August 31, 2013

How To Post Blog Posts on Google Plus Automatically?

Share Blog Updates on Google Plus

No matter what sort of business organization or company you are running, social media is one major channel for marketing your stuff and keeping the people informed about your updates and whereabouts. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn are the mainstream and yet the most powerful of these networks. However, running your company pages on these websites is not easy as it sounds. You have to take care of the timings and whatnot. Automating the procedure by scheduling the posts is however a great solution to this. Although there are several tools to do the job, the most efficient and diversified has to be the BufferApp because of its Google Plus support unlike many others out there.

It is worth noticing that you couldn't easily auto-post to Google Plus, because the Google+ API provided no such leisure. But now, you can get the job done with the BufferApp!

How to auto-post to Google+ Page?

So let’s start automating your Google Plus page:

Step #1: Create a BufferApp account:

Open up their website and register for your free account. You can also directly Sign In using your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn profiles.

Step #2: Adding your Google Plus Page:

BufferApp currently doesn’t support Google Plus profiles, just pages (For the same reason mentioned above - i.e. Google+ API doesn't grant access to profiles, yet).

Add Google Plus

To add yours, click on that plus sign beside Accounts and click on Connect a Page under the Google Plus logo at the far right. It’ll ask you your account details and/or some other details as well. Just tell it what it asks and you’re good to go. BufferApp will also ask for some permissions which you should simple accept in order to make things run fine.

You will then be asked to select the Google Plus page of yours that you want to associate with BufferApp. Associating multiple pages at a time is also supported.

Choose a Google+ Page

That’s it! You can now schedule your Google Plus posts using the buffer whenever you like. The Google Plus profile support is rumored to be added pretty soon. BufferApp also offers a Chrome extension which makes the process simpler. Guess the time is right to let go of Hootsuite and PostPlanner and shift to BufferApp since well, it’s much better. Let us know in the comments section what you think about it. Cheers :)

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  1. Nice post qasim bro now we can easily publish our posts with auto pilot on google plus. Thanks for sharing this tutorial with us.

    1. that's really good to hear, im going to use it, it will save some time..
      Prince Asfi

  2. Is there any way to post on Google+ profile (not page) automatically?

    1. Chrome has an extension called 'Do Share' which you can schedule to post on your personal profile. Use it all the time

  3. Qasim this is great thing for bloggers to auto post their post get maximum without surfing time there.

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  7. very nice post with good application to be use thanks for sharing

  8. How to send Google Plus post to mobile?
    pls mail:

  9. OK, now how do we connect our Blogger Blog to it, so posts from the Blogspot Blog go right to all the social media ?

  10. Dear Qasim Bro
    We can Post our blogger blog posts directly from out blogger also. Just change the Blogger profile with our Gplus Profile. Then we can post either to Gplus profile or to any Gplus Page, when ever a new blogger post is published.

  11. That was really a nice post . And thank for sharing. A post on how to publish post auto to facebook and twitter is also recommended.

  12. Thanks this tips what's im looking for,Thanks and finally i found this for my blog..Keep sharing mate..

  13. I am already using Buffer application for status update. It is best.

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  15. Before I was confuse about the purpose of Google+, but now I know the importance of Google+ to the small business owners.

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  18. Can i get traffics from this buffer app by using Google+ with it?

  19. what about the method when we publish a new post it is automatically shared by google plus because it asks for sharing after publsih.Blogger branding

  20. Very cool post, thanks alot, working like a charm :)

    A post on How to automatically post your NEW Blog Posts on Facebook Fanfage Is also recommanded

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  22. Sharing posts on Google plus is easy if "Prompt to share after posting" option is enabled in Google Plus tab in blogger. It needs only a single click as well.

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  25. Qasim this is great thing for bloggers to auto post their post get maximum without surfing time there.

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