogger post editor.

August 24, 2012

Keyboard Shortcuts For Popular Social Media Networks

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Social Media Keyboard Shortcuts
A lot of people use Social Media. It's a great way to stay connected with your friends and family. If you landed on this page through a search engine, or even otherwise, then chances are that you are an active social media user. Some people deal with social media many times a day. For such people, and even others who aren't as avid at social media, it could pay off to learn some keyboard shortcuts. Browsers have shortcut keys, and so do websites. While some people might prefer the mouse, others can browse through their social world more quickly and efficiently with the help of keyboard shortcut keys. Here are the most useful shortcut keys for the three most popular social media networks; Facebook, Twitter and Google plus.

July 23, 2012

Google Plus Overtakes Facebook In Customer Satisfaction

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Facebook might now be facing a grim reality after a latest survey by the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI), which revealed that Facebook users are not satisfied with the happenings at the social network lately. More worrisome for Facebook is the fact that while its customer satisfaction is plummeting downwards, its rival network, Google Plus, is catching up fast! Not only that, other social networks like Twitter and LinkedIn have overtaken it as well with respect to customer satisfaction. To make matters worse, Facebook hasn't made much of a mark ever since its IPO and its first quarterly earnings as a public company. So what does this mean? Has Google Plus finally found the opening it has been looking for, or has Facebook yet to see the worst?

July 19, 2012

How to Automatically Share Blog Updates on Google Plus?

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Sharing blogger posts on google+
Social Media promotion is every blogger's need. If a blog is an engine, then social media acts like a lubricant, without which a blog would stall. This is why bloggers need to share their awesome content so that people around the world can know about it. To that effect, Google is trying to help out bloggers by ruffling quite some feathers. Recently, Google released the Google Takeout service that lets you merge two Google Plus accounts together. Now, you can connect your Google Plus account with Blogger to easily share your posts and also gain recognition for your work on social media. A share box will automatically appear when you publish a post, with which you can instantly share your content with the world! We'll look at how we can do this in this post.

July 17, 2012

How To Merge & Manage Two Google Plus accounts Together?

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merge two Google+ accounts together
When Google Plus originally started out more than an year ago, it was somewhat exclusive to Gmail accounts. most people signed up using their Gmail accounts, which might not have been their primary accounts. So they ended up with their Google+ operating on one Google account, and other services on another. In such a scenario, managing multiple Google+ accounts can be a headache, especially since you need to log out of one to use the other (unless you're comfortable with changing your browser). An any case, you might end up having two Google+ profiles, with similar friends, or more followers on the account you do not want. Well now, there's a solution for you. You can merge your Google+ accounts together into one, so you can easily manage your circles, posts, photos, and more!

June 18, 2012

Create a Business Page in Google+ To Attract Customers [Tutorial]

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Google+ Brand Pages
We have already discussed how important Google+ can be for bloggers, webmasters, and other business people. At Google+, not only your own presence, but also that of your brand is important. Google+ has already gained 40 million active and registered users, which might not be much by Facebook's standards, but definitely a great by a fledgling social network such as Google+ itself. While most brands have a presence on Facebook, not all of them are as active, or even present on Google+. This gives you the perfect opportunity to bring out your brand on a whole new battlefield, and utilize the potential offered by the 40 million or so people. Hence, now would be a good time to start thinking about extending your brand to Google+ by creating a Google+ Business Page.

June 14, 2012

Google Explains The Difference Between Google Plus, +1 Button & Search

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Google Plus

Google+ is the most recent player in the social networking field. When it first came, we reckoned it was just another attempt by Google to counter Facebook's increasing dominance, and that it will fail like other projects from Google in the past such as Google Buzz, Orkut etc. But now, it seems that it is obviously here to stay. Google+ is a lot more than just a social networking website. The +1 button isn't just another Like button, as you will see later in this post. Google+ is a site where you can show your interests, have connections, and build an identity. It's a friend of webmasters, who can achieve a lot more by using this simple social site. In a way, Google is trying to provide a coherent experience to the users by introducing all their products such as Google Search, GMail, Google News, etc. And Google+ could be the glue that holds everything together to provide an uninterrupted and 'seamless Google experience' to the users. In this post, we will talk about how important Google+ is, and why should you use the +1 button, and how it all helps webmasters.

April 22, 2012

Note: We Have Moved Our Updates From G+ Profile To Google Plus Fan Page

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MBT on Google+

When it comes to promoting a business, social media simply cannot be ignored. Social media accounts for a great number of purchases for many businesses, and even for websites and blogs, social media plays an important part in bringing traffic. But socializing with people isn't as easy as all that. It requires a lot of time and effort to put together and maintain a presence on Social media. And due to the so many platforms that people are now using, this has become harder. Due to all this, we have been unable to communicate with you through Google+ Fan Page Properly and we used Mohammad's profile to post updates but now we have set up a separate Fan Page on Google Plus to keep you updated with every single post.

November 9, 2011

How To Create a Google+ Page?

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Google Plus pagesJust Like Facebook Like Pages, Google+ has introduced the fan, followers or +1 pages for web masters thus providing them better option of driving traffic to themselves by updating their readers through Google Plus. Google+ Pages are now also available for local business purposes. Soon you will be able to submit your Site or Blog RSS Feed to Google+ to automatically update your readers whenever you publish a new post. Lets now create a cool Google+ Page for your blog by following the easy steps below.

October 25, 2011

Replace Blogger Profile with Google+ Profile

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google plus profile for blogger

Finally Google+ now jumped to Blogger. Blogger team announced yesterday that now you can Use your public Google+ profile on all your existing BlogSpot blogs. Upon switching your default Blogger profile will be replaced with Google+ profile and all your posts, comments and Author profile widget will be redirected to your Google Plus profile. Your blog pseudonym will be replaced with your common name. Your blog photo and info will be replaced with that in Google plus. This option works at present with Blogger in draft and after few weeks it will work on too.

October 20, 2011

September 13, 2011

Google+ API Launch Far From Near

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develope google plus appWith Google+ emerging as a better social connecting network; application developers (and just the curious student programmers) are eagerly waiting to start with some cool google + app. Of course everyone of us wish to develop and setup a Google+ app but how?

Fortunately or unfortunately, google+ API is not yet available to public. API (Application Programming Interface) can be understood as protocols or rules for building specified software applications. Google+ engineers and programmers are taking their time to develop a stable API before involving thousands if not millions of 3rd party developers with them.

September 5, 2011

Google Plus Posts are now crawled by Google Robots!

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I had heard that Google will soon crawl data shared on their newly born Google+ social network in order to bring a new change in their search pattern. Amazingly just today I searched for one of my posts and I was shocked to see that even my Google+ status post appeared in the search results page. This shows how significant role will G+ plus play in days to come. I will highly suggest that you +1'd all your posts and add a Google Plus badge to increase the number of your followers because this new sharing +1 button has a lot to disclose for Search engine Optimization experts and before its too late you must start making good use of it. I had expected this to come after the introduction of +snippets. Please see the screenshots of the SERPs that I observed:

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