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google plus profile for blogger

Finally Google+ now jumped to Blogger. Blogger team announced yesterday that now you can Use your public Google+ profile on all your existing BlogSpot blogs. Upon switching your default Blogger profile will be replaced with Google+ profile and all your posts, comments and Author profile widget will be redirected to your Google Plus profile. Your blog pseudonym will be replaced with your common name. Your blog photo and info will be replaced with that in Google plus. This option works at present with Blogger in draft and after few weeks it will work on too.


The three main features that this shifting offers are:

  • You will get access to upcoming Google+ features on Blogger
  • your social connections (friends) will see your posts in their Google search results page with an annotation that tells them that you've shared the post. Thus increasing your blog traffic! See below:

annotation for your blogger posts

  • Most importantly it would give you one Unique identity. All your Google Accounts will now use one common name. Your Common is the nickname that you chose on Google+.

Important Notes

However this shift may seem exciting but you need to first note these important points:

  • Upon switching to your Google+ profile,you will have only 30 days to revert back to your old blogger profile. After the time limit is crossed, your Blogger profile data will be deleted permanently.
  • Information on your Blogger profile won't be transferred to your Google+ profile, so you must manually copy your blogger profile data to Google+ before making the automatic switch.

After having read all the pros and cons lets now make the move!

Change Blogger Profile To Google+

  1. Click this link: Switch to Google+ profile
  2. Read the instructions carefully, agree to the terms and hit the "Switch Now" button
  3. Done!

Try this new change after you have backed up your blogger profile data and see if you like it. If things were not delightful then simply revert back. Make sure you revert back within a month. I hope this latest news may be interesting for most of you. :)

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  1. Thanks For The Great Info,I will try it.

  2. Hi Brother Finally I switch my Blogger Profile To Google Profile.Thanks For Remind this update.

  3. Happy Diwali.

    Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai......:)

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  5. Hey can u show the demo of dis shit.....

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  7. @Mohammad
    Good to see your post after so many days. And do you still need the comment "nice post?".Its obvious:)

  8. The Demo is given by Varinder. See the difference in his two comments. :)

    Thank you pal. Those words if expressed do always mean a lot. :>

  9. @ Mohmd, does it mean once a switch is made, all the blog posts will have the name of the real author? don't you thing it'll endanger one's security especially if one blogs abt sensitive content such as politics, corruption? I suppose G+ has not implemented pseudonym use in their profiles, in that case, I suggest bloggers should hold their horses till this is done. What do you think, Mohmd?

  10. is it possible to use my other Google+ profile?

  11. thanks for share it , i use it in my profile