Fill up a simple Appeal form for Disabled AdSense Accounts

restore disabled AdSense AccountsWith an increasing awareness about the online earning business, it has been seen that people are opting blogging as their sole career. Whether you are a professional blogger or a newbie, there is no doubt that the revenue been generated through blogging, highly depends on the Google AdSense account. Where most of the bloggers find the service as a satisfactory tool to make money by providing spaces for ads, there are some who often complain about their AdSense accounts getting disabled for ‘invalid activities’.
Taking an action on the queries about this disabling of accounts without any good reason, Google has recently introduce an easy way to its publishers who have been suffering by a sudden full stop on their earnings, and also answering why do they actually suspend or even disable few accounts. Therefore, if you have ever been a victim of such a situation, there is all what you need to know.

Why Google Suspends AdSense Accounts?

While talking about how important publishers are for Google, The team mentioned that they invest a good deal of time and Dollars, both, to avoid the bad ads been published on the sites as well as to keep bad sites with inappropriate content out of their network. However, in order to control the accounts that sign up for AdSense to promote bad ads and bad clicks, some of the publishers suffer invalidly. It is quite justified too because each day more than a hundreds of users apply for an AdSense account and to monitor such a huge record is done by specially designed tools and methodologies, that again, might misinterpret some ‘innocent’ content too.

What to do With Your Disabled AdSense Account?

Previously, AdSense team seemed much cruel in case of any account getting disabled; there was no reason provided that why actually the account has been terminated. But as Google says, it has reasons for everything it does. With the new policy that has been announced by Google AdSense team, publishers would get their questions answered. According to Google, it would now take the following actions to facilitate the ‘innocent’ publishers to enable their account again.

1) The accounts that would be detected for an ‘invalid activity’ will be now be suspended for some time rather than getting terminated in the first place.

2) Google has come up with a new form service that works as a tool for the publishers who find their accounts suspended. Filling this form will stimulate the process, bringing the issue under the consideration of the officials.

3) Although Google is strict about the violations of the rules and regulations that the publishers must follow, the team will now provide more details on invalid activity’s causes. (Read about the causes of invalid activity at Ad Traffic Quality Resource Center)

4) Once a violation is detected, the publisher would receive an email, notifying about which rule has been violated and what should the publisher do to avoid suspension.

5) To make things easier to understand, Google dedicates a video series that explains why some policies exist and how can one make sure that he is working with them. The first video specifically targets the issue regarding invalid traffic. Have a look!

getting their AdSense account terminated without any reason was a serious problem for the publishers who look forward to have consistent earnings through their blogs, Therefore, this initiative, though small, but active, has been welcomed by the professional publishers. Moreover, Google seems determined in coming up with new updates to prevent the unnecessary termination of AdSense account.
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