How To Compare Websites’ Traffic?

online-marketing-graph2 I was browsing when I came across a beautiful tool created by that can be used to compare website Traffics. You can use it to compare your traffic with your competitors. You can use it to see who receives more traffic: Google or Yahoo? Facebook or Myspace? Blogger or Wordpress? and so on. Further this tool gives a more detailed insight about the traffic stats of websites by comparing unique visitors, monthly visitors and yearly visitors of two or three websites for free. I just hope you will love it.



Who receives more Traffic: Blogger or Wordpress?

I just compared to and unfortunately the results will not be that satisfying for Blogger users :p See it for your selves.



Impressive na? Still I prefer Blogger! :D

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  1. @Mohammad Do you believe compete? It shows 3.5k monthly unique visits for who actually gets more than 90 lac monthly impressions for his ads! No wonder why compete sucks. LOL

  2. Hello Mohammad,
    buddy what about that facebook badge i told u?

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Thanks Bro..
    I hope India wins the Final as well XD :)

    And the above guy "Yuvraj" is me only with a different account :p
    Commented with that by mistake
    You can delete that..

  5. Hey mohd, your post is not loading up. Is there any prob with that?

  6. hey, do you know that blogger has introduced the the new view feature. Can you write a post on that?

  7. @Amit..Check this blog a great explanation is given about new Futures ...
    Dynamic Views Of Blogger

  8. wow, thanks for the info,
    its very useful for me.
    but, excuse me sir,
    i'd love to if u allow me to download your template.
    i did submit my email, and i have email you, but there are no respond. please, help me. thank you Mohammad.

  9. Mustafa... i got 'Read More' buttons.

    But i need Shiny 'Home' 'Next' 'Previous' Button based on post in this link


  10. @rajesh, thanks a lot. Glad to see that Blogger has started delivering what it had promised ...

  11. @Ayush

    yes buddy that stats are just approximates and the stats are concerned with comparison only so that's what we aim for. Actual stats can only be obtained through analytics and only admin can access them.

    Congrats India won now! :D

    I hope rajesh helped and I will write a detailed post on it soon. That configuration can be widely used for gallery blogs.

  12. Awesome buddy, thanks for the information, surely a useful tool, I'll surely try it out. Can you tell me about any free RSS submitting tool

  13. theres problem in Ur template when i click next it gives me an error "balx..." bla check out pal

  14. Hello Mohammad
    plz ans to my query,
    i have added google adsense code on right side bar of my blog below "Recent Post" widget but the problem is that its only showing on Home page when i got to any post its not displaying plz help me.

  15. Hello Mohammad,
    i am using the widget suggested by you "Table of Content" but from last 2-3 days it not showing properly.i try to find mistake but i was not able to find it out so i contact you.
    i am sending you 2 links one is of mine (error) and other one is of ur's (perfect) see the difference and tell me what should i do.
    plz help me brother.
    Thank You.

    Error :

    Perfect :

  16. I prefer quantcast over compete for detailed analysis

  17. hey mohd, can you write a tutorial on hor to make post images unclickable like how you have made in your blog???

  18. @Learn ethical hacking

    Thank you buddy. For free submitting tool try is just one choice i.e Feedburner

    For your first query make sure you have not added any codes before after the adsense code. This post can help

    For your second query:
    Dude by default the widget keeps the first tab in expanded form. And it shows the tabs in alphabetical order. So the TOC widget in your case shows the first tab i.e "Guitar Chords" in expanded form in alphabetical order. And it is working just perfect. Then what is troubling you dear ? :>


    Suggestion respected buddy :)

    Just change your image links from this

    <a href="#"><img src="#"/></a>

    to this
    <img src="#"/>

    Post written! :>

  19. Hello Mohammad,
    i knw TOC show first tab expanded i have no problem with that the problem is the list its showing its not coming under tab properly its left justified and going out of margin.

  20. Solve the problem...
    Thank you for ur support..

  21. Hello Mohammad, Thanks for share all this information. Surely a useful tool, I'll surely try it out. I’m looking forward your next post!

  22. These are all excellent posts. thanks for the links. You seem to be reading day and night looking for good stuff to post lol.

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    oyun oyna01