Met a Strange Guy Today with Only tears in His Eyes

mental disorderI had to share a new tutorial today but my entire mood turned upside down when I met a young guy in a Mental Hospital. I thought I better share this experience with you all. Since I am on vocations, I try to give more time to friends and family and stay away from work the maximum I can afford. Every evening I go for fitness in a nearby Gym with a home friend (named Ahsan) in order to release stress and recharge myself mentally. Today Ahsan requested that we better meet his close relative whose young son just got admitted in Psychiatric hospital.

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This was the first time in my life when I stepped into a mental treatment hospital and saw things that are difficult to narrate. We met a young guy about 19 years of age. His name is Ahmed and he is Ahsan's cousin.  Ahsan told me that Ahmed became a victim of serious mental disorder just 3 months ago and now his condition has deteriorated so much that even his dad can not control him when anger surrounds him from all corners.

Ahmed's dad had requested Ahsan earlier to pay them frequent visits and spend some time with Ahmed so that he may feel better and get rid of this sudden insanity. The moment we entered Ahmed's room, he stood up like a kid and crawled towards Ahsan with a smile all around his face. He seemed extremely excited to see Ahsan and welcomed him like a normal man. He was speaking with his tearful eyes only without even moving his tongue. He seemed silent and would speak little. He seemed a healthy teenager with great strength. Ahsan took him out of the room and offered him cigarette. He loved it and started smoking like he was smoking his last. Ahsan is a happy-go-lucky person so he started funny conversation with him and tried to distract Ahmed from his gloominess & loneliness. Ahmed would often smile when he was asked questions about female staff members. I was just looking at Ahsan's stupid questions and was wondering why was he reacting this way and why did he offer the kid cigarette. But to my curiosity, I found Ahmed enjoying Ahsan's company.  I left them enjoying their funny talks (Ahsan speaking while Ahmed remained just quite behind a seldom smile) and went to meet Ahmed's dad in patient ward.


I asked uncle for reasons due to which Ahmed lost his mental stability. Uncle's story was indeed strange yet a thoughtful message for many parents who fail to give their children the rights they deserve.

Ahmed was 10 years old when his father sent him to boarding school. He was a homesick kid who loved to remain close to his parents but due to business matters his father had to sent him to boarding school. After completing his secondary classes, Ahmed was sent to Bangladesh where he stayed for more than 3 years. During this long period he remained thirsty for the love of his parents. In school he was often bullied and would face sexual harassment.  The moment his dad realized the tortures he had been through in August 2012, Ahmed was far from being normal again. His dad accepted all his mistakes and requested us to help his kid recover from this hell. I was literally dumbfound after I heard the story. I am really not able to put everything into words. Ahmed's tears are still framing in front of my eyes. Imagine a guy who was normal 3 months ago and turned into a mentally upset case today.  Ahmed asked me that he also wishes to join gym and ride my bike. I smiled at him and promised that his wish will soon be fulfilled. I hugged him tightly and then left for gym.


Everyone of us has some rights and we are normal as long as we are provided with these necessities of body and soul. Keep your loved ones close to yourselves and never abandon a being.  Learn to spread love as much as you can and hold firmly to the trust people have on you. Be kind to God for creating you in perfect shape and colors. Never keep a bird in cage and never snatch from others the right to smile and laugh. Never break someone's trust and never stop fighting for your rights. Ask for it boldly when you know its your right to demand it. Never remain silent when a situation needs an answer because silence is an act of cowardliness and you are indeed better than this.  You could have been in Ahmed's place but you are blessed with so much happiness around, so remain kind for everything around. I am sorry I could not write a tutorial today because I could not stop thanking God for his countless blessings. God bless you always brothers and sisters.  May you have the best of life.

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  1. Oh man. After reading this post. I feel bad for the guy

  2. Great work muhammad mustafa. I really like your workk..

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  3. Thanks Muhameed for sharing the story with us, we may not get the tutorial prepared for us today but we are able to see another much more important reasons why our family and friends should not be neglected no matter what circumstances we face.
    I feel so tough about this story though is not something new to me but it is a reminder that we have to give God thank always for keeping us alive, physically and mentally fit.
    I pray for God's healing in the life of that young man life. God will put smile in their family once more.
    Thanks also for the ending part of the story, it is a motivational

  4. Sorry to hear that story! It will be good for those parents who are in the favor of developing qualities in children by sending them to the hostels!

  5. The story that you described today, similar are many more out there.

    The rights that children deserve are not given in such societies we are living in.

    Tears in the eyes come when; you see the saddest stories of people have been in critical conditions for years.

    To be honest, those Parents are cruel who don't full fill the licit needs of their children including support & love.

  6. very sad and there is a lesson behind that story, which we should catch from that, Always care others and give them importance.
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  7. Ahsan is treating Ahmed the very right way. Although I would love if he don't offer cigarette because that is indirectly harming him more for the long run. Once Ahmed gets a habit of it and once he gets fit and fine normal person, well he may still not be very fit then. I hope you are getting my point. I know it will be difficult not to offer him in a go but slowly slowly and I bet he will forget about cigarette one day :)

    About his parents.. Well can't completely blame them because in every parent's and kid's life there comes a point where both fail to understand each others feelings and the same happen in this case.

    Other thing is the sexual harassment which from my experience I think has completed the damage. Actually the damage was already made when he was somewhat separated from his parents and he got in state of depression and the sexual harassment boosted the depression level to a great extent which I guess is the reason to get a treatment.

