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    1. Win gifts with Fancy :

  2. mahmoud nasereddin
    how can i add button share widget like your blog widget left to my blog??

  3. Hi I am Saumitra yadav
    I blog at :
    My question is how can I add tabs like home,Games,contact us,DMCA report etc in blogger??? Plz help me bro
    I want to arrange them horizontally like yours template

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  5. 1. I want to remove notification bar from Salahuddin Ayubi Template because its not loaading properly. above the notification bar text is seen like this (-->).
    2. Multi tab widget is not working propely in Salahuddin Ayubi template.
    3. I want to add social media icons you use to have on your previous template. (right corner of navigation menu).
    4. When i see demo of Salahuddin Ayubi template. It loads really fast but on my blog it takes too much time.

    My Blog:http://mybloggersworld.blogspot.com/


  6. Name: Sai Ram
    Blog URL: http://cricketnns.blogspot.com

    I'm using your fantastic Salahuddin template, and I just want to customize it a bit and have a problem. My problem is that the date is not showing up, which has been a problem for a very long time. I've tried everything, it refuses to display.

    I want to customize the background color to white of the main post body and sidebar. Please explain how to.

    Thank you!

    Sai Ram

  7. kisoni
    blog url acne-pimple-on-face.blogspot.com

    Dear Mustafa, in my blog, data not showing in left side floating social media widgets. For example one of my post showing +536, on post list but on post page 0 data in widget.

  8. Your service to humanity across the world is highly appreciated. Please I seriously need your help. I came across your MBT Church theme template and I fell in love with it and would love to use it for a static website (not for the purpose of blogging). I need to edit the template so as to make it fit for my purpose.
    Please, I need your help in the following areas:
    1.How do I remove the “posts” and “comments” link on the top right of the header?
    2.How can I remove the search box on the left of the menu tab?
    3.How do I remove the “powered by blogger” on the side bar?
    4.After hours of trial and error, I was able to increase the width of the “post body” to my taste but could not make it uniform with the “comment body” width. Please how can I make it uniform?
    5.How can I remove the “kindly bookmark this post using your favorite bookmarking service” on the share buttons?
    6.How can I remove “your Adsense code goes here”?
    7.The landing page does not display the comment box unless I click on the “read more>>” hyperlinked text at the bottom of the post body. Please how I can I remove the link and make the comment box appear on the landing page?


  9. Hello i`m Ahmed
    my blogger : http://born2be-engineer.blogspot.com/
    my question : in the layout page when i want to edit some Gadgets here is the problem the open where i edit the Gadget appears like this pic https://www.box.com/s/40rr4qny549o9y9gjo8v

  10. how i can add "max-results" in blogger template

  11. Hey AhmadZai!
    I'm using your Awesome template MONOP.
    How can I use Short Story of Post with Readmore link, as your "MyBloggerTricks" home page contain.
    I mean I want 10 posts to be shown on my Home page but with short story, when some one click readmore then full post show.

    Here is my Blog Link "JA Technologies"

  12. Hi Mohammad,thanks for your tutorials all this years,does help all my blog/sites a lot for past few years.If in need of any help will emai/contact to you instead!

  13. How to design a blogger template.I need to know the full method.

  14. Thanks MBT, for your free service. It will help me a lot. I only want to know which javascript of my template is not in used. As my template is of third party. I have not remembered from where I got this template. My blog address: mybloggertipsandtricks.blogspot.com

  15. Thanks For Service!Mohammad <3
    I still can't believe that,How coolblogtricks.com gets MBT V.2.0 Template ? @ Dhiral Patel can you gave us copy of MBT V.20 Template ?

  16. Hello Mohammed,

    Plz help me on this, do i need to nofollow my labels in blogger blog......??

    How to submit my complete sitemap to blogger Robots.txt.......??

    plz Reply

  17. Hi,I need your help in customize one of my blog- http://bestpicsstore.blogspot.in. I need to link full post from thumbnails in the home page.. pls help me..

  18. I'm using MasutolisoMagazine[CustomBloggerTemplates.com]in my blog globalfuns.blogspot.in and I'm in confusion of adding post to each and every page seperately.....pls help me with that......

  19. Would you like to share the widget like your "popular series" .
    i want to add this awesome widget in my blog.

    blog: codingmagazine.blogspot.in
    author: sarada prasad

  20. first of all congrats for achieving mbt @786 rank in india. i have a problem faced with floating bar i.e i installed floating bar widget but it shows only tweet button and other does not appear, my blog: http://askblogexpert.blogspot.com , when you see my blog you can understood,

  21. Helo sir my question is about adding adsense inside template .

    Pease visit this page first :: http://www.lolgappa.com/730 .

    Please tell me how can i place adsense code just beside the content of post . for better understanding please visit the snapshot below .


    " https://photos-2.dropbox.com/t/0/AABxNlTKx2vVG4ArTyKvAiVvuoIiRxyLXs1bxk99DQjwoQ/10/140957646/png/320x320/1/_/0/4/need%20help.PNG/5d5xnts8u1gbpw1/AY3vb7mSEG/need%20help.PNG "

    I hope you understand :) Thank you.

    and yes yes one more question from where i can get the same sharing widget which is placed below title .

  22. @Maddi Ross

    Maximum results means- no of posts on the home page or something else

  23. I need Help ?
    Can You Tell Me Why Sharethis is Not getting installed on my blog.

    Here is My Blog > http://bolly-spot.blogspot.com/

  24. Nazeer

    I am blog at http://studentsgarage01.blogspot.in, I want to make it with a simple and white template

    I need ur suggestions to how to do that
    I hope u will suggest me the right solution for me

    waiting for ur reply

  25. I am Mi Muba and run my blog www.pollutionpollution.com. Please guide how do I remove all third party plug-ins from my blog. I don't have their track record about where I put them in my html.

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  27. This comment has been removed by the author.

