Complete List Of Google AdSense Features introduced in 2012

google adsense limitationsDecember is upon us and 2012 is about to reach its end, leaving us with some worth remembering memories. Like every other service provider, Google is all ready to pay a farewell to 2012 and planning new strategies to facilitate its users in the coming year. It was recently that we shared latest news about Google, highlighting how can publishers utilize the tools been offered by Google team to maximize their earnings, and now it is the time to have a quick flash back on the AdSense features that Google introduced in 2012.

1) Updates to AdSense interface.

Google has always considered the feedbacks given by its users and a significant step of making updates to the AdSense interface, including a refresh to the Ad review Center, followed by the ability to add multiple users to accounts. In order to make Google more user friendly, this year, Google introduced:
i) Reporting features service.
ii) Refreshing the look of Performance reports
iii) Managing accounts and blocking ads directly from your site.
iv) A Google publisher Toolbar.

2) Ways to increase revenue

Publishers found it more credible to ask Google to help them out in increasing their revenue and Google, focusing this request showed ways to improve online earning by:
i) Introducing Social tools,
ii) Going mobile,
iii) User experience changes
iv) Using DoubleClick for publishers Small Business.

3) More Google-User interaction

2012 seemed a year where Google tried to establish cordial relations with its users by offering them an opportunity to connect with them through their AdSense in Your City Events, which is now known by Learn With Google for Publishers. Apart from it, the creation of AdSense + page has also increased the interactions.

4) Highlighting Publisher Stories

Blogging is one of those online earning methods that can be learnt by the success stories of other publishers. Understanding the importance of publisher stories, Google started its publisher stories, providing a platform to all the publishers, around the world to share their stories and learn from each other.

5) Working on payment process

Focusing on the most interesting part of blogging, Google worked out on improving the payment process, making it easier by updating the look of Payments page in the AdSense interface and by extending payment options in Southeast Asia.

6) Introducing new ad Formats

As been discussed lately, Google has offered new size ad formats that allow you to increase your earning potential through larger ads.
AdSense ad sizes
This year turned out to be a successful one for Google , bringing it new levels of profit and followership.We Hope to have similar new features from Google in the coming year.
Best Wishes

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