Google Plus Posts are now crawled by Google Robots!

I had heard that Google will soon crawl data shared on their newly born Google+ social network in order to bring a new change in their search pattern. Amazingly just today I searched for one of my posts and I was shocked to see that even my Google+ status post appeared in the search results page. This shows how significant role will G+ plus play in days to come. I will highly suggest that you +1'd all your posts and add a Google Plus badge to increase the number of your followers because this new sharing +1 button has a lot to disclose for Search engine Optimization experts and before its too late you must start making good use of it. I had expected this to come after the introduction of +snippets. Please see the screenshots of the SERPs that I observed:


google plus crawled


You can clearly see my Google+ post appearing just after my main blogs post page. I must assure you that I received this result while I was not online on G+ i.e I didn't log into Google Plus. I then further investigated to see how the results will appear when you log into your Google+ account. I received this result:

Google Plus indexed

The only difference that you would see is that my profile image is appearing below my blog link indicating that I have recommended/voted the post.

As you can see Google robots are indexing the links shared on your Google+ profiles along with the Google+ post URL. Which means that both your blog link and Profile Post URL are being indexed and displayed in search results. I must say it can turn out as a great traffic boosting gift for webmasters with large G+ following. In order to increase your Google+ profile you must take these steps urgently:

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  1. Nice post Mohammad...

    I think so that +1's would become the new pagerank for Google!
    Keep up the good work!

  2. thats nice i have taken all the steps without the 4th one floating !!!

  3. Nice one bro keep up the good work

  4. @Crazy
    In fact it will be the next big tool for ranking SERP. :)

    Then you must do it now! :p

    In fact it is bro.:)

    My pleasure pal. :)