December 17, 2012

Google Explains How to Write a Proper Reconsideration Request?

Your blog can really make your life a complicated one if it gets into the bad lists of Google. Throughout my career as a blogger, I have come across many newbies who are often way too worried for their blog ratings. It has also been seen that sometimes a blog with a considerable rankings and readership goes under a sudden change, bringing disaster that keeps on increasing. It is important to understand the significance of a consistent good progress when it comes to an online earning business because, that is where you have no boss to appeal and no actual help to get the things fixed up for you. However, Google seems merciful enough to let the suffering bloggers a chance to help their blogs and offers a reconsideration request form that the bloggers have to fill and submit to the Google Team.

Although the name speaks all, the reconsideration request is what that works on your behalf to interact with Google for solving issues that might have lead in decreasing your rankings-and-earnings. By now, most of the bloggers do know about this facility, or rather opportunity, there are many of them who find it difficult to draft a good reconsideration request. Taking a serious notice of this, Matt Cuts, the head of Webspam, Google has answered what the team actually looks for in a reconsideration request.

1) Mention The Goal of Reconsideration request

Probably due to the language barriers or the misunderstandings about the scenario, bloggers sounds confused while stating the actual problem that they are facing. You need to first analyze the problem that might have created difficult circumstances for your business and once you are done with it, it is time to recover your mistakes.

2) Tell Google what it wants to know

It is important to understand that whatever happens to your blog is due to some reason behind it. Therefore, you need to tell Google about what has been done wrong by you mistakenly or unintentionally. For example, if there is something related to the Paid links, spamming, etc., you need to mention that and also the fact that now you have stopped doing so.

The team wants to know what has been done by you to cure the issue, like if it was related to the pagelinks, you should pull them down as much as possible and state your efforts in the reconsideration form too.

3) Assure Google for Future

Google is professional enough when it comes to the mistakes committed by the publishers. It is to be noted that not all the reconsideration requests are accepted by Google, in fact, only few requests are even taken into the notice. What Google looks in your request is the surety that you would not be repeating the similar blunders or violates the rules and regulations of Google in future.

4) Additional Details giving weightage

It is always better to keep your policies and goals transparent from Google. Adding details like the sites that you link to, using SEO for unethical stuff, etc., would earn you more trust of the team. Moreover, also suggest what you would be doing in order to avoid similar circumstances, say taking trainings, keeping a track of Google blogs, following the regulations, etc. To know more about it, also see this video.

Google can be a tough one when it comes to convincing it for reconsidering your blog and improve your ratings. Therefore, you need to be extra careful while drafting your request. A quality request would itself be considered as a plus point for you.

Best Wishes

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  6. Really nice post

    a kid blogger from India

    are you guys ready for coming india vs pak cricket match,huh ?

  7. nice valuable information thanks for sharing this post ;)

    Rahul Kashyap

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  9. thanks for sharing such a valuable post....i dint knew bout reconsideration request at all....
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  10. Nice information.Well Google reconsideration is very helpful for all webmasters and this is one of the best step taken by Google in order to help publishers and webmasters.
    Regards: Pramod
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  11. hi nida, how are you? I just want to take a little more help. Previously my blog was on hacking content but now i have turned the things as you can see. I want to know that my traffic is not increasing and instead decreasing. So should i submit request to google? And also, mohammad bro hasn't read and replied email yet. So please let him know.


  12. nida mam please help me out please tell me how to get the good traffic according to google analytic i have 150 visitors but according to various value calculators i have 500 unique visitors what is right?

  13. kudos Mohammed, pls i need your help here

    I quote myself
    "Thanks for the tips but Pls i am confused, are we to replace the entire data with the nickname e.g just "Max" OR we replace just the author e.g data:post.Max/
    Also i found 4 results when i searched for Am I going to apply the replacement to all the 4 i found?? Pls Reply Asap
    with an example. Thanks
    N.B i Removed the >< signs cos its affecting my post here."
    Pls i need your reply urgently. Thanks for the good works

  14. Rohit bro.Actually analytics is not 100% accurate bcoz some visitors stop the page loading before the code completely load.You can check webmaster tool and blogger stats yet its also not pure.Analytics is 90% accurate in my opinion and it is only best available tool.

  15. Good post as always. Really informative. A hope for the guys who have been facing some difficulty with the Google AdSense. Thanks
    Shiful Alam

  16. Hello Readers,

    @ All, Thanks alot friends :)

    @ Mehul, I Think Google expects you to draft an intelligent reconsideration request. Tell them that you are no more tutoring hacking. Hope it works

    @ Rohit, I second Pramod's Comment .

    @ Pramod, Thanks alot brother :)

  17. @Pramod sharmak sir so what is if it is showing 150 visitors than what is my own visiors?

  18. bro if analytics is showing 150 then check whether it is pageviews or visits bcoz there is a lot difference between two.Analytic is always correct and 150 means that your veiws are 150 or more then that.It will never be less than 150.

  19. I just wanna avoid every spam as possible.

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  21. @Pramod sharmabro i have 1120 visits and 2400 page views in 8 dec to 17 dec. is this good or not? and tell me the difference between than. and also tell me how to increase these?
    i will be very thankful to you.

  22. @nida dear i have applied this post
    in my blog but it is not working please see my blog once and give me the fine solution

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  24. Well it depend on how much time is it since you are regularly posting unique content.If it is less than 6 month then its quit good.Pageview means how many time your pages has been viewed and visits means how many people have visited your site.It includes the person say if he has visited two times a day then it counts 2.And to increase traffic read mbt posts which are earleir posted by Mohammad.

  25. Kindly post a list of reliable CPM sites which pays weekly or monthly.

  26. @Pramod sharmaya bro i have completed my 6 month i mean my blog complete it this 13 dec. and i truly saying i was not cometted to my work before aproval of adsense.

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