Offline Blogging With Windows Live Writer

Windows live writer

Yes! you can blog offline. With growing technology like Windows Live Writer blogging is no more limited to your dashboard. You can write, save and publish posts right from your computer without signing in your blogger account. Blogger HTML editor lacks many features when it comes to writing a good looking post. On contrary windows live writer is a software built by Microsoft Corporation which contains every feature that Blogger lacks.

I hate blogging without Windows Live Writer! I am sure many bloggers would agree with me on this point.



Some of the things you can’t do with Blogger HTML editor are,

  • You can not write HTML code just the way it looks in blogger editor because the code is interpreted as a command and blogger editor converts it to how it may look in a browser.
  • You can’t resize an image to whatever size you like because you are provided with only three options i.e Small, Medium and Large size.
  • The font type and font size is limited.
  • You can not undo what you have done (Going backward).
  • You can’t align images to the left or right of your intro paragraph.
  • You can not add effects to your images, like shadow effect, rounded corners, emboss, blur etc.
  • You can not post an image in its original size
  • You can not insert tables in your posts because no table option exists
  • You can not open a link in a new window unless you edit the HTML
  • You can not add a world map to your posts
  • And much more……………

You can not do all above in a compose mode unless you add or change the HTML code in your HTML editor. But editing HTML would seem difficult for a newbie whilst pretty easy for a professional. Since most people like me have limited knowledge about editing HTML, blogger editor is of little use to all of us. Luckily! Windows Live Writer comes to our rescue. It can to do what ever blogger editor can not. It contains every feature a blogger is looking for. One of the best things I like about it is that it saves a copy of your blog interface/theme and when you write posts, it will be just like writing a post straight into your blog. See the image below to understand what I mean to say,

windows live writer interface

Moreover your images can be displayed in two different ways look below,

image thumbnail in windows live writerSelecting the photo album option will display your images in a scattered style (with a view album link below your scattered images),

Scattered album with windows live writer 

So go and download it right now by clicking the link below.


To download the Latest version directly from windows live site then click here


If you get an error saying that “your windows installer is out dated” then run the following setup (below) before windows live setup (above)

Download Latest Windows installer here

Enjoy Blogging with better comfort from now onwards! Get in love with itin-love

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  1. seen on post

    Good blog with great info. Going to try that Windows Live Writer.

  2. great.W.L.Writer is very easy.Thanks

  3. Nice post again. I'll be trying Windows live writer soon. I guess i'll be addicted to ur blog.. haha. More power and success to you!

    -AB (^c^,)
    TechieMax Corner™

  4. @DreamChaser

    You welcome dear. Your comment reminded me that the download links must be updated :>

  5. @amith

    While adding your blog account to windows live writer make sure you choose other services option and then enter your gmail id and password. Hope that may help

  6. sorry for my Off-topics question!
    i am posting my comment again here
    hello,i am facing some problem with windows live writer.when i am trying to publish new post its showing SSL/TLS Secure channel error.u can see the full message by image link below.
    plz help me with that.

  7. @amith

    Just check the comment above yours I have already answered it.

    I will further explain that when asked which blogging service do you use choose Others and then give your complete site url like and give your complete gmail ID like

    I hope this will help

  8. Real Good Info. I have downloaded and started working on that.
    Thanks buddy.


  9. Hats off to you buddy. I am really impressed by this blog. All the posts are so informative and this one really made my work so easy. You are the best.

    Thanks alot :-)


  10. @Nagu

    Pleasure dear! Thanks for the remarks :)

  11. Salaam. I appreciate the effort of telling me about that thing with content slider.

    I have one more issue and I was wondering if you have any solution. Is it possible to split long posts in blogger into pages?

  12. @Shaikh

    W.salam brother :)

    Kindly elaborate your question. I believe if you saying that can we convert post to blogger pages then I am afraid we don't see any possibility so far however you can try the conventional of manually doing it if the post is not high Pr ranked.. hope you find it helpful.

  13. Nice posts, really useful for those who already unknown of this,

  14. I just Downloaded Windows Live writer and it looks pretty goodHowever I cannot find the buttons to edit pages and The HTML of it.

  15. very good man

  16. @admin
    iam getting an error that "ot enough memory"
    how to trouble shoot it?

  17. Thanks for this useful post. I was searching for an offline editor and I think Windows Live Writer is perfect. Thanks for the useful info.

  18. Thanks for this helpful information. I have never heard of windows live writer. Checking in Google for more details about this tool.

    Admin of manual seo service

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  20. i like your blog dude.... its very informative...

  21. Dear Brother Aasslam-O-Alaikum I Am Syed Bahadur Shah Brother I Am Facing One Problem Which iS When I Enter Correct Blog URL, Username And Password Then Click Next -> Button After 25 or 26 Second This Dialog Box Was Show Up...

    "The Blog Account Could Not Be Accessed Using The Specified Username And Password.Please Ensure That These Values And Correct Before Proceeding"

    Please Brother Reply Me Thanks And Regards...

  22. Merhaba Muhammed Windows Live writer 2011 bende yüklü ve orjinal W7 var.Masa üstü resim gönderdiğimde blogger editöründe resim çıkmıyor.Yazılar da sağ ve sol oynama yapıyor.Hover
    Webden URL linki ile yüklediğimde sorun yok.Birde Kod penceresi hangi eklentiyi yüklememi tavsiye edersin.İşallah yazdıklarımı okuyabilirsin.
    Teşekkür ederim.

  23. Hello,

    I used to use WLW a few years ago, but the image file size was a lot bigger than when I used the blogger editor and taking up so much more of my allotted space Google gives you. To get around that, I'd upload the image to picasa (which is where they all go) and do a right click copy image url, etc. and put in the image that way- this is all after I've used PSP7 to reduce the size.

    I noticed all this because I always use PSP7 to reduce the size of my images, but after inserting the image with WLW it would be much bigger- I asked around on the groups or forums, but I can't remember what they told me.

    So my question is, is this still an issue?



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  25. This is great information. I have several blogs, and I try to post every day, but it is not always possible. When I get home from work, there are so many distractions. But I am in outside sales and do have some time in my car between appointments. But I have never considered offline blogging. I am excited to use windows live writer. Great Tip. Thanks so much

    Graduate to Retirement-