December 30, 2012

Complete List Of Google AdSense Features introduced in 2012

google adsense limitationsDecember is upon us and 2012 is about to reach its end, leaving us with some worth remembering memories. Like every other service provider, Google is all ready to pay a farewell to 2012 and planning new strategies to facilitate its users in the coming year. It was recently that we shared latest news about Google, highlighting how can publishers utilize the tools been offered by Google team to maximize their earnings, and now it is the time to have a quick flash back on the AdSense features that Google introduced in 2012.

December 29, 2012

Releasing Blogger Notification Bar!

Blogger Notification BarLooks like the new year is near! Out of the premium sets of design resources in our repository, we often share one of them as a freebie when the occasion is precious. There are many creative premium widgets, tools and plugins that we managed to develop this month for our regular clients and out of these I will be sharing just two such resources as a new year gift. They are: (1) Blogger Notification bar widget that you can see live on our blog at the top and (2) a Blogger Template entitled "Salahuddin Ayubi" which is far better than any of the templates we designed so far and makes us really jealous when we compare it to our current design of MBT blog itself!


December 27, 2012

Animation using CSS3 KeyFrames and jQuery's scrollTop() function

css3 keyframesJquery is indeed the most compressed and efficient library of JavaScript introduced so far that has made a web developer's job more easy. Its built in functions of show(), hide(), AJAX() and my beloved scrollTop() are indeed the most used functions that gives a new life to user interface (UI). CSS3 animations using @Keyframes rule is one of the most innovative things I came across so far. Pseudo elements such as :before and :after are increasingly being used now because they eliminated the use of unnecessary div tags.


December 25, 2012

Tips To Create a Successful Google+ Community

google plus communitiesUnlike Facebook, Google plus has still a long way to go in terms of popularity and user profiles. Although Google has had been trying really hard to promote Google plus by affiliating it with all the other products that comes under the same brand, people often find this social network a dry one indeed. An interesting point here is the fact that Google plus offers more or less, a similar flavor to the users that they enjoy using Facebook, there is still something lacking when it comes to moderate the communities effectively. While the moderators seem confused about how to give a boost to their Google+ communities, Google seems to notice it and has now come up with some worth following solutions.

December 24, 2012

Wordpress 3.5 Upgrade Errors: Forgot to Backup?

wordpress upgrade errorsWordpress version 3.5 recently got released and just like always, many webmasters are striking their heads against the wall due to newly introduced database errors. Wordpress emphasize greatly to backup your database before making any change but most often we forget to backup and click the Upgrade button in hurry- what follows next is a horrible nightmare for those who are not well versed with MySQL database management and error recognition. I recently got into the same trouble while updating our sister blog i.e. Smart Earning Methods.  I forgot to backup the database! Fortunately we receive schedule backups on our Email daily and this was no less than a blessing. The site I updated to WP 3.5, got messed up with plenty of Query errors all pointing to the plugin directory.


December 22, 2012

Now You can Mention People inside Blog Posts with Google Plus!

mention people in BloggerRunning an online business through blogging can be really tough if you are not aware of how to manage your readers. What is generally seen is the fact that many bloggers often interact with their readers too friendly that their readers start taking their piece of knowledge for granted. There are no doubts about the value of the readers and a blogger should interact with his readers but again in a professional way.

Believing in the importance of smooth conversations in between the publishers and the readers, Google has now introduced a new way to link your devoted readers in your blogger post editor.

December 20, 2012

The Biggest Surprise For Google Web Spam Team in 2012

online spammingThe thought of starting an E-business and making money online seems to be a fantasy to those newbies who are not aware of the uncertainties and frauds that are unavoidable reality in the online world. Although there are plenty of opportunities to be picked as an online business, the results totally depend on the choice you have opted for. Throughout the centuries, it has been seen that the easiest way to get benefitted is to make others a fool. Seriously, linking this human psychology with the online world, you will find thousands of sites that are ready to fool you by offering deals that are too good to believe, demanding a considerable investment from you to avail the offer. It was surprising to found that the biggest surprise for the Google Web Spam Team in 2012 was the fact that a huge percentage of people are falling in the spammy offers and are losing their money at the cost of their innocence.

December 18, 2012

Mohammad Chose Blogger, I Chose Hacking

An inspiring story by Rafay Baloch from RafayHackingArticles. Dating back to 2009 when I first met this guy.  

blog or hackWell, this post is not  an ordinary one that talks about "Making Six Figure Income Online" or making millions from blogging, it rather contains some interesting piece of advices for Novice Bloggers and also the Ninjas out there who are struggling hard to survive online.  It all started, when Mohammad and I met back in 2009 in a Snooker Club. We both were interested in blogging and Internet Marketing, so we therefore had arranged a meeting in order to share our existing blogging strategies.


December 17, 2012

Google Explains How to Write a Proper Reconsideration Request?