  28. Ops... it seems that people were waiting from long for this post.. and I know you can't handle it alone Mr M.Mustafa... :)
    shakeel asghar: search "<data:post.body>" in your template then place this code just after it.
    <b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == "item"'><br><div style='float :left;'><br>
    Adsense Parsed Code
    To parse adsense code use this link http://www.mybloggertricks.com/2008/10/convert-special-html-characters-to.html

    @mahmoud nasereddin: Follow this link; http://www.mybloggertricks.com/2011/06/floating-google-1-facebook-twitter.html

    @Saumitra Yadav: Follow this link; http://www.mybloggertricks.com/2012/05/create-drop-down-list-for-any.html

  29. I need to change my footer background color. How l can l do it. Thks mbt.

  30. @mahmoud nasereddin Dude, check this for the widget: http://www.mybloggertricks.com/2012/05/create-floating-bar-for-pinterest-other.html

  31. @Saumitra Yadav Looks like you are on blogger. So for that, simply go to :

    Blogger > Layout > Add A Gadget > Pages > And drag Pages widget below your Header widget.

    You can also add links and pages in it. Hope that helps :)

  32. @Eng Samurai Jack I guess there is an internal error in your widget. To solve this, do the following:

    Go to blogger > Template > Edit HTML.
    Now find the name of the widget which is not editable. Now, remove the line. To make things clear, follow the picture:


  33. @Maddi Ross For giving max results, follow it:

    Go to blogger > layout > click edit on Blogger Posts > on the top, write the maximum results to be shown. Like:


  34. @Junaid Ahmed For that, you have to insert jumpbreak in your post. Follow the image:


  35. @Ravi Kumar Follow this series:

  36. Name: Izham Alias
    Blog: www.pembinaupm.my

    I want to make this as my main menu http://www.mybloggertricks.com/2012/01/css3-drop-down-menu-no-images-and-no.html

    replacing the default main menu. I don't know how to remove the default drop down menu and change it to yours.

    Can you help me with this?

  37. @Tittu Thomas Yes. You need to set nofollow to labels. And check these posts for your next questions:



  38. I am Oguntayo Mathew Adekunle (olusayo) a subsrciber and loyal reader. i used salahudeen ayubi in my new blog but i have 2 problem.
    1 read more button not working
    2. multi tab widget not working.
    myblog is dailyhealthdairy.blogspot.com
    please help.

  39. @TAIWO IBIYEMI What Footer you are using? If MBT footer, then search for footer or footer-wrapper In front (or down) you would find something like this:
    background-image:url(HERE LINK);

    replace it with:
    IMAGE: background-image:url(HERE LINK);


    hope that helps!

  40. @Mathew Olusayo 1) Read more is not working because you are not using jump break. Follow this image:


  41. @Pembina UPM How To Remove Navigation:

    If you are using blogger template by default, (stock template) Then you have to remove a widget called Pages below your header. If you cannot find Pages widget below your header, then do the following:

    Go to Blogger > Template > Edit Template > And find for the links in your navigation menu. Delete all code of navigation menu. If it seems difficult, send your template to technotweaksteam@gmail.com and I would do the work. :)

    How To Install The Widget?
    Just copy the quoted text in that post and click on Add A Gadget > HTML/JAVASCRIPT > And paste and save the widget. Now, simply place that widget below header. Easy?!

    Hope that helps.

  42. @Mathew Olusayo 2) You need to find the piece of coding in your template and place the link in front of it. Its very easy. Like, find Health Products in your template and place link in the following manner:

    <a href="#">Health Products</a>

    Replace # with your link.

    Code converted using MBT code convertor tool.

  43. Hi,

    I would like to remove the author name,label from specific page like, about,contact etc..I have followed your previous tutorial about this but that not working for me.my blog url is www.emcsaninfo.com and sample pages where i have to remove the author names are http://www.emcsaninfo.com/2012/06/privacy-policy.html

    Please help to resolve this

  44. salam i am muneeb qazi
    i want to ask how to get outer,sidebar/rsidebar wrappers like you
    and how to add favicon thanks

  45. This comment has been removed by the author.

  46. My Adsense account is not working!
    WHEN I signed up at Adsense and filled the form...it said a confirmation will be sent!!
    After a day when i opened my mail i saw that my adsense application was disapproved due to invalid activity!!
    How is this possible, i did not even insert adsense code in my blog!!

    Please help me if you can!!


  47. Hello I Am Subscriber of MBT And Daily Visitor Also.. I Just installed Your template On My Blog. But Still I Have One Problem In My One Widget Of Right Side Of Post Title. I Can See This Widget But I Can't Click On It.
    Please Reply Me Soon,
    My Blog :- Cool Blog Tricks (www.coolblogtricks.com)

    I Need Solution. Did't Get Any Solution Till Now

  48. This comment has been removed by the author.

  49. Hello Mohammad,

    I am a daily reader, MBT subscriber and have known the MBT Blog and STC Network from almost 2010 when this blog was hatching :). I was really waiting for this kitchen. I installed your Floating Sharing widget this one: http://www.mybloggertricks.com/2012/05/create-floating-bar-for-pinterest-other.html

    It worked almost perfect but now unfortunately the Facebook counter, it is showing 24 likes on all posts even though no one even likes them. This is not happening on all posts but is happening on majority. I did improve the code structure and did everything I could do but couldn't find the solution. You didn't reply to my question in the SEO kitchen and I understand that it is difficult to answer so much queries but please help me right now. Blessings :>

  50. I am zubair zia and i want to ask that is there any website or blog in which i can find all the CSS3 and HTML5 blogger widgets?
    My blog name is www.ptclalerts.blogspot.com

  51. (1)Goodday sir,am a subscriber of MBT blog,since i started blogging i have a problem with Facebook plugin not appearing in my blog site(http://www.bushdoctorsblog.com)after placing the SDK CODE, how do i make it to appear?.

    (2)How also do i increase the font size of by blog post(not post title) in my blog template code?.

    Regards From

  52. assalamu alaykum

    Name :- iliyas shaikh
    Blog name :- www.shayrikiduniya.com
    professional :- graphics deginer and beginer web deginer

    respected mohammad mustafa sir also bloggertricks team

    i am regular reader of bloggertricks and Now Alhamdulillah lots of learning things here..
    sukriyah bloggertricks team

    Question :- (1)

    me salauddin ayybi sahab wali templates use kar raha hu. aur ye template ke liye great thanks

    isme alayda alayda 3 widget diye hue hey

    lekin muje footer me full width ek new add karna hey ?
    to sir kese karu ?

    i hope mohammad bhai and bloggertricks team always help


  53. Name: Izham Alias
    Blog: www.pembinaupm.my

    Thanks for your great help @Mehul Mohan

    I want to know how to remove my customized blog template default navigation bar and replace it with this one

    @Mehul Mohan has done a great job by changing some scripts seeing in

    The problem from the customization are
    1. There is a big gap between navigation bar and post body
    2. Feature post isn't working anymore

    So how can I solve those two major problem?
    1. Close the gap and look normal again with those new navigation bar.
    2. Making feature post working again.

