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  1. cool set of blogger tips !

    great !

    Edit Bloggy

  2. Hello,
    You blog is so nice Mohd
    I really appreciate!

    I have a doubt regarding multi tabbed widget .I can't make it work.How to make those tabs clickable??

  3. Hi abid,
    Thks for appreciating!

    Well did you inserted contents into those tabs. By the way give me just one weak. I am going to write a post on it soon. It requires a bit of CSS and JavaScript knowledge. I guess a post would be better to describe everything.

    You try adding whatever you like in place of the text "YOur Content for Tab# here" See it will surely work

  4. I have posted my content there but those tab1 tab2 tab 3 r not clickable .plz help me in this

    Anywayz I'll be waiting for your post
    Thank you

  5. Hey MOHD
    I have some social bookmarking icons .
    and some tricks about blogger .
    Do u want them ???

    How can I contact you??
    any im??

  6. Abid its great that you have some blogger tricks to share. But friend this blog is soon going to become a self host blog with a .com domain. I have plans to share blogger and seo tricks no where found. the list that you see above will soon be deleted and updated with a unique list rarely seen anywhere. I wont share tricks that are found on other blogs too. If you observe my latest posts on feedburner and twitter recent posts widget, they are found no where but at TNT by STC Type feedburner recent posts widget in Google and see it for your self, you will be redirected to this blog :)
    But if you have some really uniqe tricks to share then you can send me their titles (only titles) to my email by using my Contact Me Page If any trick really seized my attention I will share it with my readers with a link back to your blog :)

    Take care,

  7. ohh Such a gr8 aim!!
    I really really appreciate it .
    I'll send u the names [only names] of the trick .

    How about a new header to your blog ???I'll make one for you

  8. Hello Mohammad, your site is certainly a blessing to all bloggers. I'll use some of your tips to develop my blog. I'll surely be back here and be ur regular visitor. Keep up the good work! Happy Blogging!

    -AB (^c^,)™
    TechieMax Corner™

  9. Yeh no doubt you really deserve a solute for your hard work. Simply the best!

  10. Thanks for your blogger tips Mohd..
    Hope to see more blogger tricks..

    Your the best Mohd!

  11. You are the best hacker man!!! Thanks!!!

  12. I thank all of you for your kind remarks. God bless you all! :>

  13. hi can you give me way to where to upload Avicon file .it not take images file upload..

  14. Hello Mohammad
    your blog is a gr8. Its true ur blog posts are unique and not found anywhere till now by me and they will help me lot.Your free templates are too nice.Im going to use one of them for my blog.I will be ur regular follower.i appreciate you for ur unique post.

  15. Really cool,thank you..i wanna use it!
    I'll twit this :)

  16. wow.. thank you for sharing this stuff....

  17. HI Mohd.
    This is Aryannn.
    I'm newbie in bloggin wrld.
    I hav created a blog name is ""
    Plz suggest me how to make it more impressively.

  18. HI Mohd.
    hows life? Dear I want to add a "Post Comment" gadget into my blog, like u have added and we are able to ask our queries. So if u have any helpfull advise in this regard thn plz share wth me.

  19. Thanks a bunch for the keen motivation and support! :>>


    I guess you mean the embeddable comment form?? Just google for "How to show embeddable comment form in blogger" and you will find thousands of tutorials.
    BTW ask off-topic questions here -> <a href=">Blogger Help Page</a>

  20. Thank's so much for your job - helped me a lot.
    You are a good teacher! :-D !

  21. Hi mohammad ahlan wasahlan ana abdullah from indonesia, can you give me way to get visitors to my blog a lot, thaks wasaalam

  22. Verry useful site!
    Thanks for your tricks!

  23. sir mujhe right sidebar add karna hai ek aur kiya aap bata sakte hain k kaise add hoga mein minima 3 column template use kar raha hon

  24. Hi Mohammad !
    I can't apply this tips to new blogger template ( Simple ) ! How to fix ! Thanks !

  25. Assalam o Alaikum,

    Dear Brother,

    Your blogger tutorial is very best.

    I wish to add all of these tutorial to my blog and want your permission for it.

    I looking forward for your positive reply.

    Best regards

    Muhammad Kamran Khan Deewan (Deewanjee)

  26. A Very nice blog for bloggers out there! Thank you so much!

  27. hello MBT,
    i have blog, my problem is that when i open any article or post a comment box never open with article automatically when click on comment tab with post than after that open what solution for that
    pls help me

  28. hello sir,
    how to add comment box with reply option( like question and answer) in blogger

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  30. Great blog. Thanks for all of the useful information and tips.

  31. Your Blog is so nice.. I really appreciate.. Thanks for sharing your idea.

  32. This is the most useful site i've ever seen!!!!


    Please keep posting the useful tips......

