Tips To Create a Successful Google+ Community

google plus communitiesUnlike Facebook, Google plus has still a long way to go in terms of popularity and user profiles. Although Google has had been trying really hard to promote Google plus by affiliating it with all the other products that comes under the same brand, people often find this social network a dry one indeed. An interesting point here is the fact that Google plus offers more or less, a similar flavor to the users that they enjoy using Facebook, there is still something lacking when it comes to moderate the communities effectively. While the moderators seem confused about how to give a boost to their Google+ communities, Google seems to notice it and has now come up with some worth following solutions.
If you are looking for how to create and maintain a Google+ community successfully, you have got the right platform. We will first discuss the Dos’ and Donts’ that you need to take care of in order to attract followers and keep them involved in your community.

What you need to do?

No one likes to be a part of an unknown territory. Try promoting your community by targeting the potential followers, presenting your community as a platform where they can share their ideas.

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What has been generally seen is the fact that owners often create a community and do not participate themselves. As a devoted owner, participate in the conversations, interacting with the followers, giving them a feeling that there is someone who is interested in listening and replying to them.

People love to know about hot stuff, they love more discussing it. Share latest and controversial news and ask for feedback. Most of the time people only speak when they are asked to.

Business has its own decent rules. Offering some power to the devoted followers is what keeps them glued to your community. Try adding moderators to your community who can manage content and help you out in keeping the platform alive.

Neither you, nor I know everything, isn’t it? How about learning from the followers and teaching them what they might not know? This is what helps building a smooth community.

Apart from the above stated must-do things, you should also add categories in your community to help guide discussions. We will discuss about categories in later part of the post.

What you Should Not Do?

Just breaking hot news on a community is not enough. What people mostly do is they often state the information without making it worthy enough to attract a single look of the reader.

People, usually the newbies aim high and work really low to reach their desired levels. In order to attract a good deal of followers you should first provide a reason to the readers to follow you. Never invite people to join your empty community. In fact, prepare your welcome message and expectations note before inviting followers so that when they land up on your community they get reasons to stay.

Never leave your community unmoderated. This is truly what brings a disaster to even those communities that initially survive to gather a considerable followership.

How to Use Categories in Google+ Community?

If you are a google+ user who is running a community too, you must know its importance. Categories, as the name suggests, organize the discussions in your community. These categories gives an idea to the member that what your community is all about in the first place, and next, in what topic he is interested in. Say if you have a community related to online business, a category for each section might be like, blogging, surveying, freelancing, etc.
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Adding Discussion Categories:

Select Edit Community from action menu.

How to add Moderators to your Community?

Google+ is turning into an easy place to deal with. Adding moderators to your community is what that helps you only. To add moderators:
  1. Click members below your community’s photo
  2. Click the drop-down menu to the right of the member you’d like to add as a moderator
  3. Click Promote from member to moderator

What Moderator are allowed to do?

1) Add and edit categories
2) Remove posts
3) Remove members from the community
4) Ban members from the community
5) Add additional moderators

Works become easy and systematic if you know how to do it. Google Plus is the next huge social media or probably the biggest in upcoming days because what makes Google Plus a strong contestant is its backbone; that is Google, itself! Google Plus communities are significantly important in the online business strategies and one must know how to deal with them properly.

Best Wishes

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