    Thanks in advance!

  54. @Eng Samurai Jack

    you online storage use "box"

    please use "google picasa"

    also "dropbox"

    when you use this picasa also dropbox then your problem completed solve

  55. @Mathew Olusayo

    please dear replase this code

    templated - expand tempalted

    find and replace this code

    <!-- ################# SCRIPTS SECTION STARTS############################# -->
    <script src='http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1/jquery.min.js' type='text/javascript'/>
    <script src='http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.4.4/jquery.min.js' type='text/javascript'/>
    <script type='text/javascript'>

  56. @nakib mbw

    in salauddin ayyubi templated

    please find the code and replace

    100% multi tab working after this code

    <!-- ################# SCRIPTS SECTION STARTS############################# -->
    <script src='http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1/jquery.min.js' type='text/javascript'/>
    <script src='http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.4.4/jquery.min.js' type='text/javascript'/>
    <script type='text/javascript'>

  57. @Pembina UPM Spacing problem has been fixed. Template mailed you. And I guess some tags are colliding. You should install a slider manually, I have removed the default slider.

  58. This comment has been removed by the author.

  59. just got back home! I will reply now each comment with proper justice. Keep your questions coming. :)

  60. Hello Mohammad,
    If blog having multiple author,then I want to display an about author widget at the bottom of post with author photo (it take from Google+ profile), some information about author (like his website, follow links and bla bla bla), and total number of post in my blog. Is that possible?
    One more think all authors are added using 'Add a Author' in blogger.


  61. Name: Oladipupo Olutayo
    Blog address: www.teyusfreedomtobrowse.com

    Question: Please how do I change my template footer? I want a footer that is gonna look exactly like yours

  62. All comments with signature links have been deleted. Kindly post back your questions by following the comment policy.


    Please follow this tutorial for that: Floating sharing bar

    You will need to lean how to create a navigation menu or use one of ours. Please read this tutorial: Create a drop down menu


    Blogger notification loads really fast but in your case you have added a comment tag mistakenly.
    1. To delete the notification bar search for <body> and then delete a similar code like the one shown below:

    <div class='openbloggernotification' id='bloggernotificationWrap' style='display: block; margin-top: 0px;'><div id='bloggernotification'>Download this Blogger Template by <a class='link' href='http://www.mybloggertricks.com' target='_blank'>Clicking Here!</a><span id='closebloggernotification'/></div><span id='openbloggernotification' style='top: -6px;'><span/></span></div>

    If in case you dont want to delete it then look for the following text just below the large code I shared above:

    remove this and your bar would work just fine.

    2. The multi-tab is working fine on your blog. However You can still update your jquery code. Visit the salahuddin ayubi post and read my solution to this in comment section.

    3. For that please read this tutorial: Add sharing buttons in menu

    4. I visited your blog and it is loaded just fine. Use firefox or chrome.

    let me know for more help :)

    @sai ram
    Some other readers have also complained about this date display issue and I don't understand why this is happening. Did you tried adding Date through blogger post widget from layout?

    To change the background color of post section and sidebar to white find this:

    #content-wrapper {
    background: url("http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-hAPlTD2CdQ0/UOSjhIvzsOI/AAAAAAAAIiY/SJUe6JT40ik/s400/casingg1.png") repeat scroll 0% 0% transparent;
    margin: 20px auto;
    overflow: hidden;
    padding: 20px 10px;
    width: 940px;

    replace it with this

    #content-wrapper {
    margin: 20px auto;
    overflow: hidden;
    padding: 20px 10px;
    width: 940px;

    Let me know for more help :)

  63. @kisoni
    Your menu and multi tab and back to top buttons are not working. Read my comment#67 on this post Template customization of salahuddin ayubi

    About the sharing counts, the pinterest and twitter buttons will show counts for new votes only because they are static. But google+ and Facebook button will show original counts. You can replace the pinit and tweet buttons with official ones if you wish.

    let me know if you needed more help :)

    You are always welcomed. Here are the answers: :)

    First backup your template

    1. Inside your template search for this code:

    .topnavbarright {
    width: 600px;
    float: right;
    margin: 0px;
    padding: 7px 10px 0px 0px;
    text-transform: uppercase;
    text-align: right;


    replace it with this:

    .topnavbarright {
    width: 600px;
    float: right;
    margin: 0px;
    padding: 7px 10px 0px 0px;
    text-transform: uppercase;
    text-align: right;
    display: none;

    2. To remove search box search for:

    #NavbarMenuright {
    width: 280px;
    font-size: 11px;
    float: right;
    margin: 0px;
    padding: 6px 0px 0px;

    replace it with this:

    #NavbarMenuright {
    width: 280px;
    font-size: 11px;
    float: right;
    margin: 0px;
    padding: 6px 0px 0px;

    3. Search ]]></b:skin>

    just above it paste this code:

    #Attribution1 {display:none;}

    4. Search for this code:
    .comments {
    background: #FFF url(http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_7wsQzULWIwo/Sm9PApcnIqI/AAAAAAAABok/-qt0CVj7nu4/s1600/homepagetop.gif) top no-repeat;
    float: left;
    width: 590px;
    margin: 0 0 10px;
    padding: 10px;
    border: 1px solid #DDD;

    replace the width with 660px

    5. Click the "Expand Widget Templates" box inside your template editor. Then search for that long chunk of text by pressing CTRL + F. Delete it when you find it.