Your blog can really make your life a complicated one if it gets into the bad lists of Google. Throughout my career as a blogger, I have come across many newbies who are often way too worried for their blog ratings. It has also been seen that sometimes a blog with a considerable rankings and readership goes under a sudden change, bringing disaster that keeps on increasing. It is important to understand the significance of a consistent good progress when it comes to an online earning business because, that is where you have no boss to appeal and no actual help to get the things fixed up for you. However, Google seems merciful enough to let the suffering bloggers a chance to help their blogs and offers a reconsideration request form that the bloggers have to fill and submit to the Google Team.

December 15, 2012

How to Help Google Webmasters Know if your Site is Hacked?

website hacked labelThese days when online earning through blogs and websites is turning into one of the most appealing businesses, there are unavoidable risks of getting your website been hacked. How about malicious content been injected on your website, forcing your readers to never come back to pay a visit? The thought is itself awful, isn’t it? A good news is, Google has lately announced that it has some solutions for those webmasters who are the victim of website hacking.

As I have been saying in my previous posts, Google is smart enough to keep a track of everything, all the time and hence according to the new policies, the site that would be detected as a “hacked website” would be displayed with a warning message “This Site may be compromised”. This has been done to ensure safety of the users who might find the affected site in the search results and find themselves been overloaded with the malicious content.

December 13, 2012

You can now display just one 300X600 Ad Format on a page

google adsense limitationsBlogging is becoming the most promising online business gradually, however, there are few who find themselves lucky enough to enjoy a good revenue been generated through it. There is no doubt that advertisements act as the soul of earning and we must thank Google for introducing its AdSense program. It has been lately seen that Google seems more interested in targeting the issues of its clients and in order to enhance the earnings of the publishers, it has recently introduced a new 300x600 ad format, big enough to consume a large space of your blog. While the Publishers were delighted with the news, hoping to have more revenue, Google has announced that the new offer would also be having some limitations.

December 9, 2012

Met a Strange Guy Today with Only tears in His Eyes

mental disorderI had to share a new tutorial today but my entire mood turned upside down when I met a young guy in a Mental Hospital. I thought I better share this experience with you all. Since I am on vocations, I try to give more time to friends and family and stay away from work the maximum I can afford. Every evening I go for fitness in a nearby Gym with a home friend (named Ahsan) in order to release stress and recharge myself mentally. Today Ahsan requested that we better meet his close relative whose young son just got admitted in Psychiatric hospital.


December 7, 2012

Fill up a simple Appeal form for Disabled AdSense Accounts

restore disabled AdSense AccountsWith an increasing awareness about the online earning business, it has been seen that people are opting blogging as their sole career. Whether you are a professional blogger or a newbie, there is no doubt that the revenue been generated through blogging, highly depends on the Google AdSense account. Where most of the bloggers find the service as a satisfactory tool to make money by providing spaces for ads, there are some who often complain about their AdSense accounts getting disabled for ‘invalid activities’.
Taking an action on the queries about this disabling of accounts without any good reason, Google has recently introduce an easy way to its publishers who have been suffering by a sudden full stop on their earnings, and also answering why do they actually suspend or even disable few accounts. Therefore, if you have ever been a victim of such a situation, there is all what you need to know.

December 6, 2012

Thumbnail Image Fix For Pinterest Buttons in Blogger

thumbnail issues in pinterestPinterest as you all know is the new social media network introduced just this year that has slowly attracted fair amount of traffic and is grooming daily thanks to publishers and community members. We introduced various codes on how to add a Pinterest pin it button to your webpages but due to server side errors the JavaScript code introduced by pinterest for Firefox and Chrome is not functioning for the past one month. So We fetched a new code using AddThis servers and designed a custom Pinterest counter that works just like the original pinterest button. I also managed to write a simple XHTML code for the original pinterest button which will fetch the correct thumbnail image out of your BlogSpot blog and will work just fine without a description or blank thumbnail image problem. Lets check these fresh codes which works just fine. I will also update the old tutorials today.


December 4, 2012

Fancy Black Skin For LinkWithin Gadget

linkwithin black skinLinkWithin is an excellent plugin that can be integrated in both Wordpress and Blogger to display related stories by fetching posts that belong to the same category/label or tag. It really loads fast and do help in increasing reader engagement in reading more and more and helps build pageviews. Months ago we introduced a way by which you can customize the look and feel of this plugin by overriding its default stylesheet. You can surely override any Class or ID by simply using the !important property.


December 2, 2012

The Terrible Exams are Finally Over!

Exams are over!It feels like someone has dragged me out of a big mountain. I feel like I am literally breathing again! I called it terrible because they really were terrible! :p I am pursuing B.E in Computer and Information System Engineering and just attended exams of 6th semester, 2 more semesters to go after which (Graduation) I would have enough time to groom STC Network. As a student its tough to look after an online business which demands both time and care. Working online today with an increasing competition and rapidly changing moods of online traffic, you can not let your blogs run on auto-pilot mode even if it is managed by your employees. Exams for me mean a complete 40 days ban on all online activities. No clients, no engagement with readers (through blog, fan pages, phone calls or email), no product promotion, no posting, no technical learning, no innovation and no implementation of developed skills. It does not only effect the revenue but also skill productivity.

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