    Often mentally challenged people need just love and care and nothing else. Don't cry in front of them and try to keep them happy as much as possible.

    'Never stop fighting for your rights' -- Well I may sometime stop fighting if some of my loved ones is getting benefited. People should learn to sacrifice their happiness if their loved ones are getting happy from the sacrifice.

    @Wali Khan
    'Parents are cruel' -- I have explained this above that a point comes when both, parents and kids, fail to understand each others feelings.

  8. Hi Mustufa Bro,

    I just got tears when i read this story. I'm a Stammer, and now I feel very bad because i used to say that "Why me?" "I wish, i had not stammer" but now i realize that what GOD has blessed me with.
    This boy, are too far from his family, friends, and all the happiness. :(

    I pray to GOD that this Boy gets well soon.

  9. You're a good man, and wise beyond your years, Mohammad.

  10. I never posted single comment but often visit your blog and grab knowledge to make my blog more attractive.But after read this post i couldnt control my self and just commenting here.God bless that guy and Mohammad you have really a golden heart.

  11. Mustafa bhi we have no words for you :) you are awesome

  12. It's me Haider with a different ID

    Heart Touching

    That's why we must always Thank Allah for everything we have. Every Human Being is somehow better then the other. Alhamdulillah !

    My E-mail awaiting reply bro :) also see the design change of SkFc along with reply :P

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  14. @Arooj Ahmed
    I hope you will comment more often now as your queries and questions not only solves your problem but also help develop ourselves because of troubleshooting and also help the other guys who may have a similar question. Hope you got my point :)
    Enjoy your stay..

    @Mehul Mohan
    Atleast stop spamming on such a post.

    I saw your new design and I can see some visible flaws although you may have done hard work.

    First thing I noticed was a kinda empty header with just a circle logo and an ad banner. Guess if someone is using adblock, it will just keep the logo and rest will be left with a grey background. Even if they don't use it, there is still a good amount of gap between logo and banner.

    Second thing is similar to the first one. The only difference is the gap between sidebar and main post.

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    And yea the fifth.. The navigation menu. Please change that buddy. Try something similar to this style. Obviously the change the colors :)

    I guess you and Mohammad will agree with me although I may not be an expert like you guys :p

  15. Mustafa bhi you are best.i always follow your are awesome bangla books

  16. Thanks bhai to share this with us .

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  17. What a sad story, people who suffer from lack of love especially from the parents' side will always be miserable and am speaking from experience... I hope he'll get better soon^^

  18. @Bhavesh I appreciate your feedback :-)

    I think everything is fine according to me but ya, the header is quite ugly and i also want to fix it but have no idea how to do. Have edited many things but this one, i m stucked. I hope Bhai will help me :Ds

  19. @Bhavesh
    Just pioneer in blogging and trying to learn things from different blogs.You can visit my blog for suggestion.

  20. Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai is in a Pakistani program (Lov you bro)

    First see then thank me ;)


  21. --"Never break someone's trust and never stop fighting for your rights. Ask for it boldly when you know its your right to demand it. Never remain silent when a situation needs an answer because silence is an act of cowardliness and you are indeed better than this."-- I'll remember the above always

  22. wow story is nice but I feel sad for the guy. really you have shared good posting ahmed.

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  23. @bhavesh, well i changed things again ;)

    @egyhacks hahahaha Thnx for sharing Boss :D

    Mustafa bhai TROLLED ! :P

  24. @egyhacks
    Is he really Mohammad?? What if someone slaps just that fake thief?

    What did you change buddy?? :(
    Just shifted the sidebar to right from left :(

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  27. Thanks Ahmed bhai for sharing the story with us. I just got tears when i read this story. I pray to GOD that this Boy gets well soon. Mustafa bhai you are best,I am doing hifz. main allah se dua karunga ke aapko zindagi me bohot tarakki kare. And as u said that(For changing positions of the items you will have to shift their HTML codes. That will require editing your template. Please share your url so that i could help). This is my website

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  31. Its amazing to see the power of love. Yes, Love can make or break a person. Sadly in this young man's life, the denied love broke him. My prayers for his recovery and wellbeing

  32. Very sad and heart touchy post, you memorized me some very old painful blows which i dont want to memorize and i learnt many things with that ...
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  33. Thanks for sharing this. Mental Health is what I blog about. Thanks for all the useful material you provide to help me helps others


  34. "a thoughtful message for many parents who fail to give their children the rights they deserve."
    SO TRUE.
    It's just not fair that some have to suffer so much on this earth.
    Everyone has a talent...we can make this a good place to live if we all exude kindness, love and dignity to others.

  35. Thank you for sharing that story. I came here for the blog tips but I am so glad you put up something that moved you and shared it with us. Words of wisdom and heart.

  36. I was so badly effected with what I saw & similar other stories that I could not blog or work for a week. I am so glad you understood my broken narrated story. I just hope your prayers reach the poor guy and he may recover as soon as possible. For all the young teenagers out there who go through several changing phases in life, I just pray this life may hug them in the most acceptable way possible. Earth is full of such stories and everyone is far more emotional then the other. I pray for the children of Sudan and South Africa who go through horrible troubles in life. May they remained safe and protected.

    Thank you all for sharing your feelings and for expressing your precious views. Love you all buddies. :)

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