December 20, 2012

The Biggest Surprise For Google Web Spam Team in 2012

online spammingThe thought of starting an E-business and making money online seems to be a fantasy to those newbies who are not aware of the uncertainties and frauds that are unavoidable reality in the online world. Although there are plenty of opportunities to be picked as an online business, the results totally depend on the choice you have opted for. Throughout the centuries, it has been seen that the easiest way to get benefitted is to make others a fool. Seriously, linking this human psychology with the online world, you will find thousands of sites that are ready to fool you by offering deals that are too good to believe, demanding a considerable investment from you to avail the offer. It was surprising to found that the biggest surprise for the Google Web Spam Team in 2012 was the fact that a huge percentage of people are falling in the spammy offers and are losing their money at the cost of their innocence.

What has Surprised Google This Year?

While answering a follower, Matt Cuts, the Head of Webspam, said that the biggest surprise in 2012 was the sheer number of people who fall for the fake offers that are been offered by many publishers who promise their potential customers to establish their online business in no time and claims that the user can then generate a huge revenue on monthly basis. An interesting part here is that they actually charge people considerably large, ensuring them that once they pay for the offer, they would help them in getting started with their business.
If you are a good writer and have been searching for online writing opportunities, you must have come across such spams in your career. At least I did! There are sites that first showcase their success stories, telling about the successes of the registered users who paid them and are now earning hugely to attract the potential users who might found themselves interested in getting the same offer. However, As Matt Cuts said in his answer, there is no lunch for free, and certainly, a point that people must think of, before letting this outflow of money from their pockets is the fact that if they are capable of helping others to earn money, why aren’t they earning with it themselves? Google webspam team is however, strict towards such websites and publishers but you see it can’t really help when people would themselves go and get trapped by these spammers.

It is All Detectable by Google

If you go through the following video, you will find that Google is actually keeping an eagle’s eye on all the publishers and penalize the sites that try to spam people in different ways. We saw how strict Google is when it comes to the reconsideration requests; Google webspam team is using strong algorithms and tools that trace the all the spamming moves of the publishers who guess new ways to continue their unethical activities.

No doubt about the charm of money and easy earning strategies, but it is always preferable to think 10 times before paying anyone or any site online.

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  1. Aus ye khwand auko!

    That's an amazing surprise, those sites are undoubtedly cheating people openly and I'm surprised why people still pay to them??

    Wali from:

  2. I used to be a spammer to LOL. But i quit because of Google can detected them and I figured out that's wrong. Can you tell my blog if it's good enough please! Thanks. My blog : nguyen12blog - Blog that help

  3. Great very interested and informated post from Nide ! i just realizing about spam from your blog, Thanks for post


  4. Nice and well written as always! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Very nice post Nida. i like ur blog, thanks for making this blog very best as i want. Regards:
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  7. thanks for this post. :)

    Rahul Kashyap

  8. Wow , Thats a great Surprise,
    Google should make their Algrothims more Strong, so they can penalize new Blogger who Copy others post or do some unethical Activities to make Increase Their Traffic technology Blog

  9. nida and mohammad! Please check my emails! Mohammad, i have mailed it to ur gmail stc id.

  10. @ Wali,
    As I mentioned, Money has charm, people do fall for it. frequently :)

    @ Tan Nguyen
    Its good that you are no more involved in it brother :)

    @ Abdul Basit,Andreas Christodoulou, Ehsan ul haq,Rahul,Mehul

    Thank you so much :)

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  13. thanks for this post. :)

    Yugantha Bulathsinhala

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  15. I have also bad experience but i learned lot of things after that experience.

  16. Recently I have received an email saying that I have awarded a prize of £1,00,000. How funny is it?
    Shiful Alam

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