Fundamental Tips for Google Plus beginners

google plus tipsGoogle Plus has created a lot of sensation among the existing and new social network users. Its rapid success and user-friendly interface is setting new records. Here, are some interesting tips for new users. Learn them well and enjoy this new social media site on the internet:

Let’s invite friends and family

It’s not difficult, but quite interesting to invite friends on your Google Plus account. You can easily learn how to invite friends on your Google Plus account. If interested, then follow the steps:
  • Visit the Google Plus network and login your account
  • Make some sensible and crispy streamline like a message and it should be an invitation, which allows them to join you on this network
  • Next, you will find a textbox where you have to insert the e-mail ids of your friends and family members. Once it’s done, then you can share this message with them, which you have already created
  • Now, you have to click on the “share” button. By doing this, your message will be floated to those guys. Only those can receive your message who have been invited by you
  • After this, everyone will receive an e-mail message where they can click on the specified Google Plus link to get connected with each other

Yes, you can also remove them

You can organize your friends with this great social networking site. This new social media site is fully loaded with different features like adding or removing friends from your account. It’s quite easy as you can add lots of friends and your family members in your “Circle.” Then, you can also have the right to remove someone.
We all know that sometimes we have to take some strict actions against some “rotten eggs” for our security and peace of mind. The annoying personalities can be in our own social circle. So, it’s better to kick them away before they create some trouble, especially when you have added your family members.
You can follow a logical sequence, which can direct you to get rid of some trouble creators.
  • Start with clicking on the “Circles” option, which you can find on the top navigation of your account
  • Now, you can double click on the specific circle where he is added. It will generate the list of all members of the particular circle
  • Select and just remove him from the face of your circle, but don’t try to click him again. It will “de select” the option and he will remain in your circle. Once you click it, it will be highlighted. Now, just remove it by clicking “remove” option available on the top

You can download data from Facebook

If you are already using Facebook or some other social media site, then it will be quite difficult for you to live the dream on Google Plus. How would you be going to interact with them, as they will be on Facebook and you will be isolated here?
Don’t worry! Google Plus has better options for you as you can move contacts from you Facebook account to your new Google Plus account. You don’t have to make a lot of efforts to move them onto your Google account. If you think that moving contacts from your new account is difficult, think again, because Google can facilitate you very well.
You can use Yahoo to transfer all of your contacts to this new account of yours:
Note: Please read this separate tutorial on transferring Facebook contacts to Google+
  • Visit Yahoo and make a new account there. After creating account, you can go to the “contacts” option
  • After that, you can select the option, “import contacts”
  • Now select, “Facebook”
  • Make sure all of your contacts are available there
  • Now, open your account at Google Plus and then open, “Circles”
  • Here, you have to click on “Find” and then click on “Invite”
  • Then again, click on Yahoo and follow the sequence by selecting the option, “invites”
  • It’s done now, all you have to do is to arrange them in your “circles now

It’s time to customize the page

Don’t you want to have a page, which is customized according to your personal likes and dislikes? If you do like, then you can customize your page easily. After all, it’s all about your impression on the profile page and you can’t compromise on good impression. Your impressive profile will reflect your aesthetics.
You can follow these steps to easily customize your profile:
  • First login, then click the third tab
  • Your profile will be visible, at the right side, you can click on “edit”
  • Now, edit the page as you like
  • Your mouse movement will make certain content “editable.” So, do what you want to and make it in accordance with your own taste and preferences
Did you see the magic? If not so, try applying these tips properly and open the wonders of Google Plus today!

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