    6. Find .gapad and then replace its entire code with this one:

    .gapad {
    background: url("http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_7wsQzULWIwo/Sm9PApcnIqI/AAAAAAAABok/-qt0CVj7nu4/s1600/homepagetop.gif") no-repeat scroll center top rgb(255, 255, 255);
    float: left;
    width: 590px;
    margin: 0px 0px 10px;
    padding: 10px;
    border: 1px solid rgb(221, 221, 221);

    7. Doing that is a long process and requires clear understanding of HTML tags. i am afraid it would be difficult to discuss here.
    An easier way is to redirect your homepage to your post page through custom redirects. You can find it in blogger > settings > search preferences

    Hope all your questions are answered :)

  64. Hi Admin, Can you post How to move CSS blocks from Body to Head??
    According to Google, it will help improve PageSpeed...
    my Blog- http://theepiblogs.blogspot.com/

  65. @eng samurai

    You are trying to edit a widget which has been blocked through template settings. Find its title and delete it by going to template editor

    Your question needs more explanation

    Buddy you need to add a read more link for doing that. Wherever you want the read more link to appear simply add this code:

    Or if you want a fancy button then please read this tutorial:

    10 ways to style read more link

    You will find a lot of tutorials on our blog related to this. :)


    My pleasure pal :)

    wait for our series. As soon as I get time I will release it again.

    Always welcomed dear. Could you kindly explain your question more? :)

    Remaining questions will be replied as soon as I get back from university. Keep questions coming! :)

  66. Hi Mohammad,
    Can you help how to convert the search box to a Google custom search box in Salahuddin Ayubi template ?

    waiting in anticipation for your favorable reply :)

    My blog:-codingmagazine.blogspot.in
    Author-sarada prasad

  67. Hello how to fixed the widget,when i add the widget its working but when i drag it to another place there's an error that say that An error occurred. Please refresh the page and try again. how to fixed this kind of problem? thanks. an advance..

  68. Sameer Shamsudeen
    Blog: http://sameershamsudheen.blogspot.com/ [Not started Yet But in Learning Stage]

    Hello Mohammad, How did you Customized that 'label status message' "Showing posts with label xxxxxxx. Show all posts", I tried a lot but I can't because I already customized the 'status-msg-wrap' for my 404 error page, So please share the trick used in this blog without conflicting it with the 404 status message.

    Eagerly Waiting for your Great Reply

  69. Thanks For the reply earlier.
    As i have told you about problem with blogger notification bar. This is seen before (-->) notification bar. I figured it out that after removing 404 error code shown below it works. But i also want those code on my blog. Plz help me out.

    /*************404 ERROR PAGE**************/
    <b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;error_page&quot;'>
    <style type='text/css'>
    .status-msg-wrap {
    font-size: 100%;
    margin: none;
    position: static;
    width: 100%;
    .status-msg-border {
    .status-msg-body {
    padding: none;
    position: static;
    text-align: inherit;
    width: 100%;
    z-index: auto;
    .status-msg-wrap a {
    padding: none;
    text-decoration: inherit;
    .MBT-404-box {
    margin:10px 0px;
    padding:20px 10px;
    border:1px solid #ddd;
    box-shadow: 5px 5px 5px #CCCCCC;

    Blog url:http://mybloggersworld.blogspot.in/

  70. 1-dear the multi tab's titles are showing some bug on my blog,
    and if i wanted to remove it how can i do it?
    here is my blog ( mybsoftwares.blogspot.com ) you can check it.

    2-another think i wanted to ask is
    i want add header background in the whole header area,
    but it is only showing under the blog name and description

  71. I have chosen a template for my blog and i have customized it the way i liked.
    I need to customize the comments section. The admin comments should look different by high lighting it. I tired many tutorials but still this thing is not working.
    This is my test blog please help me regarding this issue.

  72. Name: In Wong
    Blog: http://traveloghort.blogspot.com/

    I've been using Notepad Chaos 2.0 as my template. The problem is the template isn't compatible much with the new blog. I can't add gadget to it. How can customize so that I can add gadget using blogger layout option like any new customized blog template?

  73. @Sarada prasad Hey chap! That's an easy task. Just do this:
    1) Find this link in your template: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-CxfTdvhy-Mw/UOGC1ta1e5I/AAAAAAAAIfQ/RD0HpT0c83A/s400/search-bg.png

    2) Delete the surrounding code nicely so that your template can be saved.

    3) After that, check out This Post

  74. @adrian lucernas I think you are editing your Layout page and Template page simultaneously. So, edit one at a time. :)

  75. @Osama Zia Hey dude! Simply find </body> and paste this code BELOW it:

    <script src='http://code.jquery.com/jquery-latest.js'/>
    $(function() {
    function highlight(){
    .css(&#39;border&#39;, &#39;dashed green 3px&#39;)
    .css(&#39;background&#39;,&#39;#FEDFBF url(&quot;;)&#39;)
    .css(&#39;padding&#39;, &#39;10px&#39;);
    $(document).bind(&#39;ready scroll click&#39;, highlight);
    </script><!-- MPT AUTHOR HIGHLIGHTER END-->

    A NOTE TO MOHAMMAD: Dude, your HTML encoder encodes () as undefined. So, I have to parse the above code using my editor. Please correct your editor.

  76. Thanks a million for the answers. They are well understood and very helpful.

    After applying the changes, I noticed the homepage now has a double post body. Please how can I correct it?

    I tried redirecting the homepage via custom redirect by filling my domain url in the “from” url box and then the url of the full page with the comment box in the “To” url box and the message: “The source and destination values cannot be empty or more than 256 characters and must start with /.” Was displayed.

    How can I control the font size and style of my post to a default setting of my choice?


  77. @Mehul MohanHey Mehul! This was great yar (y).. Thanks a lot mate..

  78. Mohammad vai I have two three question for you
    1)how to make expandable blogger comment box(tried your tutorial but doesn't work on threaded comment system)?
    2)how to open hyperlink provided by the spammer in threaded comment box in new tab?
    3)how to show google custom search results on a page of blogger subdomain blog?

  79. Hi Mohammad,
    This is Chiranjeev Kumar
    Blog - http://www.techclause.com

    I have created a Blogger template and I am using my own very template on my blog. Since, I have design on my template according to Google chrome, but now the problem is that, My blogs is not looking in Mozila or IE as good as it looks on Google chrome. Such as Search box are are displaying on the right place for all browsers.
    Would you please review my blog.

    thanks & Regards,
    Chiranjeev Kumar

  80. @Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai

    Thanks for changing the background color, but the date is still a problem... :(

    Also, the popular posts hack that you have installed on your sidebar does not work on mine, any reason for that?

    Thank you once again!

    Sai Ram (http://cricketnns.blogspot.com)

  81. Hi,
    My name is kaviyarasu.I need code "perfect fixed table" for blogger with "rows and columns distributed evenly" because column and row size changes while writing more letters.
    Please help.....................
    Awaiting for your reply.......................