  33. Thanks Mohammad, for sharing all these great posts! Can you tell us how you created this page??

  34. Brilliant job you've done here.... Today i found this one.... OK bro i'll try all the things you said here...... Good Luck

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    Useful tricks!!
    Its all in one!
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  36. I want to ask that how did you add this "FEEDBACK" thing on the left side of this site.
    Thanking You
    Aryansh Malviya

  37. Hi,
    I had gone through your some of posts. Its really very helpful. I have a problem regarding SEO. I had done few SEO like google webmaster, google analyst, bing webmaster, yahoo webmaster. But the problem is that i really don't know what all things are needed for proper SEO and i am afraid that had i missed any of them? So can you please tell me in serial order that what all things i need to do for proper SEO.

  38. really helpfull tricks...thanks alot

  39. I love the list, well-managed, Mohammad. Let me bookmark tihis page,I love your blog tips and tricks. :D

  40. Thanks for great posts. I would like to read all post of your blog

  41. This is very good.Its really help very helpful for seo.

  42. thats so cool.......i learned so many stuff from here waiting for more new tutorials...!

  43. Its very easy for me today i came to know how to publish our logo at top of browser.......It is just like branding my blog in new way. thanks for sharing such a wonderful post with us.

  44. thanks for sharing such a nice information

  45. HI Mohammad, I have just discovered Blogger and am using it in an existing website in an iframe. Problem is when someone makes a comment it clicks to the blog home page and not to the homepage of the website. Where in the template code can I change this ? thanks for your great help here.

  46. i want to change my blog favicon at undefined
    but its coming through technically,plz advise how to change this while i have tried below code

    <link href='' rel='shortcut icon'/>
    <link href='' rel='shortcut icon' type='image/'/>
    <link href='' rel='icon'/>
    <link href='' rel='icon' type='image/'/>

    plz help me to to find out it solution....

  47. hy mohammad thanks for the brilliant articles.
    Can u please tell me how to hide google ads inside post in home page and show in individual posts because with ads homepage doesn't looks good..
    kind regards

  48. Awesome work man! I am greatly impressed by this nice work.
    Thanks for all of this...

  49. Asalam Alaykum, Have you saw the menu bars that go all the way across the page in blogger? I would love if you could make a tutorial on how to do that.

  50. Wow, very cool man..

    all list of blogger tutorial

  51. how do i can remove this date from my link ..

    please tell me in details

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  54. best tips..i used this template in my blog (^.^)

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  60. Every thing on just a single page:)
    Mohammad i had started blogging 6 months ago and after reading and reading and reading your blog i have started one more blog now and following all of your tips,you are awesome bro,just hats off to you and your work on MBT.
    Thanx again:)
    need your review about y blog if you can.

  61. Hi, webmaster just wanted to say thanks. This blog is the first one whose tips and instructions actually works - finally I have made a progress using yours and yours only tactics. I enjoy reading your blog and i have followed closely your tutorial to make my blog better. Thanks so much for sharing, I really love your effort in educating us with unique and quality posts.


  62. I am in a fix and unable to find the solution. Please help me in this regard. Today I create a new page on my blog with the heading(Contact-Us) But as soon as I created the page (

    I see adsense ads runing just below the heading Contact-Us and after that form was appearing.

    Right now I have removed the contact us form but ads are still showing on that page.

    I also used this method:

    Go to the parsed ad code current location and insert this line before (on top of) it:

    and insert this after it:

    to stop adsense ads from appearing on contact us page but failed to do so because in this way ad-sense ads also stop to display on my home pages .(Ads appearing embedded in the posts.)

    Please help me in this regard as I also want to create other pages like(privacy-policy, DMCA policy)so as to make my site compliant with google adsense program.

    Kindly provide me the necessary directions to remove ads from the side bar also. All I need is that ad sense ads don't run in these pages at all which are as follows:

    1. Privacy policy
    2. About-Us
    3. Contact-Us
    3. DMCA Policy

    But at the same time ads should not getting stop from displaying in the posts.Kindly provide me the necessary directions so that I can update my blog with these pages.

    Hopefully looking forward to get your valuable response.


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    there so many tips n trick blogger, let me bookmark your site

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  65. Hey mohmmad,
    please help me how to remove my menubar in header i need to add new
    Horizontal Navigation Menus in my blog.

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  67. wow this is like complete tutorial for my learning in blogging. thanks a lot man.

  68. hello,please help me there is a problem that when i make a new post then in add or remove link option ok button is not working please help me how enable it ...please help any buddy if any one have a solution for it..please

  69. How can I do this for my Wordpress website Wide Info as I think you are using Blogger platform so please could you help me to make my site topics lists like this !

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  79. Assalam o Alaikum..!
    This is my blog I want to remove slides from my blog. Also I want to reduce the loading time.
    Kindly! Help me that What changes should I made in template to remove Slides from homepage?

  80. Excellent post ...Thanks for sharing this

  81. Its be useful for me , blogger newbie :)

  82. shayri ki duniya

    assalamu alaykum

    great thank you by my heart

    Mybloggerticks my school and i am student i learn everthing here bloggertricks...

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    You too have this clickability thing on your blog. And you never told me how to do it? Hahaha. Complaint in the very first comment!
    Thank you so much, Mustafa bhai and whole team of MBT. You've really been an inspiration for many like me. Live long!

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