Note: We Have Moved Our Updates From G+ Profile To Google Plus Fan Page

MBT on Google+

When it comes to promoting a business, social media simply cannot be ignored. Social media accounts for a great number of purchases for many businesses, and even for websites and blogs, social media plays an important part in bringing traffic. But socializing with people isn't as easy as all that. It requires a lot of time and effort to put together and maintain a presence on Social media. And due to the so many platforms that people are now using, this has become harder. Due to all this, we have been unable to communicate with you through Google+ Fan Page Properly and we used Mohammad's profile to post updates but now we have set up a separate Fan Page on Google Plus to keep you updated with every single post.

On popular demand, and for other reasons, we have finally created a page for My Blogger Tricks on Google+! Now, you can get all the updates right on your Google+ homepage!

Click the following link to start receiving our Delicious New Google+ Fan Page Updates.

Note: We have turned off serving updates on Mohammad's profile and Post updates will be shared via this new Fan Page. Mohammad's profile will be used for personal sharings and for sharing presentation details and venues. 

Why we chose Google+, and why should you too?

Google+ is the latest social network by far, since it has only been around for a few months. But already, we have seen a lot of powerful features from the Search engine Giant. In fact, it won't be wrong to say that the coming of Google+ heralded the start of a new social era, so to speak. Already, it has inspired a range of other networks to implement changes. Facebook,for example, did not have any of the list options before this. Nor did it have the Ticker and the Timeline we are so 'fond' of :P.

Secondly, Google+ makes it a lot easier for people to connect to each other. It has a lot more simplified, and efficient privacy module, and it lets you group people into circles etc. And since it is the search giant, discovering other people has never been easier. This is a very useful feature to have, especially for the promotion of businesses.

Important - Read please!

From now on, all blog-related updates will be published on our fan page on Google+. This initiative is for Google+ users. Our other social media pages will be active as well, but Google+ shows us promise, as more people can find us on this platform. Once again,to follow us,simply click here.

One more thing. Muhammad Mustafa's (this blog's author-in chief and owner's) public profile on Google+ will now be used for personal sharings, and only the most important details such as presentation venues etc. Therefore, I request you on his behalf and my own, that if you want blog related updates, then follow our fan page rather than following Mustafa's profile.

So connect with us on Google+ so that we can all socialize better! Looking forward to seeing you there. Goodbye :)

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  1. Excellent move but I want to know how to transfer all of them and why the hell Google still not coming up with auto update from rss feature.

  2. Hello Mohammad and Qasim,
    I am your persistant reader from a year and want to ask you something. I don't know why, but Facebook and G+ take different parts of your text as summary. Do you know how to customize your publication, blogger html or G+ to automatically have your first paragraph as a summary - both in facebook and blogger? Or you have never had such a problem?


  3. @Веселин Кисьов
    Thanks for the kind feedback.
    Its true that both Facebook and G+ takes different snippets. If you are using the latest Search preferences options in blogger than if you add meta description for posts, Both Facebook and G+ will automatically display that meta description instead of the opening paragraph. This is a standard way. Please follow this Series Blogger SEO Guide to learn how to add meta description for posts.

    Always welcomed. :)

    RSS feeds and other apps are still not supported and We are waiting for that too buddy. Unfortunately I have not come across a method to transfer all contacts from one G+ profile to a Fan Page

  4. @Mohammad
    You should have been in the study room :P

    Yea G+ API have read-only access and may be that's why there isn't any such service for auto updating.

  5. @Mohammad, thank you for your fast reply! Yes, I found this search preferences. I hope that they will work well.

  6. @bhavesh

    lol I better be! Just trying to get on with these horrible exams. Starting from Monday onwards. :d


    Most welcomed. It will surely work pal. :)

  7. @Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai

    sounds as if someone needs a boost again:P
    Mohammad,i emailed you my guest post, did you accept that?

  8. @Rahmeen

    Yes I checked it. Will surely publish it soon pal.

  9. Dear Admin,
    I wanna know how to auto publish the blog posts to your google page.
    Thank you