  82. Name : Santosh Shah
    Blog URL : www.gulmiresunga.com

    My Problem:
    Brother In my blog while i put some list on the sidebar then the arrow appears on the middle. For more clarity please visit below link.


    How to solve this problem.
    Please help

  83. Sad to know that you don't serve your subscribers exceptionally. I asked a question above. Everyone's query was answered but not mine. I am a MBT subscriber and also sincere with you guys from 2010. My query even in the SEO kitchen was not answered :P I am starting to hate you guys for your bad support!!! :(

  84. Every comment will be replied tonight.

    @slim shady
    We will love you always no matter what! :) Apologies for the inconvenience. Stuck with too many tasks. I am a student after all! :)

  85. @Osama Zia Thanks mate. Nice to know you liked it. My aim was to help mohammad bro and help you all guys! :D

  86. @Osama Zia For editing it in your own way, make changes with these 3 lines: .css

  87. This comment has been removed by the author.

  88. @Sagar T Rajan

    He was using the template without our permission. He has now removed the theme and not using it anymore. Thank you for reporting it buddy. This template is our unique identity so we would really not wish to share it :) But I will release version 1.0 very soon.


    Wrong question please ask this on SEO section.


    You need JavaScript to do that. you will need to tag the first img tag with data:post.url

    It is not easy to explain here.

    Unless you clarify your questions fully. I will not be able to help properly. Please follow the comment structure

    @sarada prasad
    You can surely add that widget to blogger by adding an accordion. You will find several tutorials online on this.

    Thanks pal. :)
    Kindly delete that widget and add this one instead: http://www.mybloggertricks.com/2012/05/create-floating-bar-for-pinterest-other.html

    You can place this big skyscraper inside content by going to blogger > template
    Click expand widget templates box
    Then search for
    Paste your Adsense code just above it.

    Though I do not recommend that you add such a big Ad spot in post area. Better choose a rectangular one.

    About sharing widgets please use our search box or the sidebar links under "Widgets" :)

    Where exactly are you pasting the code. Mention your steps so that I could help.

    to change the background color simply edit this class

    body {


    to change post area find and edit

    .post {


    for sidebar find

    .sidebar {

    Keep changing their background color using the property background:#fff;

    You will find over 100+ menu Tabs here. The simplest one being Creata drop down menu

    @Mi Muba

    You are using dynamic views and I didn't find any third party plugin except the sharing counters. If you are using a custom template some where else then simply find


    and you will see the list of widgets you have added. You can then delete each one by one. :)

    @syed shah
    Thanks buddy for the help. appreciated it :)

    Your blog url please?


    Thanks Mehul. Means a lot :)


    Please share a correct blog url?

    1. For that read more button. Are you using the blogger jump break option or adding <!--more--> ?

    2. For multi tab: Please check my comment on the this post: Customize Salahuddin Ayubi

    Let me know for more :)


    Inside your template click the expand widget templates box and then search for this:

    <div id='postmeta-primary'>




    Enclose all content inside this div with the following conditional statements:

    <b:if cond='data:blog.pageType != "static_page"'>

    <div id='postmeta-primary'>





    This will make the post meta section not to display on your about and contact page. :)

    you need to create a layout and define each div section an id. You can keep the name of div sections anything you like. outer-wrapper, sidebar-wrapper are not a must. You will need to have command on HTML to do that.

    @dhiral patel
    Firstly let me Thank you pal for removing the theme. I am really pleased. If you continue to respect copyrights, a great audience is waiting to hug you and we are always here to help you.

    About your question, which widget are you talking about?

  89. @slim shady

    Just because you are such a loyal reader of MBT blog, I re-edited that entire tutorial for you and corrected the entire code. You may please add the new code now which will work just perfect. :)

    Corrected tutorial

    HTML5 is still under development and not fully supported by desktop browsers. Its hot in mobile market only so thats why we do not publish its widgets. However you can find dozens of plugins and widgets on CSS3 on this blog :)

  90. @emmanuel

    1. For adding the the facebook like button read our tutorials or use this code which will work just fine:
    <div id='fb-root'/><script src='http://connect.facebook.net/en_US/all.js#xfbml=1'/><fb:like font='' href='' layout='box_count' send='false' show_faces='false'/>

    2. First enable rightclikc on your blog and remove all such scripts. after that search this in your blog:

    .post {




    add the font-size:12px; property inside it to increase the font size.

    Let me know for more help buddy :)


    Thank you for the kind words dear. Mean a lot. And thank you for placing your question at the right place. :) Your help to others is really appreciated.

    To remove the three columns form the footer and replace them all with just a single widget do this:

    1. Backup your template

    2. Find the following code inside your template:

    <div id='footer-wrapper'>
    <div id='footer'>

    3. Just below it you will find the widget codes replace them all with this one only:

    4. Next find this code

    .column {float: left; margin-right: 20px; width: 300px;}

    5. Replace it with this:

    .column {float: left; margin-right: 20px; width: 960px;}

    6. Save your template all done! :)


    From what I understood, you mean to say that your post body is not display Adsense ads. I visited your blog and found that you are using too many conditional tags to display a loop of posts based on a category. So there will be many occurrences of data:post.body tags. Do one thing

    A. Encode your Adsense code using our HTML parser tool

    B. Copy the encoded code and then follow these steps:

    1. Inside your template click expand widget templates box:
    2. Search for this tag:

    3. Just above it paste your encoded Adsense code

    4. Save your template and it must work fine now.

    Let me know for more help :)

    We are using this trick to automatically display author info for a particular author just at the bottom of post. Please read this tutorial for your perfect solution: Show author info dynamically in blogger

    Repeat the process for as many authors you may have. :)

    Please read this tutorial: Add a three column Footer widget


    Will answer the remaining questions pretty soon. :)

  91. @Mehul Mohan.. Thanks for your reply at comment # 34.

    @Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai.. Thanks to you for your guidance at comment # 65.

  92. wow Thanks Alot Bro 4 Grt Tips...

    <a href="http://www.Awaargi.com">Visit Awaargi.com!</a>

  93. @Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai
    Thanks bro also love you too :) I still love you for teaching me all the skills needed to become a pro blogger :>

    Mohammad bhai apki jitni bhi tareef ki jae wo kaam hai :)

    @Sebin Thomas
    Dude don't worry it will be soon :)

  94. hello Bro,
    Finally I found out a right place to ask questions...
    I have few things to be asked in this template customization, I am using salahuddin ayubi template.

    1. I wanted to keep the readmore button, "Black" called in one of your readmore buttons tutorial ,but that didn't work.

    2. This expand/collapse comment wizard is simply awesome.I wanted to keep that in salahuddin ayubi template too,but your tutorial didn't work in that template.

    also i have one off-topic quesion, how can i ask those off-topic questions? by mail?

    my blog: http://nepalifrenz.blogspot.com

  95. Hey Mohammad, whats up? Even I have a query. :P So, my question goes like this:

    > I use Google Custom Search Engine on my website. I read your tutorial on that post and used that. Everything worked fine. But, when I click on Full width in Customization section of search engine, even then my results appear in small sidebar. But the over-come results are showing perfectly.

    I want CSE like yours.

    My Site: http://www.mypremiumtricks.com


  96. Mustafa bhai :) kese ho :) yar meri template change nai hoti....Ksi ksi temp par problem hoti hy..jo temp mujhe pasand aye wohi upload nai hoti....Please help me :)

  97. This comment has been removed by the author.

  98. @Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai

    assalamu alaykum
    great thanks brother

    i am alwaysand daily reader..thanks brother you are great job..

    also i am also with you

    me jo jo questionke reply de pauga inshaallah me reply deta rahuga


  99. Name: Addy Khowaja
    Blog URL: http://a2-studio.blogspot.com

    Problem: Hi Assalam o Alaikum I hope you would be fine by the grace of Almighty Allah. As I m using you MONOP template, it is absolutely gem but one prob is there is no comment box or comments on static pages even they are enabled in setting of the page however commentbox is fine on posts. please rectify the error. thanks

  100. Brother when will my turn come?

    Name : Santosh Shah
    Blog URL : www.gulmiresunga.com

    My Problem:
    Brother In my blog while i put some list on the sidebar then the arrow appears on the middle. For more clarity please visit below link.


    How to solve this problem.
    Please help

  101. Hi guru..
    i'm Aziz..
    my blog is www.tosernik.com

    i got a little problem here..
    if you visit my blog, you'll see search box on top-right header..
    that is the default search box from the template..
    but i don't want it..
    i want to use google search widget..
    how do i change it?

    i've tried to changed it, but it got ugly..


  102. My Name`s Ahmed
    My Blog http://eng-planet.blogspot.com/
    in this blog i don`t know why the sub menu doesn`t appear i haven`t remove any of it`s hack tell me please how can i back it .
    and give me your opinion of my blog and if there is any problem and what about the places of google adsense

  103. xcuse me sir,May I expect to get the answer of my above stated questions?
    thank you

  104. Hello this is my blog http://theengineeringprojects.com

    now when i click on any image in my blog it opens and background fades but only the menu bar doesnt fade it comes above the image .... kindly help me out


  105. hey please Help me!

    When i try to add one more widget in my blog sidebar than my sidebar get soiled.

    here is my blog www.bollyspot.com

  106. Dear Mohammad,
    Your website looks fantastic,
    i have a website www.infotechblogging.info. please check it , i have a ritmo template on it. i have a coppyblogger theme downloaded on my desktop. i want to change my present site theme ritmo's header with coppyblogger header.i cannot change my template to coppyblogger beacause the copyblogger main page shows all the posts with their discriptions not on title and less discription, if u can change that please me

    my blog: www.infotechblogging.info

  107. Dear Mohammad,
    i know you are very much busy with your studies . i am also a Information Technology Student. i know it is much difficult to handle both at a time (blogging and study).
    still i need a help from you :)

    i want solutions for my second question that i have asked above .

    i am repeating the question here
    How to replace the default template search box with Google custom search box in Salahuddin Ayubi template ?

    i am waiting here to listen your voice .
    sarada prasad
    blog: codingmagazine.blogspot.com

  108. Name : James


    Problem : I'm making a site using blogger platform. I'm newbie in CSS coding. Please check whether my site is compatible with different screen resolution.
    Also I need help in designing homepage

  109. Hello, Mohammad bro,

    I am abhishek from www.fobbleup.com ,

    i want to put the posts in the boxes of my blog ... how can i do this and next thing is that what code must i put in my blog so that i could get facebook light box pop-up plugin as in shoutmeloud.com

    and next thing is that i want to a big big big blogger just like you and if there are any tips then provide me..

    best wishes!!

  110. This comment has been removed by the author.

  111. hello i`m Ahmed
    this my blogger (http://eng-planet.blogspot.com/) i want to modify a code
    here is the code (https://www.box.com/s/r3e4h22y8hh5do2047zw)
    first i want to change the position of the widget as i shown in this pic (http://www.m5zn.com/d/?14445337)
    second i want to remove the pic and the link which i mark them in this pic (http://www.m5zn.com/d/?14445338)
    i need quick answer please anyone can help me answer me

  112. sir,
    how i change the post background colour in html edit section.
    thank you

  113. Aslam-o-Alaikam..

    I'm Mudassar 4rm Lahore pk
    Sir I Want to Remove sidebar Widgets to my Contact us Page as your..
    when i Apply Your Giving codes.. sidebar widgets Apper after the End Of Page... Plz Help Me Thanks..
    Here Is My Site www.Awaargi.com

  114. @MMA
    I blog@ technosati.com and using devils workshop theme.i want to replace 468x60 ad in header with 728x90.help me what to do exactly.

  115. Name: Junaid Ahmed
    Blog URL: http://JA-Techs.blogspot.com

    Salam Ahmadzai.
    I'm using the MONOP Awesome template. I'm facing an problem whenever I or someone else click on "Reply" button of a any comments. then any pop error comes up.. Can post new comments but can reply to a already existing comment. Please give me the solution of this.
    And pages comments are not showing and can't comments on pages anymore.

  116. How to Display a Certain Category of Blog Post on a Blogger Page
    let's say i have blog that talks about news and tutorials
    and i want to cut the template for example the upper case shows the latest INTERNET news and
    and the down one shows the latest tutorials
    how do i do that ?

  117. Hello Mohammad, I am a Regular Reader of your Blog and would like to thank you for the kitchen..
    I have a problem with my blog and I need your help..
    My Blog is http://theepiblogs.blogspot.com/
    I cant get the Comment Box on New Posts.. I Shows on Old Posts but Not on the New Ones...
    Please Help :D

  118. Why you do not reply my query. Please see and reply my query.

  119. It's Been 10 days!! You said to wait for 48 hours maximum.

  120. mfairus


    recently, i have changed my blog template..the problem that i have is:-
    1) i cannot scroll my blog page using down arrow keyboard or using scrolling mouse, i have to scroll manually pointing at the scroll bar and drag it down..

    it really bugging me alot...can you help fix this?

  121. All questions will be replied by Sunday. I am suffering from viral infection since a week. Apology for the inconvenience caused. I will released remaining recipes too.

  122. @Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai

    It's really sad news.
    I Pray, May Allah give you health & release you from viral infection as soon as possible..

  123. Hi, I'm Damilare Mafolasere, I Own tekilect[dot]blogspot[dot]com, I Have A Few Problems And I'll Be Happy If You Can Help Me... 1st, I've Tried The 'Auto Read More Hack' (Provided By So Many Blogs & Methods) But It Didn't Work For My Blog, I've Tried It On My Other Blogs And Worked, But On That Particular Blog, It Didn't, Please Help Me. 2nd, How To Put Each Post / Widget / Gadget In A Seperate Box... I Have Other Problems But Please Answer This And I'll Ask The Others, Thanks.

  124. Hi Mohammad, Get Well Soon!!!
    I Would Request You To have a Look at EPIBLOG.in.
    I have Tried my Best to Improve it. Please tell me if I have any Problems in the Template..
    Here are Few of the Problems I Encountered-
    1} I Cant Add SubScribe Box and Flipper Widget below The Post Body
    2} Comment Box Doesnot Appear on all Posts.
    3} I Would like to Increase the Post Page Width.
    4} Your Author Box Below the Post Did Not Work :(
    Please Help me ASAP :) and get well soon..

  125. @Sagar T Rajan
    Sagar all such sites have violated our copyrights. They are all being reported and most of them deleted. http://www.coolblogtricks.com/ has removed the template now.

    You can do three things to labels. either nofollow them, or noindex them or add this tag: rel="tag"

    All will work.

    You will need to submit sitemap to google webmasters only. Please use of "Sitemap generator tool" and read our tutorials on BLOGGER SEO PACK.

    you can do this by chaning the data:post.body layout. This requires installation of a summary code. You can search for magazine style templates and look into their coding to do this. It comes under our premium service buddy and unfortunately it can't be discussed here.

    your question is not cleared buddy.
    Why would you need to add posts to each post separately. BLogger does it automatically.

  126. Comment#62 onwards:

    Simply find inline styles and add them to classes. Move them just above </b:skin

    Buddy simple search for "Create a Custom Search Engine" for your blog using our search box. You will find many tutorials. :)

    No one would understand such type of question unless you clarify it buddy. Please follow the comment structure.

    Add this class to your template:

    .status-msg-body {
    text-align: center;
    padding: .3em 0;
    width: 100%;
    position: absolute;
    z-index: 4;

    .status-msg-wrap {
    font-size: 110%;

  127. Brother tell me that how to add date in the blogger posts. I mean like you have managed to add it above your posts Posted by Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai on 2/03/2013. I have added this line Posted by Shahabuddin Danish. above my posts the same way but I also want to add the date so please help me. I hope you understand my question.

  128. This comment has been removed by the author.

  129. Please, I’ll like you to check out my blog at www.GreatSchoolingInformation.com.

    Here are some challenges I’ll be glad if you help me solve:
    1. I used your free code on page navigation and tried to customize it but the height increased afterwards. I’ll like to keep it narrow.
    2. The code on facebook profile photos didn’t work for me…I’ll like to include that on the right side bar.
    3. I used your code for the left side bars and do not have headers like the samples on your blog…I really wonder why.
    4. I tried the code for comment box but the box did not display when d page loads. I really want to keep both facebook and blogger comment boxes probably make them collapsable like yours.
    5. Finally, the bottom of all my pages carries this two lines: “Subscribe to: Post (Atom)” and “Template images by luoman. Powered by Blogger”. I want to remove them. I have more to share with you but this are the most pressing for now. Hope to hear from you, Muhammad Salamu Alaykum

  130. Asalam-o-alikum mustafa bhai i need help my this blog template Does not show single post .. i tried many thing but dint work for me..plz help me out


    go to a single post and you will see yourself a blank post area.

  131. Hi,
    My name is kaviyarasu.I need code "perfect fixed table" for blogger with "rows and columns distributed evenly" because column and row size changes while writing more letters.
    Please help.....................
    Awaiting for your reply.......................

  132. dear sir u told that youu will release your previous template
    please make it available for all mbt readers
    i am in hurry i need your previous template
    please help

  133. Date is not shhowing with posts..
    please help me

  134. @Zaka Ur Rahman
    Search for this "post-header-line-1" in your template it would be inside class="post henry" then paste this

    and Salam My Question is my posts are not indexing they usally index with in an hour but now they are not what could be the problem. I Just crossed my 50 posts any suggestion? dont know if this is the right place to ask Thanks Waiting for reply

  135. Hi I am using salahuddin template my blog is online24by7.blogspot.com. I want to add auto read more Option in my template using jumpbreak rather than manually setting in post . can you solve my problem

  136. Want to get Google Adsense approval for blog or website ??

    Mail me on : pintup820@gmail.com

  137. @Zaka Ur Rahman
    The tag got invisible beacuse we cant use direct tags in comments so add this
    Hope its visible now

  138. Hello Mohammad Sir.
    I Would like to have your help in increasing the page width of my blog. www.epiblog.in
    I Tried Changing the outer wrapper and main Wrapper but nothing seems to work..
    Please Help

  139. Hello all readers. Announcement by Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai.
    "Kindly tell all my readers that I am only available for answering your queries after 5th March onwards. Can't literally get time to update the blog. Just give me a week :) Apologies for the inconvenience caused."

  140. how to make dropmenu to be transparent

  141. wtf! remove all your recipes, 24x7 help wizard!
    not replied since a month

  142. @Ayush Buddy you should understand how busy a person gets when his wedding ceremony is near! He honestly can't get time to even go university on daily basis! Please wait a little more.

  143. Hello Mustafa
    I just wanted to ask you what is code that displays labels of posts. In my template labels and posted by admin is at bottom of post and I want to move them to top. But I don't know codes that give those output. Please just send me code for labels and admin.

  144. http://testing-hpsc.blogspot.com/ numbered page navigation is not dispalying properly. please help

  145. This comment has been removed by the author.

  146. salam mustafa i m a regular and registered reader of your blog from nepal.I have a little problem with CUTE BOX template customization.I was just trying to edit the navigation menu.

    >Cute Box<

    Why Cant i write Travel & tourism in the place of >cute box<. if i wrote like that it result like

    Your template could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Please make sure all XML elements are closed properly.
    XML error message: The entity name must immediately follow the '&' in the entity reference.
    And last i am sorry for my bad english.hope i will get my answer.

  147. Hi My Name is Muthu

    How to put the separate line for post and left side bar widgets please help me
    url: http://howzto.blogspot.in/

  148. hi, iam deddia permana from indonesia
    my blog: http://depermana-share.blogspot.com

    plz help me Mohammad how to make widget tittle in center, like you're. thanks

  149. Hi Mohammad, i need your help.

    i have some problem with comment form not showing on some post, can you give me solution how to fix it?

    here's the url http://nawimania.blogspot.com

    hope to hear from you soon.

    mail me to kuyax20@gmail.com



  150. @Deddia PermanaDear add

    text-align: center;
    inside h2 properties

  151. bro i have a site www.freshersjobspot.com

    and when i post any thing in it and see its email updates in the mail, it shows the full post in it.

    I want that it should see only half post OR only Title of Post in the Email, instead of post.

    Can you plz tel me how to do this,


    Thanks in Advance.

  152. Hi

    Presently, I am creating a blog. I have planned to open in a years time. Meanwhile, I am looking for a freelancer, who could do the complete customization for my blog as per my requirement. I am ready to pay 50$ for that work.

    You can contact in my mail id. Thanks!

  153. Ritesh Sonavane

    Hi Mohammad, first of all I really appreciate the work you and your team has done to make this website a success, it really helped me alot! I just wanted to know how to put shadows in a blog post not for the image for the blog post in the bottom! Thanks!

  154. hi am muthu
    pls tell me how to add accents for separate line in my blog help me...
    pls any one answer my question


  155. There so many templates who have credits at the footer when i try to remove the credits from the footer of template than my sites redirects to template's owner site.Please reply me how to fix this problem.

    Please tell me how to remove credits from the down withouting returning to orignal site.

  156. Salam Muhammad, i am using customized template and i read your prev post about adding or confguring meta tags for blogger so i mean that checking those option for "robot header tag" will work for cutomize template or i will have to add manual meta tags in head section of my site


  157. sir can you please give your original template because it is best ever i have seen please please

  158. Name : Santosh Shah
    Blog URL : www.gulmiresunga.com

    My Problem:
    Brother In my blog while i put some list on the sidebar then the arrow appears on the middle. For more clarity please visit below link.


    How to solve this problem.I have asked here thrice but didn't get any reply. Somebody have any idea regarding this problem.
    Please help

  159. Hi!! my name is Ashok and i blog at androidistsblog.blogspot.in . i am using metro ui theme template. but unfortunately there is no header widgets for this blog and i want to add one to put adsense ads in header. kindly let me know hot to add widget in header. thank you..

  160. can i get code for adding related post widget as i can't find one in your blog...yes their are some widgets but they are linkwithin and nrelate i don't want to use them.

  161. PLS HELP template url is this in which i want add submenu under a submenu
    I want to add a submenu HORIZONTAL in blogger template
    EXAMPLE == MAIN HEAD = Mobile
    DropDown MENU Under Mobile = LG then another menu under LG
    which will contain Series Of mobile
    site is heatparadise.com the template is different now but i want to add another template but i m unable to do the above work spicytricks.com/themes/news-sports-magazine-blogger-template-free

  162. Hello, Mohammad hopefully, you are doing awesome today like everyday.

    I have a question regarding blog template customization, I have customized my blog template www.senomic.com, but one thing I was unable to do, that is automatic jump break on my existing blogger template, I have tried almost all blog post, I found regarding this, but unfortunately non of them are working, I need your help.

    Thanks for helping others for free! I will wait for your answer thanks

  163. Hi I am Mrinal bansal.I just want to know that how i can create a custom template for my blog as i wish and then upload it.Please HELP ME Soon

  164. Argh so frustrated... hoping someone here can help! I have made a few very minor tweaks (in colors and fonts) to the Dynamic Views template. Looks fine in preview and looked fine to me a few days ago, but now when I try to view the blog is missing the bar at the top with pages and all customization has been removed. What's worse no one can comment. Any help appreciated.

  165. HELLO I NEED HELP I`M AHMED THIS IS MY BLOGGER http://egygenius.blogspot.com/
    the "like " changed into curtir and the facebook comments box language changed i want to make it English please help me

  166. Michael Nelson
    This is what I want to do, have the alternate text from an image appear as white text on a black bar right below image. Always visible, not just on mouseover.

    Is this possible?

    Thanks in advance.

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  168. Tammy Simpson

    Everything was working fine till today. As you can see on the layout, the blog posts are supposed to have two posts side by side, but they have moved down into a single column. Also, the Category dropdown menu next to the search bar is displaced. I tried removing my most recently added widgets thinking one of them might have been the problem, but the removal did not help. I'm not too good at html or css so I'm not sure where to even start looking in the code for the problem.

    Any help would be very much appreciate.

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    Can someone tell me how to make my posts and comments like on this site http://ispovesti.com/sort/top as u can see if u click anywhere on the post it opens comments on the same page...
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    I'm realy new to this so to me it is like so hard to understand ...
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    My Free Blog at Blogger was amazingly working. I don’t know from a few days it has lost its formatting.

    The following have stopped working:

    • ENTER (I give enter and there is no space b/w two paragraphs)
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    i use the MBT next and previous widget. It working well. But when i customize my blog's links hover effect to add some animations in it the the Next and Previous Buttons on mouse over start animations something like fade in and out. you can see live preview of it by opening any post in the blog.
    help me to stop that animation on next and previous button.

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    I am Saif Khan !
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    I tried replacing the default 'Next' and 'Previous' post navigation with the one you use but it simply does not work. I have tried it about 2-3 times but it still would not show up under my posts.
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